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Force Staff


Firstly, the reason of this guide is to understand the uses and power of force staff, most people highly underate this awesome item, it has the potential to save allies from near death as well as yourself. You can also force enemies into your team and/or tower, not to mention the countless juking possibilities it offers. Read further and i shall show you how you can use it effectively as well as comparing it to the almighty Kelens Dagger.

The Item Itself

Force Staff Provides:

+10 Intelligence
+10 damage
+10 attack speed
Force (Active)

Pushes any unit 600 units in the direction it is facing over a 0.3s duration.
Double clicking the item will make Force be used on yourself.
Does not interrupt the target's actions.
The -disablehelp command will prevent an ally from casting this spell on you.
Costs 25 mana, has a 20 second cooldown, and a 800 cast range.

Note: A while back i said typing -disablehelp will stop your own force staff working on yourself, i was wrong it does work.

The total cost for force staff is relatively cheap (2200) and requires the below items.

Staff of Wizardry (1000)

Quarterstaff (900)

Recipe (300)

The Pros and Cons of Force Staff

  • Great Escapse tool
  • Good synergy with heroes requiring the target to move
  • DOESNT break channeling spells
  • Low cooldown and mana cost
  • Can force enemies into your team

  • Needs correct postioning to be effective
  • May lead to your death if positioned incorrectly
  • Doesnt cancel heroes channeling tp, so they will get away :'(
  • Allies might use their force staff on you and get you killed

Blink Dagger vs Force Staff


Well of course you are wondering isnt blink dagger better? Well in some cases it is, but unlike force staff you must wait 3 seconds from taking damage to blink and yes it has a greater 1200 range. And i know you are going to want to use it as an escape tool and in most cases you wont be able to, OH WHY U ASK? MAYBE CAUSE YOU'RE GETTING BEAT DOWN BY THAT URSA. But never fear, force staff is here! Below are a few screenshots of me as windrunner using force staff for a pro escape.

I had already used windrun and was beginning to be charged by bara, knowing this i ran to the edge of the cliff so i could juke them. Bara's charge stuns me and i start to get beat down

I start getting pwned by ursa to extremely low health

I begin to force staff myslelf up the cliff

I force over the cliff (surviving to their surprise trololol) and my windrun gets off cd, then i windrun off

and i escape happily ever after.. ^^

If however i bought a blink dagger, i probably wouldnt have survived that encounter. (get my point ^_-)

Now lets take a look at kelens dagger

Teleports the caster to a nearby location instantly
1200 range
Cannot be used if the carrier was damaged by an enemy player-controlled unit in the last 3 seconds
Self damage does not disable Blink, but damage from Roshan does
Costs 75 mana, has an 14 second cooldown

Kelen's Dagger cannot be held by Butcher or Vengeful Spirit
Buyable from Goblin Merchant

As you can see above, kelens dagger cost more mana then Force Staff which isnt so well for those heroes that dont have a large mana pool.

It does however have a lower cooldown (14 seconds) compared to force staff (20 seconds)

  • It is cheaper then force staff by only 50 gold
  • It can be bought from the sideshop
  • But, it cant be carried by pudge or vengeful spirit
  • Unlike force staff it doesnt grant any extra stats, eg. +10 dmg
  • 1200 blink range compared to force staff's 600 force range

In conclusion to this small debate i find that force staff is better then blink dagger. Blink dagger is a nice item but the chances of not getting away alive are quite high. Force staff would be the better option though as mentioned above. Blink dagger doesnt work on allies but if you really want it, feel free to buy it i would just prefer (in most cases) to get force staff over it.

Hero Synergy

Below i shall show you some of the heroes with skills that work well with force staff

Ahh yes, good ol' bloodseeker. Bloodseekers ulti ''Rupture'' requires the target to move in order to take damage. Force Staffing them will make them take damage perhaps you can use to get that burst damage and kill them without having to overextend too much in order to kill them.

Ezalors mana leak is quite powerful against spellcasters draining their mana with every step they take. If you wish you can force staff them and make them get a 2 second stun. (that is if they lose all their mana)

Position yourself for the perfect meathook, need i say more?

You can force staff enemies out of dream coil to grant another stun and more damage

Its quite obvious what to do here, just set up your mines wait for them to face in your direction, force them forward, THEN BOOM. nuff said. Same for suicide.

As you can see above some heroes benefit from force staff more then others. But take note, force staff is viable ON ANY HERO the reason is as i have clearly stated above is because of its chasing, saving, juking and escaping capabilities.

Force Staff Range

The cast range for force staff is 800 for those of you that dont know how long that is see the screenshot below.

And below is a screenshot of force staff force range(600) (apporximately)


In conclusion, Force Staff is in many ways, more versatile than blink dagger, however I guess it's up to you and your own playstyle as to whether or not you'd get it over something like blink dagger, I have laid out the differences and I hope you can agree with me on it.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it helped you in your decision to build Force Staff in future games.

Editors Notes

I was going to go more indepth and write deeper content for this guide but I grew bored and back than I was a wee kiddie, DotA has changed so much over these past 4 years and I can't be bothered keeping up with it anymore. Here I am, 4 years from when I created this guide to see what I did, and I was disappointed that I never made a conclusion part so here I am, When DotA 2 was released all my friends moved to that and I moved to LoL so that was when I wished DotA farewell, I had great times and memories and I doubt anyone is going to bother to read this, perhaps this is just a small memory I will pass on to the internet, or when this site closes down, whichever comes first. Sidenote: CLG WONT WIN WORLDS HAHAHA!

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Author: Phoenix7937
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Force Staffing

Guide to Force Staff

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