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Mini-Guide to ALLERIA the WINDRUNNER(6.61c) by dotamn!!!
When and how to use your spells and items along with Focus Fire…

My favorite Hero is Alleria, so I decided to make a mini-guide for her. I so much love her!
And since I am only 15 years old, this is my first guide and English is not my Mother Tongue please forgive me and feel free to correct any errors and mistakes.


If you want specific details about Alleria and her abilities, check out here: (Open the new window so you can compare things with this guide)


Now then,

Alleria is one of the most talented Heroes in DotA. Her role is Supporter, Tank, DPS, Disable, Harass so there are plenty much strategies and item builds that you can use.
Once again, this is just MINI-GUIDE



[+] 3.75 seconds disable (possible for 2 targets )
[+] 320 damage, long range nuke that also cuts trees on its way.
[+] Escaping / Chasing / Slowing enemy ability which mana cost is just 100.
[+] Ultimate has BEAUTIFUL synergy with some items.
[+] High attack range (600)
[+] Decent movement speed (300)
[+] Strong through the entire game (Especially Early, Mid and Early Late)

[-] Your ultimate is triggered for only one target.
[-] You are very easy to nuke since you wont buy any Spell Resistance items (your Windrunner only provides 100% evade for Physical Damage.
[-] Ally dependable
[-] Requires a lot of practice and luck (until you got the skills :P )
[-] Item dependable
[-] You will mostly get assists instead of kills.
[-] Very dependable on her Ultimate




1. Windrunner
2. Power Shot
3. Power Shot
4. Shackle Shot
5. Power Shot
6. Shackle Shot
7. Power Shot (max)
8. Windrunner
9. Shackle Shot
10. Focus Fire
11. Focus Fire
12. Shackle Shot (max)
13. Windrunner
14. Windrunner (max)
15. Stats
16. Focus Fire (max)
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats (max)

I dont think I need to talk much here. We take Focus Fire on 9/10/16th level to max your Shackle and Power Shot abilities before.



- Do not use this ability if you are not sure that you will perform it as needed.
- Always try to stun at least two targets, or a target and a tree behind. If there are no trees, or any units behind your target, dont even bother trying to activate this ability, unless they start to channel or cast a spell. Because then, the stun only lasts 0.75 seconds, but interrupts them.
- Use this ability in Synergy with Lothars Edge
- If there is a creep in front of the enemy Hero, target that creep as a stun target and they will both get stunned.
- Use this as an escape mechanism. When being chased, turn around and stun both Heroes, or just one Hero and a tree, and flee!
- Use when an enemy Hero comes too close to your tower. Shackle him on a tree and the tower will do the rest of the job. :P

Especially effective against:
- Syllabear and Spirit Bear
- Chen and his creeps
- 2-3 Illusions (Chaos Knight, Terrorblade, Manta)
- Invoker and his minions
- Warlock and Infernal (I think it is possible to stun Infernal)
- All channelers and casters (KOTL, Crixallis, Enigma, TC ...)


Has 1 second cast time!!

Use to:
- Harass enemy Heroes with 100% damage (do not allow any creep on the way)
- Farm on creeps (use only if there are 4 or more creeps)
- Last hit creeps (use only if there are few low-hp creeps and probably a Hero behind)
- Gain sight (1700 range + large width) this proves to be very useful when there are enemy Heroes escaping or just to check runes / enemy Heroes that try to gang you.
- Kill a Hero / Fleeing Hero.
- Damage 2 camps in woods with one shot. The Shot range is 1700.

Use when:
- You have low hp. Activate Windrunner to avoid all upcoming physical damage and kill the enemy with Power Shot that by now figured out that you dodged all his attacks.
- You need to escape or gang. Aim trough the woods and the arrow will cut all trees on its way so you are free to escape.
- An enemy Hero with low hp is near his tower. Aim him trough the woods and activate Windrunner. Run fast and finish him. The tower wont damage you because of the Windrunner 100% physical dodge.
- There are Heroes with illusions to figure out which are Illusions and which are not.

At late game, this skill is used only to cut the trees and farm creeps.


Use to:
- Chase enemy Heroes (and to slow them )
- Flee
- To speed up your self because later the cooldown will be just 15 seconds and mana cost 100 and after you get Linken this spent mana will refill over 15 seconds.
- Give yourself 100% physical protection for 5 seconds. (Passing by enemy Towers wont mind you)

Use it with:
- Phase boots. Why? Because then you will be speeded up, and you can also pass trough units.
- Power Shot. Giving yourself 100% physical dodge + activating Power Shot while the enemy is 'on you' = Killing your noobic enemy.


Aghanims Scepter will reduce your ability cooldown from 60 seconds to 15 seconds and it will provide full damage to your other effects (Critical Strike, Bash).
Also, this ability goes through magic immune units.

Use it on:
- Roshan
- Enemy Towers
- Frozen Throne / World Tree
- Enemy Heroes
- and them only! You cant afford spending 200/300/400 mana and 60/15 cooldown on anything other.

Use it:
- After you disable your enemy (or is disabled by someone else)
- When you activate your Windrunner at low HP to counter the battles¦and kill the enemies he wont realize you dodge all attacks for about 3 seconds. And after that, he is already seriously damaged.
- With Lothars Edge. Go wind walk and move to the position where the enemy Hero is. Carefully aim Shackle at him and finish him with your Focus Fire / Power Shot.
- To counter tanks.
- In big team fights where no one can see what is happening.
- Wisely!
- After you get Aghanims, use it on EVERY hero.



Your main combo is

- to go wind walk, shackle your enemy, focus fire him, windrunn him, focus fire is still on, and finish him with your Power Shot.

The main Alleria ability is Focus Fire. And every item must be built on it. You need to bring Focus Fire to its full potential. And since your attacks speed is at maximum, effects like Bash, Critical Strike will occur a lot.



Alleria can be played in two ways: Supporter, Assist // and // DPS!



If you play -ap, -sd, -rd…you will have 604g (5 vs. 5)
So its best for you to buy BOOTS OF SPEED and X1 set of TANGOOS




Phase Boots

There is not much talk here. This is just the item you need to take. Power threads and Boots of Travel suck on Alleria. She does not need Attack speed, and she can fast come on the other side of the map.

Bracer vs. Null vs. Wraith
vs. vs.

Get 2 Nulls, because they will provide you more survivability by spamming your Windrunner or Shackle. Wraiths are needless.


Orchid Malevolence vs. Arcane Ring

Alleria is one of the Natural Holders of Orchid Malevolence!! Maybe the first one in a queue!
Everything Alleria needs is right in Orchid Malevolence. In 1x1 battle Alleria would just silence, lower enemy damage and kill them fast.
Arcane Ring doesnt provide things that Alleria needs cause Arcane ring serves only to spam your abilities and Alleria would have enough mana Regen to spam.


Bloodstone vs. Linkens Sphere

Linkens Sphere is much better item for Alleria than Bloodstone. Linken gives +15 too all stats and the ability to dodge some Horrible nukes and Disables enabling Alleria to silently finish off her enemy. Bloodstone would give just too much Regeneration and you have it enough already and if you are on very low hp, it is very easy for Alleria to sprint back home.
Since Linkens cooldown is 20 seconds and your Ultimate cooldown is 15, this can be a nice combo.




It will provide you only damage and Intelligence. You dont need energy burst because you dont have any synergy with it in your spells and it is just a waste of money because you got that 2800 spent rather on Ultimate orb (Linken)


You already have big Intelligence and Strength growth and it would be just better to buy Ultimate Orb than this. However, your little demons can do a lot of damage while the enemy is Slowed and Shackled, but there are better items for Alleria.

Force Staff

You dont need to push yourself ahead nor push the enemy on to you. You already have the Abilities to counter enemies. The staff provides some stats, but takes one Item place so it is just better to buy Orchid Malevolence.

Refresher Orb

Absolutely use less on Alleria since Aghanims reduces Focus Fire cooldown to 15 seconds and thats the biggest cooldown you have.

Power Threads // Mask of Madness // Hand of Midas
--- ---

No, no, NO!
As much as you think Power Threads are nice for Alleria they arent. Phase boots give more Movement speed, and the attacks speed from Power Threads is useless since you will buy Orchid. Orchid Malevolence covers like 3 or 4 items you would have bought. Mask of Madness¦same thing¦takes away your Orb effect slot. Hand of Midas it a total waste of money since for 1900gold you can buy Oblivion Staff that is 5 times better.


Shivas Guard

It looks like Windrunner already slows enough but this can prove more useful than you think. Also, this is after Phase Boots the thing you must buy because the item provides ARMOR! And it will nerf enemy attack rate against yours. Also it will give you just enough time to finish your enemy with your Focus Fire.

Aghanims Scepter

A must buy item. It reduces your ability cooldown from 60 to 15 seconds and provides some other nice effects. Also gives all stats and thats one more thing you need. I dont think I need to speak much here.

Guinshoos Scythe of Vyse

Helps you at maximizing your damage with Focus Fire because it disables your enemy for 3.5 seconds and when mixed with Shackle the Whole disable lasts for 7.25 seconds. Also there is Shivas Guard slow so your enemy must have died already!


Eye of Skadi

Any damage Item would be better than this one. You already have enough stats and this will just add a perma slow in a combo with your Focus Fire. Is is nice because your target will never run away but the previous mentioned items are much, much better.



In this build, you must refer to your Ultimate and only to it! This is how Alleria can be played to beat everyone.


Lothars Egde vs. Kelens Dagger of Escape

Lothars Edge is more useful for Alleria because it is her second (or third) escape Mechanism!
And with Lothar it is easier to aim your Shackle, than while using Kelen. Also, while using Lothars you can wait until the enemy stands by a tree or unit so you can Perfectly Shackle.


Bracers vs. Nulls vs. Wraiths
vs. vs.

If you need more survivability, take 2 Bracers. If you dont, take 1 Bracer and 1 Null. It depends on you.



Aghanims Scepter

This is a MUST have item!!

Linken vs. Bloodstone

Explained in SUPPORTER Alleria.

Desolator vs. Maelstorm

I prefer taking Mealstrom. Why? Why, why, why...Because, in synergy with your ultimate damage effect will occur very often and later, you can build up Mjollnir for even more damage and tanking ability. However, take Desolator if there are low-HP or weak Intelligence Heroes against you.


Monkey King Bar vs. Buriza-do Kyanon

Take MKB when there are enemies with: Evade / Dodge abilites like Mortled, Troll, Riki, Blur, Evade, Backtrack, so that your attack never miss.
And I think MKB is more effective than Buriza because your damage is Halved, and MKB doesnt need damage to be effective. Also, secondary item effect reduce is negated.



Sanga & Yasha // Radiance // Butterfly // Divine Reaper

Why? Alleria Damage while focus firing is halved (40%/30%) and this just makes her even weaker. Also, there are no effects that you can accomplish with High attack rate except Maim but you dont need it. Also, before mentioned items are much much better than these ones. Thrust me

:::::::::SO TO SUM UP:::::::::


- Phase Boots
- Orchid Malevolence
- Bloodstone
- Guinshoos Scythe of Vyse
- Shivas Guard
- Aghanims Scepter


- Phase Boots
- Lothars Edge
- Aghanims Scepter
- Linkens Sphere
- Monkey King Bar
- Mjollnir

My build!



Alleria worst enemies:

Centaur Warchief - Return

His passibe ability will rip you out when you spam your Focus Fire on him.

Blade Mail - Axe = Hit me, hit me!

Axe will counter you very easily.
Any unit wearing Blade Mail will be your pain in the ass because of the Huge damage its will return.

Atrops - Enfeeble

OMG! I have no damage! -.-

Abbadon - Borrowed Time

Fill my HP please with your nice Focus Fire!

Invisible Heroes - always use Dust of Appearance! Never Gem or Wards.


Replay: I have one, but I wait until Play.Dota.Com releases Replay buttons XD

Hope I did something out of this. Enjoy!


10.8.2009. - Guide Posted


I made this guide my myself, and not by looking into other ones so feel free to link if there is very similar guide to this and if there is... I just confirm that this is the Way to play Alleria.

Alleria the Windrunner
Author: dotamn
Map Vers.: 6.62

Mini-Guide to Alleria by dotamn

How to use your abilites and items

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