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Aggron Stonebreaker the Ogre Magi

Two beards = Manlier than Axe


Skill Build:
1Fireblast6Multi Cast11Multi Cast
    16Multi Cast



Potential Extensions:



Being inspired by a well written guide made by Kawumm and some massive forum ranting/PDGG gaming I decided it has come time for me to write a guide on one of my favorite heroes. Ogre magi. Thanks to Kawumm who let me use his template for the purpose of my guide.

I wanted to write a guide for some time but I had not thought myself ready. After getting familiar with the guide system and receiving a nice template to base it off of I decided to write it. I originally intended a different hero guide but decided Ogre Magi was a hero I knew better and that people would more likely seek information on. My goal is that this guide can act as a resource for both players new and old who want to seek information on ogre magi. If you disagree with something in this guide feel free to debate it with me. My opinions change constantly and I do accept others opinions and feedback. I will try to keep this guide updated with new versions and information. So anyways here it is! Enjoy.

The History Behind the Ogre

Ogre Magi recently received some huge buffs both direct and indirect. Two of his abilities were rescaled (ironically based on a suggestion by me) and his intelligence was buffed significantly. Some other key buffs he received recently was the introduction of the reliable gold system and the new item arcane boots. Only time will tell, but it is likely we will start seeing a lot more of Ogre Magi in the competitive and public scene.

The reason he was so underused in the first place is because his Multicast was nerfed around 6.60. Aghanims was removed for him and Bloodstone (one of his key items) was also nerfed. After these events Ogre was completely forgotten and dubbed by all to be "shit tier."

Even back then Ogre was a good hero though, and is quite viable (especially now). The main reason he is ignored in the competitive scene, is because he is a melee hero, and therefore lacks alot of lane control (something valued very highly in the current meta-game. Pro players also don't like any reliance on chance and kind of hate his multicast because of that.

Nonetheless, Ogre Magi is very useful when you need a support hero who can absolutely dominate mid game, but still scales into late game. He also has a key advantage over similar heroes in that he can take alot more damage without dying. He is extremely noob friendly, but is very effective when used to his full potential. Overall, he can deal high damage, stun and slow, provide a powerful buff to his team and take some hits while he is at.


  • Powerful stun and long lasting slow
  • Noob friendly, but still owns in the hands of a pro
  • Scales way better than most casting heroes
  • Extremely beefy intelligence hero who makes strength heroes jealous
  • Strong Ganker with fireblast/ignite
  • Perfect attack animation and high base damage allow for easy lasthitting/denying
  • Extremely spammable steroid buff
  • Multicast causes devastation


  • Melee intelligence
  • Poor starting int
  • Poor int gain
  • Multicast however devastating cannot be relied on 100% of the time
  • Is at a disadvantage for counter-warding

The Role(s) of Ogre:

Ogre should do the following things to sucessfully fulfill his expectations.
  • Deny when laned with carry/Lasthit when laned with non-carry or alone.
  • Gank alot early game, especially after level 6.
  • Always buy a courier or wards (or both).
  • Place wards for his team, but someone else has to do the counter-warding.
  • Be a manly man. Take some hits.
  • Gank gank gank gank gank gank gank gank gank gank gank gank. Buff your carry, gank gank gank gank gank gank.
  • Don't be afraid to farm, but don't overdo it. If their is better stuff to be doing (like ganking) then you should be doing that, save farm for those who need it most.

Why Ogre isn't a tank:
  • His strength gain is high, but Ogre isn't as good at getting attention as other heroes.
  • His armor starts out high, but his poor agility gain prevents it from scaling well.
  • He has no tanking passives or skills.
  • Spending gold on tanking items won't solve his mana problems.

Hero Stats:

Strength: 23 + 3.2
Agility: 14 + 1.55
Intelligence: 17 + 2.4

Damage: 58 - 64
Armor: 5
Movespeed: 295
Attack Range: Melee

Note: Ogre Magi is very tanky in lane. High base armor, high strength, high strength gain. His intelligence is poor which makes it your main issue throughout the game.


Fire Blast

Your primary nuke. It deals relatively low damage until level 4 due to its uneven scaling. It becomes much stronger once multi-cast is skilled. It also is almost impossible to dodge since no projectile is fired. (It hits near-instantaneously) For info on how multicast affects it see below.

Level 1: 80 damage.
Level 2: 145 damage.
Level 3: 210 damage.
Level 4: 275 damage.

Manacost: 75/85/95/105
Cooldown: 12
Casting Range: 600

• Damage type: magical
• When Multicast, Fireblast hits the same target each time with a 0.3 seconds interval. This makes it a (1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4) second stun depending on the Multicast.
• Mana cost is increased by 30/70/110 when learning Multicast.
• Cooldown is decreased by 2/4/6 seconds when learning Multicast

Fireblast has no projectile so it's harder to dodge then most stuns but dodging IS possible. (See above)


Fireblast is really easy to use. However, there are two key things that it should NEVER be used for:

A. DO NOT use on creeps... EVER.
B. DO NOT Spam/Harass excessively in lane (once your mana pool is decent enough SPAM AWAY)

In lane cast it when an enemy hero channels or gets to close to your tower but generally you want to save it unless your going for a kill. In ganks always use it first and in team fights spam it on the most threatening hero every chance you get. Always cast BEFORE using ignite.(see below for why)


Your secondary nuke. It deals moderate damage over-time and a moderate slow. Despite this it has 3 key advantages over most other DoT slows.

A. Whopping 7.5 second duration!
B. Extremely long cast range of 700.
C. Very nice AoE once Multicast is skilled.

At first it will seem weak in comparison to similar spells but the AoE alone and the insane amount of time it lasts along with its relatively short cooldown make it an extremely effective spell in any arsenal.

Level 1: 10 damage/sec; 10% slow
Level 2: 20 damage/sec; 15% slow
Level 3: 30 damage/sec; 20% slow
Level 4: 40 damage/sec; 25% slow

Manacost: 95/105/115/125
Cooldown: 15
Casting Range: 700

• Damage type: magical
• AoE (with Multicast): 150/300/450
• You do not have to “Multicast” the AoE. It is permanent after Multicast is skilled.

This shows the AoE of Ignite at each level.


During laning, only use it when going for a kill. It is pretty weaksauce at early levels but that changes quickly. It is an excellent farming tool that can kill a full hp range creep but should not be used until Multicast is skilled atleast once. (It's a waste to hit only one creep with this.) When going for kills always cast AFTER Fireblast. The cast range is longer and it does not stun so if you cast this first the opponent often will get away (or counterattack) before you can use Fireblast. In fights try to cast in the center of the battle to hit the most opponents possible. When using it for farming try to make sure the ranged creeps are in its AoE.


Your steroid spell. Early levels have a long cooldown and aren't very useful but later on (when its needed most) it becomes VERY spammable and multicasting makes it possible in fights to near perma-bloodlust not just your carries BUT YOUR WHOLE TEAM.

Level 1: Increases attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 6%
Level 2: Increases attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 9%
Level 3: Increases attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 12%
Level 4: Increases attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 15%

Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 20
Casting Range: 600

• When Multicast, nearby allies will be selected randomly in an 600 AoE to be Bloodlusted.
• Multicast reduces the cooldown by 5/10/15. (Starting cooldown is 20)
• Duration is always 30 seconds.

Bloodlusted units are slightly larger in size and have a glowy animation on there hands. Makes your chunky size even scarier!


Real simple. Cast it on your carries and watch them own people. Its low cost makes spamming easy even with Ogre's terrible mana pool. Multicasting it combined with its awesome cooldown reduction via multicast make it really easy to have your whole team buffed. Do not cast on creeps. (however the occasionally receive it from your multicasts) This is probably the games most spammable buff and arguably one of the best ones. It has a long duration at all levels and the MS bonus makes it great when fleeing. Use it on yourself or allies, especially those with low MS/low AS (Faceless Void loves you. <3) Outside of battle you can use it on yourself just for the bonus MS when going to and from the fountain or lanes etc.

Multi Cast

Your ultimate. It passively amps up the power of your other skills. It's what makes you scale well into late-game and why your so scary. Essentially, a crit ability but it applies to spells not attacks. It is chanced based but this makes it far from ineffective. See below for how it specifically affects your other skills.

Level 1: 25% chance to cast twice.
Level 2: 40% chance to cast twice. 20% chance to cast three times.
Level 3: 50% chance to cast twice. 25% chance to cast three times. 12.5% chance to cast 4 times.


• Gives Fireblast and Bloodlust a chance to cast multiple times and makes Ignite an AoE spell.
• Increases Fireblast manacost 30/70/110 and decreases its cooldown by 2/4/6.
• Ignite gains a 150/300/450 AoE centered around the unit you target.
• Bloodlust's cooldown is decreased by 5/10/15.
• The chances mentioned are the chance to get at least that many casts.
• Typing the -mc command will give your multicasting stats.

When you get a Multicast a nice red text appears that tells you how much the multicast was.


Not much you can say here. But the more you spam fireblast and bloodlust the more times you will multicast. An extremely under-rated skill that can annihilate in battles on often mean the difference between success and failure.


Level 1:Fireblast
Level 2:Ignite
Level 3: Fireblast
Level 4:Ignite
Level 5:Fireblast
Level 6: Multi Cast
Level 7: Fireblast
Level 8: Ignite
Level 9: Ignite
Level 10: Bloodlust
Level 11: Multi Cast
Level 12: Bloodlust
Level 13: Bloodlust
Level 14: Bloodlust
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Multi Cast
Levels 17-25: Stats


The first skill build is the most widely used skillbuild and hardly needs justification. You may take Multicast at 9 instead of 6 to save mana on Fireblast and to get the extre level of Ignite. However the primary build is generally the best and most reliable.

You can experiment with skill builds all you want but whatever you do Fireblast is ALWAYS maxed first. Nuff said.


Ogre is fairly item-independant. However he has one key issue you must address to be effective. His horrid mana pool. Once your mana is at reasonably spammable levels you should build additional support items and spend more on wards.

Starting items:


This is just one set of ideal items to start with. Sometimes you may want mix this up a bit (sometimes I get a QB for example). Whatever you do though, you should get courier or wards every game.


Ogre has a very cheap but useful core. These items are the minimum he needs to play his role effectively. Although additional items are awesome this is all ogre needs.
  • [BOTTLE] The perfect item for a roaming hero like Ogre Magi. Gives mana, lets you capture runes. What else do you need?
  • [BOOTS] Start out with boots of speed, but upgrade them to arcane boots quickly. Late game you can chance them to boots of travel and use the energy booster in a bloodstone or sell it.
  • [WAND] Easy to build, simple to use. You really can't go wrong with this. If your early game is bad you can get a single Null Talisman too.
  • [ORB OF VENOM] For a low price, you get a 12% slow which stacks with ignite. Even if this isn't enough to turn you on, the fact it only costs 550g and can be bought at the sideshop very early makes it totally worth it.
  • [WARDS] Get these lots early game, this is when you roam the most and also it's the best time to use them.

Possible Extensions:

Ogre doesn't need more than his core but you often have enough gold to get some of these. Just get whichever one suits the game, if you get any of them at all.
  • [EULS] Provides some movespeed, lots of mana to keep you roaming and an ok disable. The item is mediocre, it gives ok mana, an ok disable and a little bit of movespeed. Get this if your team really needs the cyclone disable. (eg. Naga Siren + Euls combo)
  • [FORCE STAFF] A handy item. You can force yourself up cliffs or force people closer to your allies. Its uses are endless, it's cheap and has a nice build up!
  • [PIPE] Facing tons of nukes? Get this. Works well since Ogre has such high HP to abuse the magic resistance.
  • [VLADS] Get this if your team has a lot of melee heroes. Since Ogre himself is melee he also gets the benefits and it has a nice build up.
  • [MEKANSM] This item got buffed alot, it has a much better AoE now. The manacost used to make it problematic but with Arcane bootsl, and his int buff the manacost is much more affordable.
  • [GHOST SCEPTER] Perfect against a team of physical DPSers.
  • [WARDS] These babies are ALWAYS useful, keep on getting them.

Remember these are not core items. Many games you won't even get any of these. They are just suggestions of things you can get afterwards and should NEVER be seen as requirements.

Potential Luxuries:

Steal too much farm? Killsteal like mad? Game lasting over an hour? Not a problem. Ogre has many potential luxury items.
  • [ORCHID]This item is mostly gotten for the silence. Soul Burn + Multicast = Great PAIN! Also gives good regen and some physical dps.
  • [BLOODSTONE] Lots of additional mana and hitpoints, you can use the energy booster from your Arcane Boots and charges are easy to gain with fireblast.
  • [BLADEMAIL] Great when you're getting focused alot. Ogre has high HP which means opponents usually suffer more than you do while this active. It's also incredibly inexpensive.
  • [GUINSOOS] A good item on virtually any hero and ogre is no exception. Hex is an extremely nice disable and the mana it gives is infinite allowing ogre to spam fireblast to an extent otherwise impossible.
  • [BOOTS OF TRAVEL] Later on when your mana is no longer a big concern switch your Arcane Boots to these.
  • [LINKENS] Great stats and the spell block is irreplacable against certain lineups. Situationally can be very game breaking and Ogre benefits well from all it gives.
  • [SHIVAS] Gives lots of int and its slow combined with ignite is very powerful. The Aura and armor bonus are good to counter physical attack carries.

Sometimes it is acceptable to rush these, Ogre can make heaps of gold off of ganking and very short periods of farming. Just make sure that rushing a big item doesn't come at the cost of more important things like ganking.



Ogre Magi should generally NOT solo. He is a melee hero and chunky or not he has little lane control and spamming fireblast for harassment is not possible early in the game. Side lanes are good for ogre because he can make his Arcane Boots while remaining in lane. Ogre lanes best with a ranged hero, preferably with another stun. He makes an annoying dual stun lane with somebody like VS or Lion and can help draw FB easily with allied support. However, you should not spam fireblast to liberally unless your laning with a mana battery like KotL. Save it for when your going for a kill or have lots of mana and always ensure you have enough mana to cast it again before you use it. Ogre can last hit and deny very well with a QB and unless your against serious harassment your HP and armor should keep you alive til you reach level 6. Ogre should gank alot early especially when you get multicast.

Ogre does not have alot of lane control so do not use him as a babysitter. Although ogre can go to pretty much any lane he does best in the offensive lanes (Top sentinel/Bottom scourge) Ogre is strong enough he doesn't need the easy lanes to survive and if you put him in the defensive lane its usually in place of a carry who needs it more than you do.

Good allies

The "A" Team:

These guys all have stuns (except viper but his slow is just as effective). They also all benefit extremely well from bloodlust. You want these guys and they want you. Excellent synergy.

Summary: Heroes who need attackspeed, heroes with stuns, heroes who give mana and especially heroes who can bash.

Bad enemies


They don't care how beefy you are. They'll just kill you anyway.

Summary: Heroes who deal high stacking/% damage, mana drainers, silencers and heroes with magic resistance are your biggest enemies. Avoid them at all costs!


I may add another later on. (if you got a good replay feel free to PM me!)-

Note: Go to the link to download the replay, click on the Freezer's Ogre Magi - Solo Mid"

Date: March/22/2010
Patch version: 1.24
Map: DotA Allstars 6.66b
Game mode: -cm
Game length: 35:21
Winner: TeG

IGG-lapiz (Bot)
IGG-Matka (Mid)
IGG-Gazhag (Top)
IGG-Gazhag (Top)
IGG-Gazhag (Jungle)

TeG-Ly0n^ (Bot)
TeG-RMP (Bot)
freezer1905- (Mid)
TeG-Coco (Roaming)
TeG-S0ny4ce (Top)

A significantly better replay than the one I previously had. No fun builds. No lag. This is a much better game overall and shows Ogre solo mid pretty effectively.


Thanks to The Other Guy for providing the replay, Heldarion/Eumellein for writing there great warding guides, Kawumm for letting me use his guide as a template, PerCo for being a victim, AduhAwas for the fireblast photo, Val for the format for the Alt+Tab miniguide, Moridin for his sexy pics and to everyone who read this guide and contributed!

Aggron Stonebreaker the Ogre Magi
Author: SuperSheep
Map Vers.: 6.69c

Ogre Magi Guide (O.M.G)

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