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I will only show items for this guide (this is my first time creating a guide)


- For the early game items you should go to two gaunlets of strength and the rest of your money to buy tango.

- When you already got 500 buy a boots of speed.

- But don't go to threads first, instead build vladimirs so that you'll have a good chance at killings and you'll be able to lifesteal.

- After building vladimirs go to threads now. If you already built these two items you're opponents will have a hard time killing you.

- Now try to build BKB, if you already built these i'm sure you can take down to death all of you're freakin opponents!

- Now to torture them more ! ! !! ! ! Build a Cranium Busher so that HIGH SPEED + BASH = OMG ! !! ! ! ! !

- You can also try SY so even without you're SS you'll be a ninja you're so fast plus you damage so badly you're opponents will beg for mercy ! ! !

- Sorry, this is my 1st time making a guide but next time I promise I'm going to create an awesome guide

- Tnx for reading this guide )

Banehallow the Lycanthrope
Author: dnomyar17
Map Vers.: 6.72f

An item guide to BANEHALLOW

LOL :))

Date Posted: 11/21/11
Last Comment:29/11/2011
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