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Slark, Murloc Nightcralwer

~Guide by Vect

-Table of Contents -
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1. Foreword
2. Hero Introduction
3. Skills Overview
4. Skill Build
5. Item Build
6. Strategy Section
a) Early Game
b) Mid Game
c) Late Game
7. Additional Information / Media
8. Best Allies / Worst Rivals
9. Conclusion
10. Replays
11. Credits
12. Changelog
1. Foreword
Welcome to my guide, first I'd like to say that it's my first one so there are probably going to be some mistakes (both grammar and html ones) and I would be very grateful if you would point me to those. But other than had cut me some slack as I am just a newcomer in this field =). Why Slark? There are alot of guides poping about Slark now but to be honest, most of them are lacking some aspects. Some of the forumers might have remembered my name as I can be seen in most of the Slark threads arguing about balance and his function and fighting against some of the unusual builds they mention which will be covered here. I wanted to wait for a 6.65b because I expect some minor tweaks (tweaks =/= nerfs) and I was hoping it would come out for new year but it didn't. Whatever Slark recieves shouldn't affect this guide too much since he is in my opinion pretty balanced. This guide is aimed to anyone coming from newbies to serious games since I will be covering some of the experience I got from using Slark in inhouse. Oh and I tried to keep this this guide colours somewhat blue since Slark comes from oceans and we all know blue usually represents water. I also added back to the top function for an easier navigation.
2. Hero Introduction
Murloc Nightcrawler is located in Neutral Agility tavern. Below is his Background story (image is quite big so I spoilered it):

Below are some of the base statistic of Nightcrawler:

Pros :
+ Excellent mobility
+ 2 Escape mechanisms for an agility hero
+ A semi-disable that can only be countered by tp scroll
+ Very cheap spammable aoe nuke (great creep clearing tool)
+ Can solo gank anyone below ~800 hp starting from lvl 7 if the hero doesn't have a reliable disable.
+ Inbuilt anti-warding mechanism in his ulti.
+ Inbuilt 'Fountain' hp rate passive regen when out of enemy sight (also brings jungling option) at lvl 16, 'HoT' regen starting from lvl 6
+ Passive skill that scales late game making him able to stand against most of the non "permabashing and illusion" carry heroes given that he has appropriate items.
+ Able to counter most of the anti-invisibility tools sometimes (will cover it later)
+ Good synergy between skills
Cons :
- Lowest total stat gain in the game (4.6)
Lowest Str gain per lvl for a Meele hero (only other hero with 1.0 is Enchantress but she is ranged among the rest)
- Second lowest agi gain for an agility hero (first being meepo with 1.9)
- Essence Shift takes more than few attacks and time to make a major impact which has a bad synergy with his str gain. Making Murloc at the moment the squishiest hero in dota.
- His ultimate gets completelely countered by true sight and sight overal.
- All 4 of his skills have their "key" use the same on lvl 1 as on lvl 4 (bad scaling). Dark Pact gaining however the most by leveling it if we use it for nuking which will this guide cover.
Above cons make him very vunerable to burst dmg and hard to survive against heavy nuke dmg / aoe lineups. It also makes him a very easy to counterpick in a serious games.

Quick pro and con list comment: I went detailed here, didn't take the outmost important things and list only 2-3 things here like some of the people. As you can see while his skill synergy and mobility is very good, it balances out by his pathetic stat gain. There are also some interesting things about his skills I will cover in my next section including mechanics.

Slark the Murloc Nightcrawler
Author: Vect
Map Vers.: 6.66

A Slark's Guide.

Menace from the depths of the Ocean

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