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Preferred Dota leoric Items

Bone King of the Dead

Once a noble knight protecting his kingdom, the man was thrown into Hell, where he was ripped apart over and over for centuries. Lucifer has let him loose, corrupted and mindless, as King Leoric, the Skeleton. He marches on, leading his minions with an unfaltering gaze, knowing only one thing: the orders given to him by the dark lord himself. It is said that he is unkillable, and those who are struck down by his hellfire never wake up again.

Quick tips

Watch your mana! You'll need some to use your ultimate, and might want to buy items that boost maximum.

Don't worry about survivability items. Leoric works best as a DPS hero, not a tank. Most good DOTA players will usually attack him last due to his reincarnation ability.


There's a large amount of items many people consider buying for this guy. This item strategy guide assumes you're already familiar with how to play Leoric. But, if you're not, take a look at a different guide!


Shiva's Guard: A great, but unpopular, choice. It gives you both an area of effect nuke, and lets you slow down enemies so that you can land a second hellfire blast to stun. Very useful. As a bonus, and the reason I usually buy shivas on my skeleton king, it also gives you a huge boost to your mana. You never have to worry about it again for Reincarnation unless you're playing against the Antimage, Naga, Ezalor or Phantom Lancer.

Blink Dagger: Another great item for chasing, however, you shouldn't buy it if you also buy a Shiva. Just one item like this is enough. The skeleton king needs more DPS than utility items to be truly useful thanks to his critical skill.


Boots of Travel: Recommended (or simply carry a scroll) if the other team isn't playing with characters who can stun or disable. This might let you escape scenarios where you'd be reincarnating into eventual death.


Battle Fury: Works about as well as it does on any other DOTA hero. I don't usually recommend it, but it's not a bad choice on Leoric. The extra regeneration is helpful as well if you don't buy any mana pool increasing items.

Monkey King Bar: A great DPS item. You should consider buying it every game if the enemy team allows you to go with a damage per second build.


Satanic (or other life steal): Vampiric aura and these are overkill. It's often seen in a pub match, but there's no need when playing with (or against) quality DOTA players. There are much better orbs you can pick from, even a Maelstrom might be more helpful as unlikely as it sounds. Who needs lifesteal when you can just come back from the dead.


Lothar's Blade: A good choice in many games. Try to mash it's hotkey after you die to escape from a gank attempt. You can also use this for chasing while your stun is in cooldown. The windwalk effect gives bonus movement speed, and extra damage if you hit someone to break out of it.


Divine Rapier: Works fantastic when combined with your ability to resurrect. A leoric with both a rapier, and teammates who won't leave him for dead, is a scourge hero to be feared.__________________________________________________ _______________

Other Possible items through out the game


Vladmir's Offering: This ancient mask grants a powerful boon to you and any melee allies near you. Everybody near you gains a small form of lifesteal ability along with you, which lets you regain HP with every attack You make. This life leeching is very helpful on a hero like leoric, or anyone who simply wants to stay alive longer during dota battles. Additional bonuses are also granted by equipping the offering But you just need the Leech mostly.. But as the game goes on this item wont be as good as it was 30 min ago at the beginning of the game and you most likely should sell.


Heart of Tarrasque:Simply having it in your possession is enough to drastically increase your dota character's hitpoints. It also provides additional strength, and a bonus effect which will grant regeneration when you haven't been damaged recently. This item is extremely effective on dota players who are able to juke or dodge attacks. Especially Good on leoric because it provided bonus strength which gives bonus damage and also 300 more life!


Vangaurd: This item is also an unpopular choice but believe it or not ive seen it on leoric and i can kinda see why. It helps you absorb more damage than you already can which can be useful when building a tank lerioc, the 300 life also helps a lot too! But not a popular choice but is a choice.

Bash:This item is optional! It gives +30 Damage and +3 strength, so gives a descent bonus to damage. It also gives 1/4 chance to stun v melee and 1/10 chance to stun v ranged
25% chance to bash target (1.1 second stun) as a melee hero
10% chance to bash target (1.1 second stun) as a ranged hero.
Use this item to bash the skulls of your enemys apart!
__________________________________________________ _______________

My own personal item selection in the DOTA game

!Note that when i play him i usaully always go to massive hp leech/Tank!

__________________________________________________ ______________
When i first start the game after i have picked him I will buy Ring of Basilius

Then after i farm a little bit i will turn the ring into Vladmirs offering.

Then i will buy Treads(strength/If game keeps going then i will usaully turn into Boots of Travel for the teleport and rediculous speed boost.

Then to

The next item after boots i start building satanic for the lifesteal.

If game keeps going I build Heart Of tarrasque.

Game usaully ends after that item. Due to many leavers but if it just happens to keep going ill usaully buy Vangaurd.

__________________________________________________ _______________

I hope you enjoyed my guide and that it helped you decide your items on leoric! Have a nice day!

King Leoric the Skeleton King
Author: Hotshot266
Map Vers.: 6.67b

Dota Leoric Guide

Item decision

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