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Ok now that were all done with that cool pic of the icy gorilla of dota lets move on to some pl stats



Although his true name is unknown to his allies, Azwraith's assigned name tells you enough. Like the Angel of Death, Azrael, he fights to rid the world of those who choose to embrace undeath. He is able to appear and disappear at will like a wraith, often appearing in many places at once. Azwraith is more than capable of dispatching the undead using his lance, each blow sending them closer to the spirit-realm. This lance is the source of his astounding ability to duplicate himself, whenever it draws blood he can use their life to create weaker copies of himself.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/FONT]


Starting HP: 492 || Starting MP: 273 || Base Damage: 45-67
Base Armor: 3.2 || Strength: 18 + 2 || Agility: 23 + 2.8 || Intelligence: 21 + 2
Looking at his stats it is clear that he is......AN AGILITY HERO!!!!!!!!!!...wait...u already knew that...right.
Whatever,aside from that it is seen that for an agility hero he has mediocre strength and not so great starting HP..slightly higher than nevermores or lunas im guessing.His base agility itself is really good and his agility gain is pretty much above good but its not like mortreds or tb's.But for an agility hero Azzy has a huge base intelligence and int growth(nerd ).
His armour is allright if you ask me but te thing that truly sets him apart is his base damage.His damage cap is one of the highest in the game if not the highest but it comes with a cost...the damage gap..for him its 22 points but his average damage is ....carry 1 there....that adds to 5...divided by 2.....=56 which is really good considering many times the strikes will max out to 67 at level 1 ensuring a last hit
After looking at his skills its clearly evident he is supposed to be a late gamer...duh... he requires some coordination to play but nothing great

His role in a team is to farm up early to mid and start owning with some good combo's.For him farming is of the utmost importance even though its damn easy after he gets some attack speed.He is used for mass chaos and confusion to make his illusion absorb shock and damage from the opponent and make them fear the phantom lancer...He is truly a force to be reckoned with and really really fun to play


* Looks cool
* Good agi and agi gain
* Good int and int gain
* Massive damage
* Has good nuke to domnate a lane and...ks
* Has an escape mechanism
* Best image hero in dota
* One of the best late-gamers
* Ability to play games with you oppponents mind
* Massive pushing ability
* Great last hitting and farming capability


* Melee
* Sad str and str gain
* Sad base HP
* Armour isnt that good
* Somewhat item dependent
* Sorta squishy
* Needs to floss
* Broken Horn


Spirit Lance :

Throws a magical spirit from his lance at a target damaging it and slowing it down for 3 seconds. An illusion is created attacking the target.
Casting range: 750 || Cooldown: 7 seconds

Level 1 - Deals 100 damage and Cripples for 10%. Illusion lasts 2 seconds. (125 Mana)
Level 2 - Deals 150 damage and Cripples for 20%. Illusion lasts 4 seconds. (130 Mana)
Level 3 - Deals 200 damage and Cripples for 30%. Illusion lasts 6 seconds. (135 Mana)
Level 4 - Deals 250 damage and Cripples for 40%. Illusion lasts 8 seconds. (140 Mana)

Comment: Really good early game skill doesnt require too much mana considering Azzy's good nerdyness. Decent damage used for damage early game and ksing late game..the cripple effect is like and icing.Whats more it produces an image on contact cool eh?Late game that image can produce its own image and so on.
note:When Azzy already has an image and uses this skill,his image will also do a non damaging spirit lance animation so that the opponent cant figure out the real azzy.It only has 1 drawback..azzy'z images being sorta retarded launches their animation a lil later than yours so a eral life geek who observes minute detail can guess who is the real Azzy.
But we can fool them and use this to our advantage..ill tell u how later

Dopple Walk:

Allows the Phantom Lancer to become invisible for a period of time, leaving behind a duplicate of himself to confuse enemies. 10% movement bonus at all levels. Lasts 8 seconds.
This illusion lasts 20 seconds || Cooldown: Varies per level

Level 1 - 150 mana. 30 second cooldown.
Level 2 - 120 mana. 25 second cooldown.
Level 3 - 90 mana. 20 second cooldown.
Level 4 - 60 mana. 15 second cooldown.

Comment: Ok so its not a wind walk but hey it cost relatively less mana if you look at you mana pool.Its basically used for instant escapes and sudden ganks and fooling your opponent and dodging projectile type animation(storm bolt, toss etc).One perk is that its instant no casting time whatsoever so you can keep running and use dopplewalk and not be interrupted for a milisecond.This also leaves behind an image which is programmed to face the direction you were running when you activated this skill and the image will keep running in that direction for 600 units so unlike windwalk the enemy wont know you went invi so he might not use certin items like dust until its too late.


Whenever the Phantom Lancer attacks he will randomly create a duplicate of himself. Limit of 5 images. Duplicates last 20 seconds.
Passive Ability || Images deal 25% damage and receive 400%.

Level 1 - 3% chance.
Level 2 - 6% chance.
Level 3 - 9% chance.
Level 4 - 12% chance.

Comment:This is Azzy's creme' la creme' really. This allows you to generate images like a machine and the chances might not be high but its better than trolls bash so get attackspeed. The images deal 25% of your damage so 4 of them is essentially a 100% damage increase which is huge. This makes you one of the best farmers and pushers around and very formidable in combat.

Phantom's Edge(passive):

Gives the Phantom Lancer an edge in combat by increasing Juxtapose's image generation and increasing magic resistance. Additionally, it enables his images to generate their own images.

Level 1 - 10% magic resistance, 3% chance illusions will duplicate, 2% increase in Juxtapose.
Level 2 - 15% magic resistance, 5% chance illusions will duplicate, 4% increase in Juxtapose.
Level 3 - 20% magic resistance, 7% chance illusions will duplicate, 6% increase in Juxtapose

Comment: Magic resistance..Images producing images..what more do you want? This is one of the best late game ultimates and makes a properly played Azzy near invincible in combat.Cant find any negative side.

Skill Build

Level 1 - Dopplewalk
Level 2 - Spirit Lance
Level 3 - Spirit Lance
Level 4 - Dopplewalk
Level 5 - Spirit Lance
Level 6 - Dopplewalk
Level 7 - Spirit Lance
Level 8 - Dopplewalk
Level 9 - Juxtapose
Level 10 - Phantom Edge
Level 11 - Phantom Edge
Level 12 - Juxtapose
Level 13 - Juxtapose
Level 14 - Juxtapose
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Phantom Edge

Now in most properly co-ordinated games against half competent opponents you will be using this skill build for Azzy since they will be ganking the livin shit outta poor ol Azzy as HE is the agility hero, as HE is super squishy early and most importantly as HE will be able to dice the other team apart into nothingness if farmed.
If by any means you are playing against complete and utter retards OR by some miracle are farming and getting kills in proper games use a more agressive skill build.I dont like to dwell much on the question of builds as his skills alow his build to be very flexible but to get an idea of agressiveness-I WOULD GET 1 LEVEL OF DOPPLE WALK AND THEN FOCUS ON ALTERNATING BETWEEN LANCE AND JUXTA AS THIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO GET YOUR ULTI SOMEWHERE AROUND LEVEL 7ISH

Moving on...

Item Builds

OK now the controvertial part keepin this short an simple basically Azzy bein an infinite image hero may have a VERY flexible item build...but for me i find the following build very effective in mostly every situation


p.s-i would like to thank juddernaught for this pic

This item build is self explainatory:
You get circlets cuz u get circlets u turn them into wraiths cuz your name is AZWRAITH (on a more serious note get bracers if you have survival issues) and you get boot cuz you have sensitive feet and u get a diff cuz thats the best orb for an image hero as no other orb effects go to images and yasha cuz u can move really fast and your damage and attackspeed increase which is exactly what you need. Nothing more nothing less


If you get yasha on an image hero next best thing to ketchup is to turn it into a manta.People who wont do that need to burn in hell()
Why we dont make Phase Boots?
Phase Boots Give us:

* 30% attack speed
* +65 movement speed
* Phase Ability
* +12 damage

Reasons not to get this:

*You do not have any major dps skill like bash or critcal strike or god strength like effect to directly benefit from the attackspeed. You need the attackspeed to produce illusions and frankly speaking having just 1 illusion techincally makes your attackspeed 2X . So why waste 1.5ish k on something that you can ge by producing 1 image.
*Bot movement speed is superior.
*Phase doesnt go to your images and im pretty sure if you phase in dopplewalk you come outta invis
*+12 damage is a joke..1 illusion/2 wraith bands = same thing first is for no cost the second is 1k.


If for some strange reason or by the will of god or your teams retarded mental capacity to own even when u have a manta the gome doesnt finish treat yourself to one of these


The Butterfly:
This is probably the single best and most bought luxury item on ANY agility hero.It gives attackspeed damage and +30 evasion which can be converted to a very high amount of EHP. After Phantoms edge got changed into giving spell resistance instead of evasion this is the most viable luxury item on Azzy

Monkey King Bar:
Very useful item and a good substitute for a butterly.Used mainl to counter evasion heroes but gives really good stats.Although Azzy's images dont get the bonus hundred damage or the ministun.

Divine Rapier:
If and only IF your farming rice cakes and want some kick or if your positive you wont die.As it is killing Azzy late game is damn confusing

Yes i know people will say "but if you get this peaple can find the real Azzy as the real one will be doing like 700-900crits so why get this?"
Well you really answered it yourself.While you do 700-900 crits your images will be doing like 200 so dont you think that the enemies will die even before they find the real one? so it doesnt matter, a thumbs up to this item.


Vladimir Offering's Life Steal DOES NOT go over to your images.The rest of the items in that list show your true self

Optional Items you can get in the Middle of the game:

Against casters:

For Physical Survivability:

Althought vangaurd really isnt recommended since its slows your farming like hell..even then its for the stupidly retarded ones.. its your descision really.The new heart also is a bit piss weak compared to the one before.


Early Game: Now i aint gonna drag on and on..i just got 1 word for ya...SURVIVE. Atleast until you get your diffusal. The secret to survival is lane control.You can start controlling a lane by DENYING.Remember for every time you hit your opponents creep the closer to get to THEIR tower and vice-versa...So start denying and stay near your tower..wait for your opponent to make a freakin mistake.They are humans you know .And once they make a mistake capitalize by lancing em..send em back to their fountain to heal,get a kill if possible.WHile both of the effects are good, the latter being better.But seriously if your laned against people like viper, witch doctor or warlock or peaople like that SWITCH LANES IMMEDIATELY OR RISK THE GAME COMPLETELY!!! Let the pros like kuroky,merlini and loda take risks like that.And PLEASE PLEASE dont waste your dopplewalk on retarded things like sneaking up or going past them.Also if possible ask for ganks in your lane if you have co-operative teammates.
Once you get your diffusal blade which should be somewhere around level 11 even if your playing moderately, things should even out and tip the scales in your favour if your engaging one guy in combat.Remember..early game PLAY SMART.


* Kill-Steal..yes kill steal. I know most of you dont like this but trust me when your an agility carry heroes who is shit weak you gotta be selfish, you gotta get every dime and cent you can muster cuz every time to kill steal you get 200 gold closer to your target.Kill at EVERY option, whenever its available.You might get abused like crap in a pu game..but trust me....30mins into the game and your mates will be grovelling at your feet thanking you for their success.Azzy has been given a skill like lance for a reason..ok 2.Slowing is good but its meant to land the final blow early game on an enemy i.e kill steal most of the time early. So use it..KILL STEAL.

* DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN A GANK EARLY GAME!!!!!!!Atleast not ulti you get your diffusal.Cuz if you do your nothin but a invisible sack a potatoes worth a free 200G launching green beams from his mouth who is nothing more than an annoyance to the enemy. Whenever you see an enemy near you and atleast one enemey missing from the map...GTFO.If there is a gank going on around you where atleast 1 or 2 of you allies are there..wait for some time to see if you can ks if you can good, if you cant better luck next time either way dopple outta there as soon as things go outta control.

Mid Game: This is where you start glow...not shine but glow.You should have your diff blade boots and a yasha. Right now you can take on most heroes one on one, Can move in and outta combat like a shadow and launch lances like crazy.Now you can start ganking.However there are some rules:

* Do not stay in the front are not the tank.
* Do not dont have a stun (lance is hardly a initiation skill)
* Come in only when there is utter confusion in the hopes of spawing some images creating more utter confusion adn chaos i.e crowd control
* Dopple in make the real Azzy stay near the enemy or behind them so he doesnt get hit by an aoe and use the image like its the real thing so that the enemies thing your the real Azzy comin in to save the day and hopefully waste a nuke or two on it.If they do good , if not bad luck better luck next time. Either way that should be a cue for your allies to bring in the heat and go all out which brings me to the next point
* When your allies do go all out you target the final line of your opponents casters and decimate them one by one. With a diffusal and the enemy caster already on a shortage of mana you can prolly take out 2 in less than 10 seconds which should give you just about enough time to dopple out and wait in the back and see if you can ks the HI-HP heroes like doom and treant with your lance
* Go in with 1k come out with 2-2.5

Late Game: This is where you start to shine so much even you gotta wear shades . Right now you should have finished your manta and BoT and you should be on your way in completeting or already have completed a high tier game ending item like butterfly or buriza. No hero on the dota roster is a match for you one on one now ( maybe an equally farmed up mortred who knows which is the real you but its still chance based.I mean a 1-1.5k crit can screw up any agility hero).Right now you can prolly 2v1 or even 3v1 though i dont recommend it.Just Go to a lane: push, spawn 7 images in less than 2 seconds,TP to another lane, push, spawn 7 more images in less than 2 seconds and finally tp t the last lane, push, spawn 7 more images and push. Rinse-Repeat. To hero kill or mass hero kill.
1) Dopple in
2) Right click on desired food
3) right click on the next desired food
4) If you can manage right click one more
5) Dopple out
6) Laugh


OK SO TO LEARN ABOUT THE ART OF MIND GAMING I SUGGEST YOU VISIT Totalnewbies ART OF MINDGAMES This is total newbie showing mind games at its best

Next off, another guide writer Juddernaught who explained the art of mind games while playing Azzy so well i decided to quote him as he did not leave out ANYTHING!!!(seriously)

Images are your best friend: they do a lot of work for you and are expendable. They can be used for a variety of purposes:
The image created by Dopplewalk lasts 20 seconds, that's more than enough time for you to get to a rune or to scout the jungle. You can scout with your Juxtapose images, but each only lasts about 7 seconds. They are best used when you're jungling and want to scout out an area since you can start them running in different directions, covering lots of ground. They are also helpful during pushes because once you have killed the creep wave and you have left over images, send them in different directions (into the jungles, Rosh, behind you, ahead of you, etc). They won't survive until the next wave anyway, so you may as well put their sight to good use.

Drawing Enemy Fire:
Azwraith gets dominated by chain stuns and focus-fire due to his fairly low HP. The way to counter this is to go out of your enemies' sight (behind trees, up cliffs, around corners, out of range, etc.), Dopplewalk, and control that image like you would control yourself. If played right, enemies will fire away on that image. This is especially the case when you think they are coming to gank you as they are very eager to get a kill. I have successfully drawn Rooftrellen's mass entangle, Rexxar's roar, Lion's finger, Bane's grasp, and a bunch of stuns with my illusion. The trick is to make your enemy think it's you since they can't tell a difference. Although this may not seem like much since you're not killing anyone, you just made them waste their precious mana with (hopefully) their strongest spell. Now they are less of a threat to both you and your teammates. Plus, you can trash talk a little. Go on, you earned it.

Avoiding Spells:
In a related concept, since Dopplewalk has no transition time into invisibility, you can use it to avoid spells. Although this isn't really "using your images," one is created in the process, so I stuck this here. For example, if you have a storm bolt coming at you, activate Dopplewalk or Manta. The spell will fail and you will be unharmed. Additionally, the enemy, anticipating the stun will hit, will likely come in after you. They will attack the illusion, leaving you an opportunity to hit back.

Confusing your Enemy:
As mentioned earlier, when you cast Spirit Lance, your images mimic you but shortly afterward. Therefore, by casting the lance, you give away your position. This can be helpful however. First, make sure you can Dopplewalk. Second, cast your lance. Third, Dopplewalk. You know that "real" one your enemy was looking for? Well, he's a fake one now. You can run around searching for an opening to strike or bail if you have to.

Images play an important role in jungling because they allow you to tackle creeping earlier and harder. It's like having a friendly hero with you but better because they don't leach your experience. The basics are: go in and attack, creating some images, then you back out a little while your images do most of the work. Some people recommend moving on to another creep camp once you've spawned a few images, but I prefer to stay at one until it's over. Why? Well, 1) that ensures you get the experience, 2) if enemies come to gank you, you already have duplicates to confuse them, 3) if only one enemy shows up, you already have a ganking squad, 4) you can use your 7 images to scout the area after the camp is dead. What camp you can kill depends on the creep strength and your items. Once you get diffusal most of the creeps will be easy pickings but with manta and a vitality booster, creeps should be trembling in fear (except Rosh, who eats your illusions like a fat kid eats cake).

Slowing your Enemy:

WARNING: Uber-micro Required! Having a hard time catching that speedy Strygwyr or Barathrum? Spirit Lance and Diffusal Blade slow. Well, so can images. After casting Spirit Lance, your enemy is crippled for a decent slow. If you plan it right and can chase. After casting the spell, quickly tell your real hero to attack the enemy and take control of your image. Then, have your image, who runs at your speed, run in front of their hero. Use that image to block the enemy as you would your own creeps. You can catch up and initiate the beating.

Images will not benefit from:

* Direct bonus to damage items (i.e. items that say +x to damage do not give that bonus damage to images)
* Direct bonus to armour items (Chain mail, Platemail, etc)
* Direct regeneration items (Ring of Regen, Ring of Health, etc)
Increased Attack Speed percent (Hyper stone, Treads, Hand of Midas, Monkey King Bar, Butterfly)
Frost Attack (Eye of Skadi)
* Lifesteal (Satanic, Mask of Madness, Mask of Death, Helm of Dominator) Note: the graphic appears, but the images don't actually leach life
Chain Lightning (Maelstrom)
* Cleave - Percentage Splash Damage applied to nearby targets (Battlefury)
* Maim (Sange, Sange and Yasha)
% Chance for Microstun that disrupts concentration spells and gives bonus damage (Monkey King Bar)
Corruption effect - minus to armor upon hit (Stygnian Desolator). Images will benefit from the corruption given by your main hero
* Damage block (Stout Shield, Vanguard)
Spell items - images can't cast spells (Dagon, Guinsoo, Mechanism, Mantastyle, etc)
*Magic resistance items (Planeswalker Cloak)

Images will benefit from:
*Stat bonus items (Wraith Bands, Bracers, Null Talisman, Ultimate Orb, etc)
*Feedback (Diffusal Blade, Manta Style)
*Critical Strike (Crystalys / Buriza ) Just the critical strike ability is transferred to images not the bonus damage from the item.
*Evasion (Butterfly, Radiance)
*Raw movement speed gain items (Boots, Treads, Boots of Travel)
% Movement Speed gain items (Sange and Yasha, Yasha).
*True Sight (Gem of True Sight)
*Radiance burning aura (Radiance) - Note that while images get the burning aura only one such aura will apply to an enemy at a given time (i.e. 4 images do not mean 4xdamage from the burn aura) The bonus damage from the Radiance item itself does not transfer
*Direct Hit Point bonus items (Vitality Booster, Point Booster, Soul Booster, Heart of Tarresque, Manta Style)
*Direct Mana Point bonus items (Energy Booster, Point Booster, Soul Booster, etc)

Hmm..Im not gonna waste time stickin pics of good allies bad enemies..figure it out yourself or you wont learn a thing.Experience it yourselves and make your own mistakes and then learn from em..But i can give you some basic.


* Stunners like DK, Rexxar,a good mirana or even a REALLY good techies
* Slowers like viper and drow.
* Miscl: Mini stunners like enigma and witch docter
Heroes that give you a passve boost like lycan
Barathrum and vengeful spirit


* Just one kind...AOE freaks

Tormented soul
And his worst nightmare and arch enemy:EARTHSHAKER!!!!

*To counter a gem carrying dude gank that guy and take that gem
*To counter dust..kill the guy fast if you can..if not use the movement speed buff from your dopple to get outta there until it wears off
*TO counter people such as gondar and slardar..outfarm and outlevel them..nothing else you can do

Ok guys this is the end of the road,I just finished writing a guide on Azzy,hope you enjoyed it and above all learned something from it and hopefully you will find out how entertaining it is to play him . I'll post a few replays when I get some good ones. Till then ciao and hang tight for my next guide on another carry hero

Azwraith the Phantom Lancer
Author: swordofhonour01
Map Vers.: 6.64b

Azwraith, The Phantom Lancer

Images of Imminent Chaos.REWORKED!

Date Posted: 09/30/09
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