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A DPS Guide To Furion The Prophet
I started playing Furion a few versions back and he quickly became my main hero. Now, in Dota 2, he is still my main pick, and is a very versatile hero that can farm, push, and even carry if needs be. This guide is focused on how to build a semi-carry DPS furion, as there is not such a guide here at present.
Skill Build

Skill Usage

Sprouts a ring of trees around a unit, trapping it in place.

Sprout is a very versatile ability, and besides the obvious trapping of enemies in the middle of the trees, it can be used to block ramps and passageways, securing you or your allies retreat.

Teleports to any explored point on the map.

This is the ability which makes you a complete badass. You need to learn to be constantly aware of what is going on throughout the map. Teleport to save allies, assist them in fighting, or to arrive and trap an enemy next to your tower, securing a kill.

Force of Nature
Converts an area of trees into Treants. Treants have 550 hit points and deal 21-23 damage.

Treants can be used for tanking neutrals (including roshan), scouting, techies mine clearing, and pushing lanes. Enables Furion to be a very effective jungler. If you decide to skill this first, spawn some treants right off the bat and use them to scout as much as possible (for the sake of having somewhere to teleport to!)

Wrath of Nature
Summons damaging energy to swath around the map and damage random enemies. Each enemy hit beyond the first adds 7% damage.

I typically use this ability on every cooldown to secure more gold for yourself. Also, I use during teamfights to generally lower the health of enemy heroes. It bounces, doing more damage each bounce, to a maximum of 16 targets that are visible to Furion. Target the enemy creep wave furthest away from where you intend to do the most damage. To show how this works look at the following picture:

Figure out the area you want to do the most damage IE: where the enemy heroes are at (the RED circle). Wait until there are visible enemy creeps in every lane, and then target your ult at the BLUE circle. Also keep in mind that your ult ONLY hits visible enemies.

Item Build

Starting Items

Any combination of these.

Ask your teammates if they prefer you jungle or lane. If you have several strong solos, definitely jungle. If you have a carry that needs babysitting (Mortred) laning is definitely recommended. Save your sprouts for saving you/your ally, and on the off chance they decide to tower dive. Never let someone get away with tower diving. Watch the map carefully, and look for opportunities to assist allies with ganks/saves.

If you decide to jungle, wait in the forest until 30 seconds into the game (that is when neutrals spawn). IMPORTANT: Make sure you do not have vision of a neutral camp at 30 seconds, or they will fail to spawn. Start with spot #1, then move to #2/#3, then back to #1


This is my only WC3 replay, I have a bunch of Dota 2 replays, and as soon as I figure out a way for you guys to watch them I will post. Some things to note in my replay:
I didn't do very well on CS
I DID do well on early game harass of weaver
If you notice in the middle of the game I accidentally sprouted my teammate. You need to be careful when targeting a hero that either shroud cancels or goes invis, as sprout (for some reason) will still cast, likely trapping your allies, and causing a shitstorm of rage.

A short, concise guide, also my very first guide. Suggestions are VERY welcome, just leave comments here or PM me.
-Voltzy for his excellent guide template
Ramomar's Hero Guide Template
-Icefrog and Valve for helping make this game amazing!
Fixed some icon errors.

Furion the Prophet
Author: rabid_moose
Map Vers.: Dota2

A DPS Guide To Furion

Furion DPS build

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