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Guide for n0Obs Pr0 horny ppl and You!

Background Story

Lion join the scourge because of the revenge to his EX Purist de gay! They have just had the first night and Lion was fingering 'Him' and Purist become mad because when Purist repel, the Finger did not satisfy him. So Purist decided to work at the church and left Lion alone.


Skill introduction


level 1: provide incredible Mana by regenerating 50mana/s(this skill can be upgraded at the shop nearby your house. seven eleven only )(last for 20 nano seconds)

level 2: Provide incredible Mana by regenerating 40mana/s (this skill can be upgraded at the shop nearby your house. 7 11 and alfamart only ) (last for 40 nano seconds)

level 3: provide furniture and house ware with only 100 gold you can buy beautiful decoration such as hat for your courier.(you can upgrade this skill into buying big furniture at ace hardware near your house)

level 4: make roshan your courier and can attack fountain with roshan courier by paying 200000000 hp and (courier die if you die)

2.GG owned nO0b

level 1: provide shit eater for your courier when they produce shit.

level 2: kill your courier with thunder by zeus.(Remember when courier die you also die!)

level 3: can cast zeus a spell so zeus become your courier by paying only 1000000000 hp

level 4: by paying 200 mana you get a bear but should kill your courier

3.Feed your pets!

level 1: give courier banana so the courier become happy and ice frog will give special thanks to us.

level 2: give the right to cheats at someone monitor so that you can know why are the room lags maybe because of porn.

level 3: give the courier money so that the courier can order pizza hut for us to eat.

level 4: become secret ninja and summon bloodseeker to give his power to your courier for rupture and the thirst.

4.The finger of the happiness

level 1: can nuke enemy's creep until die.(can be upgraded by 1450 gold to make 2 creep die)

level 2:finger your opponent with 600 damage to his or her tree or mickey.

level 3: let your courier has the power to blood thirst the enemy and attack the enemy with rupture.(remember that courier has 45 hp only! use it wisely!)

Skill Build:


2.feed your pets

3.GG owned nO0b

4.feed your pets

5.GG owned nO0b


7.GG owned no0b

8.GG owned n0ob








16.FotH skill

Item Build

Early Game items




q: why 4 slave than gg branches and tango?
a: because 4 salve gives more survivability due to his low hp

Mid Game Items

q: why euls?why not force staff?
a: because euls could stop friends from teleporting to other lane.

Late Game Items

sell all your items and buy divine rapier and go buy salves with the remaining money.

How to Gank enemy with lion?

1.Go to fog and change your profile picture to

2.Ask for his bb pin and add him. him so that he would see his bbm and when he tried to see your profile picture

4.finger him and rupture him and go dagon him to death.

5.he would say like you n0Ob and ban you from his list.

6.this work everytime !

Worst Enemies

because of his horse shit that when we meet him, we need to use the GG owned nO0b or the horse get mad and play some pitbull song.

Best Allies

Courier can make icefrog become hottadpole!

Special thanks to:
Radios to inspire me with this brilliant idea
IceFrog for not banning me
and of course the map maker for 7.21g


just kiddin' Guide!

Lion the Demon Witch
Author: ocir
Map Vers.: 7.21g

Lion for KS and omgwtfpR0

Gank effectively with Lion!

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