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This is a guide for
Magina - The Anti-Mage
this guide is designed for pub games and to hurt your eyes

this guide will be containing -> Outline

I. Introduction and Tips
II. Skill Build
III. Gameplay
IV. Items
V. Item Build
VI.Luxury items
VII. Reasons for my item build
VIII. Allies and Enemies
IX. Tactics
X. Replays
I. Introduction and Tips

Twin sons to the great Prophet, Terrorblade and Magina were blessed with divine powers: Terrorblade granted with an unnatural affinity with life forces; Magina gifted with energy manipulation. Magina's eventual overexposure to the magics gradually augmented his elemental resistances and bestowed him the unique ability to move faster than light itself. Now, broken by Terrorblade's fall to the dark side, Magina answers the Sentinel's call in a desperate bid to redeem his brother. Every bitter strike turns the Scourge's evil essences upon themselves, culminating in a finale that forces his enemy to awaken to the void within and spontaneously implode.

Magina is a feared fighter against any intelligence caster heroes. He can burn away all their mana, and deal it straight back to them as damage for any missing. No one can escape from him with his ability to blink around the DotA map.

Range: 100 | Move Speed: 320
Primary: AGI
Str: 20 + 1.2 | Agi: 22 + 2.8 | Int: 15 + 1.8
Damage: 49 - 53 | HP: 530 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 0.73 | Mana Regen: 0.61
Attack Speed: 1.13 | Armor: 3

magina's blink is the only one of it's kind in DotA,it's range is about 1000 and is not only a cool looking skill but a skill that can be used to dodge such as skeleton king and vengeful spirit's stun and shuriken can also be used to move around the map faster than anyone else by blink across trees or just plain ugly landscape.u shouldn't use your blink in early game because you don't have that much mana.yet.

II. Skill Build

lvl 1:blink
lvl 2-3:mana break
lvl 4:blink
lvl 5:mana break
lvl 6:ulti
lvl 7:mana break
lvl 8-9:blink
lvl 10:spell shield
lvl 11:ulti
lvl 12-14:spell shield
lvl 15:stats
lvl 16:ulti
lvl 17-25:stats

you can focus more on spell shield at the starting if you are facing heavy nukers

III. Gameplay

just farm ,farm and will usually come out to kill at around md to late game if there's a tofu intelligence hero like tormented soul.u can participate in ganks but avoid mostly jusy avoid being harrased and can start coming out to kill when you get your basher,which is around level 17 or so

i usually take top or bottom lane,hopefully with a ranged hero as my partner

IV. Items

1.vladmir's offering
4.power treads
5.cranium basher

core items
, and.
the reason why is not a core item is because magina can kill without it.he's just not as powerful

V. Item Build

before i start i would like to say that since magina is a very late hero,you shouldn't come out to kill until you a reasonably late time in the game.well,it also kinda depends on how fat you are and how thin the enemy is.and by the way,in case this is not obvious enough,you can buy the items before the level that i've put
+. you could get a

or a
but then you might not be able to get your vladmir's offering as fast
so now you have a ring of bassilius and regeneration
get a sobi mask,meaning you now have a
level 5-7,vladmir's offering should be complete
+ to a

level8-9,get a double wraith band for extra survivability
lvl10-14,go farm jungle/lane until you have a
,then you get a .
now,out of the jungle and on to the got mana and health regeneration and you got a higher damage and atttackspeed
just finish of your .
level 15-17,you can probably kill now,but you can't really carry.yet.
now you finish of your .so by now you should have a
and a
.in total filling up 5 slots.
level17-25, time to massacre
get a.(sell one
in the process),because of all the ingredients needed for your cranium basher, you can get a courier bird(or you can leave all your items in your circle,your choice)

Luxury items
sadly you only have one slot for a luxury item,so choose wisely

much more bashing,more damage,,and the enemy might actually miss when they hit you.quite a good item for magina

,A heart is a quite good item on him since he can blink out of battle for great regeneration.just so i don't have to give a copyright fee,that line was said by

gives great damage,meaning easier kills

.with this,you become PA,Troll and Magina.the images can do criticals,but since it only does 33%of your damage,the criticals will be lower than yours, 1/3

.ah,yes.the item to ensure complete ownage on one condition.die and you give the enemy a chance to do t you what you did to them.

VI.Reasons for my item build
:when you on your mantastyle,people don't know who to hex/,u burn 192 when the all images(including you) hit the ememy,and usually all my images do at least 3 hits and the mana burn that it causes is 576,so mantastyle:very good against intelligence heroes .because the new mantastyle includes a yasha highers his agility,and in turn highers his attackspeed,making him bash more,and making his movement speed become 423.also,because of the ultimate orb that is included when you make mantastyle,magina does not suffer from that much mana shortage anymore.

: i make it because it does not interfere with magina's mana burn,gives a little bit of health regeneration as well as mana regeneration to help you survive during early game and a damage and armor aura,making your damage higher and you harder to kill because of armor bonus

:battlefury gives you even more health regeneration and mana regeneration.not only that,it also gives you damage and the ability for your attacks to splash.conclusion:battlefury helps you farm easier and survive longer.

:it highers your attackspeed,making you able to bash more.and most abviously,it highers your movement speed.

:allows you to bash,giving you a disble,which magina does not have,unless you cound his ulti which does a mini stun.

:ememies miss when they hit you,u have higher attackspeed,again making you able to bash more

optional items
,get this if you are on a useless team that does not or are not strong enough to def or in 1v1 match with all lanes open.
,get this if there are many nukers/hex-ers/stunners.
get this under the same conditions as the one in BKB,you can get either one or if a BKB is not enough,meaning you get stunned/hex-ed before you can on your BKB.
,this is more for against nukers like zeus,lich or heroes that do high magical damage but have no stun because it makes you so immune against spells your like a rock versus an egg.XD.another item i would like to discuss is
,buy this when you are facing PA(phantom assasin)last one,
,you can get this if you're facing enemies that are more of a tanker than you,so you get phase boots for extra damage ,movement speed and armor,so it should be easier to kill them.but i prefer pwer treads because you can change its atribute to get more mana to use a skill,life to survive or agility to be able to bash more. okay,thats about it for the optional items area,now i moving on to the big list of rejected items

rejected items
,big nono!!some people buy this,saying"but he's like tofu!!!!!"still ,i m sorry,no,your facing too much money on this when you can get 7hp per second regeneration from your battlefury and vladmir's offering,and that's good enough.
,1.1damage for each point of mana loss is good enough.
,Many,MANY people buy this for magina,but i feel it loses it's usefulness as you enter late game,and you could spend your money buying something that will last in it's usefulness until late unless you can farm at godlike speed which is until you can buy this before mid game,sell it before late game and still get all your items before it's too late,then don't buy this.
,my bro's friend once bought this for magina.we were like:WTF ARE YOU DOING???!!!he just said,it's the perfect item for magina,gives you lifesteal,damage,hp regeneration and streangth at late game when you get a satanic..=.=""
,we introduced that friend to the basher,he was amazed,so much so he bought this item.this time his excuse was that it added attack speed,making magina bash more,me and my bro decided that we had to introduce him to another factor of dotarb effect.
:some people make this becuase they say magina doesn't have enough mana,still:NO!!!
, i heard this used to be very popular,then the price of it went up,but still i see some people buying this.even though they shouldn't,the price for hex is too high now,so hex wastes too much money.then some people say they buy it too solve magina's mana shortage problem.well,he has 175% from vladmir's offering and battlefury,so again,no

many people say that S n Y is not really an orb effect item,so it wouldn't interfere with magina's manabreak,but often times,the maim from the S n Y is actually working,you just don't realize time you buy S n Y or just Sange,look at the enemy when you're hitting him/her,it might not happen at first,but you will see some blood squirting out of the enemy(kinda like bloodseeker's rupture),which slows them for 4 seconds.

Allies and Enemies
magina can be allies with almost anyone,but there are a special few that i 'd like to point out
.keeper of the light has a skill much like bloodseeker's ulti(rupture) only it doesn't damages you,it's called mana leak,it makes your enemy leak mana as they move(you see where i'm going with this?)this skill is a very good combo with magina's ulti.

you move,you don't move.....well,you still die
, and because they can't move or cast any spells
,,etc. same advantages as with hex-ers
,, etc. you can catch up to them much easier and start the killling faster
and the guy's is stuck!! waiting there for you to kill him,and you will
magina doesn't have many enemies that can prove treat towards him because he can buy a linken for hex-ers and a BKB for stunners.but in early game,almost everyone is a dangerous enemy,so becareful as you might have your BKB/linken sphere and items then
Super slowers
enchanttress isn't really a problem until you hit her,so you can either 1.bash her the second you hit her.2.just try to fight with her even if you do not bash and keep blinking to keep up.3.wait until someone stuns/hexes her then you go for the kill.
viper is actually killable,it's just that if your life was low enough,the ulti could still kill you after you blink for the slow, you canbuy a linken to stop viper's ulti,but viper could turn off the linken buy simply doing poiosn attack,so no linken,just kill him quickly
fellow bashers
this is one of the most dangerous categories,they can bash you first so you don't bash them:
any agility hero with a fast attack speed and a cranium basher or a natural bashing ability

FV might be more dangerous than troll in this situation because he can chronosphere you and bash you of the only things you can do against him is kill him when you know his chronosphere has been used up,kill him before his has a chance to do chronosphere or hope he doesn't bash you,>.<
still dangerous,alothugh what you can do is surprise him by blinking behind him and bashing him before he turns around(if your really fat) or you on your mantastlye and confuse him,he'll most likely attack an image,and then you will bash him.
ah,yes..PA.people will often pump up PA's damage and agility,i m gonna guess you know that punping up your agility will also higher your attackspeed,which people do to make PA's criticals come out more.that's when the trouble starts,people go:hm..PA now has high attackspeed,why don't i get her a cranium basher.then she's really dangerous,one of the only things you can do is on your mantastyle and hope that the images confuse her and you bash her 1st(more or less the same tactics as when your fighting troll,you can also use the other technique mentioned earlier for fighting troll)

sladar is quite dangerous during early game because of the amplify damage skill,which amplifies your damage(duh)making his stun much more painful and tracks you,plus his srint makes him move super fast,so he might be able to catch you if your blink is not fully uped meaning that you have a longer cooldown.but he's isn't much danger to you during late game because unless he bought 6 hyperstones to higher his attack speed and make him bash more,your gonna bash him 1st and in turn kill him.

IX. Tactics

Not only is mantastyle good against intelligence heroes,but it's good against single-target heroes like troll,how?what i sometimes do is on my mantastyle,run towards him,as i close in on him,i blink behind him,showing him which 1 is real..if he attacks me,he has a 1 out of 3 chance of hitting me.while i have a 1 out of 1 chance of hitting i will most likely bash him first.and then he dies.

if i'm facing a normal hero, i just usually blink behind him and on my mantastyle,sometimes bashing him before he turns around,XD

X. Replays

you can find a replay here: i don't know how to directly upload a replay,>.<. so i guess this will have to do.

PS:there're no credits because i wrote it alone. i m sorry it's abit messy,will put in some screenshots ASAP ,please comment

Magina the Anti-Mage
Author: DotaNoob{Z}
Map Vers.: 6.61c

Guide to Magina

inovative or crazy Magina guide?

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