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The mighty Soulkeeper is back

Author advice:
***Pick this hero if you want to show those pansies physical prowess***
***The following guide only shows you a way to play Terrorblade, based on my personal preference. Feel free to make changes in your skill builds if the situation calls***

A picture of his fine self by Sandara

Terrorblade, a poor kid who was mistreated and bullied by many people. But he didn't give up to them. He worked his ass off and eventually becomes a handsome multi-billionaire. This is the story of the Soulkeeper, the story of own-age.

- Nah, He is not a weakling like that. This is the real story:
Terrorblade is the twin brother of the Anti-Mage. Both of Night Elf descent, Terrorblade was drawn in by the powers of the Undead, plunging deeper into the abyss of no return, growing large, gargoyle-like wings to symbolize his breaking from the Night Elf world. Having mastered the art of image-creation and soul manipulation, he has the ability to transform into a fearsome and terrifying demonic form, obtaining the powers to hurl energy at his opponents. Large moonblades slashing, he is one to fear on the battlefield.

This is how he appear before you

Now back to the main dishes
Hero Stats
Affiliation: Scourge
Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.6
Damage: 48 - 54
Casting Animation: 0.5 / 0.51
Armor: 7.22
Base Attack Time: 1.5
Movespeed: 315
Missile Speed: Instant
Attack Range: 128 (melee)
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

- My humble thought about his magnificence
+ Low BAT
+ Good Attack Animation
+ Huge Attack Backswing (remember to cancer animation by right click right in front of any one you are chasing)
+ High Armor (going to be high throughout the game)
+ Above average MS (for chasing and chasing in the other direction)
+ Average Casting point and Sight range
+ Melee (It is a bad thing, isn't it?)

15 + 1.9
22 + 3.2
15 + 1.75

- Another comment about his fine stats
+ A "whooping" 3.2 in Agility growth, you can expect to have Godlike Attack speed and Immortal Armor (times to times you can still use the Aegis though)
+ A bit low Strength Gain and Starting Strength, but we can fix this easily
+ A fine amount of Intelligent, he doesn't need that much mana anyway.(You don't want to be called a nerd, do you? We are smart, but not that brainy)

The goods
+ High Agility (Doesn't mean you should get Ethereal)
+ Low BAT
+ High Armor
+ Good Stats Gain
+ Annoyingly good Ultimate
+ Harassment Skill early
+ Extra Attack Speed
+ ... The rest are for you to state them

The bad

+ Melee
+ Fragile in early game
+ Item dependent
+ Too handsome (which make homosexual people like Lion prefer to gank/rape you)


Terrorblade brings forth a dark reflection of a targeted enemy unit. The enemy is slowed by 60% and attacked by its reflection for 5 seconds.

  • Make that kill look more guaranteed.
  • Last 5 seconds and cost 50 mana at all level
  • Slow by 60% and deal 70% of damage at max level
  • Cooldown can be reduced to 10s, so it can be used twice per team-fight.

- This skill just got nerfed hard. Its range is too short to be of any use for initiation.
- Don't even think about harassing with this. They WILL burn half your hp away before you can get it off.
- The slow is most valuable, the image doesn't do that much damage anyway.

Conjure Imagel

Creates a copy of Terrorblade which deals damage. Lasts 25 seconds.

  • Allow you to spawn 1 image every 16s for 80 mana each

- Yes, now you have to manually spawn your image again, I know. The image is fairly stronger offensively, but more fragile, so overall it's neither a buff nor a nerf
- It's up to 2 images you can have at a times, so use them carefully. Do be wary of the duration of metamorphosis though. When it runs out, you will be easily spotted (unless the other team is too stupid to see there is 3 ranged TB and 1 melee one)

- You can jungle early with this skill (use the image to partially soak up some damage.)
- Fairly useful at taking down towers.


Transforms Terrorblade into a powerful Demon with a ranged attack.
  • You will have a reduced AS and MS, due to having 1.6 BAT and 300 MS respectively
  • Fix your problem with being melee, with a fairly normal range of 550
  • Cost a tiny bit of mana (50, that's basically always there given its long cooldown and natural regens).
  • Give you a good amount of extra BASE damage (80 at max level)
  • 40 seconds duration and 150 seconds cooldown at all level.

- This skill alone could be your ultimate. It makes people fears and hate you so much later in game.
- It lets you exchange your normal M16A1 with RPG-launcher. Really LONG cooldown though
- Having it on whenever it's off cooldown early game. Your mana can support it.
- Take in some consideration before using it late game. It can mean a won teamfight and a lost one. Best to use it about 5s before the engagement, along with Manta and your first Conjured Image.
- The extra 80 damage at lvl 7 means a few harassing hits from you and the enemies will run back to the fountain (or die to you in seconds)


Sunder severs the soul from both Terrorblade and a target hero, then exchanges them, carrying part of the units' life forces. The percentage hit points of each unit are switched with the souls. Some hit points must remain.
  • This skill is almost as good as Resurection of Leoric - the man without testicles
  • It won't go though magic immunity.
  • Good skill to either save your friends or kill some enemies.
  • Have a ministun, you can cancel channeling spells with this skill (although I don't really recommend doing it).
  • The damage is HP removal, so it won't disable blink. (if you are facing anyone with Dagger, keep that in mind)
  • Allow targeting heroes only.
  • It lowers the mana cost and cooldown at each level, try to max it asap (what ultimate don't we max asap, perhaps only Azgalor's....).

- ALWAYS, and I do mean ALWAYS save mana for Sunder. It is your life saving skill.
- You should swap when your HP comes close to 1/4 or 1/3. You can't do anything if they stun you.
- Turn on your BKB if you buy one when swap to save a friend (he's gotta be worthy of your efforts though. Your HP won't change so both of you and your friend will have the high HP. (Please, only do this if you two have already got out of the battle)
- And last but not least, don't try to sunder Roshan. He is NOT a hero (Ancient type)

4. or
10. or (reverse of whatever you took at lvl 4)

- Since you have massive damage boosting skill under your sleeves, I would strongly advice taking the lane, and not bother with jungling apart from creep pulling. With 40+ damage at lvl 3, you WILL dominate the lane. Just be a bit careful and watch out for ganks.
- You won't need reflection that early in the game if you are playing pubs. It will just put you in unnecessary dangers attempting a kill.
- Maxing Metamorphosis first is quite obvious, it gives you a huge damage boost early game: 80 base damage is massive, last hitting is easier than ever, and harassing can easily burn off 1/3 your enemies HPs.
- Take Conjured Image along with Meta. With a bit of micro, you can creep-pull while farming, and when it's late, strong enough to farm on its own. Can be used as baits, mobile wards, pushing machines, etc... Be creative.

- Let Reflection late in the game. By the times it's up, large ganks are common, so the slow may come in handy.
* If you were doing extremely good early, or have a decent team coordination, by all means take it. The slow can be the difference between the kill and a houdini escape for the prey.
* If you are not that aggressive, take Meta instead. You are still a hard carry, so farm first, fight later.

- Walking out of the base:
Any combination of these items:

-> Anything you like

Core Items
+ My own footlocker

- Not a question about it
- This is what I prefer: A changeable stats, and increase your good attack speed to great. The only down side is it gives not too much MS
- A viable choice, the extra damage is welcomed, but it is not that great. The active ability is quite interesting, as you can escape/chasing with the Bonus MS.
- Getting this boot will solve your non-existent mana problem. And that's it. That's everything this can offer. Only if TB was a support
- Useful only if you have PMS and a lot of armor. The Rejuvenate ability can be handful in certain times, like after you got out of a gank or just finished off any enemies. Provide whole lot of MS compared to the first 3 boots above though.
- Luxurious Boot. You have no trouble farming this, as you are truly a ricing machine early game. Get this in place of Tread when the game turns into a 5v5 push festival

+ Manta(trademark of McDonald)
(I'm Lovin' it)

  • +26 Agility
  • +10 Strength
  • +10 Intelligence
  • +15 attack speed
  • +10% movement speed
  • Mirror Image (active)

- Another two illusions under your control, with Bonus MS, Good Agility gain, Extra Damages, Extra Attack Speed, nice HP boost, fine MP increase. This is truly, the Item made for Terrorblade.
- The ability to dodge certain spell with this is just icing on the cake
- Have I mentioned about the feeling of fear and frustration when 5 (7 with Illusion rune) fully farmed Terrorblade decent upon you?
- A nice trick: You can kill Roshan without getting red health with images. Just send two (or four of them) with MOVE order toward Roshan, then auto-attack him. Before he gets through those images, you'll probably burn most of his HP away

+ Butterfly

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

  • +30 Agility
  • +30 Damage
  • 35% Evasion
  • +30 Attack Speed

- It boosts your damage to a magnificent level (60 damage and 60 IAS is no joke)
- Your EHP is increased, with evasion and armor (Agility is converted into armor, remember?)
- 3300 gold might be a problem though. You might want to stay out of trouble if you are rushing this before Manta

+ HotD

-> In ancient time, all rich men have their slaves, do they not?
  • +20 damage
  • +5 armor
  • Lifesteal (passive)
  • Dominate (active)

- It gives you lifesteal that you direly need. Meaning you can participate in gank earlier to net some kills.
- The armor makes your bulky armor bulkier. But man will never have enough.
- The damage is a nice compliment for TB.
- An quick HotD can be scary, and when Chen/Enchantress is on your team, feels free to snatch a free kill early with them. (Try to get the creep to tank for you, they are expendable after all)

+ Wraith Band

- Just this once, quantity is better than quality. Stack this to get a better early game.

+ Magic Wand

- Get this if there are spammers in the opposite team. Special thanks to Bristleback

+ TP Scroll

- Who know what will happen? Get this as your insurance.

Get these when your wallet looks like this

1. Eyes of Skadi

  • +25 Agility
  • +25 Strength
  • +25 Intelligence
  • +250 HP
  • +250 mana
  • Cold Attack (Passive, orb)

- This is the better version of Wraith Band. Getting 3 Skadi means you will have 4000+ HP, which is a lot to punch through.
- Solve your MP, HP problems.
- Everything about this item is useful for you and your images, probably only the cold attack is wasted.

2. Black King Bar

  • +10 Strength
  • +24 damage
  • Avatar (active)

- A fine amount of HP
- Good damage
- Magic Immunity (remember that it won't block Doom)
- Good in a team-fight. Honestly when 5 TB is in a fight, no one will bother checking with TB is bigger. They either run or try to make their last stand there.

3. Satanic

  • +25 Strength
  • +20 damage
  • +5 armor
  • Lifesteal (passive)
  • Unholy Rage (active)

- The only upgrade of HotD, and a worthy one too.
- It potential grows with our own DPS. Abuse it.
- Damage and armor stay the same, but the extra HP is more than welcomed.

4. Armor Cruirass

  • +10 armor
  • +35 attack speed
  • Positive Armor Aura (passive)
  • Negative Armor Aura (passive, enemies)
  • Attack Speed Aura (passive)

- You can use this, but there are better carriers out there.

5. Heart of Tarrasque

  • +40 Strength
  • +300 HP
  • Health Regeneration (passive)

- 1000 HP is no joke. If you want to be an immortal without having to kill Roshan (and I don't say you shouldn't), this is your answer.

6. Crystalys & Buriza-do Kyanon
  • Critical Strike (passive)
  • +35 damage & +81 damage respectively

- Extreme DPS boost. Perfect for outdamaging that Mortred.

7. Monkey King Bar

  • +88 damage
  • +15 attack speed
  • True Strike (passive)
  • Mini-Bash (passive)

- No more Mortred, or anyone who dare getting Butterfly.

8. Divine Rapier

  • +300 Damage

- If you feel like you wanna chop people, or just want to see your hits becomes horribly heavy for the enemies, get this.
- I know +380 damage is overkill, but hey, Mortred can do it, so can we.

9. Cranium Basher

  • +40 damage
  • +6 Strength
  • Bash (passive)

- I've almost forgot about this item. It can be quite useful on Terrorblade, because of his insane Attack Speed. Beware of any fake bash from the images however. Remember: don't upgrade it to Abyssal Blades. The damage and ability don't worth the amount of gold you spent. Buy Rapier instead. If you want to know how bash works with illusions, check out this guide:
Illusions - DotA Mechanics
- Do enjoy yourself when you see them rage quit when they can't get away due to the bashes, and die in seconds due to the DPS.

A few DPS items left, I'm not gonna mention them. The list is already big, and you can only have 6 items at a time.

Just dont get these too often

Other orb effects
and or
- While the - armor is appreciated, the bonus damage is not that fascinating.
Nice orb, but just pale in compare with Satanic and Skadi.
- On the other hand, Diffusal work just fine, IF you stay as melee. But you already got Metamorphosis, and Manaburn doesn't work on ranged illusion. It is such a pain in the ass, is it not?
- Mjollnir (or lightning hammer as I know it) is good for farming, and the chain-lightning increase your dps too. Combined with your damage and you are a dps machine. Only problem is it doesn't go through BKB, which most carries are getting these days

- Cheaper than SnY, provide more HP and EHP, less damage and overall DPS. The Evasion is wasted though, because Butterfly is simply better in every single way. Disarm can be useful, like when you are engaging perma-bash heroes (Troll and Slardar comes in mind), just beware to save mana for early level Sunder.

- This is really the fall-back item for TB. Now it's not an orb effect anymore, you can get this with other orbs. But again, it's up to you and your playstyle.

- Great item for .... farming. Could be used for TB to afk farm for 35 mins returning 6 slotted and kill everyone on sight. Remember to sell it late late game to get another dps item.

- Ricing 101 with you as the professor. This one works wonder with your illusions. Spawn illusion the moment you get your hands on Rad. If later than 30 mins in game, don't even bother. PS: If you are getting radiance, rush it. Timing window should be from 22 mins to 28 mins, and some ppl can do better than that.

- The combination of Ring of Basilius and Wraith Band. It save you an item slot, and provide the bit of mana regen you direly need to spawn Conjured Image. Don't get it if someone already got that though.

No, Just No! Don't even touch one of these.

- Are you going to use up to 8005 for a puny amount of unusable stats, and a nuke which doesn't scale into late game?

- The initiator Soulkeeper: I'm gonna blink in and sunder someone. Sounds good?

- OK. Are you actually going to hit someone with Ethereal and be a sitting duck for 3 seconds? Go sit in the corner and think about what you have done!

- What? You are a support or something?

- You want to out nuke those nukers?

- If you want lifesteal, get HotD. It's cheaper and has a better build up.

- This one looks good on many heroes in pub, except for TB. You won't tower dive early, and the 40 damage block is nothing late game. Want to be beefy? Get Heart instead. The main problem of this is it will delay our core if we buy it early, and doesn't work that good late game. If you desperately need HP, buy a Vitality Booster, which can eventually turned into a Heart later.

- I have seen someone who used this (in Pub though), and the first thought was "You gotta be F*king kidding me". DO NOT get this shit, it is used only for the weakling like Davion who can never have DPS like us. Total waste of gold and time.

Early game

Level 1-6
- Get your starting inventory and head for the long lane. If you are going to face a trilane, immediately call for a lane switch if possible. You are the most precious asset of the team anyway. If you do have to stay in lane, stay passive and creep pull as much as you can, leave the lane from times to times and come back when the wave is near your tower.
- Facing harassers or jungling, I highly recommend PMS and Tango. They will keep you up much longer get as much gold/experience as possible. Trading blows with them while in Meta is highly encouraged, since your hits become nukes-like when you hit lvl 7. Show them who's the real master of the lane.
- If you don't mind having a lousy score, suicide jungling is your bet. Doing that won't give your opponent any gold and experience. Just remember to spend all your money before you die. It takes you 45 seconds walk back to base and heal. That's worth a lot of gold and experience early game.
- Keep an eye on the mini-map. Your enemies tends to go roaming (especially VS) when they don't see you in lane. If you are playing in pub, don't expect to hear VS mia or something like that. They won't call. Fall back and tower hug as soon as you see someone's missing.
- As all carry do, get all the last hit. In pub, they might call you selfish, but when you come back with your core and own the game, you'll be hailed as a hero. In competitive, as they know what are they doing and how to do it, so try to ask them to back you up. Your hits can help ganks tremendously given the high DPS output.
- If you do face a weak lane - another carry, harass them with metamorphosis. What's the point of being able to go ranged when you can't abuse that. Just don't fall into a trap and die. You are not the ones who own early game.
- If you push the lane too far, go jungling and do some creep pull. It saves you the risk of being ganked while allow you to keep farming.
- A beautiful way to jungle. In case you might need this. Credit to Luminous48

How to AFK Farm (reupload) - YouTube

Early-Mid game

Level 6-11

Wat's up, mate?

- While keep farming, when the opportunity rises, you can gank and snatch some kills. Your DPS is fairly good now, and if the early game was excellent for you, you might already got HotD and Yasha. That is much, much stronger compare with other carries. So if you do have to face an Obsidian Destroyer later in game, this will be your time to push him down the hole. Gank and kill him as many time as possible, combining with farming, you can finish your core (which cost a fair amount of money) before any carry does.
- You are still vulnerable this stage in game. Stay alert and aware of any incoming ganks. You should carry at least a TP scroll all the time.
- Roshan with your team when ever available. First of all you can keep the Aegis if you want (you are the alpha male anyway). Then if you do the finishing blow on Roshan, you get about 500 gold. That's good money, and free respawn means you can go rambo in without worries of dying that much
- In early team battle, try to get off as many Reflection as you can. The slow can be useful to catch some escapees, or causes them to mis-position for their counter-gank if things go horrible.
- Try to spead your images carefully. You don't want them to die because of two aoe nukes.

Mid to Mid-late game

Level 11-16
- When you get here, team battles are growing larger and larger. 4v4 and 5v5 are starting to appear. Try to get out of there alive, and kill as many as possible.
- Farming in free lane. If you have had good game since the start, you might already finish your core and work yourself to some luxuries.
- If this didn't go right, try to consider some Situational item in the Maybe section. You can also stack up Wraith bands. They are cheap but give you some stats to keep on going.
- Just stay alive. When ever you die, you lose precious exp and gold.

Late game

Level 16-21
- Normally, you finished your core now. Probably half way through a luxury. You have become a pushing, killing, and raping machine who no one dare stand against. Push like mad and kill anyone who dare cross your path.
- Roshan. Now he drop cheese, that's what you might like. The little piece like that mean you won't have to go back to base after withstand a beat up. If you already got Heart, leave Aegis for someone else on the team who need it more than you do.
- You can take on the opposite team all by yourself, if you want. Just get a BKB and everything is fine.
- With precise co-ordination, you can take on even the opponent fountain. Bring with you your team tanks, a healer (preferably Omniknight) and Aegis. Tanks the fountain and Sunder an image when you go to red health. It takes about two or three times. Once you did it, the enemies won't have any place to heal, to hide and have to tremble in fear. (Just take out all the enemy heroes first, and push the fountain)
- Change to TP.Boots as soon as possible. Pushes are much stronger and much more common now.

End game

Level 21-25
- Just finish the game. If it goes longer than 60 minutes, consider getting all the luxuries and push a final time to victory.

Extra Strategies and Info
- Survivability is one of the most important factor of TB gameplay. The table in this page should give you a good idea of the amount each item will improve your heath:
Heath DotA 2
- Deceiving skills can be extremely useful, and quite pleasing if you can pull it off. One example is when you get 1 image to tank all the disables for you. There are 2 ways to do this:
Turn on either Metamorphosis or Manta while approaching the enemy(ies). When you turn it on, the enemy should not see you.

( - )Case 1: Send 1 image in first, then you and the other image go in second. Press P so that your TB do the same thing as your 2nd image, while microing the 1st. Disables will be thrown, and most of them will come to the one with micro.
( - )Case 2: All in. Rush all of the images + yourself toward the enemy. Try to spread them out first so aoe damages won't give out who is the real TB. Micro 1 image in the back, and act as if you are waiting for the enemies to kill all the images in front. They will jump on the one in the back instead. Try to act as normal as possible on the fake TB, otherwise smart opponent will figure out.


- When you guys get together, nothing is impossible
- We can names people like:

-> These guys don't need too many items to be useful. They also provide heal/ regeneration for you to stay alive and farming. In case of CM and KotL, they are mana batteries, allowing you to spam as many reflection as you want. Later, as I mention in the Strategy section, Purist can help you kill the enemies fountain. Just use his heal and Ultimate, you will see the fountain goes down before you even get to red health. When laning with Dark Seer, ready to snatch some kills early with the extra MS and perfectly positioned Reflection


He who makes people like this
- They are frienemies, homies when on your side, Homo when on the other side.
- e.g.

Special mention for Earthshaker:
- He can chain 4.75 seconds stun, and 9.5 seconds when he gets that Refresher Orbs. In that free time, you can whack 2-3 guys to death.

(read the Friends section)

- This guy is gay without any question. His Ultimate is 45 seconds cooldown, which block any type of regeneration including Sunder. Your is 60 seconds. You want him dead, and dead asap. Try your best to dodge his ulti.

- He is the last guy on Earth you want to face. Born to be the perfect counter for TB ("Thanks" to Icefrog). He hits you with rocket lauchers which does pure damage and chops your images to pieces with his Arcane Orb. He kicks you into another dimension with his astral, to leave your already small mana pool smaller. Last but not least, when farmed up, he tends to do more than 1000 damage to you with just his Ultimate. Fear him or rape him before he can rape you.

Opposing Carries
Food for late game given that you have equal farms

Dick-slap them if you like.

- No way this guy can fight you, even late game. 5 men raping team is too much to handle for a sniper.

- Doom becomes extremely unreliable when you have images, and even if he guessed right, your auto attack and images can finish the job for you.

- 3 dogs will never be a match for 5 men, ever.

- You are smart, but you ain't brighter than a whole team.

- Perma-bash? Well, do it on as many images as you want. Still be dead anyway.

- She can take out people one at a time, but not when lots are coming for her.

- Being a fellow image user, her skills are much weaker compare to you, except she can map hack without being ban.

- Same as Traxex. He can only kill 1 guy at a time.

- It doesn't matter how tanky she is, your DPS gonna turn her into ash.

- "Mepoo" assault squad is a cheaper, weaker version of 5 men Immortal TB.

- Give him a good slap before sending him back to the fountain (or better, to heaven).

These guys tend to run away from you, as they are nowhere as bulky and damaging as you are.

- Blink heroes are dicks. They can't kill you, but you can't kill them either. (well at least not when you are alone).

- Now your DPS match hers, so it's all down to skill and luck now. Get off that Reflections to make sure 8/10 times you will win.

- Not much of a trouble, but fairly annoying with his Windwalk and Radiance.

- In human form he a walking hotdog. In dragon form he's a bitch out of control.

Don't mess with these guys or your face will turn out this way.

- Fighting this Fatso is extremely frustrating. Killing him in ranged form can make it less of a headache. Luckily he can't farm as well as you. Make his early game hell, he'll be less of a nuisance.

- Stated in the enemies section.

- If it's for some strange reasons after your dominance time has arose, you allow this guy to farm Buriza, Rapier, Cuirass, Heart, Battlefury and BoT, then he can chop you and your image to pieces. Other times, eat him for a little midnight snack.

- I found this amazing video about Terrorblade. It's in chinese, but still got English subtitle.
Credit goes to

DotA - TerrorBlade's Revenge - YouTube

- Special credit for Icefrog, and the gamemakers for this wonderful game.
- The website for most of the icons and emoticons in this guide.
- Luminous48 for a beautiful guide to jungling. I don't wanna make one because it's already too good.
- Credit for Lycan on the idea of Basher on TB. ^^
- You for reading, voting and putting up with my lousy English. This language wasn't my mother-tongue anyway.
Thanks for your contributions, and please give me feedbacks if I do miss something. ^^

Terrorblade the Soul Keeper
Author: GhostVN
Map Vers.: 6.73b

The Immortal Terrorblade

Hardly a challenge

Date Posted: 09/07/11
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