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Bloodseeker is an underused and underrated hero. The main purpose of this guide will be to change the view on this hero by changing the way dota gamers play him.

You might be of the idea that you got better heroes to pick than bloodseeker, but throughout this guide I will try to show you a completely new and smarter bloodseeker.

If you are new to the game and want to learn a new hero, in this case bloodseeker, I suggest you to read the hero page description:
Introduction to bloodseeker
and then play a few games with him.



Buy a chicken and upgrade it later to crow. This will allow you to never return to base and also prepare you for more organized games where you always got a chicken.
Chicken allows you to stomp your opponent in lane. The difference between a good solo mid player and a bad one is often differentiated on three concepts:
How to deal with ganks; both from enemies and from allies. Stay uphill on your ramp and only go for a creep if you do not put yourself into a bad position. The most important aspect of laning is staying alive and getting experience, having creep control is second priority.

Controlling runes; crow allow you to take runes without leaving the lane. Bloodseeker can get a bottle, but can work well without it. Let your allies help securing runes

Getting items; some solo mid heroes, i.e. shadow fiend or tinker, need to get bottle asap to dominate the lane and without chicken this is not possible. Others needs boots, i.e. batrider or lion. Bloodseeker also needs stick, stoutshield, boots and other items as soon as possible depending on your opponent

the GG branches and regen is simply gotten to get some starting stats and some regen.
Regeneration items are very important on bloodseeker.
Most solo mid heroes are ranged and are able to harrass Bloodseeker alot. Bloodbath and an early stoutshield/pms can help against that and quelling blade can allow you to move towards creeps earlier.
Sometimes you do a mistake, your opponent got nukes, you get ganked or you don't get the creep you wanted to lasthit/deny, which puts you at low health. Without any regen items, you can't go to creeps without risking to die to nukes or harrash, but with regen items, you secure yourself from alot of nasty situations that might happen.
Higher levels of bloodbath is also taken to protect yourself from harrash, but with a few regen items, you allow yourself to get thirst earlier, if your early laning went well.

Bonus Info: If you play bloodseeker in a side lane, most of the above applies aswell, however the most basic items are available from the sideshop, so getting a stoutshield, quelling blade or more stats items instead of a chicken is worth it. Later on you can buy a crow, when the need arises.

:skill build:


If your team wants to go for firstblood level 1, you should skill bloodrage as your first skill. The damage over time is great and the silence can also work wonders against some heroes.
You generally need 1 level of bloodbath, but their might be some games with lots of action, where skilling bloodbath at level 4 is the best choice.
Skill thirst as early as possible. The earlier you get it, the less team dependent you become and the more mobility you get.
However laning is far more important, so always try to balance it between how much health-regain from bloodbath you need and how much health-regain you can sacrifice without losing lane control.


Skill Build

1. Blood Rage
2. Blood Bath
3. Blood Bath
4. Strygwyr's Thirst
5. Blood Bath
6. Rupture
7. Strygwyr's Thirst
8. Strygwyr's Thirst
9. Stats
10. Stats
11. Rupture
12. Stats
13. Stats
14. Stats
15. Stats
16. Rupture
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Blood Bath
22. Strygwyr's Thirst
23. Blood Rage
24. Blood Rage
25. Blood Rage

Item Build

Core Item Build:

Poor Man Shield - 550
Power Treads - 1450
Manta Style - 4900
Diffusal Blade - 3300/4150(upgraded)

Total Cost: 10200/11050

Core Item Build Justification:

Starting Item Build:

Stout Shield - 250
Slippers of Agility - 150
Healing Salve x 2 - 200

Total Cost: 600

Starting Item Build Justification:

Q> Why not start with Quelling Blade? It help with Strygwyr last hits.

A> It only helps your last hit but do not help your denies as Thirst also benefits from denies. Its better to rush for PMS that provide +6 damage that helps both last hits and denies and protect againts Heroes physical harassments.

Furthermore Strygwyr can buy Quelling Blade from the side shops after complete PMS. Healing salve cannot be bought from the side shops.

Extended Item:

Butterfly - 6000

Butterfly is a no brainer for Agi Carries. Get this if the game extended.

Battle Fury

just for cleave and many bloodbath

THANKS THIS IS MY FIRST GUIDE HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!!!! sorry for no picture just 1 but in my next guide i wil give many pic..

Strygwyr the Bloodseeker
Author: bub05
Map Vers.: 6.71bc


Have a Taste of blood

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