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Version 6.77b

Written by mrmemories
I. Introduction
This is my first guide, feel free to suggest strategies for this hero.
II. The hero
Clinkz can be play as a ganker, soloer and for scouting.


Advanced Statistics
  • Affiliation: Scourge
  • Attack Animation: 0.7 / 0.3
  • Damage: 37-43
  • Casting Animation: 0.5 / 0.51
  • Armor: 2.1
  • Base Attack Time: 1.7
  • Movespeed: 300
  • Missile Speed: 900
  • Attack Range: 600
  • Sight Range: 1800 / 800


  • Easy to farm, harrass and get last hits with Searing Arrows.
  • Tower gold is mostly yours due to Strafe.
  • Has a descent escape mechanism skill, Wind Walk.
  • High Movespeed (after maxing Wind Walk and have a decent boots)
  • Great Late gamer. (with proper items)
  • Very fragile during early game due to low HP.
  • Easily countered by gem and wards.
  • Item dependent Hero
  • Low Hp even at level 25 (can be solved by buying HP item)
III. Skills

  • Mana cost : 90 at all level
  • Bone Fletcher will get an animation on him for the duration of the spell, show that it's currently active.
  • This skill is for your Hero killing and Tower bounty
  • Use it for Backdoor (late game)

  • Mana cost : 8 at all level
  • This skill increase your damage by a lot.
  • In summary a free desolator.
  • Allow you to orb walk. (will be discussed)
  • Searing arrow is an orb effect, non buff placer.
  • Searing arrow deal damage to structures.

  • Mana cost : 75 at all level
  • Bone Fletcher can go through units when under the effects of windwalk.
  • Will not break most channeling of spells or items upon activation
  • When attacking, invisibility is broken before the projectile reaches the target.
  • For chasing/escape purpose.
  • Can be used to dodge projectile such as Mystic snake, Storm Bolt, Homing Missles, etcs

Before death pact

After death pact

Note: Death pact is at level 1 when used, from those picture you can see how clinkz max HP increases.

  • Mana cost : 100 at all level
  • If the target is an enemy or neutral unit, it will give the Clinkz the correct gold and experience bounty.
  • Bone Fletcher gains HP capacity based on the HP of the target. Increases his current and max HP by a certain amount.
  • When the duration ends, the max HP returns to normal, but the current HP remains the same.
  • Bonus damage is also a percentage of the killed unit's HP.
  • A skill for you to neutral creep (during mid-game)
IV. Skill build
Level 1 - Windwalk
Level 2 - Searing arrow
Level 3 - Searing arrow
Level 4 - Strafe
Level 5 - Searing arrow
Level 6 - Death Pact
Level 7 - Searing arrow
Level 8 - Windwalk
Level 9 - Windwalk
Level 10 - Windwalk
Level 11 - Death Pact
Level 12 - Strafe
Level 13 - Strafe
Level 14 - Strafe
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Death Pact
Level 17 - Stats
Level 18 - Stats
Level 19 - Stats
Level 20 - Stats
Level 21 - Stats
Level 22 - Stats
Level 23 - Stats
Level 24 - Stats
Level 25 - Stats

Skill Build justification
  • Take 1 level windwalk for escape. *Very important if your team didn't check for the first rune*
  • Next we will get Searing arrow. It shine at early/mid game where +50 bonus dmg is a BIG deal.
  • I normally get strafe at Lvl4. Just 1 level of strafe will do. You can get it at Lvl3 if your lane is very gank-oriented.
  • Max Windwalk ASAP... This is the time you get as irritating as possible. *See below sections*
  • Strafe will be max during mid-game when your searing arrow is max-ed.
  • Stats will then be taken whenever possible.

V. Item build

Core Justification
  • Soul ring : Soul ring is MAINLY used for Death Pact. Soul ring has 30 Sec CD while Death Pact has 45 Sec CD. Use it to eat creep as long as Death Pact is on cool down.
  • Wraith band : For more damage (with searing arrow --> )
  • Tread (Str): Increase movement speed, attack speed, +10 str (That's a lot HP for Clinkz). Turn on STR at all times except that there are times where you have to change to INT...
    Change to INT when
    1) You do not have mana to teleport/death pact
    2) You are not fighting and need mana regeneration
  • Orchid malevolence: This item increase your attack speed, damage, intelligent, 225% mana regen and a soul burn.
    Remember orchid is made up of Oblivion Staff and Oblivion Staff is made up out several INT/Mana components such as sobi mask that solve your mana early game (Partially). At Mid/Late game, this pretty much provide enough mana for clinkz to spam searing arrow. Furthermore, soul burn is very effective against spell caster (Obviously). Ever hate Lion Impale+Figure 1 hit ko on clinkz? Eg: Lion/Zeus/Kotl/etcs


Extended Justification
  • Monkey King Bar: Mini stuns to cancel channeling spell such as Sand king's Epicenter, Butcher's dismember, etcs
    Furthermore... it provide true sight meaning 100% your attack will hit. Good to counter heroes with Evasion.
  • Butterfly: Increase attack speed, evasion and damage. Every Agi hero's luxury... It provides everything that any AGI Heroes need to hurt.
  • Buriza-dokycannon: Critical will occurs more frequently with Strafe, useful against tankers
  • Heart of Tarrasque: As mention earlier, clinkz have low hp even at lvl25. Heart will solve his low HP. Adds about 1k HP to clinkz health. ^^
  • Eye of Skadi: Well, the orb from Skadi stacks with Searing arrow. *Don't ask me for mechanism*
    -will expand on this more-


Situational Justification

  • Bracer: Increase your health, especially facing nukers
  • Hood of defiance: Nuke is not as pain as before
  • Black king bar: If your opponent have a lot of disable

VI. Strategy
Early game (Level 1 - 9)

Starting item


Farming item

A short note
  • Focus on getting Str thread materials (Boot/Glove/Belt) at lvl1-5
  • Then on building soul ring at lvl5-6
  • As i said earlier, soul ring is used mainly for death pact. Just make sure you get a soul ring by Level 6.

Rule 1: Always last hit and deny
Rule 2: Always manual cast. Press "R" and click on enemy hero. (AKA Orb walk)
Rule 3: Always save 75 mana for windwalk

Here's a video on how to harass your opponent

From the video you can see that i do not draw creep aggro

The advantages of orb walking
  • Will not get nearby enemy creep to attacks you
  • You can attack faster than you leave it on auto-cast

Mid game (level 10 - 16)

Farming items

By this point of time, you should always stick with your team and gang.
Step 1: Windwalk
Step 2: Scout and look for victims (esp those are neutral creeping)
Step 3: Inform your teammates
Step 4: Right click on searing arrow (Auto-cast)
Step 5: Press orchid malevolence on enemy hero
Step 6: Activate Strafe and shoot!

Neutral creeping
It's always dangerous to farm across the river, how should we make full use of our time? The solution is neutral creeps.
Step 1: Go to a Neutral creep camp.
Step 2: Kills the "easier to kill creep"
Step 3: Death pact on the "harder to kill creep"

Late game (level 16 - 25)

Farming items

Gang and gang
Same as above

Team clash
Just focus fire on those who are weak (non-tanker)
Step 1: Auto cast Searing arrow
Step 2: Orchid malevolence on their caster
Step 3: Strafe
Step 4: Shoot

Okay... don't worry this is legal.
Backdoor AKA hitting towers without the sight of ally units. Towers will regenerate when you backdoor, however once you reach late game, your damage will be higher than the tower's regeneration.

From this video, you can see that clinkz is able to Backdoor tower with the help of Strafe and Death pact when he's in low health.
VII. Tips
  • When trying to kill a hero in the forest, try to position yourself uphill. So that when they run downhill, you still able to see him and shoot him. On the other hand, Shooting uphill have 25% to miss.
  • Anticipate the enemy movement after you attack him, if you thinks he run north, then position yourself at north so that you can have few more shots.
  • During team clash, position yourself at forest/un-noticed area so that people would not focus fire you.
  • Windwalk at max level have a cooldown of 20seconds, duration 35seconds. This means you can have 2 windwalk in a row AKA Duo-windwalk
  • When you windwalk and found a target, try to wait for the windwalk to cooldown before you engage so that if the enemy escape, you can use another windwalk to chase them. On the other hand, when you realized his allies is coming, you can do another windwalk to escape.
  • When your team are going to push, try to scout around with windwalk so that your team gets to prepare before the clash.
  • Be as irritating as possible (keep stalking their hero), this is your JOB!

Countering Linken's Sphere
If your enemy hero have a linken's sphere, when you click orchid malevolence on him, linken's sphere will block. So how?
Step 1: Windwalk and wait for cooldown (duo-windwalk)
Step 2: Shoot the enemy (While you break your invisibility to do the first shot, their linken's sphere will block for the first shot)
Step 3: Orchid malevolence
Step 4: Stafe
Step 5: Shoot

Death Pact
Just added recently (Jan 2013)
  • Just use death pact whenever you are ready (You got a soul ring!)
  • Do not have the mentality that death pact on the *huge hp* creep would be the best possible pact. Just pact anything when it is on CD, this ensures you have good DMG and HP *almost* all the times.
VIII. Hero relationship

They disable, you shoot, as easy as ABC

Reduce Armour

Your searing arrow + their reduced armour = Pain!


Helps you to stay in lane and farm


Disabled clinkz spells dead corpse.


Those guys reveal your location.

Special enemy(s)

This guy is scary...
Clinkz got no way to escape from this (unless bash misses and you got lucky and windwalk away)
Q:Where is guinsoo?
A:Guinsoo is difficult to build. Orchid is easy to build with cheap components. Each of the component benefits a lot with your farming/killing. Esp Sobi mask which can solve our mana problem early game.

Q:Where is the divine rapier? you n00b
A: If you know how to pub-stomp, go ahead.
X. Replay
Replay needed (hopefully is 6.77)
XI. Credits
  • Darkmedina: For his format
  • gwho: For his BBC coding
  • Those who commented on my guide
  • Icefrog
  • Myself (?)
XII. Conclusion
Clinkz is a newbie friendly hero and could help his team in many ways.
Comment/feedback is appreciated.
Thanks for reading my guide.

change logs

6.65 update: Searing arrow cd reduced to 2/0/0/0 ^^
6.67 update: Death pact reworked woot
6.69 update: wand no longer detect spells when enemy cast in fog. ):
6.77 update: Few changes *at items and tips section*
6.77b update: Added soul ring for early game and few modification to the guide.

Clinkz the Bone Fletcher
Author: mrmemories
Map Vers.: 6.65

The steathy bone

Guide for Bone Fletcher

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