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Since I don't have much time to write a lot and put fancy stuff on this guide, just consider this tips or suggestions. Also, remember people have different opinions. Just consider this suggestions.

Early Game:
-Bracer(early game survivability)
-Null Talisman
-Boots of speed
-Dagon(lvl 1)
-void stone
-sobi mask

Late Game Items:
-Dagon(lvl 2 or 3)
-Boots of Travel
-Scythe of Guinsoo
-Oblivion or Orchid(depend on your finance)
-Necronomicon(lvl 1 or 2)

Skill Build:
1. Illuminate
2. Chakra Magic
3. Illuminate
4. Mana Leak
5. Chakra Magic
6. Ulti
7. Illuminate
8. Mana Leak
9. Illuminate
10. Chakra Magic
11. Ulti
12. Stats
13. Chakra Magic
14. Mana Leak
15. Stats
16. Mana Leak
17. Ulti
18-25. Stats

Playing Ezalor:
Before the creeps spawn, if you are at the Sentinel side, call bottom immidiately. Don't care if solo or not. Then you should find or noticed that there is a small ring of trees at the corner of the bottom lane forest. That is where you should hide first and put yourself on hold position. After the creeps spawn, wait and until the creeps have entered into combat and then use illuminate on the line of enemy creeps from your hiding place. There is a lot of chances that the enemy hero will be hit too. Then come out and stay behind the front line. Use Illuminate to harass your enemy and get last hits. This is a very good pushing tool since you have Chakra Magic to support your early game Mana. Also, after lvl 4, you can cast Mana leaks on the enemy when they are forced to retreat. That can also be a good harass.

Guide on Ulti:
Kotl's ulti has a realitive low cool down compare to others. The one really good advantages of spirit form is that you could cast illuminate without chanelling. You should go to a hiding spot and cast illuminate of where the enemy hero might run and go back infront of the enemy to harrass them until they retreat to that point...Bang! Also, when you are about to die, Casty illunimate and when you die, you might have a chance to kill some one!!!

Ezalor the Keeper of the Light
Author: Black_Paradise
Map Vers.: 6.64

Guide for Ezalor Kotl

Fun playing Ezalor

Date Posted: 12/09/09
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