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Image. This guide is under construction
~Table Of Contents
1. Story
2. Introduction
3. Info and Stats
4. Skill Usage
5. Skill Build
6. Item Build
7. Strategy
~7b. Key Points
8. Hero Synergy
9. Conclusion
10. Replays
11. Credits
1. Background Story
Lucifer was the leader of the Doomguard attack force of the burning legion in the first attack by the dark lord Sargeras. With his original master long gone, Lucifer grants his undying loyalty to the Scourge to finish what his lord once started. Devouring the insignificant for his greed while dissipating the souls of those brave and strong enough to withstand his strength and the heat of his fiery haven of burning earth, Lucifer takes no prisoners and makes sure those who persevere through his wrath die by the agonizing and burning pain of Doom itself.
2. Introduction

Lucifer, the Doom bringer was always known for his 'imba' ultimate that counters practically every hero in the game. However before the 6.66 version, he was also kinda useless by himself. Due to the remake, Lucifer is one of the most versatile heroes in dota. He can be played in a number of ways, including tank, caster and carry. I was unsatisfied with most of the guides to Doombringer and also some of them are outdated, so I decided to write my own.
3. Lucifer's Info & Stats

Strength: 26+3.2
Agility: 11+0.9
Intelligence: 16+2.1

Main attribute: Strength.
Lucifer is found in the Scourge Strength heroes tavern.

Great strength growth, terrible agility and decent intelligence. He has high base damage, but poor armor and movement speed.

[+] Extremely versatile in his role.
[+] Good hp.
[+] Ultimate is 'imba' and counters everyone.

[-] Bad agility, thus low attack speed and armor.
[-] Spells are a bit luck dependant ( level?death and you might not get the creeps you want ).

For complete stats, click below:
DoomBringer hero details
4. HERO'S Skill Usage


Devours a creep, and gives it's abilities to Doom Bringer. This also kills the creep instantly, and gives bonus gold when the creep is fully devoured. Lucifer does not get abilities from summons ( like for example Beastmaster's pig ), but only from neutrals.

This ability is incredibly versatile. Due to the fact that you also get bonus gold, you should spam it whenever you can.

Important creeps

Centaur khan: Has war stomp and endurance aura. War stomp is an aoe stun that does 25 dmg and stuns for 2 seconds, aoe is 250 which is smaller than Bradwarden's stun. Endurance aura gives 15% increased attackspeed to nearby units. Stun cost 100 mana and cd 20.

Furbolg: Has thunder clap, which does 150 dmg and slows by 25% for 3 sec. Aoe is 300 and mana cost 100, cd is 12. This is much more effective than stun early game.

Troll Warlord: Has ensnare, which has a casting range of 550, manacost 150, cd 20, and snares for 2.5 sec. Also can raise skeletons, which aren't very good but can be used for scouting.

Alpha wolf: The alpha wolf is known for it's carry abilities. Has command aura ( +30% dmg from base stats ) and critical strike ( 20% chance to do 2x damage ).

Satyr trickster: Has purge. What's better than a diffusal blade with infinite charges, and five second cd? Only disadvantage is it's low casting range of 200. Manacost is 150.

Situational creeps

Ogre Magi: Gives frost armor, which is the same thing that Lich has, except that it gives 8 armor and lasts much longer.

Satyr Soulstealer: Gives mana burn, which is powerful while laning early game. Burns 100 mana and can be very annoying to low mana heroes.

Kobold Taskmaster ( meepo creep): Has Speed Aura, which gives +12% movespeed aura. You can clearly see which creep has the aura, don't devour the wrong one.

Ghost ( mini Krobelus ): Free Skadi! Slows attack and movespeed by 20%, but you have to keep attacking.

Forest troll high priest: His heal is incredibly good early on. It heals by 15 for a mana cost of 5, every 0.75 seconds. This is great for laning, it's like Warlock's heal.

Rejected creeps

Everything else. Don't devour them, because many of them have random shitty abilities that are worthless and will override the useful ability that you currently have. A good example is the shockwave dude, which is completely useless.

Scorched Earth

Doombringer sets fire to the earth, healing himself and dealing damage to his opponents. It also gives him extra movespeed, which is the same at all levels ( 20% ). Leveling it increases the heal/dmg and duration and decreases the cd. Note that this affects a huge area around the doombringer as he walks. This is an excellent chasing/towerdiving skill, and acts like a mini-radiance.


This is one of the most bizarre nuke abilities in dota. It deals damage and a ministun, and then an extra 250 dmg when the target is at a particular level. Discretion needs to be used while leveling this ability, which we will discuss later on.


Lucifer's signature ultimate. Probably the best skill in dota, it renders the target completely useless for the duration of doom. Unlike other silences, it not only disables active spells, but also most passive abilities and items. A doomed hero is essentially a sort of big creep. This skill goes through magical immunity. It is blocked by Linken's sphere, though you can remove the Linken's charge by using level death.

Use Doom at the beginning of teamfights! One of the most noob mistakes is to save it up for KSing. While it does deal really good damage, it's most important aspect is the disable, don't forget that.

Priority targets for Doom

Heroes that are greatly dependant on their active skills or items.

Heroes that are greatly dependant on their passives and buffs.

Low priority targets

It is a bad idea to doom these guys after they have initiated and casted their most important spells on you. Further they have high hp and won't be hurt much by doom.
5. Skill and item Build
6. Item Build
Core item build

7. General Strategy
Early Game

7b. Lycan's Key Points

Wolves should be used for farming, scouting and killing

You should always have your wolves up. Send them to the jungles if you don't particularly need them at your side. Don't feed your wolves if you can help it. Sometimes even after your Lycan is dead, you can use them to grab a kill.


Keep an eye on Roshan, he is an important aspect of your game.

Tower pushing

Push down enemy towers to gain map control and stop the enemy from farming. Eventually he will be stuck in his own base, at which point you can push down the raxes and end the game.

Help your allies

Howl helps all your allies directly. They can also directly benefit from wolf scouting ( such as runes ).

Lycan push strategy

This strategy involves using howl on allied summons for fast pushing.
8. Hero Synergy

11. Replays

Will be uploaded soon.
12. Credits

Credits for Ramomar's guide template which I am using for this guide
13. Changelog
6th Feb 2010
- Guide created
7th Feb 2010
- Replays added and content updated

Lucifer the Doom Bringer
Author: zaphodbrx99
Map Vers.: 6.67

Guide to the 6.66+ Doom Bringer

Guide to the 6.66+ Doom Bringer

Date Posted: 06/26/10
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