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I. Introduction

From what we can see of the basic stats, Lina has a great starting Int and Int gain. Because of this, spell harass is completely viable early on. Also, when roaming, she won't need that much mana regen as some other roamers with smaller mana pools(like Earthshaker). This, along with the 625 attacking range, is her greatest strength and promises a great Early game phase.

Her armor isn't high, but is averege for an Int hero. Her movement speed is a little below average, but we can compensate that with both items and skills. The damage(37-55) is high for a ranged hero and can play a key role when harassing/killing early on.
A weakness of hers is the slow Attacking projectile(0.75/0.78), but even though, last hitting should never be her main goal. Her Missile speed, however, is around averege(900).

A great hero summary is provided on the hero page at PlayDotA.

II. Skills

Dragon Slave
"A wave of fire that ripples out from Lina Inverse, causing damage to land units in a line."

Deals 100/170/230/280 damage.

Manacost: 90/105/125/140
Cooldown: 8,5

- Casting range of 600
- Magical damage type

What to notice?
  • This is your longest ranged nuke(up to 1100 range in a line). That's why it is the last to be used in your entire spell combo.

  • It is good to harrass with early on, when Light Strike Array isn't that much efficient.

  • When finishing heroes off, always try to target the hero model.

~Skill Build

1. Light Strike Array
2. Dragon Slave
3. Dragon Slave
4. Light Strike Array
5. Dragon Slave
6. Laguna Blade
7. Dragon Slave
8. Light Strike Array
9. Light Strike Array
10. Fiery Soul/Stats
11. Laguna Blade

This is the logical build-up: Disable on level 1, then maximizing Dragon Slave over Light Strike Array, because of its better damage and higher efficiency.

When double- or tripplelaning with good disabler/holder on your side, you may'd rather go for Light Strike Array as a main skill with the idea of saving some mana points.

III. Items

These are the natural way to go. Upgrade your starting items to add more MP, HP and dmg, all of which you are going to need in order to make the most damage possible in a combo. One or two are usually enough.

Phase Boots:
To begin with, they are both the cheapest and the most aggressive ones. Make them quickly - Phase can be really useful when chasing with the idea of placing Light Strike Array. For another thing, you will DO need the damage later on, when Fiery Soul comes in usage.

Provides all the regen needed early on. Also enables you to preserve runes when roaming and control the lane when soloing.

IV. Game strategy

You will need (some of) those, no matter where you play. If there is no other hero to buy a courier, consider yourself the one - you are going to need it. Fill up with branches and regen. No matter where are you going to play, keep in mind that you need to have the creep equilibrium on your side, so block the creeps if possible/useful.

Go in lane and choose a primary target by checking your opponents' health, consumables, skills, etc. and attack it. Last hitting is not that important in double lane and your mate will probably need it the most. Concentrate on harassing - 625 attack range and AoE disable are to help you. Never miss an opportunity to place Light Strike Array when you can hit both(or all) your opponents with it. Keep your mana at least at 50%, but don't miss a chance to kill also.

If things in lane go well and your ally can cope by himself, don't lose your time there. Make a camp pull, check the rune, go gank if needed.

If you play smart enough, not to lose all your mana points, Boots should come first. Once having them, you should be able to place Light Strike Array much better - make use of it. The very next item should be bottle if soloing/roaming. If not, just finish your Phase Boots.

When you get to level 6, don't go for the first kill possible. Be patient. You can kill every hero on the map, decide which one will be best. Carries and solo laners have the priority here. After this point, you should never stop roaming.

V. Friends

Furion is clearly your bestest friend. He can assist you in every gank and Sprout makes placing your nukes much easier.

They all have a nice piece of (AoE) hold, which is easier to place compared to yours.

Together with having great disables, they can carry the game as well. You'd better be around them.

VI. Counters

These five. They are the ones who can really counter you at every stage of the game. If you see one of them, you'd better not pick Lina.

=>Doom can silence you for the entire battle, either letting you stay alive and helpless or killing you in 5 seconds. Once he catches you, you wll have to face your Doom. He also has plenty of gold early on, so he may probably go for Pipe.

=>Silencer's Last Word and Global Silence completely destroy your combo. Nothing good awaits your team after.

=>Rubick's Null Field is the real thing to counter you, resulting in 20% AoE increased spell resistance. However, Spell Steal is also painful.

=>Balanar's Fear can silence you for up to 8 seconds at night. Void also hurts a lot. If he is the one to see you first, he can kill you in seconds.

=>Bloodseeker's Bloodrage has 9 seconds of silence, which also damages you for 20HP per second. Rupture and Thirst are to secure your death.

The best thing you can do, when cannot avoid the clash, is to be the first to attack. Simply focus the counter and nuke him down. This may mean weakening your entire team's plan, but I believe this is the only viable continuation.

VII. Replays

1) This is a game of mine, which I upload to show the very basics of solo laning.
-6.72f, 1.26, Darer public game;

=>Download here

2) Another one of mine, a longer one. The aggression is there again, but because of the longer duration, there are more things to notice(aside of laning), like behaviour in battle and item order. Also notice that Hex wouldn't have been the best choice here, because of the lack of hard-carries and SF having Manta/BKB.
-6.72f, 1.26, DotaLicious, public -cm(don't ask me about the point);

=>Download here

3) This is a game of Vigoss(Ekvilibriumm) who is one of the very best gankers and therefore a great Lina player. His playstyle is known to feature tremendous amounts of aggression, so you are going to see a lot of kills here.
-6.71b, 1.26, Competitive(SAG)

=>Download here
=>DC cast by Nebu1a

4) It's Vigoss again. Tripple lane/Roaming here.
-6.69c, 1.26, LDHL

=>Download here


Q: Why don't you add Arcane boots to the core?(Dalailama, Lycan)
A: Mainly, because I've already added them to the supportive core. AB are a great item, but they are a supportive item after all. They are way too passive for Lina's playstyle. Supportive.

Q: Okay, I understand that Eul's is better, but why Dagon has to be rejected?(Dalailama)
A: More than one reason:
1) Mana capacity - although your huge mana pool(or exactly because of it) you will rarely have full mana, no matter where you play. You'd always like to have enough MP for: TP scroll, 2xLSA, DS, Laguna = 745 MP, provided the fact Laguna is lvl1. Dagon won't make it any better.

2) Dagon is strong especially in the early game. On the other hand Dagger/ForceStaff/Eul's are all cheaper and more powerful throughout the whole game. Moreover, they will probably be much more useful when ganking - you already do enough damage to kill every hero. A hero that can escape your normal combo will surely escape your combo+Dagon either.


Q: Yes, Ethernal Blade is costy, but just take a look at how many damage you can do with it!(Dalailama)
A: Indeed, you can. It is possible. But what is probable is that 3300 gold on top are huge expenses for every nuker at every minute. Think of it the other way: you already do great at dealing magical damage, but this is something against which your opponent will probably presecure for the time you get EB(=50?60?min). Pipe/BKB/magic immunity are all cheaper and come to your opponent naturally in the middle-late game. You would probably want to kill a carry with this thing, but BKB is a core for every carry. The rest of your enemies should not be a trouble, even when facing your normal combo. Rejected.

Q: Why not to start a gank with Dragon Slave , instead of Light Strike Array?(Lycan)
A: Firstly, because LSA is a disable. Secondly, because you will probably need the element of surprise to place it properly. Lastly, because it has the lowest cooldown(7) and would be more useful when chasing heroes who can't be killed with your combo.

However, you could do a gank that way with an allie disabler on your side or when your opponent lacks good escaping paths. Situational.

Q: Why not to skill LSA(lvl4) at level 7 - it does the same damage and costs less?(Lycan)
A:The major reason is that LSA isn't a secure spell to use - things are near 50-50 when there is no an additional disable on your side. DS, on the other hand, is both wider ranged and more secure to cast. That's why this is not considered a standart build.

Provided the fact that there is a bunch of disablers on your side and/or you are playing against a dual lane, you can go for this. Situational.

Credits go to both Dalailama and Lycan, for helping me make these clear.

Lina Inverse the Slayer
Author: Cannibal-
Map Vers.: 6.72f


Master the fire!

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