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Jah'Rakal, Troll Warlord

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Alt-Tab Guide:
Skill Build
Lv1 - Berserker Rage__Lv10 - Fervor
Lv2 - Whirling Axes___Lv11 - Battle Trance
Lv3 - Whirling Axes___Lv12 - Berserker Rage
Lv4 - Fervor_________Lv13 - Berserker Rage
Lv5 - Whirling Axes___Lv14 - Berserker Rage
Lv6 - Battle Trance___Lv15 - Stats
Lv7 - Whirling Axes___Lv16 - Battle Trance
Lv8 - Fervor_________Lv17+ Stats
Lv9 - Fervor

Item Build
Starting -
Early -
Mid -
Late -
Situational - ___Luxury -

Role: Ganker, Carry
Strategy: Focus on last hitting in lane. If against weak lane and lane mate has a stun, try to get kills and play aggressive.

If against strong lane, use ranged form to last hit. Focus on farming in laning phase.

When level 7 and you got Phase Boots, go out and try to gank with your team. If ganks go well, keep ganking, if not, focus on farming. If the other team plays defensively, farm.

Team Fights: Try to enter after the other team uses most of their nukes and disables. Focus on the most dangerous opponent, usually the carry or spellcasters.

Late Game: DO NOT DIE. Never engage opponents alone. No matter how buff you are, 4 or 5 heroes are probably strong enough to kill you alone. Stay with the team and don't go rambo.

Combo: Use Whirling Axes, use Phase, run up to your opponent, switch to ranged, Whirling Axes, switch to melee, ult, attack.

In late game, save Whirling Axes against the enemy physical DPS carry.

7/14/11 - Guide started as a draft guide
7/29/11 - Guide published
7/30/11 - Updated some stuff
7/31/11 - Added some images and notes
8/1/11 - Added more images and ďExtra InfoĒ section
8/6/11 - Minor updates
9/3/11 - Minor updates
3/18/12 - Updated items, skill info, and allies.
9/30/12 - Updated to 6.75, edited situational items, skill build, and item build

Version 6.72 brought buffs to this unloved hero and had improved his gameplay for the most part. IceFrog replaced his mediocre Blind skill with two new actives, a ranged and melee version of Whirling Axes. This changed his gameplay by allowing Troll to deal some burst damage and chase more effectively. I've always personally loved Troll's insane IAS and when I read the changelog, I wanted to try him out. This guide is about my findings and what I think can maximize Troll's effectiveness in casual Dota.

This is also my first guide and item/skill/gameplay suggestions are welcome! Please comment and rate but only rate after you read the entire guide!

Troll has also received various buffs in the past couple versions (6.73 - 6.74) to his attack speed skills. Although they may not be as big of a buff as Whirling Axes but it is still useful nonetheless. Also, with the coming of DotA 2, mechanics that were a hassle in WC3 will be improved (being able to Bash and Crit in phase boots and toggling melee and ranged forms with Berserker Rage) and a smoother gameplay will help players control and use Troll.

Another buff came in 6.75 to Trollís ultimate, Battle Trance, making it last on all his allies for the full duration as Troll.

Table of Contents:
Recent Hero Balances
The Troll
Info and Stats
Skill Build
Item Build
Extra Info
Game Progression
Playing With Other Heroes

Recent Hero Balances:

6.75 Ė Battle Trance now lasts full duration for allies
6.74 - Battle Trance attack speed bonus increased from 60/100/140 to 60/120/180
6.73 - Fervor increments now increase while attacking towers
6.72c - Fervor AS bonus rebalanced from 5/10/15/20 AS per attack with a max of 100 to 20 AS per attack max of 40/60/80/100
6.72c - Ranged Whirling Axes now does 75 damage
6.72 - Blind replaced with Whirling Axes
6.72 - Cast point reduced by 0.3
6.72 - Berserker Rage transformation time removed
6.69 - Battle Trance self duration increased from 8 to 10 seconds
6.69 - Fixed melee/range item to update properly for Berserker Rage transformation
6.67 - Berserker's Rage bash rebalanced from 5/5/10/10% chance for 2 seconds bash and 25/50/25/50 damage to 10% chance for 0.8/1.2/1.6/2 seconds bash and 20/30/40/50 damage
6.63 - Battle Trance attack speed bonus increased from 60/80/100 to 60/100/140

To see every Heroes' balances since 6.48, check link:
Hero Balance Compilation 6.48 onwards

The Troll:
Pros and Cons:
[+]Can choose to fight in ranged or melee
[+]High base damage
[+]Fast attack animation
[+]High MS
[+]Abilities give IAS
[+]Good AGI gain
[+]Decent STR gain for a carry
[+]Longest lasting Bash ability (2 sec)
[+]Global Ultimate
[+]Low mana costing skills
[+]Short cooldowns
[+]Ganker and carry

[-]Must be in melee to gain many benefits
[-]Will be aimed in team fights
[-]No escape mechanism
[-]Lowest base INT and gain
[-]Low Bash chance (10%)
[-]Switching targets hinders DPS

When to pick Troll?
You can pick him whenever you want but these may screw up your game:
  • If your team already has a lot of carries
  • If your team has few disables
  • If the enemy team has a lot of disables
  • If the enemy team is heavy with nukes

And these may make it easier to play Troll:
  • Enemy team has lots of squishy Heroes
  • Enemy team is full of carries
  • Your team has a auto attack DPS strategy (lol)
  • You're lucky
  • You're a good farmer

Info and Stats:
Strength: 17 + 2.2
Agility: 21 + 2.75
Intelligence: 13 + 1
Damage: 38 - 56
Level 25 Stats
Strength: 69.8
Agility: 87
Intelligence: 37
Damage: 104 - 122

To see full stats and skills check out his Hero page:
Troll Warlord - DotA Hero Details

Advanced Statistics:
Armor: 1.97
Movespeed: 300
Attack Range: 500/128
Attack Animation: 0.3/0.3
Casting Animation: 0.51/0.3
Base Attack Time: 1.7/1.55
Missile Speed: 1200
Sight Range: 1800/800


Berserker Rage
This skill boosts Troll's stats quite nicely. It gives HP (equivalent to about 5 STR) to make up for his not-so-great base STR, armor to tank some extra harassment, some useful MS for mobility, damage for easy last hits, reduced BAT to whack even faster, and a Bash to hold the enemy in place.

All ranks give +15 damage, +3 armor, +100 hit points, reduces BAT to 1.55, and the Bash ability.

Effect: Toggles melee/ranged modes. Adds 20/20/20/30 MS. 10% Bash for 0.8/1.2/1.6/2 seconds and deal 20/30/40/50 bonus damage
Cooldown: 0

Note: The bonuses from the extra levels into Berserker Rage only increase the duration (not the chance) of this unreliable Bash by a lousy 0.4s. It is more beneficial to keep this at Rank 1 and level up his other, more useful skills.


Melee/Ranged toggle
This is huge in the laning phase. Sometimes you wonít be able to get a creep kill because youíre in melee form and you need to walk too far but just switch to ranged, and attack. In the laning phase, you might have to switch modes a lot because you need to switch to get creep kills, harass, run away, and to use your Whirling Axes and Whirling Axes. Use it as needed. Troll is the only hero in the game with a 0 second CD transformation with 0 transformation time that switches melee and ranged. Make use of it.

Abusing melee/ranged toggle
Because toggling between melee and ranged form changed HP and armor, it is possible to increase the benefits of a healing item or to reduce incoming damage. The benefits are small but useful nonetheless.

Look at this guide to get a better understanding:
Optimising your Stats and regen - DotA Guides

Example 1: You're in a dangerous lane against a ranged opponent so you attack creeps in ranged mode instead of melee. When the enemy attacks you, you switch into melee mode because it gives you extra HP and armor so it will make the incoming attack hurt less. When you switch back to ranged mode for last hitting, you will end up with a higher % of HP versus taking the hit in ranged mode.

Example 2: You're level 4, melee form, and at red HP from a failed gank. Your HP is now 120/744 or about 16%. If you switch to ranged mode, you're at 103/644. Then you use a salve and stay in ranged mode, and then switch back to melee mode when the salve is done. You will end up with end up with 503/644 HP or 78% versus staying in melee mode while salving and ending with 520/744 or 69%.

Note: This technique is more useful in the early game. The switching can be neglected when healing in the late game because the benefits are so small compared to moving faster in melee form or the reduced BAT.

Getting more out of denied creeps
When you are in melee mode and an enemy creep is denied, you gain more experience than when you are in ranged mode. Every time an enemy creep is going to be denied, and you are in ranged mode, change into melee mode. This might be applicable if you are in a dangerous lane and you need to stay in ranged mode to get last hits.

As you can see, he gets a LOT of IAS but no damage from his abilities. At level 25 and some IAS items, he nears the IAS cap of 400. This is what sets Troll apart from other carries. DPS is dependent on two main components, damage and IAS. Troll is already given all the IAS he needs. No other carry has spells that give them damage or IAS to such an extreme with the exception of Ursaís Overpower (only last for # of attacks).
If Fervor is level 4 and Battle Trance is level 3, the IAS bonuses add up to 87(Base AGI) + 100(Fervor) + 180(Battle Trance) = 367. If you add in Janggo and Lotharís it becomes 367 + 14(Janggo) + 30(Lotharís) = 421, (21 over the IAS cap) faster than a normal hero with a BAT of 1.7 with 400 IAS and exceeding the 3 attacks/second mark (3.23 atk/sec).

We can see why we donít need to focus on IAS at all when we work on the item build for Troll.

Jungle or Lane?
Because of the change to Fervor, Troll's jungling ability was crippled. Not only was the maximum bonus IAS reduced to 40/60/80/100, but the counter is reset every time he switches targets. This means that Troll can no longer reach 100 bonus IAS from level 1 Fervor, and whenever he switches to a different creep, instead of the IAS counter being set to half, it is completely lost. The change of gaining 20 IAS from every attack is also made more for going up against the opponent. His new skills also hint that he is stronger in a lane. Jungling is hardly possible, not worth it, and not recommended.

Which Lane?
Troll doesn't have any escape mechanism so he should take the safe lane. Top lane for Scourge and bot lane for Sentinel. Best if you lane with a babysitter that can pull neutrals to keep the creep wave close to your tower. The side shop also carries almost everything you need for the laning phase.

Skill Build
Basic Cookie Cutter build
Level 1 - Berserker Rage/Whirling Axes
Level 2 - Whirling Axes/Berserker Rage
Level 3 - Whirling Axes
Level 4 - Fervor
Level 5 - Whirling Axes
Level 6 - Battle Trance
Level 7 - Whirling Axes
Level 8 - Fervor/ Stats
Level 9 - Fervor/ Stats
Level 10 - Fervor/ Stats
Level 11 - Battle Trance
Level 12 - Berserker Rage/Stats
Level 13 - Berserker Rage/Stats
Level 14 - Berserker Rage/Stats
Level 15 - Stats/Berserker Rage
Level 16 - Battle Trance
Level 17+ Stats/Berserker Rage

Skill Justification
Berserker Rage is taken first for its benefits or Whirling Axes if you try to get first blood. Whirling Axes is maxed as soon as possible because it is most effective in the early game as a nuke. It will make you more of a threat and gives you some defense. Fervor is more beneficial than extra levels into Berserker Rage so that's taken second. At level 11, you'll have about 270 IAS naked from your skills alone (100 from Fervor, 120 from Battle Trance, and the rest from your AGI). This is enough to make leveling up Berserker Rage worth it because you have more chances to proc a Bash and it's his last remaining skill anyway. Stats may be taken over Fervor and Berserker Rage if you are having a hard time surviving.

The Jungle build Not Recommended

Level 1 - Berserker Rage
Level 2 - Fervor
Level 3 - Fervor
Level 4 - Whirling Axes
Level 5 - Fervor
Level 6 - Battle Trance
Level 7 - Fervor
Level 8 - Whirling Axes
Level 9 - Whirling Axes
Level 10 - Whirling Axes
Level 11 - Battle Trance
Level 12 - Berserker Rage
Level 13 - Berserker Rage
Level 14 - Berserker Rage
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Battle Trance
Level 17+ Stats

Skill Justification
Berserker Rage is taken first for its benefits. Fervor is maxed as soon as possible because it is need to build up your IAS to jungle. Whirling Axes is more beneficial than extra levels into Berserker Rage so that's taken second. It can be used as a nuke to help jungling as it is also an AoE. Take Berserker Rage last as it's his last remaining skill and more beneficial than stats.

It is extremely hard to jungle with the new Troll because he just doesnít have enough IAS to clear creep camps fast enough without dying. It MIGHT work if you are extremely lucky with the neutrals camps but Troll is a lot stronger in lane anyway.

Item Build
Starting Items
Total Cost - 603

Justification: Mix and match some of the above items. Stout Shield if you have aggressive ranged enemies in your lane, Quelling Blade for easier last hits, some regen to stay alive and GG Branches for Magic Wand, some stats, and a good game.

Notes: You will not have enough starting gold to purchase every item so buy what is most fitting to the situation.

Early Game
[ ]Total Cost - 2434

Justification: Because of his high IAS, Troll doesn't need to get any more IAS. Instead he should try to optimize his DPS by getting damage items. Check out this link to get a better understanding of optimization of DPS: Dota: Fun to Think and Imagine - DotA Guides. We have Phase Boots because it gives the most damage for boots and it gives you burst MS for getting closer to the enemy and for jukes.

The Magic Wand and Bracer are just for some extra HP and clutch moments where you need that little bit of HP or mana to kill someone or get out alive. If you feel you do not need the extra stats from Bracer, feel free to skip it.

Ring of Basilius is useful if you plan to gank a lot. The passive mana regen is very beneficial especially since Troll has very cheap spells. Feel free to skip Ring of Basilius too if you donít plan on ganking or donít need the mana regen.

Bottle is probably the best item that a ganker can have since it gives him sustenance to keep hitting up the lanes and it allows him to keep a powerful rune with him to use when needed. Like Ring of Basilius, you can skip it if you donít plan on ganking.

Always carry a TP for ganks and counter-ganks.

Notes: You cannot Bash or Crit while phased.

Mid Game
>[][]Total Cost - 7350

Justification: Lothar's comes to mind because it offers an escape mechanism, a surprise attack mechanism, some decent damage, and a good amount of attack speed. Try to build it by buying the Claymore first. It gives a lot of damage for its cost. However, you may choose to get a Shadow Amulet instead if you plan on pushing towers (read ďExtra InfoĒ). The Janggo is for escaping/chasing, build up from Bracer, and to help with Troll's horrid INT a bit. Crystalys is the logical follow-up because it is a pure damage item. More crits due to high attack speed. If the enemy team is disable-heavy, get a BKB. Get a Mask of Death when you feel you do enough DPS to make good use of it. It can even be used for taking on Roshan or to upgrade and use the creep to stack the ancient creep camp.
Simply dominate a neutral creep, preferably a strong one and then bring it to the ancient creep camp.

Make it wait at the camp. The red arrows show either way you can pull the creeps. It is best to put this creep in a control group so you can quickly access it by double tapping the group number. Hold ctrl and then press a number key 0-9 to assign it to a group.

Then at the x:51-53 mark, move the creep towards the creep camp and then run away so you can pull the creeps away from the spawn point.

I got close enough to get the agro of the creeps and then ran down the ramp into the river.

Rinse and repeat. If done correctly, when the creep spawns (x:00), the game will detect no creeps in the spawn point and it will spawn the next ancient camp. Be careful not to stack more creeps than you can handle.

As you can see, there is another ancient creep camp on top of the old one that I pulled. Have fun getting lots of gold! Each camp gives about 230-330 gold.

Late Game
> Total Cost - 8850

Justification: If you think you can deal damage without dying, build up your Crystalys to a Buriza and then finish off your build with a Satanic. Note that Satanic has an active 175% lifesteal! When youíre dishing out 1300 DPS, that means you can gain all your HP back in a few second. It works almost like an Aegies if timed well. Some might think that Buriza isn't as good as other items such as MKB or Butterfly but the crit chance makes it pull through. Troll's DPS hits about 1300 at the Late Game. Buriza gives the most damage besides Rapier.

This compares Buriza DPS to MKB and Butterfly. As you can see, Burizaís is only above the other two items because of the crit damage. Note that this is total DPS without taking into account armor, damage block, chasing, nukes, etc.

At level 18, about the time Troll gets Buriza, it gives a theoretical 190 added damage per attack. Troll will have an average base damage of 109 (62(base) + 47(2.75AGIgain * 17Lvs) = 109). He will have a total added damage of 161 (24(Phase) + 12(Janggo) + 30(Lothar's) + 81(Buriza) = 147) leaving Troll with a total damage of 256.

The crit that Buriza gives is a 25% chance to hit for 2.7x normal damage or 1.7x bonus damage every time you crit. On average, Troll will hit for 25% of that 1.7x bonus damage per attack or 42.5% more damage per attack (0.25 * 1.7 = .425). 42.5% of 256 is 109. Add that to 81 and you get 190.

In a nutshell, Buriza adds 81 damage and 37.5% of every other damage you get from stats and items. Of course this is all theoretical probability and things can be different in reality. There have been times where i procced a crit three times in a row and some where I only crit once after 8 attacks.

Get one of these after you got the above items and any situational items needed. Chances are, you won't have inventory space or the game will be over by the time you get to buy one of these.

Buriza-Do Kyanon

Justification: I am not kidding when I say this. Even though you already have one, Buriza still gives the most damage (besides Rapier). Chance to crit does stack totally, but multiplicative, not additively. Basically, a second Buriza will add 81 + 28.125% of your total damage on average.

The second Buriza will crit 25% of the time the first Buriza doesn't crit. The first crit has a 75% chance to not crit so 25% of that is 18.75% (0.75 * 0.25 = .1875) and that means it will deal 18.75% of 1.7x your total damage per attack, or 31.875% (0.1875 * 1.7 = 0.31875) of your total damage per attack.

If you add that to the first Buriza, both of them give a total of about 69.375% of your total damage per attack on average.

Divine Rapier

Justification: This will give the absolute highest increase to Troll's DPS. It also has the lowest cost/damage ratio. Of course getting this item is risky because if you die, you will probably lose it, and there goes 6200 gold. Get it if you haven't been dying.

Extra Info:

Using the Phase ability from Phase Boots, you are unable to Crit or Bash. Using items or abilities cancels Phase.. It has one of the lowest gold/damage ratios and offers the most out of the other boots. It also allows Troll to be one of the fastest heroes in the game when he uses the Phase ability.

This chart shows the MS of Troll when he uses different abilities. You are mostly going to be traveling using the Phase ability or Windwalk and the Janggo aura will always be affecting you. Until level 14, Troll will have a base MS of 320. Here are other heroes that compare:
330 -
325 -
320 -
315 -
310 -
305 -
When to use

When you chase in the early game, you just want as much MS as you can get so use Phase as you see fit. The thing to be careful of is just how far you need to run in order to hit your target. If you are too far away and you run in anyway, you may end up dead. Take a look at that list above and check how fast your enemy is.

A with power treads has a base MS of 390. If she got Yasha then she would have 429 MS. If she were 600 range away and running, it would take Troll wouldnít catch up in a reasonable amount of time. Thatís when Whirling Axes comes in.

A 30% slow would drop Lunaís MS to 312 for 5.25 seconds. This means that Troll will get into attack range after 3.2/3 seconds giving him a couple hits before the Phase wears off. Then hopefully he will land a bash and continue to kill Luna. Do note that Luna will run backwards about 900 units before you catch her so be sure to chase only in long lanes close to your base or if you know her team is dead.

Troll has 320/330 base MS before/with level 4 Berserker Rage and Phase Boots gives 60 MS to make his Base MS 380/390. With Janggo aura he has a MS of 399/410. If he uses Phase, he gets 460/472 MS for 4 seconds.

This results in an approach of 31/43 units per second. If you run for 4 seconds, you will get 124/172 range closer and then you will run at 399/410 MS for the next 4 seconds while Phase Boots cools down. This means that Troll will actually get farther away each second by 30/19 units. This means that there is an average closure of 1/24 units. Time needed to catch ? 600/25 seconds.

If Whirling Axes is used, Lunaís MS will drop to 312 for 5.25 seconds. Now Troll will get closer by 148/160 per second and will get 592/640 units closer. Because Troll has a 128 range in melee form, he will actually be able to hit Luna in (600-128)/148 ~ 3.2 seconds/(600-128)/160 ~ 3 seconds. After 0.8/1 second, you will be able to Bash again and hopefully one will proc.

Also, there are heroes faster than Luna so be careful not to chase them.
Notables: Clinkz with lv 4 windwalk, Bara running away with Charge of Darkness, Blinkers, Slark if he goes into fog (very fast and regen) Slardar with sprint, Lycan in wolf form, Tethered heroes, Doom with Kobold aura, Janggo, Scorched Earth, and S and Y (12%+5%+10%+16%+12%), Night Stalker at night, most heroes with slows/ensnares, Syllabear with Rabid

If the enemy is already slowed or stunned by your team, DO NOT USE PHASE as it will prevent you from Bashing and Crit. Use Magic Wand or toggle forms to cancel the buff.

Game Progression:

First before anything, assess the other team. Are there a lot of nukes? Are there a lot of disables? Am I probably going to be in an aggressive lane? Do they have squishy heroes? Who are their carries? Figure out what your item build is going to be. It might change as the game goes on but try to get an idea of what you want for now. You also want to look at your own team. If your team has a lot of invis or you have teammates that can mass disable, you probably want to opt out of Lotharís.

Grab your starting items, and if there is a disabler on your team, ask him to lane with you. You donít want to lane with an ally carry because you want all the last hits you can get. Competing for last hits means you will get less money. Remember, bot lane for Sentinel and top lane for Scourge are recommended.

Playing With Other Heroes:
Good Allies

These guys will keep you alive during the laning phase and make life a lot easier for you. Some can even help you net some kills.


These guys hold the enemy in place. You start hitting them with your axes. Simple reason why we love them.


These guys make Troll even stronger. Some can even keep him alive longer and bring you to your target faster.


These guys do a lot of damage when they autoattack. They do even more when they get a 180 IAS boost.

Special Mentions

He can toss you to get in melee range and then follow up with an avalanche so you can keep attacking.

He can roll you in so you get close and then he can trap in the enemy.

Free cleave, pulls enemies together AND keeps them there. Perfect for a carry like Troll.

Every carry's dream. Global relocate, even more MS, a free stun, and damage reduction.

If you ever gank with this guy, itís an automatic kill and he gains 10 damage permanently. Every time he uses his ultimate, use yours too.

Bad Enemies

These guys will hold you in place. Enemy carries smash your face in. Simple reason why we hate them.

Heavy Casters

They have 100 HP and you chase them with full HP. They turn around, stun, nuke, nuke, and suddenly youíre dead. Yes, it sucks.


These guys bring you down. Ever attacked with -200 damage? Ever got 4 misses in a row? Very irritating.

Special Mentions

Craggy Exterior. 24% to stun you when you attack. Very fast attacks = lots of stuns. Do not focus him in the late game.
How to combat: Donít focus him first. BKB stops the stuns.

What do they have in commmon? An active disable and a passive Bash. They 1-up you when it comes to keeping their targets stunned and you are no exception.
How to combat: BKB to stop their active stun, Whirling Axes to beat their passive Bash.

He can keep your damage low, make you sleep, or completely disable you for 5 seconds while his team kills you, even with BKB. Try to stay away from him when he has all his skills off cooldown.
How to combat: Attack him when his spells are on cooldown or have a silencer with you. BKB blocks all his spells except his ulti.

He can make you useless for up to 7 seconds because your DPS comes from physical attacks. Guardian Angel > physical attacks
How to combat: Diffusalís purge will take off his Repel and his Guardian Angel but Diffusal is not recommended for Troll. Guardian Angel only stops physical damage so spells will still hit other, non-magic immune units. Get it only if you canít win the game without it.

Just don't attack into it.
How to combat: BKB will stop the damage return. Or you could activate Satanic to negate the damage for 3.75 seconds.

Well you can't really do much against this except to wait until it's over.
How to combat: Diffusalís purge will take off the ghost form but Diffusalís is not recommended for Troll. Or you could bring a nuker with you to gank.

You need to get close to do your job. This keeps the enemy away from you. Unlike Dagger, it doesnít get disabled after taking damage.
How to combat: Have a stunner with you. Or Vengeful Spirit

It might not seem like it but Troll actually gets a lot of his survivability from using Whirling Axes on enemy heroes for miss chance. Once your opponents get this, you lose all of that miss chance and you need to rely on ally disables to survive fights.
How to combat: Have a stunner with you. In team fights, try to focus down the MKB holder. It will probably be the carry holding it anyway.

Bad LuckÖ Sometimes you canít help it. Never Bash when you need it? Whether itís that Chaos Knight always getting 4ís or getting stunned over and over from attacking Tiny.

A lot has changed since the old version of Dota. Troll is no longer a jungling hero and has been moved to the lane. Instead of farming all game to carry the team, he has the option of ganking with his team.

His old Blind was turned into a AoE nuke+debuff, and a second skill was added for chasing. These buffs made him more fun to play and overall more useful to the team.

Other than that, Troll is pretty much the same carry as he was before. Lots of IAS, lots of damage. He goes for the items that can optimize his DPS. Early game focuses on staying alive with cheap useful items and transitions into straight DPS in the mid to late game.

-IceFrog for buffing the mighty Troll and updating DotA.
-PlayDota for the Hero/Item/Forum pages.
-Ataye- for reviewing my guide.
-Mordax for the Hero Balance Compilation page.
-Zan for his guide "Fun to Think and Imagine"
-Ali Radicali for his guide "More Bang for your Buck".
-Vault Dweller for his guide on Magic Immunity.
-Lycan for reviewing my guide and publishing it, bringing up the idea for Force Staff counter, Satanic~aegis idea, and ideas for images of various stuff.
-drgaliza for his guide ĒThe Forbidden TechniquesĒ.

Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord
Author: mustin98
Map Vers.: 6.77b

Basic Guide to Troll Warlord

Master of the Axe

Date Posted: 07/15/11
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