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Ulsfaar - Ursa Warrior

23 + 2.9

18 + 2.1

16 + 1.5

Range: 128
Movement Speed: 310
Damage: 45 - 49
HP: 587
Mana: 208
Armor: 6

Ursa's Skills

Earthshock: Slams the ground, dealing damage to and slowing the movement speed of nearby enemy land units.
Level 1 - 90 damage, 25% slow.
Level 2 - 140 damage, 35% slow.
Level 3 - 190 damage, 45% slow.
Level 4 - 240 damage, 55% slow.
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 6

Overpower: Sends Ulfsaar into a rage until he can expend his energy on a target.
Level 1 - 3 attacks.
Level 2 - 4 attacks.
Level 3 - 5 attacks.
Level 4 - 6 attacks.
Mana Cost: 45/55/65/75
Cooldown: 10

Fury Swipes: Each attack opens the wound deeper in the target, causing subsequent attacks to deal increased damage.
Level 1 - 15 bonus damage per attack.
Level 2 - 20 bonus damage per attack.
Level 3 - 25 bonus damage per attack.
Level 4 - 30 bonus damage per attack.

Enrage: When activated, greatly increases Ulfsaar's damage based on his current life.
For increasing damage in this skill you should buy Heart of Tarrasqe (5500 gold)You can use it for farming because it has no mana cost and its cooldown is just for 25 sec.

Level 1 - 5% of Ursa's current life is dealt in damage.
Level 2 - 6% of Ursa's current life is dealt in damage.
Level 3 - 7% of Ursa's current life is dealt in damage.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: 25

Skill Build:
1- Earthshock
2- Fury Swipes
3- Overpower
4- Fury Swipes
5- Overpower
6- Enrage
7- Overpower
8- Fury Swipes
9- Overpower
10- Fury Swipes
11- Enrage
12- Earthshock
13- Earthshock
14- Earthshock
15- Stats
16- Enrage



Obviously you canít buy this with 600 gold. It is the basics to start, what you should try to buy.

Mid Game:

If there is too much disable you should buy It will give you invulnerability to skills and some damage. You should try to kill Roshan and get I think Lothar is better for escaping and for stats but you should try buying This is new, you can buy Ghost Scepter for arming Etheral Blade that gives 40+ agi, 10+ str/int; fits well to Ursa


If you have gold you should buy or but it's almost impossible to get both. Tarrasque will be very usefull because you can let active Armlet of Mordiggian and resist more in battle. Also it will give you damage for Enrage.

Well, this is the end. Give me directions on how to continue arming and improving this guide.

Remember! Each one has its way of building your character. It will always be a contribution your comment =) The best way of knowing how to use a character is PRACTICING, you should start in a noob pub or with an Ai map.

Ulfsaar the Ursa Warrior
Author: -Jim-Root-
Map Vers.: v6.73c

Ulfsaar - Ursa Warrior

GG for your team..

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