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guide to luna moonfang

notice that:
luna is a very easy hero to play with,even that she is a late hero and she needs farming,she can dominate the game only with her first 6 mins farming and ganking. luna's skills:open www.playdota/heroes and enter luna moonfang's icon their u can see her skills with their manacost,cooldown,effects...u can also see her advanced statistics.the things that are important to know about luna are:

the positif things:

_luna is a ranged hero(330).

_high damages early and late game.

_faster than normal(one of the fastest hero in dota).

_good armor.

_luna is a agility hero than means she own the game if u play her correctly.

_easy to play.

_has very good synergie with her skill.

the negative things:

_very low hp.

_can't handle high damages heroes.

_enemy heroes will focus on her.

luna's skill synergie:

first luna's ult wont damage enemys if lucent beam wasn't powered.when her ult is used she can take out the other team easly because she hits more than one hero per hit with her second skill moon glaive.when luna use her ult and attack multiplie enemys with one hit she can help her team by giving them lunar blessing increase their damages and that will help her team to own the enemys.
items build:

items to start with:

if u where facing high damages heroes like tinker or lich u should get: 2*

if u weren't facing high damages heroes like mortred or specter who needs farming replace the gauntlets of ogre strenght by

replace ur items then by or as I said replace the slippers by gauntlets and then get

which boots?

power threads is got for luna in most game well its the best for her it gives her attack speed,damages,and gives her good hp capacity.

this isn't the best boot for luna but still sometimes be usefull.when ur facing slower like venomancer,or u can't farm on lane because of your enemy harasers and u need damages to kill the creep with last hit go for it and it.
u will defenetly get this boot in late game after throwing ur last boot.remember get this boot only in late game that means don't get it in early game.
this is a situational item get it if u have mana problemes.

the most important item for luna:

this item if got by almost all players because it will lifesteal better than other cz she have moon glaive which will hit multiplie enemy with one hit.

luxury: these items are very good for luna they will make u survive a whole team fight and will give u good damages and good attack speed.
which one to get?

u can get them all and u won't after 1000 years die and won't dominate very good or u can get one of them and still won't die but dominate very good cz u have space for other luxurys.
IM compering sange and yasha with manta style because both of them have yasha if old version sange and yasha was a orb effect now its not so its available to luna but what ever happend u should always get manta style for luna because the illusions of her will do alot of damages to her enemys s&y slow ms but manta gives illusions they both gives almost the same stats but having slow effect isn't important as having illusions and don't forget than luna is the fastest hero in game and she have a mini stun wich will stop enemy units for a very short time(we will talk about it later)
after u got what u need to get change--->

rejected items:
allllllllllllllllllllllll orb effects except lifestealing orbs or eye of skadi.
skill build: 1.lucent beam.
2.lunar blessing/moon glaive.
3.lucent beam.
4.lunar blessing/moon glaive.
5.lucent beam.
7.lucent beam.
8.lunar blessing/moon glaive.
9.lunar blessing/moon glaive.
10.lunar blessing/moon glaive.
12.lunar blessing/moon glaive.
13.lunar blessing/moon glaive.
14.lunar blessing/moon glaive.

eclipse deal only damages depending on how much lucent beam is leveled thats why lucent beam needs to be leveled up to level 4 first.lucent beam is leveled first cz maybe u will gank on level 1on a hero u will need something special. (cz if u need to gank u will need to have a slow or a stun or even a mini stun)u can level up lunar blessing as I said if u need damages and u want to do last hit on the creep or u don't know how to farm and u need damages or it or u can level up moon glaive so u haras and farm at the sametime ur enemys.eclipse is leveled on level 6 ofcourse cz alot of people say:''noob go chase luna'' then they say:''nvm soory for ur death''that means if ur hp was low and a enemy hero was chasing u need to go to a place that their aren't enemy units he will maybe return to his base or he will be noob and continue chasing then u will need to use ur ult and kill him .
enemys and allies:

[COLOR="white"]all stunners and all disablers are good allies to luna[/COLOR].plus traxex and vengfull spirit are very good allies to luna they boost the team with very high damages if the team was all range,vengfull is only good if they were all melee allies.
all stunners and all disablers and high damages heroes.

care always of mirana nightshade she is so annaying she can make her team invisible when u use ult and they have 1s shade time that means u can hit one enemy hero wil lucent beam u can't kill her with ult cz she leaps she stuns for up to 5s and that will makes u usless in team fight.
care always of butcher when u use ult is team fight he can hook from a range of 1200 distances so ur ult will strike him alone but its usless cz he will be holding hood and he have his level 3.and his ult will disamble u that will stop u from attacking.
care always of omniknight because ur ult and ur moon glaive and ur damages is usless infront of his ult.ur ult and ur lucent beam is usless infront of his repel and his purification will hurt u alot thats why u need to get one of the armor or hp items.
care always of mortred with one blink and one critical u will be dead .u think that if she blinked u can use ur ult and kill her no that won't work cz she will be having lifestealso if made her life go down to 50% because of ur ult she will regain her hp with one critical and makes ur hp down to 50%.
heroes that are easy to kill for luna:
easy for u geomancer,all of ur spells are made just to kill geomancer.just don't be scared of him and run there are four geomancer? use ult and attack him don't forget that u have moon glaive that that strike four enemys with the same hit.he have scepter?get scepter too(I didn't talk about scepter in item build cz its rarely gotten for her and it isn't important as luxurious items)and attack him with ur moon glaive which cac strike 5 enemys too.
easy for u earthshaker,u won't let him block the way with fissur cz u have lucent beam with will stop him he have dagger wait him untill he come and use fissure,enchent totem and ult so u u will have low hp then run if he chased u like I told u before he is a noob use ur ult and kill him before he can if he have mana use his fissure again and kill u .
well this is a full guide for luna moongang hope u read it and understand it.enjoy

Luna Moonfang the Moon Rider
Author: peopleloveme
Map Vers.: 6.72f

full guide for luna moonfang

''go kill luna,soory for ur death''

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