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Jah'Rakal Guide For New Players!!!!

Good Only For 1vs1

Jah'rakal Is a
Best Stunner and also a fast attacker that Gives A MASSIVE DAMAGE When He Reach Level 9
Can Also Kill Roshan With Yourself Just In Level 13 or 12.

Item Build:
Starting Build
Helmet of Dominator 1500
Power Treads 1850
Total 3350

2nd Build
Lothar's Edge 3300
With This Build You Can Dominate Heroes

3rd Build
Vanguard 2205
Mekansm 2206
Total 4411

Now Farm Your Heroes Because You Will Be Surprise With This One
Divine Rapier 6200

Now Your Unstoppable It's Best to Practice 1on1
To Master This Dude

Stats Build
Level 1:Berserker Rage
Level 2:Fervor
Level 3:Berserker Rage
Level 4:Fervor
Level 5:Stats
Level 6:Battle trance
Level 7:Berserker Rage
Level 8:Fervor
Level 9:Berserker Rage
Level 10:Fervor
Level 11:Battle Trance
Level 12:Blind
Level 13:Stats
Level 14:Blind
Level 15:Stats
Level 16:Battle Trance
Level 17:Blind
Level 18:Blind
Level 19-25:Stats

Killing Roshan and Heroes Guide

Heroes Killing Guide
1.Go into Melee mode using berserker's Rage
2.Use Windwalk in lothars edge
3. Target Your Opponent When Your Opponent is getting attacked.
4.Press Battle Trance!
5.BAM!! First Blood Shimode Quite Killer Like a
Kill Roshan Guide
1.Level 13
2. Press Battle trance
3.but u must be on berserker rage. so stunner.
4.Bam Aegis!

Guide made by ME!!!!
Keep! training

Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord
Author: coco7078
Map Vers.: 6.63

Troll Warlord/Jah'rakal Guide

Jah'rakal Guide

Date Posted: 01/26/10
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