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Written by : [Pure]Caster(me!!)
Helped by : My Necrolyte Guide

~Guide's Index

I. Introduction
II. Skillset
III. Skill Build
IV. Items
V. Early Game Strategy
VI. Mid Game Strategy
VII. Late Game Strategy
VIII. Strategy Section
IX. Orb Effects and Other Mechanics
X. Allies and Worst Enemies
XI. Replays
XII. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Why Choose Nerubian Weaver?
This Is My Second Guide, Check Out The First Here

First of all, Weaver is a good overall hero to choose. He has a spammable invi skill for ganking and escaping and little minions who can scout and silence your opponents. He also has a rare doubleshot skill that makes last-hitting easier and harassing even easier. His ulti is also good for survival and turning the tables in a battle. Plus, he's bloody annoying with that invi crap.

You can check out his stats here.

Pros and Cons
[+]Good agi growth
[+]Good movespeed
[+]Spammable invi skill for ganking and escaping
[+]Has bugs to ward and silence
[+]Has a crazy ulti
[+]He shoots twice dude, hello?

[-]Low str and int growth
[-]Needs good timing to skill ulti
[-]Sucky attack animation
[-]Requires micro-management which is pretty hard
[-]He's a bug, makes him look squishy...


3rd - Reworked Item Build to fit a DPS Weaver, added 'Mini Guide to Time-Lapsing, and Lion in Worst Enemies Section.

- October -
31st - Added "Sweeping Away The Dust" in Strategy section, thanks to begy
30th - Added in MKB in core and added Orb Effect and Other Mechanics section
21st - Added Bottle in Item Build and Zeus in Worst Enemies
20th - Changed Skill Build and Item Build thanks to Lycan's comment, thanks Lycan~!!
19th - Added replay and fixed some problems
16th - Finished
15th - Posted

II. Skillset

Urna Swarm[W](Active)

Raises a Scarab from a corpse. The Scarab can burrow to hide itself, or use Infestation to silence and deal damage over time in an AoE.

Level 1 : Maximum of 2 Scarabs(14 Sec, 10MP)
Level 2 : Maximum of 4 Scarabs(11 Sec, 10MP)
Level 3 : Maximum of 6 Scarabs(8 Sec, 10MP)
Level 4 : Maximum of 8 Scarabs(5 Sec, 10MP)

This skill can vary from warding off rune spots/ganking spots(forest/ secret shop). You can also bury it near your enemy to utilize that silence. You can also bury all of them in a spot when a team battle is about to take place. Remember, your little dudes only does infestation one at a time, they don't burst together and they don't stack.

Info : Remember that your allies can tp via Boots Of Travel only to your bugs. Also works on Pit Lord's Dark Rift.


Causes the Nerubian Weaver to move so fast as to become invisible. Any units passed through will take damage. Lasts 4 seconds

Level 1 : 90 damage(12 Sec, 60MP, 175 AoE)
Level 2 : 100 damage(10 Sec, 60MP, 175 AoE)
Level 3 : 110 damage(8 Sec, 60MP, 175 AoE)
Level 4 : 120 damage(6 Sec, 60MP, 175 AoE)

Your most important skill that makes you who you are. This spammable skill allows you gank/chase/escape. It's also good for a surprise gangbang attack. Luring also works as you can lure them to your friends and when your life is red, shukuchi and let your friends deal with him while you run. You can also juke out beautifully with Shukuchi cause you have 4sec invi, speed, and zero collision. Good for pushing too.

Geminate Attack(Passive)

Occasionally the Nerubian Weaver will send out two swarms, attacking an opponent twice. You must do an ordered attack to activate this.

Level 1 : Shoots twice(6 Sec)
Level 2 : Shoots twice(5 Sec)
Level 3 : Shoots twice(4 Sec)
Level 4 : Shoots twice(2.5 Sec)

Your harassing, ganking, and farming ability that allows you to hit twice in one animation(guess this makes up for the sucky animation). Remember, you can orb-walk this so do it. You also can't activate any orb effects, bash, and critical strike with this skill. So don't let me hear those 2x 2x critical cause' you can't do it anymore.

Time Lapse[T](Active)

Warps the Weaver 5 seconds back in time, resetting the HP, Mana and position. Does not affect cooldown, gold or experience.

Level 1 : Warps for 5 sec(60 Sec, 150MP)
Level 2 : Warps for 5 sec(50 Sec, 75MP)
Level 3 : Warps for 5 sec(40 Sec, 0MP)

This skill can either save you from death after powerful nukes or turn the tables in a battle when you suddenly warp your red life to green again. Any buffs(poison/enfeeble) you receive before you Time Lapse will be removed after you Time Lapse. You can also avoid any incoming nukes(Storm Bolt/Magic Missile) if you time it right. Also removes dust but obviously make sure your enemy did dust you before using this tactic. Pretty annoying you know.

III. Skill Build

Level 1 : Urna Swarm/Shukuchi/Stats
Level 2 : Shukuchi/Urna Swarm/Stats(obviously diff from the first)
Level 3 : Shukuchi
Level 4 : Urna Swarm/Geminate Attack/Stats
Level 5 : Shukuchi
Level 6 : Time Lapse
Level 7 : Shukuchi
Level 8 : Urna Swarm/Geminate Attack(diff from lvl 4)
Level 9 : Geminate Attack
Level 10 : Geminate Attack
Level 11 : Time Lapse
Level 12 : Geminate Attack
Level 13-15 : Urna Swarm/Stats
Level 16 : Time Lapse
Level 17-25 : Urna Swarm/Stats

You can get Urna Swarm for warding the rune spots for early game map dominance or Shukuchi for early harassment in level 1. Then, max out your Shukuchi and get Urna Swarm again to silence your opponents. If you need more bugs, take them or get Geminate Attack for more harassment. Take Stats if you're having a bad game to boost yourself but you'll miss Urna Swarm and Time Lapse is taken whenever possible.

Note : If you're a newbie on Weaver, I suggest you take 1 Urna Swarm only to ward rune spots/ganking spots and delay the rest until level 23.

IV. Item Build

Start Of Game(5v5)


Circlets taken for some early boosts, turned later into bracers OR wraiths depending your situation if you can farm your Heart quick enough to survive mid and late game. Tangos for some lane staying and clarity for spamming Shukuchi or just get 1 set of tangos and get 2x branches for more survivability. You can also get a bottle which allows you to rune whore if your teammates can't do that.

Early Game


You can either take Bracers if you need that health boost, Wraiths if you're having an easy lane and rather get more dps or neither if you're farming so good you can rush your more important items.
Now, Phase or Treads? Since 6.64, the boots have changed and treads is fairly cheap and very rewarding. Phase still has that higher MS boost but no IAS. So, I prefer to get treads because it's more rewarding than Phase. But if you feel you need more MS for ganking, be my guest and take it.

Mid-Late Game


Now, you can either get Radiance for a pure dps Weaver or a cooler Weaver with MKB which DOES NOT OVERRIDE GEMINATE ATTACK. All you have to do is turn the True Strike off and doubleshots+minituns will be yours to command. Butterfly is a huge boost and chosen for almost every agi hero. Skadi for the frost effect that makes it easier to gank your opponent or Linken's Sphere that helps with the nuking problem. How to use these items to your best advantage will be explained later.

NOTE : Skadi's frost effect works only at the second shot of Geminate Attack. To work it, simply left-click your target and doubleshot. As soon as your cooldown finish, left-click your target again. If not, doubleshot will only work at the first attack.

Optional Items
Spell Blockers

Getting spell blockers is a must if there are tons of nukes/stuns on your enemy side. BKB can be taken to replace Linken's Sphere if you're having a hard time farming it. You can get a Hood if you want to follow the normal build. All provide good spell resistance.

Survivability Items


These items help keep you alive and not be killed instantly by heavy nukes. I mostly prefer Heart because it helps more but if you're having a hard time farming, feel free to choose Vanguard.


Manta Style gives pretty good boosts but practically useless without survivability and dps items because your images will be too easy to destroy. S&Y is still viable as it also gives somre pretty decent boosts and won't override Geminate Attack as long as Greater Maim is turned off.

Diffusal is an OK item on Weaver because it's a great counter against Warlock, Omni, Slardar/BH and more. Plus, purge is awesome for slowing down enemies for the kill.

Info : Feedback works with Geminate Attack on the second shot, not 2x Feedback guys. Sorry....

V. Early Game Strategy

Buy your items and block your creeps. Quickly put your bugs at rune/gank/forest/secret shop spots. Harass if it's melee or play a little of both if it's a range. You would get Shukuchi in a few mins so use it to harass your opponents a bit. Put your extra bugs at places you think your enemy will land on(if you added level 2 Urna Swarm) and when you're ready, try to gank him and set off your bugs if you have any. If you don't you can try to but make sure you already did some decent harassing.

Dual Lane

Buy your items and put your bugs at rune spots/gank spots(forest/secret shop) if you have any. Try to lane with a stun/slow/disable so ganking is easier. Do some decent harassing and play aggressive. You need to get your items quick as you are item dependant. If your ally calls for a gank, help him out and spam your Shukuchi. You will have a nice early game.

VI. Mid Game Strategy

Try to farm your Heart as soon as possible if you chose Wraiths over Bracers. If you already have Bracers, you can go for a Yasha or a Sacred Relic to gank all in your way. But Heart is a must for late game survival. Just play your cards right and try not to roam for no reason.

VII. Late Game Strategy

You should have gotten at least 2 or 3 of the items in your Mid-Late Item Build. At this time, team battles will come so if you have a manta, be the initiater and shukuchi in. Spread your clones out and kill the weakest hero. Dying? Use your ulti. If you have a radiance, you can also initiate and do the same thing but wait till your shukuchi wears off for maximum stars damage. Other strategies will be explained later. If your team is good and you're playing well, the game should be over soon.

VIII. Strategy Section
The Weaver Combo(Manta Style)
Step 1 : Make sure you have the right amount of mana and stun/disables at your side.

Step 2 : Harass a bit if you have doubts and get ready.

Step 3 : Shukuchi in and damage your opponent, then stand behind him.

Step 4 : Spread your clones out and stun/disable, start harassing him.

Step 5 : If he's still not dead, Shukuchi one last time and auto attack to finish him off.

The Weaver Combo(Radiance)

Step 1 : Have the right amount of mana and nuke/stun/disable at your side.

Step 2 : Do some decent harassing before initiating your gank.

Step 3 : Shukuchi in and while you position yourself behind your opponent, ask your ally to stun/nuke/disable him.

Step 4 : Start whacking him before he realise what's happening

Step 5 : If he's still not dead, Shukuchi one last time and finish the job.

Team Battle
Step 1 : Make sure you have the right amount of mana and enough stun/nuke/disable to assist you.

Step 2 : Shukuchi in and stay like that until it wears off if you have Radiance or spread your clones out if you have Manta Style.

Step 3 : Aim for major threats like SF, Lina, Zeus and spam Shukuchi whenever possible.

Step 4 : Finish off the leftovers and if the battle still goes on and death is coming, Time Lapse and continue harassing.

Step 5 : Win the battle and shout WOOOOOOO~!!!

Sweeping Away The Dust
Note : As stated before, Ulti can be used to remove dust, now we'll utilize that knowledge and use it against your enemies.

Step 1 : Make sure your enemy has dust in his inventory when the creeps clash at the start of game.

Step 2 : Determine where the dust is by baiting him to attack you while you're invi-ing.

Step 3 : Hurt the poor guy, but make sure it looks like you're going to lose.

Step 4 : Click Ulti and remove his dust completely, making you truly invisible.

Step 5 : Chase with Shukuchi and kill him, leaving him saying, "WTF hack why no dust??"

Mini Strategy to Time-Lapsing

Note : This mini guide doesn't show all the spells and stuff so some of it you'll have to experiment yourself.

Factors before Time-Lapsing
-Make sure when you Time Lapse, you'll be in a good position after Time-Lapsing. Time Lapse reverts you back 5 secs so timing is everything.

When to Time Lapse

-When a flying nuke is about to hit you and Shukuchi is on cooldown.
-When life is critical and you can revert your life to green.

Note : This strategy is mainly focused on surviving and juking out of there, not counter-ing it and try to take him down.

Slardar, Amplify Damage : Remove with Time Lapse quickly before he stuns you and finishes you off.

Bounty Hunter, Track : Remove with Time Lapse but you can try to counter-gank BH if you're both on very low health. You can just lure him by tracking you and you Time Lapse and Shukuchi damage and try to finish him off BUT DON'T LET HIM TRACK YOU AGAIN.

Sentry Wards : Be aware of where the ward is placed and lure your enemy to attack you in a wardless spot. When he's aware of what's going on, hopefully you can finish him off even if he can ward you.

Other Facts from K[a]ne
Note : This isn't mine, it's from K[a]ne who posted a really long comment giving tips about Weaver. Was kinda lazy to edit it so decided to just take the whole thing :P

- Timing the time-lapse (5secs) is usually crucial so that you know where you'll end up blinking to. Personally I got used to it through practice so I'm sorry I can't offer any tips apart from that: practice! Level 2 timelapse is already low enough in mana cost and cooldown for you to cast freely.

- Shukuchi lasts for 4 seconds. If you DON'T break out of it (by attacking or anything else) then timelapsing right after or 1 second after shukuchi ends will get you right where you were when you casted it. Usually a good thing to keep in mind until you can get used to Weaver's timing.

- You should never timelapse while in shukuchi. Wait for it to finish. It has (minimum at lvl 4) 6 secs cd which does not get refreshed if you timelapse!! So if you do shukuchi then 1 second later timelapse, you'll blink somewhere without shukuchi and 5 secs of cooldown.

- The best option for escaping usually is to timelapse and THEN shukuchi. Timelapse is often expected by the opponents but rarely predicted. You have the 5 sec gap timed in your head because it's your hero. Opponents can rarely keep the same timer in their heads especially in group fights so they can rarely predict where you'll timelapse to (except if you don't move a lot during the fight). Shukuchi'ing right after that usually guarantees an escape even if tracked/amplified. Use your max speed and 0 collision while in shukuchi.

- Shukuchi only lasts for 4 seconds. Experienced players especially with a high ms hero can follow you blindly if you are not smart about where you go. Once you're out of shukuchi you have 2 crucially vulnerable seconds. If you're trying to escape (low hp) and your shukuchi ends near an opponent you're fried. Try to alternate your course when using shukuchi. If you're running away then use shukuchi and run in a perpendicular direction. Don't run opposite because the damage effect will give you up. Try to time the 4 seconds so that you end up hidden behind trees or other safe spot.

- If you have good map awareness or you have your bugs in the nearby forest and can predict a gang against you (eg 1-2 opponents at the lane and one trying to gang from the forest), I often find that shukuchi'ing towards the ganging hero (the one in the forest) catches them by surprise. If it takes his other 1-2 allies long enough to respond you may actually get the kill. Of course this should be avoided if the ganging hero is one of Weaver's counters.

IX. Orb Effect and Other Mechanics

If you were too lazy to read some parts of this guide and have issues with my item build because of Orb Effects and Geminate Attack, then read this section before posting a comment.

Eye Of Skadi : As stated in Mid-Late Game Item Build, Skadi's frost effect still works at the second shot and needs a certain special technique to work it. First, left-click your target. Usually your doubleshot will occur. Once doubleshot reaches it's cooldown, left-click your opponent again to doubleshot. Understand??

Monkey King Bar : As stated in Mid-Late Game Item Build, MKB's ministun can still be used WITHOUT overriding doubleshot by turning off True Strike.

Buriza-Do Kanyon : Critical Strike still occurs but you won't get 2x 2x Critical unfortunately. Use the same tactic as Skadi to activate doubleshot continually.

Stygian Desolator : Completely overrides doubleshot, making it unable to work. Sucks right??

Sange and Yasha : Completely overrides doubleshot unless Greater Maim is turned off. So bottom line, still works.

Diffusal Blade : Works perfectly with doubleshot but only the second shot will do feedback, not double feedback.

X. Allies and Worst Enemies

Stun/slow/nuke/disable are great with Weaver so stick with those guys who can pull it off. Personally, I love Venomancer when he slows the enemy for easy kill and Lina for a quick kill that the leaves the enemy saying, "OMFG WHAT HAPPENED??"

Worst Enemies

Trackers are your worst nightmare even if you know how to counter it but even if you counter, you mostly have to run and you're unable to do damage. Slardar burns you and stuns you quickly, leaving you as an east kill and BH can counter invi you and also make mincemeat out of you. Silencers like Doom Bringer can also be a pain in the ass as 2 of yur most important skills to survive and gank is gone. Zeus is also a major threat as he thunders your life to critical so fast you'll be the one saying, "WTF JUST HAPPENED?" Lion can also be a pain in the ass with 2 stuns, mana draining that in critical moments make you unable to Shukuchi out and a devastating nuke.

XI. Replays
A Casual Game replay by me. 0 deaths because there were a bunch of noobs in the game. Still fun to watch :P

Download Replay Here.

XII. Conclusion

If you're the kind of guy who likes to sneak, gank, and play around, Weaver is for you. Do train well for Urna Swarm is hard to master and timing of skills is everything. Just remember, you have 2 escape mechanism, Shukuchi and Time Lapse which can also turn the tables in a battle.

Anub'seran the Nerubian Weaver
Author: danielpro25
Map Vers.: 6.64

Simple Nerubian Weaver Guide

I'm Invisible, Literally

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