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I'ts my first time for submiting a guide and if u have any suggestion don't hesisate to tell it to me by a pm or by a comment on the guide
Sry for any English mistakes cause i don't know English so good :P

Now let's start xD

How Tanks Work

A tank needs some sort of ability to keep its allies alive. For a real world tank, that was having armor and putting itself between the infantry and the enemy fire.
For a hero in DotA to be a tank,
For a hero in DotA to be a tank, they have to be able to do this somehow. However, there is a snag.

First off,the enemies you play against in DotA are humans(unless u play vs AI) who are fully capable of targeting whoever they want. This means that even if you have loads of armor and HP, if the enemy can simply ignore you to focus on your allies who do more DPS, you are not a tank.

Second, unlike real life, in DotA the enemys are quite capable of shooting right through you to hit allies behind you. Thus you cannot tank by providing cover despite how ridiculously large your tank is.
So, you may ask, how the heck do you be a tank in DotA?It is certainly true that some heroes are harder to kill than others, but simply being hard to kill does not make you a tank. Remember, the whole point of a tank is to keep your allies alive by absorbing the damage yourself. It is quite normal and acceptable for there to be no tank in a team of DotA heroes.

That said, tanks still do exist in DotA because there is one mechanic which makes it possible…

Here are two example heroes:

1) Centaur Warchief with Blademail, Heart of Tarasque, Strength Treads and Vanguard.

2) Necrolyte with Vanguard, Mekanism, Strength Treads and sheepstick(hex xD)

Now consider that the enemy always has two choices in a team fight, they can either focus your hero or focus another hero. We want that choice to be a lose-lose situation for them, and if it is then by golly our hero is a tank.

With the Centaur, if they target him they are probably boned. Not only does he have silly high HP, he has the return skill which will hurt the enemy as well as a Blademail which will hurt them even more. They definitely lose if they target the Centaur!

However, if they do not target him, he really does not contribute much DPS. After his stun is used he doesn’t do much more and the enemy can probably make fairly quick work of whichever ally of his is easiest to kill. They do not lose if they target someone else. So,this Centaur is not a tank. The enemy will simply ignore him and kill all his teammates first if they have any brains.

Now, with the Necrolyte, if they target him they will find him fairly hard to kill. His Vanguard and other items plus his heals give him an exceptional degree of survivability. They will lose if they target him.

If they try and go for his allies instead… well, he still contributes pretty good damage while they try, and he also raises his allies’ life by healing them. They will lose if they target someone else. Aha!That is an example of what a tank in DotA is. The hero is hard to kill, but at the same time the opponents do not have the luxury of ignoring him.

These items are exemplary of tanking in DotA. The first fout items all provide a benefit to your allies, which encourages the enemy to kill you in order to remove that benefit. Radiance is a threat to the enemy, and that makes you a higher priority target. The last two are cheap ways to increase your survivability… because once you are worthy of the enemies attention you had better be able to handle it!


To be a tank in DotA is essentially a balance of both being hard to kill and being important to kill (or being Axe and literally forcing the enemies to attack you!). There are a few different ways of being important to kill (doing high DPS, having skills which benefit your allies like command aura or any healing skill or carrying items like Vlads/Cuirass/Mekanism/Radiance). If the enemy wants to target you first because of those things, and you have high survivability (due to being a hero with high strength gain, or having lots of HP and armor items) then you are a tank! Congrats! If not though, don’t sweat it because tanks in DotA are nowhere near as effective as they are in other games, and they are not at all necessary.

“…What do you mean, I’m not a tank? I have over 9,000 HP!

…You say you’ll just roflpwn my allies first and then kill me because my 9,000 HP don’t make them any harder to kill?

Oh noez.”

Thats all i hope u liked my guide and plz if u find any mistake pm me or post a comment on my guide...

I made this guide with help from and i did this just to help some ppl to be better tank cause at they dont have so much users as we have here

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Author: Leukos_Arapis
Map Vers.: 6.68c

Tanks in dota

How to be a real tank

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