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Gondar is a Ganker; in fact, one of the best. He has Critical Strike and Maim squeezed into a Single Ability, an invisibility skill with back-stab damage, a deadly 325 damage nuke with a ministun; and Track - granting Armor Reduction, MS bonus to you and nearby allies, vision of the enemy, invisibility detection, and a fancy bonus to gold when killing the target: an ability you will learn to absolutely love.

If you like popping out of nowhere with your team close by and devastating enemies, earning yourself some fat cash even if you miss the kill, then Gondar is for you. If you're pussy who likes to mindlessly slap creeps out on a lane or you like to farm in the jungle for hours on end instead of ganking -- then find yourself a different hero. I cannot say this enough: you're not a farmer, you're a Ganker. You will roam around the map with allies picking off enemies. Prepare to make crying babby Rikimaru and Clinkz players ragequit.

Last updated on March 5th, 2012 for version 6.74c

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[+] Can ministun to prevent TP-escapes.
[+] Built-in invisibility with no gimmicks.
[+] Enemies cannot juke or go invisible due to your track.
[+] Track allows you to get all your gold from ganks, so you don't have to farm to be effective.
[+] Extremely high MS (315)
[+] Highest starting armor in the game (5.94)

[--] Limited mana pool, 3 abilities that cost mana.
[--] Very fragile due to low HP.
[--] Relies entirely on ganks to become strong.
[--] Long attack frontswing (0.59 seconds)
[--] Wide damage spread (14)
[--] You're ugly as shit.

Click here to find out more about Bounty Hunter's stats.


Legacy Hotkey: T
The Bounty Hunter throws a shuriken at a target unit, dealing damage.
[Level 1] - 100 Damage
[Level 2] - 200 Damage (Increases by 100)
[Level 3] - 250 Damage (Increases by 50)
[Level 4] - 325 Damage (Increases by 75)

Cooldown: 10 Seconds.
Mana Cost: 90/115/135/155
Casting Range: 650

Shuriken Toss is a powerful nuke, and is unique in that it's greatest effectiveness arrives when you have two points into it. It's not rare for you to finish weakened heroes with this amazing ability once Gondar reaches Level 3. When with a competent laning partner, as I should expect you to be, Windwalk+Shuriken out of nowhere devastates most heroes.


[Damage Calculations - Don't Waste Mana!]
To finish off an enemy hero with Shuriken, they must be below: 75, 150, 188, 244 life. We'll call those your Magic Numbers.

This table can provide a visual example of how much damage your combo is capable of doing up to level 8. The "Backstab" damage calculations includes Windwalk Bonus damage and a single attack (with Jinada crit included) dealing the lowest range of damage against a static 25% damage reduction from armor. This can provide a very rough, but useful estimate when determining if you can kill someone or not.

Hero LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8
2x Backstab----368371434596

This chart implies you followed the 2 Shuriken, 4 Windwalk, 1 Jinada Build described in the "Ability Order" section of the guide.

Total = Backstab + Shuriken + 1 Auto Attack (with Jinada, from level 4 and onward)
2x Backstab = Total + One additional Backstab

[Late-game Shuriken]
When Late-game rolls around, you'll no longer be using Shuriken as a nuke - but instead as a means to cancel dangerous Channeling abilities like Shackles, Freezing Field, Epicenter, or someone's BoT/Scroll of TP. This means instead of opening up with your nuke, you may often want to hang onto it and use it when the time is right.


Legacy Hotkey: W
Turns invisible for a period of time. Deals bonus backstab damage.
[Level 1] - 30 backstab damage, lasts 15 seconds. 1 second fade.
[Level 2] - 60 backstab damage, lasts 20 seconds. 0.75 second fade.
[Level 3] - 90 backstab damage, lasts 25 seconds. 0.5 second fade.
[Level 4] - 120 backstab damage, lasts 30 seconds. 0.25 second fade.

Cooldown: 15 Seconds.
Mana Cost: 50

Windwalk is what makes you a true assassin and a dangerous ganker. Don't feel as if you invincible because you can invis-away at the last second, though. Wards, Dust, Gem, and other anti-invisibility abilities can be easily obtained to destroy you. The main purpose of this ability is to get in close and dodge thrown-spells like Stormbolt. Windwalk is often considered, like I said above, an escape-mechanism. True, it's quite an amazing ability for doing so, but it's other uses are too commonly neglected.


[Golden Rule of Windwalk]
When enemy heroes are around - you should almost never break stealth unless Windwalk is off of cooldown so you can immediately re-cloak.
First off, this will minimize the amount of time you are spent visible - giving your enemies no chance to react unless they have invisibility detection. Second of all, if you have Windwalk ready when you break stealth you can preform a double-backstab.

[Initiating with Windwalk]
A common mistake for Initiating with invisibility is to simply "right-click" on the enemy hero then cast a spell immediately after. While it's not necessarily terrible, there are much better ways to open with Windwalk. First off, try to wait around invisible until your allies are ready. Have your teammates rush out to attack the enemy(s) and backstab and track when the time is right. When coming out of invisibility, you want to make sure you're "blocking" the enemy. Be at an awkward angle so the enemy will either have to fumble around you or go the other way -- running into your team.

When Initiating against 2 or more heroes, things are a bit different. You often want to place yourself so that you can tap one hero while being remotely far away from the second enemy. Wait until the enemies move apart a bit, or until one gets distracted by something else. Once again, wait until your team comes up before you reveal yourself that way you don't get focused immediately -- you'll be torn apart with even basic nukes. And, of course, NEVER try to initiate when you don't have a confident team that will gank with you. It's not too rare, especially in public games, for your team to back away like pussies when you try to set up a gank.

[Invisibility Detectors!]
Warning! If you are near a tower, or they have some other form of invisibility-detection, dodging spells will NOT work! To ensure that there are no wards around, wander around invisible first to see if they attack you, and check everyone's inventories for Gems and Dust. I must reiterate myself because this is important: check everyone's inventory! You will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Click one of the tabs to see a list of items/heroes with invisibility detection.

Invisibility is often seen as a form of invulnerability to a lot of inexperienced Gondar Players. They think they can push Windwalk and magically escape any scenario. Not only are there dozens of ways to find out where you are, there are a lot of skill-shot spells, Like Pudge's Hook or Lina's Dragon Slave, that can hit you whether they can see you or not. Invisibility is first and foremost a way of initiation and ganking - it's not a get out of jail free card. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you'll be able to master Gondar.

[Dodging Spells]
There are many heroes that have point and click spells that can easily be dodged. Make these heroes cry when they waste their precious mana only for you to dodge it with an ability that only costs 50! It's even better than dodging with Blink because you can also move up to them and backstab them too.

Click one of the tabs to see a list of spells you can avoid with Windwalk.

It's Worth Noting that Sniper's Assassinate, Tidehunter's Gush, Ogre Magi's Ignite, Phantom Lancer's Spirit Lance, and other spells specifically cannot be dodged; and certain abilities that are stormbolt-based move too quickly to be dodged. Just keep in mind that dodging spells with WW provides as an extremely handy tool for making enemies waste mana. Always remember which heroes have abilities that you can dodge and be prepared to tap W as soon as you see them try to throw a nuke at you. It may take a bit of practice when timing it, but it can be amazing when you pull it off correctly.

TIP: When you level up Windwalk, your "fade time" (the time it takes for you to become fully invisible) is reduced, allowing a safer escape!

[Dodging Spells Part II: "Baiting"]
There's nothing more satisfying than baiting an enemy into wasting a spell only to Dodge it. Get into a position where your enemy will want to try and throw an ability at you then immediately wind-walk away from it. This works especially well if you act like a moron; making them believe they can get an easy kill by stunning you. Although this is not necessarily recommended against all types of players, because this little trick can be foiled with invis-detection or the enemy having allies coming to gank you while you're messing around. If you open up a gank by running out and dodging a spell; things are already far into your favor as the enemy will rarely have enough time to let his ability's cooldown refresh.

[Windwalk as an Escape Mechanism]
Windwalk is also a great escape mechanism, but like I've said before -- you're not invincible because you can turn invisible. Not only can they get invisibility, they can use abilities on the ground like Shockwave, Fissure, Light-Strike Array, etc. to finish you off. Never wait until the last second to Windwalk and always make sure they have no true-sight. It's important to juke in an unexpected way when using Windwalk. If you Windwalk and move in the direction you were already running as you transitioned, they will aim a spell in that same direction about 95% of the time. Windwalk, then about a second later, randomly turn sharply and head a new direction to throw them off. If they see you turning during transition time, they may notice what you're trying to do, so be careful -- especially against intelligent players.

TIP: If you have a Scroll of Town Portal or Boots of Travel, you can teleport then activate Windwalk for a stealth-escape.


Legacy Hotkey: J (Hotkey to learn the skill)
Passively adds a critical strike and maim to Bounty Hunter's next attack, has a cooldown. Slows for 25% attack and movement speed at all levels.
[Level 1] - 1.5x critical multiplier. 12 second cooldown.
[Level 2] - 1.75x critical multiplier. 10 second cooldown.
[Level 3] - 2.0x critical multiplier. 8 second cooldown.
[Level 4] - 2.25x critical multiplier. 6 second cooldown.

Passive Ability

Sweet and Simple. This ability is what allows you to remain a solid hero as the game progresses into its later stages. The crippling effect allows you to chase down enemies without fail and the Critical Strike means you will not be subjected to Crystalis or Buriza so you can focus on the big-boy DPS items like Monkey King Bar and Stygian.

It's important to note that unlike other critical strike abilities, this one is based on a cooldown and not a %-chance, which means attack speed does not really benefit you compared to raw damage.

TIP: Did you know Critical hits also work with Lifesteal from items like Vladmir's offering or Skeleton King's Vampire Aura?


[Maximizing Potential]
The best effects to accompany critical damage are Lifesteal, Cleaving Attack, and of course: Pure Damage. Since you won't be farming, grabbing a Battlefury is extremely foolish -- it will give you way too much incentive to farm instead of gank. Lifesteal is powerful and can allow you to recover from near-death situations, so that's definitely something we will look into. Finally comes pure, unrefined damage. The best items for pure damage are Stygian Desolator and Monkey King Bar; so we'll have to decide which one is the best for your particular situation. Item discussion will be later; but for the most part, Jinada has no vital tactics to learn -- so that's about it for this ability.


Legacy Hotkey: R
Tracks an enemy hero for 30 seconds or until it dies. Allied units near the tracked target gain 20% movement speed increase. If the target dies, Bounty Hunter gets bonus gold.
[Level 1] - 50 bonus gold (150 for Gondar), reduces target's armor by 1.
[Level 2] - 100 bonus gold (200 for Gondar), reduces target's armor by 3.
[Level 3] - 150 bonus gold (250 for Gondar) bonus gold, reduces target's armor by 5.

Cooldown: 10/7/5 Seconds.
Manacost: 70/60/50
Casting Range: 750/950/1150
MS% Bonus Range: 900
Bonus Gold Range: 925

Track is a wonderful ability, and is why Gondar remains a commonly picked hero for countering invisibility heroes such as Rikimaru. Track gives you wicked movement speed so you can chase down enemies with ease and gives you a hefty amount of bonus gold when the hero dies. Remember that you don't have to be the one who last-hits the hero to get your bonus -- as long as it dies you can claim your reward.

TIP: If a tracked target dies, you'll recieve bonus gold no matter where you are or how they died. Only your allies need to be within the 925 range to receive bonus gold.


[Tagging with Track]
Make sure you Track early and often! It's rather cheap, gives a nice MS bonus, and allows you to see the enemy. Even if you're too low life or out of mana to help your team gank, a Track can make things much easier for your allies as they won't be outran or lose sight of the enemy in fog of war. Tagging every enemy with Track also lands you that delicious bonus to gold when the target dies -- and if you're good, virtually every single kill on the enemy team for the entire game will give you bonus gold due to Track. Tagging with Track early also ensures that heroes like Treant Protector, Rikimaru, Clinkz, etc. won't be able to go invisible and ruin your gank. Make sure you're always with your team against enemy invisibility heroes so your never has to waste money on wards or dust!

Whenever an enemy can outrun you and you can't get close enough to use Track or get within Track's MS Aura, you can always count on another nearby enemy to help you out. Use Track on the other enemy so you get the MS bonus from them, then charge up to the much weaker target you were initially chasing. Although this is a rare tactic, it's helped me numerous times when chasing down low-life heroes that need only a single Shuriken Toss to kill. Sometimes its better to go out of your way to Track a different enemy just to get the MS boost. Don't forget the range of the Aura is 925 -- just a little farther than the range of a tower -- and lasts 1 additional second after leaving that range.

Slingshot-Chasing Technique


Solo Sidelane:
As solo sideline, your goal is to gain farm and experience to Rush an early Desolator. Getting creep kills will be very difficult in many situations, so getting 3 early points Jinada allows you to get a guaranteed last-hit every few seconds. If you're lucky, you'll be able to get boots and Desolator within the first 20 minutes of the game. If your last-hitting isn't going so well, get phase boots first. One point into Shuriken is necessary to stop channeled spells, but keep it at level 1 and use it very sparingly -- that way you can skip mana-regen items to get Desolator faster.

Afterwards, maxing out Windwalk for ganking potential is crucial. You can then get your last point into Jinada and skill attribute bonus instead of Shuriken because by this stage in the game, you'll only be using it for the ministun.

Dual Lane:
The important thing to note here is only getting 2 points into Shuriken. Pay attention to the damage jumps, at level one, Shuriken deals 100 damage. At level two, it deals 200 (that's 100 more), but at level three, it only deals 250 (only 50 more).
Reiteration: Level 2 shuriken is optimal until windwalk is maxed out.

One point into Jinada is absolutely essential for slowing down your enemies, but you can wait until Shuriken and Windwalk are both maxed until getting your last 3 points into Jinada. The criticals only really begin to make people explode once you get Desolator... so the rule of thumb is: start maxing Jinada once you've got Desolator.

Solo Mid:
You can actually use the same build that you use Dual Mid, but for solo mid sometimes maxing Shuriken first can be very powerful. If you maintain proper rune-control with your bottle, you can constantly harass the enemy out of your lane by nuking them down. 325 damage is nothing to gawk at at such an early stage in the game -- but only if you can manage your mana. Furthermore, maxing shuriken early allows you to have a lot of burst damage for when you start roaming.

Gondar's Combo


Gondar is a situational pick for two reasons. His ultimate, Track, makes him a good counter-pick to other stealth heroes. His Windwalk, ironically, makes him weak to heroes that can counter stealth with built-in abilities such as Slardar's ultimate, Amplify Damage. This means Gondar should never be first-picked right away unless you want the enemies to pick accordingly.


Rikimaru, Lanaya, Phantom Lancer, Mirana, Invoker, Slark, Weaver, Clinkz, Nerubian Assassin, Broodmother, and Sand King all have built-in invisibility skills. These make these heroes high-priority for tracking to counter their escape mechanisms.


Drow Ranger, Sniper, Ursa, Vol'Jin and MANY other heroes often buy Lothar's edge to compliment their play-style and give them a much-needed escape mechanism. Picking Gondar in response means one of two things; either you shut down their option to buy Lothar's which will make them much easier to kill - or you will be able to track them and make Lothar's useless for escaping.


Certain heroes with blink or teleportation skills have an unprecedented ability to escape ganks and maneuver out of even the worst situations. By Tracking them, you'll be able to keep up due to the movement speed buff and they won't be able to juke you through trees or fog.


Gondar's Arch-Nemesis. His ultimate is essentially identical to yours - a single target debuff that reduces armor and reveals the target. The primary difference is his reduces armor further instead of granting movement speed and gold bounty bonus. The problem is - Slardar is not an invisibility hero, and you are.

If Slardar is getting to be a real problem, you can buy a diffusal to counter his. With enemies knowing your position even while invisible, it's really hard to escape from fights or initiate them. Also, his stuns wreck your shit and he's one of the few heroes that is going to not only keep up with your mobility but actually outrun you with his Sprint. Scary as hell, I recommend you stay away from this guy.

Tip: Diffusal Blade can remove his Sprint Buff and Amplify Damage Debuff. This can be a very important item to get when dealing with Slardar, but you won't be able to buy Desolator. Also, be warned that Black King Bar will purge his Amplify Damage, but it WON'T stop him from casting it on you - and it WON'T stop his bashes from stunning you!

Tip: Remember, Slardar can only cast his ultimate on you if he can see you to begin with. If you're able to do your combo and re-invis within a short period of time, Slardar cannot Amplify you.



This is my usual starting-build. Stout Shield to minimize harassment on the lane, some basic regen, and three GG branches to be build into magic stick on the lane.

I suggest finding a lane with an ally that has a Basilius as it will indefinitely help you with early on mana problems. You want to quickly get Boots, as your primary purpose is to move around quickly and gank. While out on your lane, you can also buy a Magic Stick from your shop (then later upgrade it). It's an amazing item in almost any line-up since you can recover quite a lot of mana from teamfights and ganks -- which you will be constantly apart of.

I want to make a quick mention of Quelling Blade. Personally, I don't find this item necessary for Gondar. It improves your ability to get last-hits but it pretty much means you're going to get harassed to death on the lane. Depending on who you're up against quelling blade might be more useful.


In addition to Magic Wand, you might want another mana-solver to tie you over until you've completed your core items. Once you've purchased your second DPS items (Like Monkey King Bar, Sange and Yasha, etc.) you can sell one of your mana-solvers since you'll have high enough int to sustain your mana costs throughout a teamfight.

Bottle: Good if you go Solo Mid, or if you're roaming a lot. If you can manage to control the runes effectively, Bottle is the best value. Typically speaking, you could get Bottle + Soul Ring and skip the wand altogether, since they make a nice little combo.
Soul Ring: Like a mini-perseverance but you can also activate it to trade life for mana. Although it makes a fragile ganker even more soft, it allows you to Guarantee you can Shuriken even if you're out of mana which can be very important on a hero like Gondar. This is typically what I build if I don't get a Bottle.


The three big items you need to know about.

Stygian Desolator is an obvious choice. You need pure damage and there's none better than good old Stygian for that. The negative armor improves your Windwalk backstab damage, it makes your jinada crits deal devastating damage, and combined with track you can run people's armor into the ground. This is by far the best item in the game for Gondar.

Medallion of Courage can be considered situational, but god damn this item is strong. I cannot think of any situations where it's not worth purchasing unless you are getting insane farm and want to just flat-out rush huge DPS items. It also gives you +50% mana regen which really helps ease the pain of that 155 mana cost on your Shuriken.

Phase Boots are usually preferred over Power Treads because of how Jinada works. Unlike other critical strike passives, Jinada is on a cooldown which means high damage is far more important than attack speed. Also Phase Boots offer Bounty Hunter a lot more mobility - which is important for a ganker.



Standard, typical build for most games.

Your next major item is usually going to be Monkey King Bar. It grants amazing damage output and works well with Critical Strike for that reason alone. If you notice the enemy team has any evasion abilities it's even better.

TIP: Always keep around a Scroll of Town Portal on hand unless you have Boots of Travel. They can help you escape from nasty situations, move around for ganks, and instantly defend towers!


[Verdict: Yes]

FANTASTIC item to get after Stygian -- in fact it's, in my opinion, the perfect next option. There are even situations where I'd recommend SKIPPING Stygian for this beautiful halberd. It gives you massive +80 damage and 15% IAS, giving you some fierce DPS in addition to the ministun, and it COMPLETELY counters dodge heroes.

[Verdict: Yes]

Despite the attack speed not being your primary focus, Assault is an ideal choice against a primarily physical enemy line-up. The auras can help out your team significantly and the minus armor, combined with Desolator, Track, and Medallion brings your grand total of negative armor to 22. Holy smokes!

[Verdict: Yes]

SnY is no longer an orb, and therefore is an excellent item to grab after your Desolator. It gives you amazing mobility, good balance of DPS/Survivability, and lets you bring all enemies to a cripple with Jinada+Greater Maim. When you're being outran by opponents (which is quite rare due to Track - but it happens), Sange and Yasha is awesome. If the enemies have lots of blinks, however, you should probably stick to pure DPS.

[Verdict: Yes]

This is one of my favorite items to buy after Desolator if I'm absolutely dominating. The lifesteal allows me to instantly heal up after an encounter, and more importantly it allows me to solo Roshan and take stacked ancients easily. With your guaranteed critical hits, you can get a huge chunk of HP back during big teamfights.


[Verdict: Situational]

Black King Bar allows you unleash hell on your enemies without the risk of being disabled, but costs a few hundred gold less than a Desolator and gives you no damage output. If you're up against heavy nukers and disablers, BKB might be a requirement to even use your basic combo.

Buy Avatar against heroes such as these:

TIP: BKB won't stop certain spells. For instance, any ultimate spell that is single-targeted can still stun you. Like Necrolyte or Pudge's ultimates. Doombringer's ultimate will go through immunity; silencing you AND damaging you. Axe's Taunt and ultimate completely go through BKB. Want more info? Here's a full guide on how Magic Immunity works:

DIFFUSAL BLADE (3300 GOLD)(+850 to upgrade)
[Verdict: Situational]

As an alternate to Stygian altogether, Diffusal is actually a great item. It provides Agility (which you need) intelligence (which helps) mana burn, and most importantly Purge. If you don't think you're very farmed or that you don't want to attempt to Carry your team this is a nice supportive item for Purging enemies; especially dangerous steroid ultimates or nasty buffs like Repel. The fact that this item can be upgraded to restock charges is what truly makes Diffusal viable. However, do NOT get Diffusal if you plan on Stygian -- orbs don't stack and you'd be wasting a perfectly good effect.

It's also important to note that Purge can get rid of most silencing effects.

Buy Purge against heroes such as these:

Warning: Using Purge will remove Track's buff! Make sure to purge the enemy first before using Track, or be able to cast track again immediately after purging.

[Verdict: Situational]

Orchid provides okay DPS and you can silence enemies, meaning that you pretty much rule 1v1 fights and you can completely shut down one of their casters. In many ways Orchid fulfills the role of Guinsoo's Scythe as a powerful single-target disable; the difference being that Orchid also gives really good damage output for the money and is much less expensive.

Tip: Keep in mind that if you plan on building Orchid, do not get any mana-solver items, because Orchid itself will provide you with plenty of mana.

Buy Orchid against heroes such as these:

[Verdict: Situational]

I personally feel Black King Bar is better in the majority of situations, but there are some circumstances where blocking a specific spell, such as Doom, can be far more beneficial considering BKB doesn't stop a lot of spells from affecting you. Just keep in mind that people can buy force staff to get rid of your Linken's effect so they can cast their abilities properly.

Buy Linken's against heroes such as these:

[Verdict: Situational]

The big benefit to buying Power Treads is being able to have psudeo +8 to all stats. (Switch to intelligence when casting shuriken, switch to agility when attacking, switch to strength when you're about to take lots of damage) However considering Jinada is based on a cooldown and not a %-chance like most critical strikes, Phase Boots are much better. Also, Phase Boots gives you amazing mobility. Gondar's Wind Walk does not give you movement speed, so Phase Boots REALLY help. However, given the circumstances, you may want the extra HP and attack speed for pushing down towers and keeping sustained DPS throughout a fight. Honestly this one is more situational than anything else.

[Verdict: Situational]

First of all, these boots are REALLY cheap for what they do and I'm primarily impressed by the +80 movement speed more than anything else. Since Phase Boots' effect wears off when you use Windwalk and Gondar stays invisible and out of combat for long periods of time, I think it's safe to say Tranquil boots overall provide better mobility. Although the +24 damage is a beautiful addition to Phase boots and compliments everything Gondar does, the regenerative effects of Tranquil boots seems like it'll let you stay out of base forever when combined with your usual Soul Ring/Bottle + Magic Wand.

[Verdict: Situational]

While it is a very small item, I feel it needs a special mention. There are situations where the PMS is actually a good choice. Since most games I start with Stout, it's only an extra 300 gold (and if you sell it later on, only 150g) from your core items. Ultimately, if you're getting harassed to hell on your lane, it can really make a difference. Only buy this item if you really need it, that's my main line of advice here.

[Verdict: Situational]

I want to outright say don't buy these for one very crucial reason: they're both over 2100g for a purely-defensive item. For the same price you can have boots, magic wand, soul ring, and several hundred gold to spare. It will really slow down your mid-game and render you unable to deal damage. You can still track, shuriken, and windwalk to your heart's content but getting that Desolator as soon as possible is so, so important.


[Verdict: Luxury]

After at least 2 other core DPS items, Butterfly is a powerful asset to your arsenal, but this item is strictly a luxury and should never be rushed as your first item even if you have insane gold per minute from ganks.

[Verdict: Situational Luxury]

The maim, much like Sange & Yasha, as well as the disarm active ability are both really awesome. This would allow you to open up on a fight, disable their carry, start focusing down another hero and with the huge boost to HP and Evasion it'll be really difficult for enemies to kill you. This item could take the place of butterfly in rare situations where disarming their carry is more important than having DPS.

[Verdict: Luxury]

Gives great mobility and free teleportation for the rest of the game, but it's a huge investment for something that gives you no DPS. I usually sell off my boots and buy BoT if the game goes on long enough to where that extra slot is really important to have, because not carrying some form of teleportation is a crime against humanity.

[Verdict: Luxury]

If you're really cocky and you just want to end a game, Divine Rapier is always an option after your core items are done. It gives ridiculous damage for the amount of cash spent and pretty much turns you into a DPS-Machine. Make sure you take down Roshan and grab an Aegis if you decide to buy a DR. I'd say your team should be winning by at least a set of rax before considering Divine Rapier.


[Verdict: No if you went Desolator
Situational if you went Diffusal

I feel that Stygian is core on Gondar and Illusions do not benefit from raw bonus damage which makes Manta seem less appealing right away. Furthermore your low hit-points is problematic, which is why most Manta users buy Vanguard beforehand, and your mana-pool is too low to consistently have illusions ready.

If you went Purge, however, Manta is a viable choice.

[Verdict: No]

Mana-overkill. The +24 damage and mobility boost on Phase Boots is much more appealing. I find buying Arcane Boots outside of support heroes are really just for players who cannot manage their mana. I'm not saying Arcane Boots are a terrible item, but I am saying they are going to make you less effective when compared to other mana-solving options.

[Verdict: No]

This honestly seems like a good choice on Gondar at a first glance; the main problem is that it doesn't grant any real good DPS for an offensive item, setting you back over 3000 gold for an item that has a chance to stun. If you have tried bash and like it, then you might want to give it a shot -- but in my opinion it distracts from your core items and Gondar simply doesn't have enough attack speed to pull it off effectively. Unless you think you know better than I do, stay away from this item.

[Verdict: No]

Oddly enough, this item's stats and abilities compliment Gondar quite well. +100 damage makes your Jinada criticals deal disgusting damage and the 2 second disable is similiar to Guinsoo's hex. However, the regular bash-proc still won't help you much due to Gondar's hit and run attitude and you're not going to be building attack speed items.

Compared Monkey King Bar, you're pretty much paying 1350 gold for +12 damage and a disable effect - and MKB allows you to ignore evasion as well. I don't doubt Abyssal Blade would be useful on Gondar, I just personally think it's better on other heroes.

[Verdict: No]

Vlad's is better, to be frank about it. Mask of Madness is pointless because you don't need attack speed and it makes you way too susceptible to nukes and burst damage. Helm of the Dominator is nice but unless you have at least one other big DPS item that -isn't- desolator, you're not gonna deal enough damage to make it work. I'm pretty adamant on getting Deso or Diffusal - they're the best bet for Gondar.

[Verdict: No]

Items like Dagon and Book are a powerful asset that adds to your burst damage, but unfortunately they don't compliment Gondar's skillset very well. Gondar has a low mana pool which means you'll often not be able to use these items, and furthermore Track reduces armor which inherently makes physical DPS items much stronger for the money spent. By the time Mid-game rolls around, these items will cease to be as effective and you'll really need to be able to deal physical damage to make use of your critical strike. So while they seem strong, they're not so great on Bounty Hunter.

[Verdict: No]

You deal primarily physical damage, and you should be more concerned with flat-damage than agility or attack speed due to how Jinada works.

[Verdict: No]

Jinada already gives you Critical Strike, so don't bother with these either.

[Verdict: No]

Do not bother getting farming items since your main purpose is to GANK. Midas seems appealing, but attack speed doesn't benefit you - and the longer it takes to farm Desolator, the more time your opponents will have to bulk up. If you want to farm, go play a different hero; as Gondar isn't the most effective farmer anyways. Battlefury can be a good situational item if your team has absolutely no AoE and you need to clear creeps, but I digress, it's usually not a very smart choice.

[Verdict: No]

You're very item-dependent and your ability to farm is quite bad. Support items seem great on Gondar because he's ganking and roaming a lot and you'll be getting the most use out of items like Smoke and Observer Wards, but just try to encourage your team to buy them for you. Make them feel like they're getting their monies worth because whenever they buy support items, you gank. If your team consists of 4 other carries, well it's probably a total joke game anyways, and you can buy some.


Anything else not mentioned should be obvious or too situational not to mention. Janggo is good situationally, Armlet and Lothar's are full-retard, Heart might be good as one of your last items (after Deso, MKB, BKB, Butterfly, etc.), Skadi doesn't give enough DPS to justify the huge cost and you already Maim people with your attack.


:Closing Comments:

At first I felt Gondar was a terribly awkward hero, but when ganking with competent allies; you can be a fatal asset to your team. I've seen many Gondar players get Battlefury and farm it up then devastate late-game; but only in pub-games where they feed off of morons the whole game and get free-farm. If you're ready for a serious match, don't let Gondar's amazing ganking capabilities go to waste because you are farming. Play a hero like Soul Keeper if you want to farm; but not Gondar.

Stick close to my tactics and play aggressively and you will definitely succeed.



July 19th, 2009: Added the guide to the Play-DotA forums.
July 21st, 2009: Fixed the dividers from going off screen due to the narrow format.
July 23rd, 2009: Added Perseverance as an option in the core build and updated a few details including some new "tips".
July 30rd, 2009: Updated icon sources.
July 30rd, 2009: Added names/prices to the item breakdown and reconsidered Sange & Yasha as a "maybe" option and included a small analysis between it and Stygian Desolator.
January 8th, 2010: I've attempted to update as many things as I could find from 6.61b (where I stopped) to now, 6.65. I'm simply making an effort to keep the guide alive despite not playing DotA very much anymore. If you see any other things I did not yet change, please notify me via PM.
December 18th, 2011: Completely updated and rewrote several sections of the guide. Updated broken image links, changed build order to work with the latest item changes (most notably SnY and Medallion), and cleaned up a lot of otherwise convoluted points.
December 24th, 2011: Made necessary changes in order to comply with the latest patch. Reorganized many sections into the "tabs" feature that I wasn't familiar with 2 years ago when I first wrote the guide.
January 4th, 2012: Removed the italics from tips because it made them annoying to read. Updated the core item build to offer three alternative, example item builds depending on certain scenarios.
February 5th, 2012: Added some information about invisibility detection.
March 5th, 2012: Updated some of the visuals on the guide to make it more clear 'what section' you were reading, made the skill and item builds more concise - cut out a lot of extra, unnecessary commentary.

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