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A Competitive Beginner’s Guide to Eredar the Shadow Demon
Writtien By
SM|Unan1mous and Puuchuking

Forum Version & Guide Version

*Note, you may have to refresh the page once to make sure all the pictures load, also you might experience a little lag while the Gifs of the Banners are loading, We apologise for the incovenience

Alt-Tab Mini Guide:

Skill build:

In Words

1.Shadow Poison/Disruption
2.Disruption/Shadow Poison
3.Shadow Poison
4.Soul Catcher
5.Shadow Poison
6.Demonic Purge
7.Shadow Poison
8.Soul Catcher
9.Soul Catcher
10.Soul Catcher
11.Demonic Purge /Disruption
16.Demonic Purge /Stats
24.Stats/Demonic Purge
25.Stats/Demonic Purge

Item build:



In Words

Core: Tp Scroll, Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, Magic Wand, Urn of Shadows, Power Treads/Arcane Boots
Situational: Bracer/Null, Meka, Eul's, Orchid, Bloodstone, Necrobook, Linken's, Shiva's, Pipe, Guinsoo's

Table of Contents:

0.Title, Alt-tab miniguide, table of contents
I.Background Story
III.Pros & Cons
IV.Hero Role
V.2.Explanation of Skillbuild
V.3.Skill Mini guides
V.3.1.Mini Guide to Disruption
V.3.2.Mini Guide to Soul Catcher
V.3.3.Mini Guide to Shadow Poison
V.3.4.Mini Guide to Demonic Purge
VI.1.Starting Items
VI.3.Boot Choices
VI.4.Core/Reccomended Items
VI.5.Situational Items
VI.6.Epic fails/Facepalms
VII.1.Early Game
VII.2.Mid Game
VII.3.Late Game
VIII.Good Allies
IX.Worst Enemies
X. Replays
XI. Last Words

“Long before the war of the Scourge and the Sentinel, an ancient demon named Eredar waged war on all creation. No champion of Light could match him, but he was betrayed and killed by his own underlings. However, the faintest sliver of his shadow survived; over the millennia Eredar regained a portion of his former being and grows stronger each day, but in a twist of fate his new form was that of a gnoll. Eredar’s new form is not well suited to direct confrontation, but he knows a number of objurations and tricks to deal with his foes; his skills include banishment, poison, curses, and darker demonic arts.”


Affiliation: Scourge
Attack Animation: 0.35/0.5
Damage: 53-57
Casting Animation: 0.3/0.51
Armor: 3
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 295
Missile Speed: 900
Attack Range: 500
Sight Range:1800 / 800

[+]-Decent Starting stats
[+]-Early First blood Potential
[+]-Can Harass
[+]-Irritates the Hell out of enemies
[+]-Lane Control
[+]-Low Cooldown Spells
[+]-High Starting Armor
[+]-Is Ranged
[+]-Skills that adapt to the flow of the game
[+]-Low mana costing spells

[-]-Low base movement speed of 295
[-]-Does not receive kills, due to the fact that he is support
[-]-Magic wand is a good counter to poison
[-]-Has another hero with the same speech pattern D:< (Necrolyte)
[-]-Doesn’t Have a beard.

Eredar is a special hero (yeah you knew that) meaning he can play many roles. The most common for him is support or ganker.

As a Ganker: You must play as support until lvl 6. When you finally hit lvl 6, you can start to roam around the map using your ulti to start a kill attempt. You should let the carry get the kill if possible, if not just take it. While the enemy is under the effects of purge, it is your job to spam you shadow poison and amp up the damage with soul catcher if you can land it. Releasing poison is very important because you want the hero to die while you or allies are in range of the enemy cause them to get xp. Remember that getting over 4 stacks is useless so release after 4 stacks to get maximum damage.
Note: that you will achieve less xp and gold gain then any of your team mates if you decide to roam

As Support: You are most likely going to be in a tri-lane if not a dual lane. Your job is to harass and let your carry farm. When attempting for kills when you are lvl 6. Use disruption either on your targeted enemy if hes out of range, or his partner in lane that could cause the most damage or disable any of your team mates. Crystal maiden and lion are valid examples of who to disrupt if attempting a kill because they can completely stop the gank with their stuns/disables. At lvl 6 you can target your enemy with purge and disrupt the laning buddy to achieve an easy kill. Always remember to use your shadow poison. Come mid-late game you should be opting for purely support items such as hex, urn, meka and more

Note: playing both roles requires you to understand that you are just a dog (yes you are), you must be willing to die for your carries and protect your allies as much as possible, your life isn't worth as much as your carries.

MoveStopHold PositionAttack
PatrolAttribute BonusRelease PoisonHero Abilities
DisruptionSoul CatcherShadow PoisonDemonic Purge

Disruption – (75MC) – (16CD)
Eredar banishes the target to a dimensional pocket for 2.5 seconds removing it from play for the duration. Upon return two images of the target are create under Eredar’s control which last for 6 seconds.

Level 1 - Illusions deal 30% Damage
Level 2 - Illusions deal 40%Damage
Level 3 - Illusions deal 50% Damage
Level 4 - Illusions deal 60% Damage

This is your early game escape mechanism, and late game pushing skill. This skill scales with the game, as your allies and enemies get stronger, so do the illusions. Think of it as a free manta combined with astral imprisonment. You can use this on allies, your self, and enemies.

1.Shadow Poison/Disruption
2.Disruption/Shadow Poison
3.Shadow Poison
4.Soul Catcher
5.Shadow Poison
6.Demonic Purge
7.Shadow Poison
8.Soul Catcher
9.Soul Catcher
10.Soul Catcher
11.Demonic Purge /Disruption
16.Demonic Purge /Stats
24.Stats/Demonic Purge
25.Stats/Demonic Purge

Explanation of Skill build:

Disruption – Skill level one of this at level one if you’re going to be harassed, it can be used to avoid projectile stuns and orb harasses. Skill this later in mid game to aid your pushing potential.

Soul Catcher – Although shadow poison is really useful, this is also a useful skill in any point in the game due to the fact that it is percentage based. This takes second priority after shadow poison.

Shadow Poison – This is going to be your early game nuke and harass, so max it fast as you can. Use this wisely and you can easily achieve first blood during early game. Once you have a sufficient amount of mana this could also be used to push creep waves if desperate.

Demonic Purge – Skill this at level 6 for sure, but think before you skill it at level 11 and 16. “Is the 100+ damage really worth it?” If ‘yes’ Skill it, if ‘no’ save it for the later levels.

Starting Items:
Your starting items should consist of a few of the following:

a total of 589 Gold. In this build, you are going for more of a laning build. You will have to decide between observer wards and sentry. Usually observer take priority but if another support hero on your team has already gotten obs, and the chicken is bought, go for sentry to try to shut out your opponents vision to gain a early game advantage.

This is the "I am in a pub laning with harassers or a BB in my lane" build. You can also take the Magic wand recipe with you instead of the wand and finish it in lane as well.

Take this if you want to be a little more defensive, also you can finish the RoB in lane.

If you were lucky enough to random eredar

The Jungling Build
What? You think Eredar can't jungle? Think again.
CAUTION: This Style of play is not suited for Eredar, because early game is where he shines the most. This is just an example of what Eredar is capable of IF he has to jungle

This is a decent example of Eredar's jungle style, but I am aware that some of you guys could do better!


You are support. So you are in charge of warding. See some complete warding guides if you are not familiar:

Boot Choices:

Not getting an upgrade on these? Well in some cases you might feel that upgrading them would not be necessary. You will be limited in ms but you will be able to buy other items to cover this. It is advised to upgrade your boots though.

This pair of boots can adapt to the situation: Extra mana or extra hp. This would be the normal pick of boots for Eredar.

If you and your team are having a mana crisis, then this is the shoe for you. It also grants an extended mana pool for your spamming pleasure. This can be changed to Boots of Travel and soul booster late game.

Hardy ever should you buy these boots on Eredar. Although the bonus damage and speed is nice, it lacks giving you mana + health which are vital for you. Get this is you plan on being offensive and your team has either an early game advantage or your team is ahead.

Do NOT start with these, start with either arcane boots or power treads as your starting shoe. The money you spend making these could be going to other things such as wards or making a meka, or any other item that will help your team massively. Exchange to these once you have filled your remaining item slots with the elitest of weapons.

Core/Recomended Items

Magic Stick/Magic Wand
Do we really have to give a reason to get this? It’s pretty much good on any hero and gives you a small burst of free life that could be just enough to save your life, the cheap cost makes it all the better. We recommend getting this in any situation.

Urn of Shadows
A wonderful item on Eredar, due to the fact that he is a wonderful ganker, Also the heal is just what you need to help your miserable heal rate. The Strength points and Mana regen will greatly aid you as well.

Ring of Basilius
A Very Nice item on Eredar, try and claim this early game for mana regen, and make a vlads out of it later if your carry requires it.

Observer Wards/Sentry Wards
Do I even need to explain why to get these? If you must know you can look at the pwnage ward guides above. Not getting these is like playing Invoker with a vlads. GET THEM!

Scroll of Town Portal
This should be obvious. Escaping, ganking, defending...etc. The TP scroll is something you should never walk around without. If an ally is getting ganked in another lane, you can tp and disrupt to save him/her, if a tower is getting pushed, you can tp to the tower to hold off the creeps and heroes. You should have at least 1 of these in your inventory at all times (except at the start maybe).

Situational Items

Null Talisman/Bracer
Null for mana, bracer for hp; these can help early game if you are farming well, but Eredar is already well equipped with high base stats and stat gain so only get these if you feel that they are necessary.

Mekansm provides a 3hp regen aura in a 500 AOE, comes in little parts; so its easy to make, gives 5 to all attributes and 5 armor, and provides a 250 heal and +2 armor when used. Who wouldn't want this. This item is just imba for early game and can be used for pushing, turtling, and counter ganking. A great item to consider.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
The bad side: “WHAT ITEMZ EEZ GEWD FOR MANA REGENZ AGAINZ??? OH I NOES! EULZZZZ!!!”. The mana regen is tempting and useful to Eredar, but the ability (cyclone) is not worth the buy. If you want to cyclone yourself in order to evade something….You have a spell that does the same thing, has half the cooldown time, and creates two illusions.

The good side: The movement speed is very helpful, mana regen allows spamming of spells, and can be used to catch up to enemies as well as keep a specific enemy out of a team fight for a bit. It also lets you stack your shadow poison much more easily.

Orchid Malevolence
This thing comes in little pieces which makes it easier to make than sheepstick, also the damage amp from this STACKS WITH YOURS! It a shit load of amplification that will leave the enemy going OMGWTFBBQ! Not to mention the unlucky victim will be silenced for 5 whole seconds as well. A rather fun situational item.

This thing is recomended late game, only IF you went Arcane boots. Since Arcane boots is disassemblable you can use the boot to make a late game BoT and a Bloodstone, without having to sell them .

Situational depending if the enemy team has invisible units and you can't be bothered to get dust, wards or a gem. Not to mention this gives str and int, just what eredar needs! Max it out if you're farmed like crazy.

Kelen's Dagger
This is very situational, if not a luxury. Buying this will make you the engager of battles, which is a very dangerous option for a squishy hero like Eredar. Otherwise positioning is not of utmost importance for eredar, getting a blink will only land one or two more shadow poisons. IMO, I'd get more supportive items for the team, but if you must...Get it.

Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
This is probably the main item you're going to shoot for if you have enough money late game, but remember that this is situational. If you're team requires something else, get that first before jumping to this straight away.

Linken's Sphere
This is more of a luxury than a situational item, because it only benfits YOU not your team. If your team is pwning the living hell out of the other team and you have a ton of money to spare, sure get this, although you really should just finish the game.

Shiva's Guard
Another wonderful situational item on Eredar, grants exactly what he needs, but try to get this when the enemy team consists of alot of DPS or as a luxury item.

Khadgar's Pipe of Insight
A great item in certain situations. If your team is vsing lots of magic damage. Although it costs 3653 which is not money you will be able to get early game, therefore you will have to wait till late game. Usefull in some games but not all, think about the heroes your vsing and how much magic damage they have before you make it.

Force Staff
Ever since the force staff came out it has been used in a multitude of ways. For Eredar, it is not only useful for escaping, chasing or saving allies, but mostly for helping you land your skills perfectly. If your enemy is near many units and you find it hard to soul catcher him, force him away from the units and pwn him. You can always make enemy heroes go out of position with this item and get a free easy kill which can be huge depending on who you kill.

This little staff right here does have potential to bring havoc if used incombination with soul catcher. Although the stats it gives isn't that good, its active always seems to come in handy in certain situations. Only get this when the enemy team is quite squishy and you have confidence in landing soul catcher. One more thing: please leave it at level 1.

Ancient Janggo of Endurance
This works well in combination with you disruption illusions and if you are carrying a necrobook. The MS / AS aura also works well overall when supporting allies and the stats it offers greatly benefits Eredar. If you plan on getting this, consider a necrobook as well.

Epic Fails/Facepalms
(These should be pretty freaking obvious)

Soul Ring
You don’t have the hp to use this thing. No.

Magic Bottle
Don't be a rune whore, leave that for someone else on your team.

Although some people like to get vanguard on some squishy heroes...Eredar already comes equipped with mechanisms of self defense, plus you could do something a little more useful with your money. Not at all recomended, But we cant really stop you if you insist.

Refresher Orb
Your highest cooldown spell is 50 seconds...and althought it would be nice to land 2 demonic purges...its not really worth the buy.

Aghanim's Scepter
This thing is worthless to you FOR NOW. Whos knows what IF will throw in the next version!

Divine Rapier
Although this could be used 'for teh lulz', Eredar is a really squishy hero. If you get targeted by the whole enemy team you are bound to drop it.

Early Game:
Early game is where Eredar shines the most, this is the phase that should be full of ganking for you. Use every opportunity you have to your advantage. During ganks stack your poison as much as possible but be aware of your mana pool nonetheless. In ganks, it is especially important to make sure that you know when to use your disruption. This skill can really change the tide of battles; whether it be disrupting an enemy to you can outnumber the opponent, or if your just saving an ally. While not in fights and ganks, your main focus should be on denying creeps and harassing the enemy; leave the gold for the carry. While harassing, make sure that you don't put your life at risk or even your lane partners' life at risk. Harassing involves using your poison and attacking the enemy. Although you don't want to push the creep line; so when using your shadow poison, be sure to shoot it at an angle where u get the least number of creeps possible and get as many heroes as possible.

Best Allies:

Everyone. You are support, so it doesn't matter who you play with to land your skills, you're there to help them land theirs!

Worst Enemies:

Yep. Manaburners. Who doesn't hate these? (don't answer that)

Heroes that can go invulnerable/magic immune or dispell our debuffs

Silencers, Fear them. Without your spells you are USELESS


Pro Dota Replays are hard to come by but here is a special 1v1 replay between the pro dota players of YYF(SD) and Mushi(OD). Notice how SD completely dominates the lanes and has great mana management. This shows the power of how SD can completely dominate any lane, even with an OD taking his int and lowering his dmg.
NOTE: YYF only gets a soul ring because it is a 1v1 and because he is completely dominating, in any other scenario this would be kinda retarded.

GosuGamers DotA | Replay: Mushi vs YYF
More replays to come

Last Words
Sorry For taking so long to complete this guide, Elite and Myself just suddenly got a LOT of work, so we couldn't finish the guide right away. Please leave a comment below, giving us improvements, good replays, or just to say Hi! Thank you all for reading this guide
-Puuchuking(who is way sexier than unan1mous) & Unan1mous.


Eredar the Shadow Demon
Author: Puuchuking
Map Vers.: 6.70c


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