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This guide is an item build that can be cheap early game.

Starting Build:

Quelling Blade(good for early game)
Wraith Band(stats)
Power Treds
Vladimirs Offering(lifesteal goes good with Jinda)
Stygian Desolator(his main item)
Cranium Basher (the bash = easy kill)
Those are your core items.
Chose from any of these for your luxury.
Abyssal Blade
Boots of Travel
Assault Cruises

If you get Abysal afer your core you can do 500 dmg with Jinda.

Gondar the Bounty Hunter
Author: anoori9000
Map Vers.: 6.74c

Item Build for Gondar

Item build for Gondar

Date Posted: 04/02/12
Last Comment:02/04/2012
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