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Slithice ~ Naga Siren


Written by: Chameleon12
Translated and edited: ExecutorQ3
Consultation and control: LibraeonCZ, Luko, SirVlada
Redesigned (the exe) for version 6.49b

Naga Siren is literally the embodiment of last-pick. If you picknete at the right time, may be one of the best and most also carry heroes in doté. If you picknete but inappropriately, you can have a very good problem to play, in spite of how much good you play or your opponents.

Slithice is the best single-target Nuker (does aoe nuky ... Zeus, for example) or your character in the classic 1vs1. Thanks to its ilúzie the Slithice can become virtually unstoppable already relatively early in the game because it is not too many heroes capable Slithici vycounterovat. On the other hand, heroes with strong aoe nuky are very difficult opponents.

It is the difference between good and ill-timed Pick is the difference between an average game 10-0 and easily obtained.


1. Basic information

I. Staty
II. Positives and negatives Slithice
III. Skill and facts about them

2. How to play Slithici

I. Skill build
II. Item build a game guide
III. Other possible item
IV. Item, which should be avoided

3. Other information

I. Best Allies
II. Worst enemies
III. Replays
IV. Thanks



I. Staty

Page: Sentinel
Location: Morning Tavern

Strength: 21 + 2.3 per level
Agility: 21 + 2.75 per level
Intelligence: 18 + 1.65 per level

Starting HP: 549
Starting mana: 234
Basic Armor: 6
Base damage: 51-53

Movespeed: 320
Range: 100 (mele)

Only about 4 heroes are about to start (in terms of state) better than Slithice. However, when taking into account the second highest base movespeed (320), the highest base armor (6) of all the heroes and a very decent base damage (51-53), is about the overall best of all heroes.

II. Positives and negatives Slithice


* One of the best in the game disablerů
* It is able to kill 90% of heroes in 1vs1 fight, if it is good foreign
* Great pusher with amazing ultimátkou
* Severely gangnutelný hero
* Overall, amazing States


* Mele hero - the first may be simply weaker
* The relatively hard zahratelná
* It has trouble against a decent aoe nukerům

III. Skill and facts about them

Mirror Image [R]

Zmate enemy creating their copies, which can also zraňovat. Copies taken three times the incoming damage.

Level 1: Creates one illusion which gives 15% of your damage.
Level 2: Creates two illusions which give 30% of your damage.
Level 3: Creates three illusions which give 30% of your damage.
Level 4: Creates three illusions which give 45% of your damage.

Mana: 85/105/130/150
Cooldown: 60 seconds, illusion takes 30 seconds.

In combination with its States critikalem and disable one of the best skill in the game is a mirror image (hereinafter referred to as MI) simply amazing feature. This skill will use both the killing of enemies, and the avoidance of various spellům, among other things, almost perfect match with your other skill. Thanks to MI can be avoided large number of spell, but wants to experience the game (and a good ping to the guest). Avoiding pay to start practice on simpler skill (such as Stormbolt, Chain Frost or Wild Axes). If you have a good ping and good reflexes, you can avoid almost every skill, such as starting Stormboltem and Meat Hooke ending. Also help me interrupt Omnislash. Keep also in mind that conjured illusions you remove all buffy such as Grave Chill, Curse of the Silent (which is useful if you are aggressive to Lajnat Silencera or protivného Visage). Also help me excellent neutral Venomancerovo Shadowstrike + Poison Nova combo - just after infection zakouzlete MI, and poison is gone, and thus avoids approximately 1000 poison damage for a little of your many. Come take it ...
The illusion is also very useful as the farmen* on Lajnat while going to buy into the base, and the refueling farmen* in damage in the forest. Moreover, with their help, you can start to clean and Ancient campsites already at 8 or 9th level.

Image is also incredibly useful for exploring the map. At the beginning of the game is to be paid to view the river after the Rune, then the image can be used as a forward unit to the transfer, making timely detect potential enemies (especially when moving to the cliff). It is but an illusion fits the Techies. Can they set off the mines and put a lot of players on the illusion of an isolated and can fire its Remote mines.

Despite all these advantages and tricks are designed mainly for image boost your DPS, while your enemy prevent successful targeting (if you have enough attention). Frequently, therefore, will be used for killing heroes. Although the image is so strong, they are paradoxically the least understood component of general doté in, so we bring here a few facts, which is good to know.

Facts about Mirror Image:

The following things work on illusions (shared effects):
* Each bonus from the State, including damage, HP, armor, and even HP regeneration.
* Direct HP bonuses and Mana (Vitality Booster, Point Booster)
* Radiance Aura (nesč*tá is).
* Critikal hits
* All bonuses to movespeed (Boots, Travels, Yasha).
* Evasion
* Feedback
* True Sight of Gemüte

The following things do not work on illusions (share effect):
* Chance to block (Vanguard)
* Direct bonus to armor including Aur (Platemail, Rob)
* Any other effect than ORB Feedback
* Spell Reduction (Hood)
* Lifesteal including Aur (satanic, Vladmir's)
* Direct damage bonus (Rapier)
* Direct IAS bonus (Hyperstone)
* Bash and mini-bash (Basher, MKB)
* Regeneration (perseverance)
* Blocking magic (linken's sphere)
* Damage return (Blademail)
* Cleave (Battlefury)
* Other aury (Cuirass, Vladmir's, Basillius)
* Temporary buffy (Mask of Madness, BKB)

More facts about illusions:
* Lifesteal the illusion does not work, but yes Bloodseekerův bloodbath.
* Some spell instantly destroys your illusions (eg, Hex).
* Zakouzlen* Mirror Image of Slithice remove some buffy (both positive and negative). This includes, for example Maledict, Grave Chill and Shadow Word, but also a Clarity potion, Flask and Double Damage.
* Bloodseekerův Rupture of you use the mirror image disappears, damage moving throughout the action.
* When you identify your enemy hero spell out its action, and you reach before the zakouzlen*m (before the spell animation) using Mirror Image, so hostile hero (as soon as they come within reach spell) zakouzl* its spell automatically in the right Slithice. In other words, when you have someone from the range in 1000 marked a stun and you vykouzl*te illusions before the spell animation (the stun) will stun your hero, not an illusion.
* Sunder the illusion works.
* Illusions (and to any and everyone) in the attack on Roshana disappear.

Ensnare [E]

Catching the enemy in the network, thereby preventing any movement of it.

Level 1: lasts 2 seconds.
Level 2: It takes 3 seconds.
Level 3: It takes 4 seconds.
Level 4: It takes 5 seconds.

Mana: 75/85/95/115
Cooldown: 14 seconds.

Ensnare is one of the better disable the game. To 4 level lasts 5 seconds which will exceed the fiend's Grip and Sprout, and is not affected by magic immunity (BKB, repel). However, does not chycenému hero in conjuring. Best of all is its price - a mere 115 many at the 4th level and 14 second cooldown it is a very useful skill disable. This is your gangovac*, Interrupt, and also escape skill.

The EG will use this skill mainly to kill your enemies with the assistance of allies, to capture the enemy within the tower and also to escape and rescue your teammate. Later you want to use it to interrupt chanellingu uncomfortable spell such as Frost disable your Field This becomes absolutely insurmountable if the heroes face partially immune to any disable. For example, you can capture a juggernaut in the Battle Fury, for example, or Rylai or Vol'jina when activated BKB and begin to conjure his ulti (network interrupted chanelling).

Facts about Ensnare:
* Linken your Ensnare neblokne.
* Blink, including the Dagger, it zakouzlit when you are caught in the network.
* Other movement skill as Waveform, Blinkstrike, Burrowstrike, Leap or Timewalk hero from the network to move, but the hero will continue to frozen until Ensnare expires.
* Swap, as well as other functional skill does Ensnare influence. The unit is moved from the network, but remains frozen on the spot until Ensnare expires.
* Pugnovo Decrepify, Abbadonův Aphotic Shield and Burrowed Time Ensnare removed.
* Hero of the Decrepify can not be caught in nets.
* Manta, Mirror Image, Phantasm, and Primal Split deliver you from the network.
* Purge of Diffusal Blade Network removed whether it zakouzl* ally or adversary. Purge from Medusa Ensnare not.

Critical Strike [C]

It gives a chance to 1.5-fold critical damage for each attack.

Level 1: 15% chance.
Level 2: 25% chance.
Level 3: 35% chance.
Level 4: 45% chance.

Above Average critikal in the game, around the 4th the list now for critikalem from Mortredy, juggernaut and Leorica. However, has the highest chance to fit in all critikalů in the game. Definitely it does not but take in EG due to the relatively small increase in damage, which is much smaller than in the EG get through your whole ilúzie. Later, however, CS is a very useful skill, since it acquired and your illusions, which will drastically increase the resulting damage (without illusions give feedback slightly below 60% of your damage, so it's a welcome boost your overall DPS).

Song of the Siren [G]

Slithice crow his seductive song that season all enemies in its vicinity.

Level 1: lasts 6 seconds, 800 aoe.
Level 2: takes 7 seconds, 1200 aoe.
Level 3: takes 8 seconds, 1600 aoe.

Mana: 200/275/360
Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Song of the Siren (the SOS) is a very powerful ultimátka and is incredibly frustrating for your enemies. During the game you most use to rescue the team and the leakage of gangs, which will not be solved only through Mirror Image or Ensnare. In the 1st level is 800 to reach all sides (a little more as the tower), which would you be rich enough for the rest of the game - the hero has no range greater than 800 and is also very little of such skill.

In the course of the game from becoming SoS also excellent spell wandering the tower / building. With illusions of skill and Manta can be yourself without any problems within 5 seconds to destroy a tower or house and your enemy will not be able to because you do not SoS. After reaching the 24th and 25 level, keep in mind that SoS is now really a huge radius (on the third level is 1600, which is slightly more than fullscreen). You can therefore be used, while the enemies are far away from you (but in range), and thus increase their chances of escape after the expiry of SoS. Refresher Orb (if you choose it) will give you 16 seconds nerušených anyone, which is plenty of time to destroy the two buildings on Lajnat and safe retreat.

SoS is also very useful to spell counterován* strong team like Overgrowth, Gaurdian Angel, Reverse Polarity or Black Hole. If your team is really well-coordinated, you can zakouzlit SoS in such a way that the season only 2-3, and the remaining heroes heroes smite. SoS will also give a lot of time encircle hero, so as soon as he wakes up, will have many chances to survive. And of course you allow time for the cooldown of your network.

SoS can successfully be used to kill 1-2 heroes with linken / Avatar (BKB) in 5vs5 battles. Zakouzlete SoS and kill a hero with Avatar or linken who your ultimátku vyblokovali and are now without the support of their teammate. If necessary, use it Ensnare. This way you can successfully fend off most of push and win the majority of 5vs5 battles.

Surrounded Slithici objectives:

This tactic can practice with the Necronomicon and the Ensnare or SoS. First, dispose of a hero, move it to its illusions and quickly between them, and do not using the keyboard shortcut "M" and click on it to lock hero (often will suffice only illusions scatter around it, and then all the attack). This tactic is very effective on heroes who are unable to kill within 5 seconds (and, of course, not a movement or escape skill) This trick is certainly paid to train, because you quite often guarantee kill. If you ever played WC3 on mele normal, so it's the same tactic as "Dreadlord - Sleep - surrounded with Ghul.

Facts about SoS:

* SoS targets each unit individually. This means that the SoS blokne linken. This can be circumvented, for example, activation of linken using Purge, or simply drive to the left to confine your network.
* SoS does not affect the invisible units, units in Avatar (BKB) or repel.
* Units can not be put to sleep in any way challenged. Also, sleep on the attacker's moves, such as the Nightmare.
* 800 range is slightly more than the reach of the tower, 1200 is almost full fullscreen a 1600 is slightly more than fullscreen.
* Haunt image from the spectra will continue to attack their targets, even if put to sleep because of SoS, but do not give them any damage, and after the expiry of SoS (if it does not disappear), the illusion will not move.

2. How to play Slithici

I. Skill build

1. Mirror Image
2-3. Ensnare
4. Mirror Image
5. Ensnare
6. Song of the Siren
7. Ensnare
8-9. Mirror Image
10-13. Critical Strike
14-23. States
24-25. Song of the Siren

Why is Mirror Image now teach at the first level?

MI is taken because of the possibility scoutovat to 1 level of the river runách. In league games, where runes spawnuj* the creepy, but still take on the first level Ensnare. In games with a lower level it is not so important, however, MI at 1 level is suitable. Enough people had thought it necessary to take Ensnare now on the first level to avoid počátečnému gang. But between us, MI gives you a much greater chance of survival gang than dvousekundový disable the enemy not in conjuring.

Why Maxov Mirror Image State instead?

Mirror Image is taken before the States for several reasons. First, it helps you farmit, scoutovat, escape from the gangs, or even remove the skill-based poison. Similarly, it will help you farmen* in the woods, where it is used to fuel damage. Thanks to all of you will have a relatively early Diffusal the Blade where the total farmen* difficult. Moreover, they remain on Lajnat, you can use your image on the farmen* Lajnat, while standing safely away. Please note that due to mirror image in the EG and MG get some easy kill.

If you need to Lajnat Venomancer or Silencerovi who uses Curse, shall be paid to save the Skill points you'd normally give to MI until you get the 8th or 9 level (depends on where you will learn SoS). These heroes are paid from the beginning to maintain the MI to 1 level (due to cost manu), since the buff spell using MI-removed. For example, the Viper also be paid to apply this investigation Skill point.

Why learn the SoS for 6 level?

SoS to learn at the 6 or 9 level, it depends on you. Mirror Image and Ensnare you have to 9 level well enough to escape most of the gangs, but against good sehranému team that gangs often, it helps to learn the SoS at the 6th level.

Why nemaxovat SoS?

States are maxovány before SoS because keeping the prices of all skill for you is more important than the extra 1 second + range addition. SoS has 800 range for 1 level, which is higher than the range of any hero, and the majority of skill in the game. With Ensnare, Mirror Image and later is Purge will be 1 level SoS enough.

If your team is really well-coordinated, namaxován* SoS is a good idea. In this case, I recommend to level 2 to 14 domaxovat level and then at 16 level.

II. Item build a game guide


CircleTech Branche and Tanga or Flaska

Standard initial item. How Tanga and Flask are great in the beginning of the regeneration and CircleTech and branches are due to states and dorážen* creep. Ring of Regeneration is not a bad choice, given your naturally high states.
It's up to you.

Here you can see one possible configuration (2x CircleTech 1x Flask Branch and 1 set Tang), which will guarantee a decent place in the States and the inventory for future purchases without having to sell now (generally for 560 gp). Likewise, thanks to you Tanguy and 1 Flasce Lajnat able to withstand a decent time.


However, depending on each game separately as well as in your discretion. If you are sure to Lajnat can hold a lot of time and the purchase go to the Diffusal Blade, you have inventory to fill the branches and the remaining money buy Tanga.

Choose your item and the terms on Lajnat, with a total which zam*ř*te. Try to Lajnat but to create a decent combo - much anyone with a good stun and the ability to keep Lajnat is good in combination (for example, THD, Lina, Leshrac or Pugny). At the public games, you can feel themselves to be Lajnat, but against the better players do not try to. Ability to stand farmit for Slithici far more beneficial than a few levels more.

Pátrejte in the river after Rune (either an illusion, or in person) strike the second minute, as DD, invis or haste would give you a very good chance of a quick kill. But let run for its allies to Lajnat, since any one of you is runa after MI zakouzlen* removed. Regeneration is the only Runo, which can be taken at rest, since it is a substitute for the trip to the base due to heal.


When performing well

1. Third CircleTech (185)
2. Boots of Speed (500)
3. Roll (rolls) TP (after 135)
4. Blade of Alacrity (1000)
5. Robe of the Mägi (450)

When you keep bad

1. Third CircleTech (185)
2. Boots of Speed (500)
3. Roll (rolls) TP (after 135)
4. Build Braceru (325)
5. Build Braceru (325)
6. Build Braceru (325)

Three richly CircleTech should guarantee your survival throughout Lajnat EG. With your movespeed (370), three good escape tactics and scroll to you TP CircleTech should provide enough potential to nafarmen* Diffusalu. But if you have problems, make of them Bracery. You should always carry a TP scroll, which will quickly move the map and to participate in gangs, to prevent the tower and save allies. Scroll TP are also excellent on the releases of gangs, especially if you already have SoS.

Praktikujte last hit and deny as usual. You can use your illusions to farmen* if you have a full manual. The illusion can both tank damage from creep or heroes, who will seek you gangnout. It also can be used purely farmen*, while the right will Slithice afar in relative safety and collects expy (which is a good tactic to Lajnat difficult). In addition, you get used to the enemies of your illusions, so do not immediately download when Mirror Image zakouzl*te. This makes it easier to get the kill.

However, not always paid to use the illusion too often. Their use on farmen* runs the risk that if you raid, you will be just the spell to miss debuff, if appropriate, also because you may miss the kill.

Spamming enemy is Slithic*

Although Slithice mele hero vexing enemy heroes is not such a problem. The easiest way is simply an illusion to send your enemy hero. While the majority of this grant a lot of damage enemies, but the zatlač*te opponents back a bit, so both come on a expy, so you also have good 10-15 seconds unimpeded farmen*.

The second and better way is to catch their opponents in the tower. This trick is quite hard against good players, given that your network can take a good second before catching a hero (and your delay). The less experienced players this trick easily manageable total, but in games with higher levels you will need to also involve the necessary dose of intuition. It is best to have to wait and when the opponent moves your direction to give you the 1-2 hits, it immediately useful network and hope that in time the impact will be within reach of the tower. If you like this will not only grant that the opponents decent dose of damage, but will then also hold back more and you will have more room to maneuver.

Once a little strengthening your State, you can start with their illusions begin farmit neutral. If you see empty and secure Lajnat, go to her and creepujte. Neutrálové but you can be more expů and gold, especially if they have already from 8 or 9th levels can be due to its ilúzie farmit and Ancient. This is also for your enemies harder to predict when and where climbs out of the forest, while also decreasing the chance to be mugging. Farmen* to Lajnat it is also possible, as soon as you have already SoS. To 6 level you just because your ultimátce able to escape almost every gang purely through SoS and TP. If the SoS is not charged, or if you do not have it, use the escape Ensnare the most dangerous hero, use the MI and then download into the woods and find a safe place to teleportován* the base. With the proper use of TP scroll Slithice is one of the worst gangnutelným hero in doté.

Killing in the EG

Your main task is to compile the EG Diffusal Blade and support your allies as I can. If you succeed in addition to get some kill, the better for you.

If you carry a good ally, not a problem for you to kill even experienced players. Communicate with your ally and use your combo. If you do not have their own ideas on the possible combinations, see the section "best allies", where you can find heroes in the Slithici fits. If you do not have to Lajnat're good allies (or you Lajnat themselves), not the killing of more experienced players at all simple. The best will be in the woods waiting for the right opportunity to capture an enemy to the network (which will be the best 9th level when you Ensnare MI and at the 4th Level). But first you'll have some enemies Remove HP and then use the moment to surprise and to use a combination of Ensnare + Mirror Image. If disable enemies, will be best for you to use the network first and then the MI, not the easily recognizable and original illusions. If you play against less experienced, feel free to use the MI before.

When you're outside Lajnat (mainly to the transfer of the gang), shall be paid to Lajnat maintain your illusion of one, so that the enemy will think that you are still there and does not report your absence. When it finds that it was only an illusion, it will in most cases have to target your gang too late. Despite all this, you should mainly in EG farmit and try to take you as soon as possible Diffusal Blade.

MID GAME - Diffusal

Everything regarding Purge, you can read the original here on forum, or here in the topic from Mostajze.

When performing well

7. Build Diffusal Blade (1550)
8. Build Wraith Band (275)
9. Build Wraith Band (275)
10. Build Wraith Band (275)

When you keep bad

7. Blade of Alacrity (1000)
8. Robe of the Mägi (450)
9. Build Diffusal Blade (1550)

Anything much damage as your Diffusal Blade. Its completion for you ta the hardest part of ending the game. Purge is very useful feature, since you can disable the pětisekundovým make a great slow. Purge is incredibly variable skill, which allows you to kill enemies, so dispose of hazardous buffy as God's Strength, INSATIABLE Hunger and repel at the same time and due to Purge your stock more decent escape skill. While it is good enough Purge feature, because it does not defer the compilation of Manta. The only reasonable case to postpone the drawing up of Manta is the presence in a hostile Warlock team (Purge is a brilliant counter to the Infernal) or Omniho (the removal repel). In another case, the Manta too long, do not hesitate - Purge for you is not so important, especially if you already have your pětisekundový disable.

If you are doing is good to do before Diffusal Blade Wraith Band, as it will provide more damage, as well as Purge. It is good to do that from CircleTech Band, as well as those you make some damage, as well as some States have, which is useful both to you and your ilúzie.

At this stage the game, you should stop and start farmen*m rather gangovat. Already you should be able to kill the most intelligent and Agility heroes in 3-4 seconds (Strength heroes will take a little more time, to their successful homicide always take someone with you). You should keep an eye on their illusions, as strong aoe spell can destroy very quickly.

The procedure for killing

Killing with Diffusal Blade is only on the greatest possible damage in the shortest possible time without you will not remain. If you go to someone in the back, you first split and then Purge zakouzlit to your target. Network zakouzlete when you close your objectives - is that if you already zakouzlili network from afar, will be seen that Slithice is real, since the animation is well apparent conjuring. However, when the network zakouzl*te close when the confusion about your goals, it is far harder to discern which Slithice kouzlila and you and you have a chance to your enemy that you will not disclose. Unlike the animation is conjuring Purge nearly imperceptible, because it can afford zakouzlit from a greater distance. At the same time, you may become, the Purge zakouzl*te too soon and thus cancel its network to the enemy.

If you face a very good enemy, or you do not have the possibility of assault from a backup, you will need to begin to network and then use the MI. Do not forget to watch the network and well as soon as soon expire, zakouzlete Purge (but not earlier, otherwise you can pack).

With charged ultimátkou can successfully gangovat couples - simply prepadne and kill one and then download (SoS, however, use only if it is really necessary). If both are weak, there is no problem to kill them both. Isolated heroes are, of course, the best objective, however, rarely find weak heroes to just roam the map itself (except public games). Also, of course, as far as possible Join team gangs.

The trick to deny the tower

Dorážen* Tower is one of the aspects that can potentially reverse the course of the game. It can be really difficult denyován* tower, and against certain heroes of this is virtually impossible (for example, against pugno, which can destroy your tower Nether blastema before it is ever possible start to their tower attack). Fortunately Slithice has one guaranteed method to deny the tower.

HP Tower Once you fall below the range to deny the tower is a lot of creepy and heroes, use the TP to the tower (if you're not already in it) and at the right moment zakouzlete SoS. If you are to work correctly, you have 6 seconds nerušených to destroy your tower (use your illusion) and to withdraw to safety. This way you can (the smaller practice) to destroy all its tower, which has a large influence on the game (both psychological and physical - cash reward for the team for the destruction of the tower is comparable as a reward for killing Roshana). Remember this trick a lot of use - Slithice is perhaps the best hero to deny the tower and use it.

SoS also can be used to prevent the enemies to destroy their own tower.

MID GAME - Manta

When performing well

11. Build Boots of Travel (2200)
12. Vitality Booster (1100)
13. Build Manta Style (1400)

When you keep bad

10. Vitality Booster (1100)
11. Build Manta Style (1400)

Boots of Travel is the best Sirena additional itemm the compilation Diffusal Blade and Manta because you (or you certainly should) ever someone after compilation Diffusal Blade gangovat. In this area, you just help the very Bot. Composition Botek will also be released in inventory 1 slot, since they no longer with them will not have to pull rolls of TP. Among other things, you also have more time to use as much ammunition than complete Purge Manta. Manta then you almost doubled your damage resulting increase in your feedback for you and your illusions, including some of the agility. Despite the fact that you Add 2 illusion addition.

If you have problems and are unable to MG so gangovat, the BOT is currently Forget. Without control of the map are not Bot so important - not as fast as Manta, you should at all costs to complete. Without it you do not have LG almost no chance.

At this stage the game was already slowly approaching the end and you should pushovat whether alone or with the team. With all your illusions towers fall very quickly - in the event of an emergency release use a combination of SoS and teleport. Also, you can easily escape from their, as thanks for your movespeed (410) I overtake you few, especially when you have několikasekundový lead.

Especially against aoe heroes is good to use your illusions and the illusions of Manta separately. That way, you'll always have some in stock and lose all their potential because of aoe spellům. It is also good to wait until the enemy used his aoe spell and then raise their illusions and attack. If you prefer to its illusions sufficient attention, you will be able to maintain nearly constant due to switch between the illusions of your skill (60 seconds cooldown) and illusions of Manta (70 seconds cooldown).

At this stage, the team expect a massive push in which the front line but can not. Váš úkol v bitvách je vyhnout se většině (nebo všem) nepř*jemným AoE spellům a zab*t alespoň 1 DPS hrdinu, nebo alespoň nebezpečného castera. SoS je skutečně velmi užitečný skill v 5vs5 bitvách. Použ*vejte jej pro vycounterován* silných spellů jako Overgrowth a Guardian Angel nebo pouze k týmovému ústupu, pokud vše nejde podle vašich představ. Pokud vaše koordinace uvnitř týmu je na dobré úrovni, můžete také rychle zab*t 1-2 hrdiny t*m že zbytek týmu usp*te pomoc* SoS a poté se stáhnete zpět do bezpeč* (pokud máte pocit, že by to i nadále nemuselo dobře dopadnout). Zbytek týmu vás pronásledovat již nebude.


Late Game itemy

13. Vitality Booster (1100)
14. Reaver (3200)
15. Sestaven* Heart of Torrasque (1200)
16. Eaglehorn (3400)
17. Quarterstaff (1150)
18. Sestaven* Butterfly (1800)

Now LG is the time boostnout your chances of survival. At this time, you also begin to help your attributi bonuses, but keep your illusions during mass conjuring aoe NUKU is more than foolish wish. Build HoTka is the best way to boostnout HP as you, and your ilúzie. It can buy a Vitality Booster before Reaver, since you have half more HP for almost a third the price.

Butterfly is paid to compile then. Thanks for the bonus agility and evasion, which receive and your illusions, it's the best option (after Manta) to boost your DPS.

You should already have your illusions to survive a few aoe spell and the game with a lower level will be almost unstoppable. Yet some of your heroes as Tiny, Ax, Centauri, Bloodseeker with Battlefury and Radiance (and some others) can still do the problems, but in most cases you will need to watch only in 5vs5 battles. Even if your illusions are no longer able to make a decent total of tape, is still fairly easy to kill you as soon as the enemy will focus illusions. So do not be too confident.

Team Battle

Most team battles for Slithici is very simple. We are pretty far and waiting for the opening battle, to fall the first few aoe spell. Once this happens, use the MI and go into battle. When your team looks bad, zakouzlete SoS and download the.

The only really difficult thing for Slithici in 5vs5 battles is to play SoS ofensivně. If you play against a better team, you can use your ultimátku to put to sleep 3-4 heroes and killing the rest. Really it is not easy, as it should be perfectly predict your aoe ultimátky (800). If someone has left or enemies of the BKB, this tactic is simple. Wait out to the whole team will be in range of your ultimátky (or even to activate the Avatar) and the SoS zakouzlete. While others sleep, kill the hero, who SoS vyblokovali.

For you as a carry hero is LG the best part of the game (if you succeeded). you are now not only able to kill most heroes in a few seconds, but thanks to your ilúzie you can very quickly destroy the tower and the house. If it's in the game leave, use the backdoor. Together with your ultimátkou there is no enemy that you can prevent the destruction of buildings (except more left in a hostile or BKB team). If the backdoor is not allowed, pushujte entire line. Although to give enemies more time to respond, as will be your enemies very hard with you to do something, especially when taking with them some well-coordinated team (which can be seen in one of the attached replays).

III. Other possible item

Linken's Sphere

Not a good choice as Butterfly or Hot, it left you only add about 1 / 3 HP as Hot and less than half the damage of the Butterfly. However, it's pretty good at drawing up the item after Butterfly and Hot, if you plan to build a Refresher Orbb, as many will give you enough on its effective use. However, if you do not plan to build a Refresher, linken recommended. Block spell is a nice thing, but for Slithici is much less useful than for other heroes. Given that the majority of them have 2-4 illusion, do not spell block. It is your illusions forcing opponents with targeted nuky attack with certainty to other heroes, than to try luck to you.

Refresher Orb

Good choice on the final item in the absence of left or BKB for enemies. Refresher is amazing for the destruction of buildings, because we guarantee 16 nerušených seconds. Likewise, it's a great item for obstruction. Restores your Manta, Botka, left, as well as all of your skill. Remember that thanks to him you can not have extra illusions - how to use the skill or Manta your old set of illusions disappear.

Other Hot

If you decide Refresher nestavět, I recommend to fill the remaining slots in your inventory HoTky other.

Another Butterfly

Decent choice, but evasion is nestackuje. Massován* Butterfly is the best option to increase your DPS, but other hot (or other item) is usually better than other Butterfly.


Decent alternative compared Diffusal / Manta. It can be very helpful if it is in play a lot of aoe spell, so it does not make sense to ride on an illusion. Similarly, it is a good item if you choose to support role rather than carry. If you choose to book, rather learn to Ensnare and States, since you are your illusions without Feedback total useless and does not fight you too. However, LG is not the item very good choice (if nečel*te example Rooftrellenovi). Likewise, the book does not build much, if you already have Diffusal or Manta.

IV. Item, which should be avoided

Eye of Skadi

Good bonuses, but Frost has the effect of Feedback always prevail, no matter which position in the inventory.
Therefore, to forget EOS.


In some guidách based on illusion, I saw the recommended item is Yasha. However, in EG Bandy Wraith are much better, as you can about 2 points more than Yasha agility and generally costs less than 2 / 3 the price (not to mention the bonus 171 HP and 117 of many that will not Yasha). Later is better money to invest in Eaglehornu, since it is part of Butterfly, which is for you as a great item for Sirena.
In short, the game is not the right time to position Yasha. In EG (as I already said) are much better Wraith Band. Later, after the position Diffusal Blade or Manta is much better to save straight to Butterfly. Overall, 5% bonus to movespeed and IAS is not so important, especially when cost is not very appropriate to item.
Over a subsequent upgrade to Say it, or Don.

Here you have a point less compared agility / gp (gold pieces):
* Wraith Band: 76.6 gp point agility
* Yasha: 128 gp point agility
* Eaglehorn: 136 gp point agility

Power Treads

Check the map is simply more important than the 35% IAS bonus (plus some states), especially for a hero like Slithice. To effectively pushovat or huntit hero, is a high movespeed (410) and total need teleport. In addition, your illusions IAS bonus share. Wraith Bandy and Diffusal Blade are much better item to increase your DPS.

Rapier / Buriza / MKB / Cuirass

The main problem of the item is 0 bonus for your illusion that the net damage bonus share. Your illusions give almost 60% of your damage, with the Manta's already around 70%. For example, by Butterfly result gives you more DPS, not to mention the evasion, which is actually an illusion for your great boost.


I. Best Allies


To disseminate best allies are strong disableři or heroes able to give real damage to a stationary target. It is almost a condition to your ally has ranged (a few exceptions) and had a spell to guarantee (even partially) control over the line.

II. Worst enemies


Your worst enemies are strong aoe Caster - Heroes can escape the network, and heroes with Feedback or Mana Burn. Heroes fulfilling more than one category (such as Tiny or Centauri), are the worst enemies of your line.

III. Replays

I attach some replays (1.21), which you can see everything what I wrote here.

Game number 1
(Probably the only replay from all 4 attached, which is at least on some level and that makes sense to see (the exe))

TDA with several good players on each side. Most players know each other and often played together. Swapnul I Slithici and I played against a few unpleasant aoe heroes. Around 60 minutes, our team reached 40-25, but one player from the enemy team refused to surrender and eventually we lost. My final score was 19-3.

Siren_Scrim___9_2.w3g (729.14 KB)

Final screen

Game Number 2

Replay of IHCS where he played mimojiné fierce. As you can see, as well as professional players came to the conclusion that MI> States and that build Diffusal & Travelky & Hotka simply leads. The player pursues the build to the point almost, just a little delay due to compilation Manta Warlock. Almost perfect game, except for a few couple of bad ultimátek scheduled.

_dota_allstars_com_IHCS_FiercE_N.w3g (1.11 MB)

Game number 3

TDA game against grupu friends and teammate from the clan. Slithicino score: 19-1 in 55 minutes.

19_1_siren_carry.w3g (575.52 KB)

Game No. 4

Pretty good set, but the team played amazingly hostile and our team missed the initiators. Yet, this replay shows a good build, except a few bugs butt.

Siren_clan_team_tda.w3g (1.51 MB)

IV. Thanks

Name of the Creator, we thank you for your time devoted to reading this guide and I hope that you will be at least something useful and that you have when reading at least a little talking (and maybe even learn something new).
If you encounter any error or inaccuracy, please let me know.
I wish you all good luck while playing this interesting hero.

Slithice the Naga Siren
Author: Milenuis
Map Vers.: 6.60

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