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Hi, This is a Mini Hero Guide written by me.

Are you Kidding Me?? Roshan straight at level 1 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

No it is possible. The Hero selection play a very significant and important keyrole at here. Roshaning straight at level 1 is impossible with solo. Teamwork rock here.

Prize: Level Up ( Priceless ), Aegis of Immortal, 200 Gold ( 358 for people who kill Roshan )

So here is it: I begin to cover out Hero that suitable for team to kill Roshan straight at level 1.

The Bane of Roshan. His Fury Swipe really bring Roshan down very well, even at level 1.

Syellabear's bear is very tanky. Abuse bear to reduce overall damage receive by team.

Lich could spam Frost Armor. It is invaluable to reduce Roshan's Attack Speed and reduce the damage receive by the Hero who taking Damage from Roshan.

Venomancer can spam ward to deal damage to Roshan. Mass Ward can deal a really serious damage. The optimum position of ward placement is to put it above the cliff or behind Venom to avoid ward from taking damage.

Why I put windrunner in this guide?? For her skill, Windrunner. When Windrunner is used, Roshan's MS will slowed, which is not a matter. 2.75 second of physical invulnurability is very invaluable and Windrunner can use it to tank Roshan for extra 2.75 second if other had low HP.

Roshan has mana and AntiMage could burn it off dealing extra damage.

The best deal for Drow with level 1 is to spam Frost Arrow so to slow down Roshan's Attack Speed.

His Open Wound could make anyone who attack Roshan tank. Lifesucking ability to all unit.

Axe is a tanker. But right at level 1 he should tank and hopefully activate Counter Helix to slash Roshan.

A very conflicting one in team engaging Roshan at level 1. You either give Command Aura for Extra Damage, or Howl to reduce Roshan's armor and dps.

Use meld to reduce Roshan Armour.

A single level of BackStab and a couple of Slipper make him deal well damage. But no so well against roshan start at level 1. Smoke Screen give more bang than that.

Use Bloodlust to buff up your steriod attacker.

His living armor does not reduce Roshan's Attack Speed. But he compensate it with ridiculous high starting damage.

His nethertoxin dealt well damage to Roshan.

His Slithereen crush cost 80 mana only, and can did a good well stun and physical damage to Roshan.

His wolf is valuable asset in taking down Roshan.

Kraken Shell reduce Tidehunter's damage from Roshan. Sometime, it even clear off Roshan's bash at right moment.

His shadow wave heal. Sweet.

His Soul Catcher amplify damage taken by Roshan. In short, make Roshan less tanky. Very easy to use since there is no other enemy unit than Roshan. Do not use disruption!!! Common mistake is to use illusion at Roshaning and end up killing the illusion. A waste of mana and time.

He has bash. Dude?

His Aphotic Shield dispell damage and returned 110 damage to Roshan. Nice. Or, an alternative way is to up Frostmourne so Roshan die faster.

His Swarm reduce Roshan armor if Roshan did not attack his Swarm. But it is a highly risky skill because with the long travel range of Swarm, this will alert the enemy and they will know immidiately you are Roshaning. Germinating Attack is a steroid skill and could prove useful.

Need i said more? BASH!! ( His bash had low chance, so make sure to buy a Glove of Haste as starting item. )

His Force of Nature can tank Roshan Damage seperately.

He reduce Roshan damage with Enfeeble.

His Restoration could help the team tank Roshan. Beware of the mana usage.

To engage Roshan at Level 1, your team must have at least 1 of this:

Recommended Item:

Give three armor. It is a recommend item.

Optional Item:

Block Roshan Damage

Increase HP will increase survival rate against Roshan

A couple of Regen will make your team last longer.

An early defensive item. It work quite well for tanker against Roshan. Combine with Lich or Treant's armor and Ring of Bassilus give a total of 11 armor.



A very interesting replay. I and my team start Roshan at level 1.

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Author: Sonic_Stream
Map Vers.: 6.68c

Roshaning at Level 1

How to Roshan straight at Level 1

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