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A video guide covering many aspect of farming well: controlling the lane well, response to ganks, jungling and time management.
This guide is targeted towards Dota players with a good general knowledge of hero builds / mechanics, last hits and map awareness. Furthermore, this guide is more applicable towards organized plays (clans), and less applicable to public games.

Some of the things I cover here are:
1. Creep Equilibrium
2. Importance of TP scrolls
3. Using creep aggro to your advance
4. and much more!

For better quality and more info of the video, as well as commentaries on professional dota games, please check out of my youtube channel.
YouTube - Channel Luminous

Misc guide
Author: Luminous48
Map Vers.: 6.66b

How to (afk) Farm

How to (afk) Farm

Date Posted: 02/21/10
Last Comment:06/11/2011
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