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The Neverending Nightmare


This is my first guide on playdota, it is aimed to average players that actually know how to help teammates, the sole purpose for me writing this guide is to inspire others to play him again, as i haven't seen as many atropos players for quite some time.

The Hero Himself

Atropos is an elemental force personifying the nightmares and fear of this world. He manifests where there is promise of inflicting horror and feeding off dread. Sapping his foes' psyche heals him. Manifesting his enemies' fears, he greatly enfeebles their ability to fight. He revels in disabling foes by sending them into dread slumber. When need be he can rip his soul and force it into his foes, effectively immobilizing them with despair and pain. Atropos is, in one word, Fear.

Atropos the Bane Elemental
Author: Phoenix7937
Map Vers.: 6/72f

Atropos, The Dreaded Nightmare

I eat brains

Date Posted: 10/16/11
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