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Guide by Fmr.THE-FAT

Please refer to here for information about Cairne Bloodhoof.

Skill Overview

Echo Stompis not exactly Tauren Chieftain's "Bread and Butter", but is your main mess-shit-up spell. A 5 second AOE stun is amazing and has a 500 area from each Tauren (meaning your Ancestral Spirit). Make sure to note that the mana scales up as your put points into this spell, so early game use is definitely viable. Even though the stun increases, your cast time remains the same, always 1.4 seconds, so this needs to be maxed as soon as possible.

Ancestral Spirit is the main deal. Although it takes a little practice to figure out how to control and use, this can wreak havoc in large conflicts paired with Echo Stomp and gives huge bonuses to damage and speed for every enemy that it passes through. It lasts for 8 seconds at all levels and if you get too close to the spirit, it will walk back into you, regardless if you just sent it out, so be careful.

Natural Order This spell, is amazing. At a 250 AOE you completely remove all of the enemies defenses, both magical and physical. Once the distance is too far, the effect is removed so becareful. This can make you a monster lategame so be sure not to delay it.

Earth Splitter does not get weaker as the game goes on. This is a large thing to take note of. Since it deals on percentages (35%) instead of a set damage, it will be just as effective late game as early game. Although your early game domination might be hindered slightly because of this, it is good in the long run. Coupled with Echo Stomp, it is very easy to place this spell, not to mention the enourmous AOE of 2400 that it has. The 50% slow lasts for 3/4/5 seconds and there is a 3 second delay before the effect, so be careful.

Skill Build

Level 1: Echo Stomp

Level 2: Ancestral Spirit

Level 3:Ancestral Spirit

Level 4:Echo Stomp

Level 5:Ancestral Spirit

Level 6: Earth Splitter

Level 7:Ancestral Spirit

Level 8:Echo Stomp

Level 9:Echo Stomp

Level 10: Natural Order

Level 11:Earth Splitter

Level 12:Natural Order

Level 13:Natural Order

Level 14:Natural Order

Level 15: Attribute Bonus

Level 16:�Earth Splitter

Levels 17-25: Attribute Bonuses


Very basic and easy to remember. Take Echo Stomp at Level 1 instead of Ancestral Spirit because a two second AOE stun does have a better use than a 120 damage nuke. At Level 6 you take Earth Splitter to complete your combo and then Natural Order whenever you can to increase your overall damage. Stats at end.

Item Build

Levels 1-6

  • Chicken with Circlet, Branches, and Tango
  • Bottle with Chicken
  • Complete Null Talisman

Levels 7-14

  • Void Stone
  • Staff of Wizardry and Robe of the Magi
  • Complete Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Levels 15-25

  • Boots of Travels
  • Shiva's Gaurd


On a side note I believe Chicken and Bottle are some of the best items in the game, and they go well with Tauren Chieftain. So I purchase them first. The Void Stone then comes next to give mana increased regen and as the first part of Void Stone. Complete your Null Talisman whenever you can. Finish Eul's Scepter for killing and ganking purposes. Boots of Travels are a preferred alternative to Phase Boots. Farming is extremely easy with Quelling Blade (which is an option for early game) so it isn't that much of a hassle to gain the extra gold, and you need to ability to travel around easily and efficiently. Shiva's Gaurd is to increase your AOE potential and goes will with your role.

Cairne Bloodhoof the Tauren Chieftain
Author: THE-FAT
Map Vers.: 6.60b

Guide To Cairne Bloodhoof

Learn to play this Beast

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