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Hey guys, this is my first time posting a guide so any suggestions would be gladly appreciated. I have played quite a few games with Leshrac and I hope that this guide would help you a bit with playing this hero.

Click on the link below to hero skills:

Skill Build:
1. Split Earth
2. Lightning Storm
3. Split Earth/Lightning Storm
4. Lightning Storm/Split Earth
5. Split Earth/Lightning Storm
6. Lightning Storm/Split Earth
7. Split Earth/Lightning Storm
8. Lightning Storm/Split Earth
9. Diabolic Edict
10. Diabolic Edict
11. Diabolic Edict
12. Diabolic Edict
13. Pulse Nova
14. Pulse Nova
15. Stats
16. Pulse Nova
17-25. Stats

I know you're probably confused with what I did but let me explain. The skills you choose depends with who you are laning with, if it's someone like Nevermore/Tinker then I would prefer Lightning Storm over Split Earth for the following reasons; 1. Make the mistake to get too close to them and you're a dead man 2. You can harass them in a safe distance and get last hits. But if you're laning with other heroes then I would go for my usual build with Split Earth over Lightning Storm because I usually go ganking and it's easier for me and my teammates to kill because of the longer stun duration. But this is just my style of playing, you guys can choose whatever you like. Doesn't matter as long as you own them right

Core Items:

Boots of Speed - +MS

Magic Wand - The charges this item gives can give you that extra HP/Mana to either kill the running opponent or save your ass. Either way this is a great item, very useful on almost any hero.

Bottle - The burst HP/Mana regen is great on Leshrac and this coupled with your crow or rune can save you fountain trips early game and farm and get to your mana items earlier.

Bracers - The bonus stat gains are very helpful to Leshrac early game due to him being very fragile. But you can skip this item if you are farming extremely well and rush to your mana items.

Extension Items:

Linken's Sphere - This is built after your core because it gives massive stat gain, mana regen can support your pulse nova for seconds and can save your ass in sticky situations you might get yourself in thanks to spell block.

Aghanim's Scepter - Now you might argue that it's better to go for this first rather than Linken's Sphere but here is my reason why I chose to build Linken's Sphere first, it can save you in sticky situations and it's mana regen can support your pulse nova. I usually get this after Linken's Sphere for that extra damage for team clashes, the choice is yours and I prefer Linken's Sphere first before Aghanim's Scepter for survivability.

Boots of Travel - This ensures your attendance in most of the team clashes and you are able to defend and push without worries.

Kelen's Dagger - This is a useful item for positioning yourself in the clash for your spells. If you use it right it is not only for positioning but also for getting out of the way if you have a feeling (you can tell if you are aware that all the enemy heroes are missing and you pushed way too much or just by experience) that the enemy team will kill you, especially if you owned them so much and wanted to get back to you.

Situational Items:

Ghost Scepter - If the enemy lineup has too much hitters like Mortred/Void/Troll. Don't be afraid to get this, they will most likely hit you first because you're a nuisance and a very squishy hero.

Bloodstone - After the nerf with Bloodstone I didn't like the item anymore. If you get killed your charges will be cut in half but get this if you are confident that you won't die too much in the game.

Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse - An extra disable would be helpful to the team and the extra regen would also make your Pulse Nova last longer.

Dagon - I usually get this if I am the one who carries the game, sometimes this helps me to finish the game by killing the key players in the enemy lineup or I just have too much gold. It depends on your liking.

Shiva's Guard - Extra AoE, extra Armor, Slow Aura. Just don't get this if there is another one in your team with it.

Heart of Tarrasque - Survivability, enough said.

[Early Game]
1. Choose a lane, if you are going solo mid because there are no better heroes for that then try to rune whore as much as possible and gank whenever possible. If you are in a dual lane, it is better to go with another stunner/nuker. Surely you guys wont have a hard time dominating the lane.

2. The key to your lane dominance is how you use Lightning Storm and Split Earth. If those two connect then you're making your enemy's life hell.

1. If your Lightning Storm is level 4 always hit the necromancer first then use it on a dying ghoul, it assures you harassing your opponent and getting two last hits every wave.

2. If you attempt to stun the enemy adjust the cursor to the path he is walking and never at the center of hero unless he is stunned of course. And also if you are chasing a hero and the distance between you and him are quite big then don't attempt to stun him anymore, just waste of mana because it will surely miss due to it's small casting range.

3. Sometimes some players forget that Magic Stick charges when a hero or someone uses a skill. If it "magically" got a charge when you see that your enemies in lane didn't cast a spell, chances are you are going to get ganked. Just saying, it might help you save your ass.

[Middle Game]
1. By now you should have the components of Linken's Sphere or even better completed it. What you should be doing at this time is to gank a lane and after a successful gank push the opponents tower. Usually you get the tower gold due to Diabolic Edict.

2. You should be careful in team clashes, do not go in first and let your tank or initiator do that first. Then after they go in you follow, spamming Lightning Storm, turn on both Pulse Nova and Diabolic Edict and stun any enemy hero trying to escape. Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova is effective if you managed to get your enemies isolated. Although try to be aware with your mana pool. Most of the Leshrac players I saw and even me sometimes go in and do massive damage but fails to kill them due to lack of mana.

[Late Game]
1. I would expect that you got your mana items and now is the time that your Pulse Nova will be on for a long time. If the enemy got Hoods/Pipe then tough luck for you. Try to coordinate with your teammates and be aware always with the surroundings.

2. If you already have massive mana regen then don't be scared to turn on your Pulse Nova even if it is just pushing very fast, clash with one or two heroes you come up against or a team clash, it will regen right away. It's all about managing your mana pool well.

3. Your skills might be weakened due to magic resistance but your pushing power is still one of the best and very irritating in the view of your opponents. Try to push whenever it is possible and continue to pressure your opponents. One clash can be the deciding factor of a game.

You are a glass canon and one of the best pushers due to Diabolic Edict. Be careful and always stay with your teammates, you will definitely be a target due to your damage potential. If you know when to move in and out of battles it will eventually be GG for the other team.

Thank you for reading my guide on Leshrac the Malicious, I hope this helped you a bit and good luck on your games.

Leshrac the Malicious the Tormented Soul
Author: Dee23
Map Vers.: 6.67c

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