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Table of Content:

1.Background story
2.About hero
3.Skill build
4.Item build
-a)Starting build
-b)Core and Core Extension
-c)Diffrent situation items
-d)Useless Items
5.Best allies and Worst enemies
6.Short game description

1.Background story:

Ancient scriptures spoke of seven sacred emanations of light, and of their convergence in great conflict. The collision of these rays upon the mortal realm created a pyre of the highest purity, giving birth to the mythical Phoenix. As a manifestation of divine flames, Icarus can discharge either flames of death and destruction, or of life and healing. The concentrated beam of energy that he can emit can incinerate whole armies from across the battlefield. Unafraid to utilize his own life-force in order to vanquish his enemies, Icarus can also harness the direct power of the sun to create a stellar explosion.

Bla bla bla, same bullshits as usually, letīs look at heroīs skills

2.About hero:

At first place, ICARUS IS NOT CARRY HERO!!! You need only Arcane boots and thatīs all. You are really great for team fight: 400 AoE Heal and Dmg at same time, 3,5s disable, sunray dmg+slow and finally ulti. Go to the hell(battle) and return with full hp and mana! You are not addicted to potion (healing/mana) because spirits heal really nice and Arcane boots get your mana pool always full and donīt forget! its AoE heal and AoE mana so all your allies get it and you keep them at the line/ in the battle a much longer. Be carefull, at the late game you will have problems, spirits loosing dmg deal ability but still are great for quick heal. Also Icarus Dive become more useful as disable and escape spell than dmg deal.

3.Skill build:

Level 1. Fire Spirits
Level 2. Icarus Dive
Level 3. Fire Spirits
Level 4. Fire Spirits
Level 5. Icarus Dive
Level 6. SuperNova
Level 7. Fire Spirits
Level 8. Icarus Dive
Level 9. Icarus Dive
Level 10. SunRay
Level 11. Super Nova
Level 12. SunRay
Level 13. Sunray
Level 14. Sunray
Level 15. Stats
Level 16. Supernova
Level 17+ Stats

Definitely this build, sunray is not good and does not do as much dmg as other skills. I usually choose first to max spirits for they heal (it keeps you alive) and also at level 1 you can immediately send "first wave" of them to enemies (just 160 dmg, but it will scare them and you can hit mobs meantime).

4.Item build:



It looks like really weird starting build,but: you have "open doors". If you play well you can farm Vanguard fast, if game does not look good you can complete bracer. Also i prefer stout shield before cirlce of nobility, reason? -10 dmg mean 1/4 or 1/5 of your enemy start dmg, so it increase your survivalability.


So simple, just arcane boots. Why? Increase mana pool (you can cast all spell at once) and increase refreshing for you and your allies (you can spell all the time). Power and Phase are useless for him, you donīt need +6strenght or +24dmg, you need quick regen for "spell spaming" !

Cannot say you need it, but itīs nice extension of your bracer (made from starting gauntles) and gives you a lot of stats and also Endurance Aura (you are really slow hero with really slow attack speed). I always get it after Arcane boots but itīs up to you.

Extension of your Stout shield, increase survivalability and gives more HP and HP regen. Your spells cost mana but hp aswell so Vanguard is one of the cheapest solution to solved this problem.

When you play really great (and you should do) itīs easy to get it. Increase hp, dmg deal(exactly not primary reason for buy it, but nice bonus) and +2% hp regen per second. Itīs most usefull luxury item for him (why satanic or any items for increase dmg? your power are your spells not auto-attack)

c)Items for diffrent situation:

Lot of auto-attack/right-click heroes again you? Best solution! You have a lot of hp, they donīt so Give them taste their dmg!

Lot of casters again you? Take it. Also nice dmg and strenght bonus but be carefull! YOU CANNOT BE HEALED WHEN YOU ARE MAGIC IMUNNE!

d)Useless items:

Dominator or any other sort of lifesteal- Trust me you have really slow attack speed and you are not able to do dmg just with normal attack and dominator can not keep you alive a much longer.

Lot of Icarus get this item first. WHY? Your spell cost 10% hp not give you -10% hp as magic dmg. THIS WOULD NOT REDUCE HP COST OF YOUR SPELLS!

And almost all Dmg increase items. Remember: Your power is your skills not auto-attack.

5.Best Allies and Worst Enemies

Best Allies:

I will submit here just one (and in my opinion you best possible ally)

Tuskarr. Also new hero in 6.70 and great in combo with Icarus. I ussualy play this combo with my friends.
Reason? -you can keep Tuskarr alive and refresh his mana pool
(he is also mana-addicted hero)
-at level 3 you can combine snowball, level 2 fire
spirits and Icarus dive with Ice Shards. Wait until
spirits grow up and use snowball, after arrival you have
nice heal and AoE dmg and enemy is almost dead. Than use
Ice shards or dive and Firs blood is here.

There are also many heroes for Icarus combo, but with Tuskarr itīs easy amd effective.

Worst enemy:

All fast-auto-attack heroes. At level 6 just few heroes can destroy your supernova, but as game continue attack speed of all agility heroes grow up and you ulti lose potencial.

I can submit here maybe your worst enemy

Ursa, this "little tedybear" can kill you in 2seconds with overpower.

6.Short Game description

Buy starting items build and hope someone pick tuskarr. You have lucky day and you friend decided to pick tuskar and go with you to bottome/down-line. Before "first contact" with your enemy let fire spirits grow. Immidietly send it to enemies, they will fall back and you can hit mobs without any problems. You have now more creeps (always good for pushing enemy) farm up to level 3, harass enemies with you high starting auto-attack (now itīs still usefull). The time has come, enemy has about 3/4 hp and you and your Turkarr friend are level 3, ROLL IT BABY!!! Firespirits-Snowball-Iceshards-Icarus Dive, Congratz you have first blood! Letīs buy boots and last hit creeps, you can also kill other heroe, but without snowball itīs quite problematical, even when the enemy fall back near tower. Try repeat ROLL IT combo and farm as many kill as you can. At level 6 you should have Arcane boots (if game went well), itīs quite necessary have boots with level 6 cuz your ulti cost 3/4 of your mana pool and you havenīt got mana pool for dive,spirits and ulti at once.
You can go gank, you have support potencional, USE IT! Itīs impossible to write exact description of big team fight, just keep your ally alive with fire spirits, and use ulti for it massive AoE dmg. You can also be "tank" cuz you have a lot of hp and when it looks bad you can use ulti (there is small chance that the enemy will continue attacking something big orange which looks dangerous). And also use sunray when the enemy is escaping.


i will add them soon


Thanks my friends, which play with me almost everyday.
Specially Ashilek for his idea about this guide.
Also I thank you for reading this guide and i hope you will enjoy playing Icarus as I do.

Icarus the Phoenix
Author: soumrak
Map Vers.: 6.70c

Alt-tab Icarus-guide

How kill 10 people under 15minutes

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