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>- The Moon Rider -<
An Luna's guide by thiago_d_d

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>- Table of Contents -<

1 - Introduction

Welcome to my second guide, people! I'm very enthusiastic with the job of doing guides, and after my Akasha's guide, I wanted to do this Luna's guide. Before really starting this guide, I want to make two considerations:

- I'm a brazilian whose native language is not english, so I may make a mistake or two, correct me if you see any errors.
- this guide is not meant to competitive play, authough you can find some utility to competitive play too.
- in this guide I use the same format I used in my Akasha's guide.

Do you want to know why I choosed Luna to be in my second guide? It's just because I love this Moon Rider! I think she is a very good carry hero that have a strong early game presence. So, it's not hard to have a good game with her, starting from level 1: she is not like Mortred(a hard-carry), that is like a half-layer paper at early game, although Luna is very fragile too early game. If you play with Luna, you have everything to own at every stage of the game. Now, let's start the guide!

- 04/10/2011 - Draft guide created
- 26/10/2011 - Increased many things to the guide.
- 21/11/2011 - Guide published.
- 27/11/2011 - Guide updated.
- 28/11/2011 - Guide updated.

2 - Hero Stats

Strength 15 + 1.9Agility 22 + 2.8Intelligence 16 + 1.85
Affiliation: Sentinel
Attack Animation: 0.46 / 0.54
Damage: 43 - 49
Casting Animation: 0.6 / 0.4
Armor: 3.08
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 330
Missile Speed: 900
Attack Range: 330
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Luna Moonfang may look and feel soft and tender, but she can deal great amounts of damage to both single and multiple foes. Her Lucent Beams inflict ample damage from high range early on, and her ultimate Eclipse fires multiple beams rapidly at random targets around her, making quick work of isolated opponents. Her glaive attacks passively bounce from one target to the next, allowing her to deal damage to a number of units, and can become extremely powerful if enough damage is acquired. She passively empowers herself and nearby allies with a Lucent Blessing, which also increases her night vision. The Moonrider needs to be kept down, and to bring her down one must approach with caution, precision or backup.

Luna Moonfang is a stalwart and devout follower of the Moon Goddess, Elune. She fights alongside the Sentinel in the never-ending battle to cleanse the land of the unholy Scourge. Through her valiant efforts, she has been granted small portions of Elune's mystical power. Luna uses this gift to cut a swath through her enemies. It has been said that Luna is able to call down the very light of the moon, and is always surrounded by a glowing aura, as though in moonlight herself. Luna is a shining beacon for the Sentinel, an ever vigilant protector.

6.69 Changes
- Eclipse (Aghanim's version) target limit increased from 5 to 6
- Strength growth increased from 1.75 to 1.9
- Movement speed increased from 320 to 330
6.72 Changes
- Lunar Blessing rescaled from 8/16/24/32 to 14/20/26/32

Comments: Luna is not receiving too much attention recently. Maybe it's because she is a pretty balanced hero. In 6.69, she received 3 great buffs, and in 6.72 we have a very great buff too. In my opinion, Luna is perfect as she is.

3 - Pros AND Cons

- Has insane base movespeed (330)
- Has one of the best team auras of the game.
- Has an "Battle Fury like" passive.
- Has an insane damage ultimate.
- Has an very good nuke, with an very low cooldown.
- Is a very good carry, that have a good presence early game.

- Is very fragile.
- Has an ultimate that is situatinal.
- Doesn't have a escape mechanism.
- Tends to be focused.

Don't pick Luna:
- if you don't like to play with carries and do good last-hit.
- if you are noob.

Pick Luna:
- if you do good last-hit.
- if you aren't a noob.
- if you like to change the tides of the battle.

4 - Luna Skills

Lucent Beam
Hotkey: C
Affects: One unit
Luna concentrates on the moon's energy and channels it forcefully to the surface, damaging an enemy unit. Stuns for a short duration.

LevelMana CostCooldownCasting RangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
1906800N/A0.6 secondsEnemy UnitsDeals 75 Damage, and a ministun
21006800N/A0.6 secondsEnemy UnitsDeals 150 Damage, and a ministun
31106800N/A0.6 secondsEnemy UnitsDeals 225 Damage, and a ministun
41206800N/A0.6 secondsEnemy UnitsDeals 300 Damage, and a ministun
Damage type: magical
Posseses a mini-stun, allowing it to effectively interrupt the target.

This skill is a very good nuke with a very short cooldown. It haves a ministun, so you can use it to interrupt channeling spells. Early, it's you main damage source, combined with your ultimate.

- Damaging: use it to harass and to damage enemy heroes during team battle and ganks.
- Interrupt channeling: you can use it to save you or your allies from some dangerous spells, like: Pudge's Dismember, Rhasta's Shackles and Witch Doctor's Death Ward.
- Chasing: when your allies are chasing the enemy with you and when you use it, your allies may get closer to the enemy.
- Finishing off heroes: this skill has a above average casting range, so you can finish heroes with it easily.

Moon Glaive (Passive)
Hotkey: G
Affects: Enemies and Structures
Allows Luna to attack extra enemies with each Glaive attack. Each enemy struck beyond the first incurs a 35% damage loss, per unit.

LevelMana CostCooldownCasting RangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
1N/AN/AN/A500N/AEnemy units and structuresBounces once
2N/AN/AN/A500N/AEnemy units and structuresBounces twice
3N/AN/AN/A500N/AEnemy units and structuresBounces three Times
4N/AN/AN/A500N/AEnemy units and structuresBounces four Times
Luna's Attack does not function if she tries to attack a unit with any of the following: Maelstrom , Mjollnir , Stygian Desolator.
Moon Glaives take precedence over the following: Feedback (Diffusal Blade) and Cold Attack (Eye of Skadi).

This is your "Batlle Fury-like" passive: it makes your attack bounce and hit multiple targets. At level 4, it nearly doubles your DPS. Beware, it doesn't work with Maelstrom , Mjollnir, Stygian Desolator, Diffusal Blade and Skadi.

- Inscrease your DPS.
- Harass enemies during lane phase, as bounces may hit them, effectively increasing your range.

Lunar Blessing
Hotkey: L
Affects: All allies around 900AOE (including you)
Provides all nearby allied heroes with constant bonus damage as well as extra night vision for your hero.

LevelMana CostCooldownCasting RangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
1N/AN/AN/A900N/AAllied heroes Provides full night vision range for Moon Rider as well as +14 damage to nearby heroes
2N/AN/AN/A900N/AAllied heroes Provides full night vision range for Moon Rider as well as 20 damage to nearby heroes
3N/AN/AN/A900N/AAllied heroes Provides full night vision range for Moon Rider as well as +26 damage to nearby heroes
4N/AN/AN/A900N/AAllied heroes Provides full night vision range for Moon Rider as well as +32 damage to nearby heroes

This is one of the best team auras of the game. It increases the damage of all heroes around you. If everyone of the team is near, it's like and 160 damage passive, that makes easy for you team to kill the Roshan, for example. Don't underestimate it. I have seen Luna picked in a interesting strategy, that consists in roshaning before the first creep waves spawns, using proper heroes. Luna with her aura is one of these heroes.
And this skill gives to you full night vision, that helps to lands good ultimates at night and to avoid being ganked.

- Inscrease the team DPS.

Hotkey: E
Affects: Random Enemies Around 675 AOE
Calls on the moon's magic, summoning multiple Lucent Beams to damage targets around Luna. Damage is based on the level of Lucent Beam. Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter.

LevelMana CostCooldownCasting RangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
1150160N/A6751.8 secondsEnemy units Summons 4 Lucent Beams. Each target can only be hit 4 (6*) times
2200150N/A6753.6 (4.2*) secondsEnemy units Summons 7 (8*) Lucent Beams. Each target can only be hit 4 (6*) times
3250140N/A6755.4 (6.6*) secondsEnemy units Summons 10 (12*) Lucent Beams. Each target can only be hit 4 (6*) times
Damage type: magical
Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values).
Beams deal damage based on the level of Lucent Beam (Eclipse will not deal damage if you did not learn Lucent Beam).
Beams are released between intervals of 0.6 seconds.
Beams will stop if Luna is killed.
Unlike individual Lucent Beam casts, Eclipse Lucent Beams do not ministun.
Will not hit invisible units.
Turns day into night for 10 seconds

This is your ultimate. And a very lethal one too: it can really turn the tides of the battle, with it you can win even an 2x1 battle. "Beams deal damage based on the level of Lucent Beam", don't forget this. And don't forget that it hits random enemies around you, so NEVER use it when creeps are around you. That's why your ultimate is situational: you only should use it when the enemy heroes are isolated.
This ultimate makes the enemy team fear to gank you.

- Damaging the isolated enemy heroes.

5 - Skill Build

The common build
Level 1 - Lunar Blessing/Lucent Beam
Level 2 - Lucent Beam/Lunar Blessing
Level 3 - Lucent Beam
Level 4 - Lunar Blessing
Level 5 - Lucent Beam
Level 6 - Eclipse
Level 7 - Lucent Beam
Level 8 - Lunar Blessing
Level 9 - Lunar Blessing
Level 10 - Moon Glaive
Level 11 - Eclipse
Level 12 - Moon Glaive
Level 13 - Moon Glaive
Level 14 - Moon Glaive
Level 15 - Atribute Bonus
Level 16 - Eclipse
Levels 17 - 25 - Atribute Bonus

Build Justification: Luna's skill build is not flexible. The best build is this build, and any other build will have a low effectiveness. So...At level 1 you take Lunar Blessing: only pick Lucent Beam if you have enemy heroes that are channelers starting at level 1, like Rhasta and Tauren Chieftain. If you picked Luna Blessing, at level 2 pick Lucent Beam and vice versa. So you max Lucent Beam after this, after you max Lunar Blessing, and at last max Moon Glaive. Take Eclipse whenever you can, it's a very good ultimate that cost low mana, I don't see why not to take it.

Support Build?
I see some people making a build that consists in maxing the two passives, and not taking Lucent Beam and Eclipse. Please, don't do this! Luna is a CARRY, not an support, and she really needs her ultimate and her Lucent Beam.

6 - Items Builds

Starting Items

These items are tolerable starting items. Make combinations of these. You never should buy a courier in organized games, let you support do this. But in PUBS, where they don't like team play, you may buy a courier for yourself, and share if you are a good person. You may get Gauntlets of Strength, but I don't recomend. Normally, my starting build is this:

Core Items
Normal Core
Core Justification: You need lifesteal to stay more time laning, so you can farm without going to base. Luna is a very good lifesteal carrier. Buy Yasha to increase your chasing potential, increasing even more your speed and DPS or buy an Ultimate Orb, to increase you survability and DPS.

Armlet Core

Core Justification: Really, I was not fan of armlet but, after testing it with Luna, I'm surprised with the results. It increases your DPS and even your survability, as you can use the extra HP of armlet to escape from dangerous situations. It's even better with lifesteal, that will nullify the degen. And the sinergy with Manta is good, because the illusions gains the extra HP.

Extension and Boots

These three boots fits well Luna. Threads is usually the best choice. But Luna can use the damage and active of Phase very well (and the MS boost is great on Luna, because of her high base MS). And BoT is very useful late game, when the game turns into a pushing and ganking war.
You may buy one or two bracers if you feel you are too much squishy. You may buy Wraith Bands too, that increases your DPS more than the Bracers.
Buy Wand if facing casters, this item fits well with every hero.


Urn is item that fits almost every hero, and Luna is no exception. RoB is a good item that make the laning phase a hell for you enemies, as you will have more mana to cast your nuke. The same with Soul Ring, but with this item the laning phase will be worse for your enemies.
But I think these items are mediocre for Luna, and the low HP of Luna maybe can't support the Health Loss of the Soul Ring.

Luxury Items

Usually it is my first Luxury item. It increases greatly Luna's DPS, and gives some survability. A very good item for Luna.

I usually buy this after the Manta Style, as this item combined with Manta transforms Luna into a DPS monster.

I'm not a fan of this item, and I really don't recommend for you to buy this item, buy Manta instead. But overall it increases you chasing ability and gives you some survability.

I don't like this item for Luna, but it's not bad at all.

Luna is a carry, so ,after you buy some DPS items, you may buy this.

DPS items like these are good on Luna. But I usually buy them after some AS items.

It can be a very good choice even as a core, if your enemy team don't have harassers. With it, you can increase even more the damage of your ult for an enemy hero. And it greatly increases your phisical DPS.

Luna is very squishy, so these items are good after you buy some DPS items.

Situational Items

BKB if you have some problems with disablers. And about blade mail , as I said in my Akasha's Guide: "I buy it a very few times, when I am loosing the game and I have more hp than the hero I'm trying to counter."

Rejected Items

Don't buy these items! They don't work properly with your attacks!

and more caster items.
You aren't a caster. Buy DPS items instead.

Suport items:
You AREN'T a support!

Items for manliest brutes:
Just kidding! Void isn't a monster like that. But you definitelly should not buy items like these.

7 - Acting during the game

Early Game
The most important thing here is the lane you will choose. I recommend going to mid lane, but probably your team will have some solo mid monsters, like Invoker or Shadow Fiend, so you can use the other solo if your team have a tri lane or you may go to a double lane, preferably with an ally that don't need too much farm.
Don't go to tri lanes... I know Luna is a carry, and normally tri lanes have a carry (90% of the time it is not a normal carry, but a hard carry, like Void, Mortred or Spectre), but she is a special carry, that really needs levels and farm early, because she has anything needed to own at the very start of the game.
When laning, use your low cooldown nuke to harass starting at level 3, when the nuke have two levels. It's a very good nuke to waste mana when at level 1. To kill your enemy will be difficult if he has some intelligence, but if your see a chance to kill him, do it. If you have a partner with a stun, things become more interesting.

Mid Game
The things here start to become interesting. With your ult, you can gain some kills and gank sometimes. The number one rule here is not to die, and farm and farm, and gank when the situation is good. But don't forget, don't die! You are a special carry, indeed, you have some power early and mig game, indeed, but if you die you are pretty much screwed late game. And farm...
Ah, haave I forgot to say to you that you shouldn't die?
PS: don't do rambo, please! Luna is a carry, so don't start battles that you know you will die, even if you do a double kill! Maybe you can do it if you do a rampage.

Late Game
If you went well mid game, you will own much more here. Luna is a carry, and at this phase of the game you can show to the enemy the power of the moon! But, if you went bad mid game, you are pretty much screwed...The only drawback of this phase is the great power the enemy hard carries gain. Luna is a carry, not an hardcarry, so you can't deal with farmed hard carriers without the help of your team.

Tri Lane
As I said, tri lanes aren't good for Luna. But it's not that bad: if you pick your aura at level 1, your team will gain +42 damage (counting only the 3 heroes of the tri lane), what greatly helps.

Here is the range of Lucent Beam, it's good to know it before using it.

It's good that you don't waste your ultimate, because you think it will hit. Here is the aproximate circle that shows the AOE of your ultimate.

Think in every game
I can't stress enough with this. I said his in my Akasha guide, I'm saying this in this guide and I will say forever in all my guides: to have a good game, you have to think. You have to act accondingly with your enemies and with your allies. Just don't sit there auto-attacking someone, all the game you have to think and think.
With this I mean you have to know your enemies: you have to know what they can do, and prepare for them. You should not, for example, engage two nukers/stunners alone. You should, for example, teste your enemies and know if they are experienced or not. If they are, play cautiously. If they aren't, play aggressive.

Luna is very fragile so, if you don't think, you will die if you don't have escape mechanism. Because of this I suggested Lothar or Force Staff as escape mechanisms: Luna have no natural escape mechanisms, only have a high MS. Obviously, Lothar and Force Staff aren't your only items that gives escape mechanisms. Here I will show how to use all your escape mechanisms:
Lothar - just go invisible and don't go to obvious places and you should be fine. If enemies have gem or dust, try to use your exra MS of lothar to juke.
Force Staff - just face your escaping path and use the item on you. Try to use terrain to your advantage, you can pass through terrain with force staff and, hopefully, your enemy can't.
Manta - you can dodge projectiles with this, including stuns. And the images can be used to confuse your enemy.
Etheral Blade - you can escape from auto-attack heroes with this, if they are alone.
BKB - yes, BKB, although I don't recommend the use of BKB only to escape. As you have high MS, you will be nearly imune to the enemies. Don't work against heroes with high mobility, though.

They deserve a especial mention here: runes are too much useful for Luna.
Haste - the less useful rune for Luna, as she haves an natural high MS. Leave to your allies.
Illusion - very useful for Luna, it's like a free Manta during a few seconds. Pick it, as it transforms you into a DPS monster.
Double Damage - the best rune to Luna, you have to pick it. Only give this to Mortred, Void and Spectre. Oterwise, pick it.

In the first place, I don't know if anyone already used this strategy. But me and my friends created this strategy, and it is extremelly powerfull. We use it in pubs to rape the noobs or even in a few organized games. If you have 4 friends, try it and you will be amazed.
This is the Roshaning Rush Strategy, as we call it. It consists in roshaning even before the first creep wave reach the mid tower. Believe me, IT IS powefull.

First, your team have to choose two heroes:
- Syllabear - his bear will tank roshan
- Any heroe with an team passive that increases DPS, Luna is the best hero hero here.
Second, you have to decide what you will do after killing roshan. There are two options:
- your team may rush mid, for a fast game.
- everyone of your team may buy an tp and go to their lanes.
Third, go kill roshan.

This strategy requires coordination, even more if your team want to rush mid. Your team will gain a great advantage, as everyone will be in Level 2(nearly Level 3), one of your team will have an Aegis, and everyone will have extra gold.
PS: I will not upload replays about this strategy. u.u

8 - Replays

Pub Random Luna Replay
Click here to see the replay.
Bad things I have done:
- In this replay, I do an bad farm, which I don't recommend to you.
- Some noob ultimates.
- Some noob actions during laning with Gyro and Krob.

Good things I have done:
- Some good and surprise ultimates.
- Some good farm at mid game.

9 - Bad Enemies and Good Allies

Good Allies

They are everyone best friends and worst enemies.


When in double lanes, babysitters help your to stay in lane. Support are welcome, too.

DPS increasers

They help your to dish even more damage.

Special Mentions

This little fucking monter can hold all the enemy heroes in one place, making a full and easy use of your moon glaive and your ultimate.

The same as above.

Omnigay. The heal really helps your little hp, and the magic imunity plus normal attacks imunity are sooooo sexy with your ult.

Worst Enemies

They are everyone best friends and worst enemies.

Hard Carriers

If they become what they plan to become (monsters), it will be difficult to you to stop them.

Silence Heroes

Not really a pain, if you have some physical DPS items. But sometimes they are really a pain, as sometimes you really need your ultimate.

Luna Moonfang the Moon Rider
Author: thiago_d_d
Map Vers.: 6.72f

Let the moon shine

Luna's Not Alt-Tab Guide (6.72f)

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