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Well, I first played N'aix when I randomed him in 1 game. After that game, I got astounded by his awesomeness. From his OP lifesteal, to his OP ultimate. Literally no one can kill me. I wanted to learn more but couldn't find a good guide for N'aix. That's when i decided to write this guide. I am confident that everything I have written in this guide will work, BUT results MAY vary...
I asked a mod if I can repost this because some bug deleted it from this section. Fortunately, he accepted.

Table of Contents:

Hero Information:

Hero Attributes:
Strength - 25 + 2.4
Agility - 18 + 1.9
Intelligence - 15 + 1.75

Starting Stats
Damage: 52 - 62
Attack Speed: 1.7
Armor: 1.6
Movespeed: 315
Range: 100 ( Melee )
Attack Animation: 0.39 / 0.44
Casting Animation: 0.01 / 0.01

Background Story:
There once was a man in Lordaeron so consumed by greed that he was beyond remorse. Eventually caught trying to steal Prince Arthas' sacred ring, he was tried and hanged. Yet his body, so corrupted by his desire to steal, rose by itself in the form of a monstrous ghoul. So came into being N'aix, his old name long forgotten: the embodiment of lust and greed, bent on stealing the life of every living creature he encounters.

As you can see, N'aix has pretty good starting stats to replace his somewhat average attack speed. Good damage, movement speed and Strength gain. His Agility gain is average compared to other Strength heroes but Intelligence gain is very low. But N'aix doesn't need that much mana because his skills cost so little. Also, you can see that he has a very good attack animation, which makes last-hitting easier, and an almost instant casting time.

+ Has decent farming abilities
+ Has decent tanking abilities
+ Has the best lifestealing ability
+ One of the best 1v1 heroes
+ Has a 15 second cooldown BKB
+ Very hard to kill late game
+ Doesn't need that much damage items because of Feast
+ Noob friendly and easy to master

- Low chasing abilities
- Easy to kill early game
- Very item-dependent
- Dependent on disabling allies

Skill Build:

First of all, I don't want to go through all the skills here. So here's a link to a detailed description of N'aix' skills.
Now for the build:

Laning Build
Level 1 : Feast
Level 2 : Open Wounds / Rage
Level 3 : Feast
Level 4 : Rage / Open Wounds
Level 5 : Feast
Level 6 : Infest
Level 7 : Feast
Level 8 : Rage
Level 9 : Rage
Level 10: Rage
Level 11: Infest
Level 12: Open Wounds
Level 13: Open Wounds
Level 14: Open Wounds
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Infest
Level 17: Stats

This is really simple to explain. Feast is maxed out first for lifesteal and damage, making it really easy for you last-hit because of the damage bonus, and lane properly because of the life steal. At Level 2, you can choose either Open Wounds or Rage for situational reasons. I recommend Open Wounds for the slow as in some games, when you reach level 2 you and your lane buddy will try for a first blood. In other situations, when your enemies are spamming spells on you, learn Rage simply because of the magic immunity. It WILL save your life. Learn Stats at level 2 if you need that extra boost in your mana. After 1 level of Open Wounds, max out Feast and Rage first because you will benefit from the Magic Immunity and Attack Speed increase. Open Wounds is only used for slowing. Infest is learned as soon as possible for certain reasons. I included a mini-guide to Infest below.

Mini-guide to Infest
WARNING: Wall of Text

Infest - The Ability
First things first. Infest can be used in a lot of ways. Ganking, hiding and recovery. But lets look at Infest first:

What is basically does is hide N'aix from harm and replenish life upon reveal. Note the mana cost, 50. Remember to ALWAYS save mana for Infest, you don't know when you're gonna get ganked by 3 enemies. Also note the targets, I've seen many players die because they can't infest enemy creeps yet. Lastly, note the cooldown. At level 1 the cooldown is somewhat long. When you reach lvl 11 you should be able to escape any ganks.

Some Fun facts about Infest:
- You gain experience while inside an Infested creep
- Any aura you have will apply to nearby allies and enemies. Exception for Radiance
- Map hackers can't see you while inside an Infested creep
- It's like invisibility that can't be seen by Gem of True Sight
- You can use it in any Non-Ancient creep
- You can avoid any Global spell. Including Thundergod's Wrath, Haunt and Global Silence.

OK, now that you understand the mechanics of Infest, I'll tell you its capabilities.

Infest - Recovery
This is the main purpose of Infest. You Infest a creep, you get healed instantly. I dont have to explain everything about Infest used as recovery here, I'll just tell you WHAT to Infest to take advantage of the heal.

Here is a list of creeps that you can Infest to take advantage of the heal:
Centaur Khan - 1100 health
Dark Troll Warlord - 1100 health
Satyr Hellcaster - 1100 health
Furbolg Ursa Warrior - 1100 health
Enraged Wildkin - 950 health
Ogre Mauler - 850 health
Mud Golem - 800 health
Satyr Soulstealer - 600 health
Ghoul / Treant - 560 health and increasing
Forest Troll Berserker - 500 health
Necromancer / Druid of the Talon - 300 health and increasing

Here's an example of how to heal self with Infest:

Infest - Hiding
This is why N'aix can easily avoid ganks. As I said above, you can avoid almost any ganks if your Infest is Level 2. This is best explained in pictures:

First lets explain the situation:
- A team fight has been engaged. My teammates left me alone with 3 enemy heroes, but I didn't notice I was alone then, so I kept on attacking Axe with my insane damage with Feast. But unfortunately enemy creeps blocked me and I can't catch up to Axe. So I backed a little and saw Lion coming my way. Axe and SF also followed me, confident about Lion's disabling skills.

This is where the Choice is made. As you can see in the picture, 2 creeps can be denied and 1 creep is almost on full health. So I Infested the one with near full health. Since it was an enemy creep, they cannot attack it.

Long story short, here's a list of what you will Infest to hide yourself under a gank:

Near Enemy and Allied creep waves
Good choice: Enemy creep
Bad choice: Allied/Neutral creep

Good choice: Half - Full life creeps
Bad choice: Deniable creeps ( 25% life below )

Good choice: Full life enemy creep
Bad choice: Deniable enemy creep

Good choice: Enemy ranged creep
Bad choice: Allied ranged creep

Good choice: Attacking creep
Bad choice: Attacked creep

Allied creeps can be easily killed by enemies, therefore revealing you and not healing you. Compared to Enemy creeps. They can't be attacked by enemy heroes, therefore making you safe from harm. Also be aware of the creep's main target, many creeps might focus on one creep so keep a sharp eye on creeps that attacks but not being attacked.

Enemy creep wave present. No Allied creep wave
Good choice: Creep with the highest current life
Bad choice: Creep with the lowest current life

This is where you say "FAIL" to the ganking team. They will just waste their effort to get to your lane and you just hide. The strategy here is you will just wait for your allied creep wave to come NEAR your Infested creep and reveal yourself and return to base.

Allied creep wave present. No Enemy creep wave
Good choice: Creep with the highest current life
Bad choice: Creep with the lowest current life

This is where it gets risky, The choice is the same when faced under this situation. You're surrounded by allied creeps and there are no enemy creeps nearby. What do you do? There are 2 choices:
1. Heal yourself. Infest the creep with the highest current life and reveal yourself immediately, then Activate Rage and run back to base.
2. Go to the enemy creep wave. Yes. Go to the enemy creep wave. Activate your Rage to avoid disables then Infest the enemy's ranged creep. Why the ranged creep? Because it is the creep that has the least chance to be attacked by your allied creep wave simply because its out of range.

Infest - 1v1 Gank
This is one of the reproductive ways of using Infest. Basically, you want to kill someone that you are sure you can handle when you fight 1v1. I divided this part into 3 phases.

Phase 1 - Hiding
You need to approach your enemy without him seeing you. This is very easy to pull off. Basically you just need to wait for the next creep wave, or any creep wave that the enemy is unaware of. Then Infest a Melee creep. Why a melee creep? Because it will reduce the distance from you and your target. Plus, a melee creep is hard to kill so your enemy won't suspect anything when he attacks your Infested creep.
Phase 2 - Revealing
When your Infested creep starts attacking an enemy creep, that is the time to reveal yourself to the enemy. But first things first, look at your target. Look at his mana, does he have enough to disable you? Look at his items, does he have something that can be used to turn the tables around? If your confident that you can handle your target then proceed to Phase 3.
Phase 3 - Owning
After revealing yourself to your target he will most likely try to disable you. But some players have bad reflexes. Use this to your advantage. Approach him. Then after you did at least 1 attack, use Open Wounds on him and activate your Rage.
NOTE: Watch at your target closely. If he plays his casting animation, activate Rage immediately to avoid whatever spell he'll cast on you.

Here's an example on how to apply the 3 phases of a 1v1 gank:

Axe may have gotten away because of Lion's help but this shows you how to use Infest as a surprise to enemy heroes.

Item Build:

There are many useful builds for N'aix. I will not list all of them here. Instead, I will tell you the items to buy in order to play N'aix to your liking. But first...

Starting Items:


A Quelling Blade is always useful for carries to farm early game. It helps you to last hit better with creeps. And with your insane early game damage, a 32% bonus damage is worth 225 gold. 3 GG-branches ( Ironwood Branches ) gives you 3 bonus to Strength, Agility and Intelligence. This GG-branches will eventually become a Magic Stick, which is surprisingly useful, even in late game.



Again, a Quelling Blade will help you jungle better because of the bonus damage. Now, the Stout Shield will somehow help you survive in the Jungling Areas. 60% chance to block 20 damage goes a long way, not only for the creeps, but for the enemy heroes as well. But remember, it will only block physical damage and NOT magical damage.

Now for customizing N'aix to your liking...

Choosing your Boots:

Power Treads is recommended for N'aix for many reasons. First, you can change it to any attribute, suiting to your needs. Strength for bonus damage and life, Agility for bonus attack speed and armor and Intelligence when you need that sudden boost in mana. Plus, the +60 movement speed is a pretty decent bonus to N'aix' movement speed, giving him 375 movement speed. And the bonus attack speed comes a long way when you make your way up to your core items.

Phase Boots gives you 24 bonus damage and the ability to pass through units. The 24 bonus damage gives you a pretty decent damage, but it WON'T increase your lifestealing ability from Feast. The bonus 70 movement speed and the Phasing ability might become useful when it comes to chasing and running away with creeps blocking your way.

Boots of Travel is a situational item. I only becomes useful when counter-pushing against enemy pushers like KotL or mass-pushing the enemy lanes. BoT is a good replacement item when the game comes to its late-game phase, where pushing becomes your teams priority. You won't really benefit from the +95 movement speed because of N'aix' more than average movement speed.

Boots of Speed. What? You don't like upgrading your boots?

Now that we've covered the item builds, let's go for the strategies.


Level 1-7: Choosing your Lane:
Long Lane - Scourge Top Lane or Sentinel Bottom Lane
This is the recommended lane. Here is where N'aix can play it safe. Simply because N'aix is near the allied tower to protect him from other sources. Let the tower attack the enemy creeps so that you can last-hit them easily. If you get harassed A LOT while in this lane, you can always pull neutrals to your creeps to force the enemies to your tower, or ask your lane buddy to pull for you so you can last-hit.
Short Lane - Scourge Bottom Lane or Sentinel Top Lane
Here is the "Danger Zone" for laning. Basically because you are near the enemies' tower, making last hitting difficult. Here is where denying creeps is crucial to your survival. Try to deny all your creeps without getting in range of their tower OR them. If you think they'll have a chance of killing you then don't try to last-hit that creep. Of course the enemy team will feel confident about themselves and start harassing you so you can't farm or last-hit. Also, here is where your prone to being ganked, simply because you are in enemy territory. Map awareness is key to surviving in this lane.
Middle Lane
Simply put, N'AIX NEVER TAKES MID. Only for specific reasons. If you do somehow take the middle lane, then a Bottle may help you lane better because you are prone to harassment, especially with heroes like SF. Although you can probably kill some mid heroes because of their low life but you must always be sure of your opponent's skills and mana. Again, try last-hitting the enemy creeps so that you can buy the needed items for you. But try denying more than last-hitting to force your opponent to come near your tower, for easy last-hits. Also, take advantage of who your tower is attacking. If your opponent gets too close and your tower starts attacking him then try to kill him. If you think he has some kind of escape mechanism then dont waste your skills on him, just try your best to deal as much damage to him as possible.
Start with the small creep camps on lower levels, then work your way up to the bigger creep camps as you gain level. Although because of Feast, you can kill some of the big creep camps, like the Centaurs and the Dark Trolls. Avoid the Furbolgs though, they are too tough on early levels. As a N'aix, jungler, you should be able to farm more for your items. If you are low on health, try to go to the big creep camps and just attack the one with the most health. Centaurs are your best victims if you need life, simply because they have low attack damage and high health. Furbolgs are the ones you should avoid because of their high damage. If you are confident that your allies can gank anywhere in their lane with you then gank them. But let them initiate the gank before you go in.
Some notes:
If you feel that you and your lane buddy can't handle the situation within your lane, then try to call for a gank or ask to switch lanes with somebody.

Allies and Enemies:

Your Best Friends:
Stunners / Disablers:

These are your primary lane partners and overall best friends. Better lane with them from early to mid game phase. What makes these kind of heroes your best friends is their disables, mainly stuns and immobilizes, giving N'aix a chance to attack them and deal as much damage to them.
Special Mentions for some of your best friends are Ogre Magi, Lion and Rhasta. Basically, what makes these heroes very special to mention is that each has at least 2 disables, a stun and a disable, for Lion and Rhasta anyways. But Ogre Magi is one hero that gives you your everyday needs, a stun, a slow and a haste buff which increases your attack speed and movement speed, basically what N'aix needs to fulfill his carrying role. Lion, on the other hand can prevent harasses by using his stun + drain mana combo on the harassers, and maybe aim for a kill with N'aix.
Armor Reducers / Damage Amplifiers:

Another set of heroes that make your life easier. Simply heroes that either reduce the enemies' armor or amplify the damage taken. What makes them special is that reducing armor increases the damage they take from Feast, meaning more damage and more life steal.

Although they are not as useful as the above, they still help N'aix perform his carrying duties by buffing him with either attack damage or attack speed. Buffing with attack damage isn't that much useful on N'aix. It's better used on other hard carries, or someone stronger than N'aix, like Mortred. But an attack speed buff is always useful for N'aix.
Special Mention for Rexxar, simply because he can buff your attack speed with his aura. That's 40%, almost a free Hyperstone. Plus, not only does he buff your attack speed, but he can scout for you with his Call of the Wild, to check whether you are going to be hunted or if there is a suitable hero that you can kill.
Guardian Wisp:

Yes, the new IMBA support. Io has everything you need, from the 35% bonus movespeed, to the 30% slow, to the 120% bonus attack speed, and to his global ganking spell. I don't have to explain why Io is one of your best friends especially in organized games, as it is already obvious what he/she can do.


N'aix is a noob-friendly hero that is easy to master, with the proper techniques. As a N'aix player, you should be careful to your surroundings. Map Awareness is key to survival. In early game phase, your only goal is to farm and survive. Look for anyone missing from a lane. Don't wait for your ally to say that their enemy lane hero is missing. Always be ready for ganks, although you can easily evade them with Infest.
Final advice would be: Be careful, don't forget to Farm, and you are a carry, your team WILL be counting on you...


Currently I only have 1 replay for N'aix and it's a pub. Yeah I know. It may be a pub but in the replay, I have demonstrated some of the ways to use Infest efficiently. But if anyone is willing to add some then that would be appreciated.

Attachment 24741
A small pub game, demonstrating some efficient ways of using Infest in different ways. We also see here a somewhat, different but effective item build, and the use of Satanic in tight situations.
All of my examples and screenshots in this guide were taken from this replay.

7/18/10 - Guide completed. Adding table of contents tomorrow...
7/19/10 - Guide officially finished...
7/25/10 - Reposted this guide due to a bug deleting it from this section...
8/11/10 - Guide polished with the use of "Tabs"...
8/12/10 - Guide updated for 6.68...

Final Notes:

Any feedback would be appreciated... Also, please no flaming...

Good luck! Have Fun!

N'aix the Lifestealer
Author: XeNiM666
Map Vers.: 6.68c

N'aix the Lifestealer

How to become a Lifestealer

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