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Well there is no need for much intro about this guy... 'ELF' to be precise... gold hair, white eyes, white attire (especially the cape).... and 10 skills!!! 10 magic tricks of pure devastation!!! Probably one of the best heroes!! ever!!!!! Enough flatters... like all guides, lets have an intro about this guy.. ELF i mean... So here goes.......

"The Invoker is the most well-rounded spellcasting hero, due to his massive array of spells. Using his three elemental reagents and his Invoke skill, the Invoker can utilize a total of 10 different spells. Due to his complexity and fragility, the Invoker is a bad choice for newer players. With some experience, however, he becomes a force to be reckoned with. The Invoker is capable of massive area of effect damage, powerful disabling spells, very strong summons, and potent enchantments. While other spellcasters tend to be focused in one area, the Invoker has the ability to change his role at will. His spells tend to start out weaker than comparable abilities, but since his reagents have 7 levels each his potential spell power is very high. Although mastering his spells takes perhaps the most practice of any hero, he is definitely worth the time."

Hmm.... 3 orbs, 10 skills, i think that might do it.
So onto the guide...

What i basically want to emphasise on is this guy(ELF)'s synergies with his arsenal of skills. But before that (according to the guide rule :P) lets see his item build...


FORCE STAFF/PERSEVERANCE (for fast-farming your core)

now onto his synergies...

1. Since tornado+emp doesn't work from the new v6.74 maps, the initial combo once you reach level 7 (ie. 2 skills) can be meteor+sunstrike for faster kills and ganks.

Kael the Invoker
Author: redtilldeath
Map Vers.: v6.73c

The 'voker 'vasion!!!

guide to GOOD GAME wit kael :)

Date Posted: 08/23/12
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