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JLC's Community Guide to Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight

A Comprehensive Compendium for Optimal Gameplay

Note: My editing spoilers have been removed! The only remaining spoilers are covering extensive information. I would really appreciate some feedback on the visual quality of my guide. I wish for it to undergo further formatting before I declare it ready to be considered for promotion off the drafts section. You can help me out by reading my changelog; I have put some questions I need answers to in there

Table of Contents

A: Alt+Tab Mini-Guide
Skill Build:

Starting Items:

Basic Core:

Extended Core Options:

Luxury Options:


Early Game:
-babysit someone during the laning phase, or take bottom solo
-lane aggressively when you hit level 5
-start roaming at level 7-9
-always have a scroll at hand

Mid Game:
-roam or push a lane. Do not farm neutrals
-take part in clashes
-help out in ganks
-always have a scroll at hand

Late Game:
-farm neutrals or push a lane
-do not kill steal your carry
-always have a scroll at hand

Table of Contents

B: Introduction

This first section simply contains some information about myself, what inspired me to write this guide, and some of the basic Omniknight info. If you have played Purist before, or don't care about me, you can (skip) over to the next section of the guide.

1. My Debut
Hello, PlayDota community members. My name is JLC, and I am a clanless competitive DotA player. I am new to this website, but this has no relation to my experience with the game of DotA. I remember the days of Stealth Assassinís Death Ward as well as anyone. The reasons I chose to write a guide about the Omniknight were among the following. I am a frequent viewer of IDEC Replays, and I came to notice that whenever Omniknight was picked, the only real thought that came to mind for most of the other players was ĎCrap, theyíve got Repelí. I thought about this, and I feel that although Repel Magic is awesome, there is more to Purist than one spell. Later on, Browsing over PlayDota.comís guide section, I noticed that there was only one guide published for this hero. This guide was in no way a bad guide, but I felt opposed to some opinions discussed within it. So I have now published my own guide, completely open for use among See my contact section for ways to get in touch.

2. Guide Objective
I wrote this guide in an attempt to change the way the DotA community views Purist, or at least to enforce some of the stronger play styles. I wish to shine light on all of his skills, and give him a better place in competitive play. I feel this will be a boon to the game of DotA overall. This guide is intended for players that already have a fair understanding of DotA, although I have written it in a way so that less experienced players wonít be too lost. This guide is meant to have a maximum level of comprehension, but to also appear concise and tidy for those players who need to browse through it.

3. The Big Picture
Purist the Omniknight is a strong and competent support hero. He is most well known for his ability to prevent other heroes from otherwise dying. Words that describe his main role include healer, baby sitter, buffer and anti-nuker. He is also a potent opponent to face one on one, due to his fearsome nuke. He can fill the role of pusher and ganker to a degree, but he will always be most effective as a defensive caster.

Reasons to Pick Purist:
-your enemies have a lot of nukes and disables
-your team's carry needs babysitting
-you want an edge in team battles

4. Background Story
A former member of the Order of the Silver Hand, Purist has joined the Sentinel to avenge the death of the Order's leader, Uther the Lightbringer. Trained by Uther himself in the ways of the Paladin, Purist brings the power of the Holy Light to the battlefield. He can purify the souls of allies, harming any nearby Scourge in the process. Able to protect allies from harmful unholy magic, the mere presence of a man of the Holy Light atrophies any nearby enemies. In times of dire need, Purist can call upon God himself to protect him and his allies.

5. Detailed Hero Statistics
For a reference to Purist's Advanced Statistics, click
Omniknightís Statistics Discussed:

All of Puristís attribute growths are good, to say the least. These growths tell us that Purist is a stout strength hero that will have to be conservative with his mana for the earlier part of a game. Later on he will benefit from an above average survivability and an above average mana pool among strength heroes.

He has naturally high damage, but his attack animation is a poor one. Additionally, his melee range is a mere 100, meaning he practically has to stand right in front of the guy he wants to smack. Furthermore, his 295 base movement speed makes it all the more difficult to get in and out of enemy range just for one last hit. As a result, many Omniknight players will have difficulty scoring last hits in the laning phase of a game. This means Omniknight generally has a slow start to farming his core.

His movement speed may be lower than one desires, but this downfall is later accounted for with his aura; Omniknight players will rarely find they arenít fast enough to chase or escape, provided they choose to invest hero points into Puristís passive skill. His casting animations are also somewhat slow, although definitely faster than poor Raigor. As a result, Omniknight players have to incorporate a casting delay when they are using his skills at critical moments. His sight ranges are the same as 90% of the other DotA heroes, so there are no special notes to consider there.

To sum up this information, Omniknight does not excel from a statistical point of view. Of course, we all know there are more to heroes than animations. Purist especially.

C: Skill Descriptions
This section assumes the memorization of each skill's statistics. For information on Purist's skills, click


(activation, single friendly target)

- This skill becomes less effective as the game progresses
- Level 4 Purification deals slightly more damage than Laguna Blade
- In case it would ever matter (blademail), the heal occurs before the nuke
- Cannot cast on magic immune units
- Will not damage magic immune units
- Hits invisible units
- This is the skill that makes Purist a feared and potent opponent to face early on

Repel Magic

(activation, single target)

- This skill becomes more effective as the game progresses
- This buff has mechanics identical to those of the buff provided by Black King Bar, with the single exception of Purge
- Casting of this buff can remove certain buffs from the target, including Guardian Angel
- Note that at level 4 this buff can be maintained almost indefinitely
- Can be used on enemies
- Repel Magic is dispelled by Purge

Degen Aura

(passive, area of effect centered on caster)

- This skillís usefulness scales with the gameís progression.
- Debuff persists for approximately 2.5 seconds after enemy is out of range of skill, or if Purist dies
- Affects magic immune units
- Debuff affects neutrals, including Roshan

Guardian Angel

(activation, applies buff to units within range of caster)

- This skill becomes more useful as the game progresses
- This buff will be applied to magic immune units as well
- The act of becoming magic immune removes this buff
- Tauren Chieftainís Natural Order Spell makes this spell much less effective, reducing the armor bonus to as little as +200
- Be aware of abilities that deal pure or mixed damage when using this spell

D: Skill Build
After much thought and rebuttle, I have decided that this skill build makes the most sense to use as your basis. In an average game, you will want to follow this guideline. The reasoning is very solid, so be sure to read that if you disagree.
  1. Repel Magic
  2. Purification
  3. Purification
  4. Stats / Repel Magic
  5. Purification
  6. Guardian Angel
  7. Purification
  8. Degen Aura
  9. Degen Aura
  10. Degen Aura
  11. Degen Aura
  12. Repel Magic
  13. Repel Magic
  14. Repel Magic / Stats
  15. Guardian Angel
  16. Guardian Angel
This skill build will consistently bring you good results from game to game. By following this general guideline, you will find you have everything that is important by the time it is important. Your enemies will feel the wrath of your nuke, and later on they will notice that their legs turn to rubber when they are around you, and it won't be because they find your play style attractive

In-Depth Analysis of Skill Build:
At level one, you have two options that make sense. You can level up Purification, or Repel Magic. Stats would be nice, but an invisible circlet of nobility doesnít quite outweigh the other two options in this case. Degen Aura simply isnít powerful enough at level one to be considered. So let's compare our options. Purification may only heal for a paltry 90 hit points at level one, but it also deals 90 pure damage. This effectively gives you a 180 hit point advantage over your opponent every 12 seconds, should a clash occur. Not bad at level one.

On the other hand, you have the option of having your own Black King Bar right from the get go. As far as saving an ally at level one goes, the only situation where your lane partner or your self would actually be in danger of dying would be from a multi-man gank involving skills such as impale and storm bolt. You can heal yourself for 90 hp and likely die anyways, or you can throw on your BKB equivalent and (if timed correctly) have your opponents waste their bolts and impales while you or your laning partner can now escape relatively unscathed. After considering the logic behind it, Repel Magic seems like the superior option.

After level one, I donít think anybody will disagree that Purification is the skill to be maxed first. This is the skill that makes your presence felt. Investing points into Degen Aura might strike as an idea, however I assure you it will be the inferior option 99% of the time. It might work in rare circumstances, but you would be skipping out on an incredibly potent spell which wonít be nearly as effective later on. Not only that, but if you are to help out in a gank, Purification is more likely to net your team a kill than your passive is, and if you get ganked, Your 360 hit point heal will keep you alive longer than your 28% slow. Stats are recommended at level 4 because 10 seconds of BKB isnít that much better than 5 at this point, and a 7% slow is almost negligible. However, if you're facing a nuking lineup, you could consider level 2 Repel just in case. It's 5 seconds and more stats or 10 seconds.

After level 7 your options grow. I would personally recommend getting Degen Aura maxed before touching Repel Again. For an experienced player, 5 seconds of magic immunity is often more than enough to fulfill their desires. For less experienced or coordinated players, taking the safe route and putting another point into repel before maxing Degen is recommended. It is around the 10-12 minute mark where Degen Aura becomes so valuable, as this is the phase where laning starts to become dangerous. Since Purist isnít capable of jungling effectively, Degen will earn some respect from those who decide to follow my advice.

You will also notice that Puristís ultimate is taken at level 6, and not taken again until level 15. This is because having an extra second of the buff, while it could make the difference, is not really worth a hero point when you compare it to a greater Degen Aura or more time on Repel. The heal over time provided by Guardian Angel scales as follows: 125 total, 150 total, 175 total. Again, this is a paltry increase. Furthermore, who wants to pay more mana for the same spell? I recommend keeping your level 1 ultimate until much later.

Finally, Repel Magic is improved starting at level 12. This works out nicely, because this is around the phase where team fights begin to occur. If one happens at level 12, you can now contribute an AoE nuke for 360 pure damage, a 360 hit point heal, a 5 second physical invulnerability buff to your whole team, a 28% slow aura, and a 10 second BKB buff to any teammate. Simply put, you will be more than ready to fill your role at this point. Hold off on levelling your ultimate until level 15. This way, you can still grab your level 3 ultimate as soon as possible, while maxing out Repel Magic sooner than otherwise.

This method of building Purist is entirely subject to your own experimenting, and is simply meant as a default guideline. However, much thought has gone into this build, so as far as trust goes, I promise this buildís effectiveness. I will be assuming the use of this skill build for the rest of the guide. I encourage you to contribute your own thoughts.

E: Items
In any game, strategy must be applied to your item choices. You must pick items that both enhance your strengths or improve critical weaknesses, while exploiting your opponent's weaknesses or nullifying their strengths. This section has been included to guide you through the incredible amount of choices you have, and to identify the most effective ones.

1. Starting Items
Use one of these builds to start off your game.



/ (576g / 586g)


Do NOT start with:

The items you can start with are pretty flexible. Keep to the cheap stuff, and youíll get more out of your 603 gold. The rejected starting items are explained with reason below.

In-Depth Analysis:
There is so much to say about so little. There are more acceptable combinations of branches and gauntlets and tangos and all those other similar items than I can possibly include. Iím only listing some of the combinations that I find work best for me. Note that the triple branch + mantle build gives you 299 mana at level 1, which is phenomenal when you also factor in your magic stick.

You should really use whatever combination youíre most comfortable with, but these starting builds lead into your basic core items. The item combo involving a stout shield is the recommended way to go if you plan to babysit somebody important early on. Also remember that you are the type of hero that should be buying a courier or wards at the beginning, so be prepared to contribute to some of your teamís expenses.

If you are to babysit the team's hard carry, and you are unsure as to who you will be laning against, you will be best off taking the first option, but leaving out the magic stick, so you have 204 gold left over. This way, when you enter your lane, you can decide whether you want a stick or a shield based on your laning opponents, and simply buy the desired option immediately from the side shop.

There are a few items that should be avoided, however. One such item is the boots of speed. You donít need better movement speed at this point. The only situation where movement speed would pay off early on is if you get ganked, and that is where Repel Magic comes in. Another item to avoid is the bottle. To start, it isnít even that effective on Purist, as he doesnít generally want to be wasting time trying to score a successful gank early on. Secondly, you canít buy anything else if you get that right away. You will be too weak to compete for last hits. Get your stats up instead. Do not ever start with a Ring of Basilius. You will have a tiny mana pool that will supply you with one or two spells, then you will be disappointed with your bad mana regeneration for the rest of your laning phase and suffer accordingly.

I am opposed to the use of a Quelling Blade on Omniknight. As incredible as this item is, Purist is not capable of jungling, even with this item. Therefore the only place where Purist can put this item to use is in the lane, and being a melee hero with 100 range and crappy movement speed, heís at a disadvantage anyways. Besides, shouldn't you be babysitting your carry? Skip out on the QB when playing this hero. Finally, Clarity Potions are quite nice to have, but using them with a melee hero means 30 seconds of cowering behind your creeps, not doing anything productive. That sounds gross just thinking about it. Itís tough having 100 attack range, but Omniknight players must cope with it.

2. Basic Core Items
These items should require no thought before buying, and nothing should be purchased before these items. This basic core build costs just fewer than 2500g
These are the items you need to do your job. As you can see, your main goal here is to build up your mana pool. You will likely have this anywhere between the 12 to 15 minute marks, with the range depending on how frugal your early game is for you.

In-Depth Analysis:
These items will allow you to use your spells at a leisurely rate, thus improving your ability to serve as a supportive caster. It will also give you a good way of restoring your mana (Magic Wand). In a typical game, you can obtain this basic core at around level 8 or 9. With these items, you will have an impressive 520 mana at your disposal, with additional mana reserves coming from your Power Treads and Magic Wand, should they become necessary. When using this build, I find that I have about as much mana as Arcane Ring would provide.

You will also have over 1200 hp, 7 armor, and an attack dealing 87-97 damage. The Power Treads should be strength by default, but be ready to flip them to intelligence as soon as you need some more mana. As a babysitter/ melee support hero, Wand will work wonders for you. It is such an excellent item, you'd have to be crazy not to buy it on Purist. The Null Talisman is so essential; if you use all your spells once and Purification another time, Null will provide you with enough mana for a third Purification before you have to tap into your reserves. Don't skip it. The more mana you have, the more of a threat youíll be to your laning opponents.

The other great thing about this build is that it also provides you with some very decent combat capabilities. You will likely be able to defeat all five of the enemy heroes in a 1v1 around this level, with some obvious exceptions. Remember that you have an incredibly intense nuke, and a potent heal in just one skill.

Boots of Travel is just too expensive to be considered for basic core, and it isn't worth 2700g earlier on. It could , however, replace treads later into the game (covered in extended core). As for the other boots, the reason Power Treads is recommended over Phase Boots is really just the mana. You could take your Phase Boots, get some good movement speed that Omniknight really wonít benefit from, get some more damage that might help out in a brawl, and the ability to ignore unit pathing (which isn't as appealing on Purist, since he can get his nuke off via an ally standing next to the enemy, rather than himself).

On the other hand, you could take your treads and have the option of 190 bonus hit points or 130 bonus mana, which you can switch between in the blink of an eye, as well as 30% more Physical DPS. Note that 130 mana will often be the difference between another Purification and nothing, which in turn could be the difference between a kill and a death. However, Phase Boots obviously has its advantages, too. This guide recommends the use of Power Treads, but in reality both are good choices. Finally, Scrolls are essential, so donít bother trying to convince me to take them off of the basic core. You should have one or two scrolls on you at all points of the game past 6 minutes or so.

3. Extended Core Items
These items are to be considered after youíve farmed your crucial core items. Most of these items are fairly easy to farm, and all will produce consistently good results from game to game

Again, Purist doesnít want beefiness. He is a Supporting Caster, and so you should get items that compliment that role. You should realistically be able to get your hands on one or two of these items before the 20 minute mark. I canít stress enough how important it is that you do not skip over any part of your basic core, Including the Null Talisman. Make sure you have all 4 parts of it before starting on extended core.

In-Depth Analysis:
Necronomicon is and always will be a solid item choice, giving you a little bit of everything you can benefit from, as well as some minions to run around and sap the mana of your enemies. Here is a cool trick that can be done with Necronomicon: Send the warrior to attack someone, and the Archer to follow the same person (obviously use his spell). When the archer is close enough, use Purification on it. You will get a free Laguna Blade off on the enemy. This can be both annoying and effective Ė two great things in one! Even experienced players might not expect this. Command your Necro Archer by pressing M and clicking on the enemy. His good movement speed will keep him easily within 200 units of the enemy at all times. This is a huge ease to your micromanagement. This option should always be taken whenever you want to limit your enemyís mana pool more than anything else, or if you already have mana vampires on your team such as Magina or Nerubian Assassin. Even if not, consider Necronomicon.

I was surprised to discover that the idea of an Omniknight with a Blink Dagger was either humorous, unheard of or considered unorthodox among most players. The bottom line is that blink is an incredibly imbalanced ability on any hero, and Omniknight can make great use of it. There is a giant list of abilities you can dodge with this spell, ranging from Hellfire Blast to Tinkerís Missile to Strygwyrís Rupture (yes, you can actually dodge Rupture with Blink, and I possess replays that prove this). Letís not forget this itemís escaping abilities, even with the damage timer. Note that Blink Dagger is actually the cheapest option listed in this section. For a small amount, you become virtually unstoppable when it comes to giving chase. Not only this, but you could even score yourself a kill or two with a well placed Blink + Purification. Even if the initial nuke doesnít kill, you are now close enough for your Degen Aura to take effect. Do consider Blink Dagger as an extension to your basic core. In a metagame where positioning is crucial, this item has its place. Blink Dagger is especially effective versus characters that already have a blink, such as Morphling or Mirana, but is less effective when facing enemies with DoTs such as Queen of Pain or Venomancer.

What an item. Eulís gives you more intelligence, and a heavy mana regeneration bonus. These are both very good things. On top of that, Eulís has cyclone, which can be used on friend or foe, and even yourself. As long as your timing isnít terrible, Eulís will pretty much guarantee that you get to use purification to its fullest effect. Note that an experienced player can use Eulís to dodge potent nukes such as Ravage, Scream of Pain, Earth Splitter, and even Epicentre. This item is a solid choice in almost any game, and especially in competitive play. The Eulís + Purification combo is often fatal to glass cannons such as Enchantress and Nerubian Weaver, two heroes who would otherwise be very difficult to hit with your nuke. Note that the mana regen provided by this item is far superior to that which Arcane Ring provides.

Mekanismís effectiveness on Purist may be arguable, but as far as the support role goes, this is a great item to have. A 250 AoE Heal is much better than it might look on paper. It passively gives an armor bonus, too, and so should be used earlier on in team fights. Plus itís always good when one person is controlling both of the teamís heals. Otherwise they might be used at the same time and one will go to waste. Again, since you have been focusing on mana all game, you will have no problem putting this to use. Note that Mekanism does heal magic immune allies. This item should be a no brainer choice whenever you play a game that will likely be heavy with team fights.

Force Staff is a widely underrated item that allows you to relocate anyone within range 600 units forward. I think the main thing that is holding back the Force Staffís popularity is the amount of skill it requires to be effective. The main advantage of this item is that unlike blink dagger, there is no damage deactivation. It can also be used on opponents. Finally, it gives 10 intelligence, 10 damage and 10% increased attack speed (not bad at all). You could force somebody into trees, and then trap them in as you follow them. You could evade a death by forcing up a cliff. You could even force somebody into a Purification. Use your Imagination. This itemís effectiveness does not vary from situation to situation. It is always a good choice if you have practice with it. Remember that items not yet mentioned will be mentioned later on in this section of the guide.

4. Situational Items
Under certain conditions, these items can become viable options for your extended core. These would typically be bought the same way an extended core item would be. In other words, after basic core.

The items that were listed under Extended Core are the ones that will consistently bring you good results. Listed here are some items that will bring noteable results in certain situations.

In-Depth Analysis:
If you are dealing with a team that relies on their carries to win battles, and you think you will be a prime target, this item in combination with your ultimate can provide you with up to nine seconds of physical immunity. This is an incredible amount of time, considering that average team battles will take around 20 seconds. Note that Ghost Scepter also gives +7 to all your stats. It should be known that one cannot be Magic Immune and Ethereal at the same time, and that the ethereal buff would be removed or would fail if such a situation was to occur.

On the other hand, maybe youíre facing a team that relies on their massive nukes to win battles. If this is the case, and you think youíre a prime target in a team fight, Blademail is an excellent choice, as you will likely be using Repel Magic on your teamís agility carry at this point. Note that Blademail also reflects physical damage. When Guardian Angel ends, those enemy carries will be just itching to smack you up. This would be the point where switching on blademail will bring good results.

If you are the only strength hero, and your team is (god forbid) depending on you to tank, Armlet is the best way to go. For a meagre 2850 gold, you receive 475 hp and 5 armor. Note that the health drain really isnít as bad as some people think it is. The given value of 35 hp/second is quite high. The item itself only takes off 32 hp/sec, since it also provides +3. Your natural regen is also close to 4 or 5 without items around level 12, so this means only about 28 hp/sec. Furthermore, Armlet has some very cool tricks that can be used. When it is switched on, you receive 475 hit points. This means that if you activate it at 2 hp, you will now have 477 hp. Also, the degeneration cannot kill you, so you can really use this to push the rules of the game. If you have 23 hp and are running for your life, and Magnataur uses Shockwave, you can quickly switch Armlet off and on. You will go down to 1 hp, then right up to 476. Use this new health to absorb shockwave, which would otherwise have been fatal. Then keep armlet on until you need more hp again. There is a 10 second cooldown on Armletís activation, but it has no mana cost. This cooldown is better than that of most nukes, meaning that you will essentially never die to a wayward nuke when fleeing. Also worth mentioning is armletís +40 damage, not including the +25 bonus strength. This is really the only DPS item that you should take with Purist, as it gives significant boosts to many things while leaving you with enough gold to afford a good mana pool. Note that Repel Magic does not prevent the health loss.

This should only ever be taken if you decide to get Armlet of Mordiggian first. The combination of these two items turns the supportive hero that is the Omniknight into something else, while lacking a heavy gold expense. This item build has great synergy with Repel Magic, as casting Repel Magic on yourself will not remove your Berserk Buff, and will significantly nullify that damage amplification. +65 bonus damage, coupled with +125% attack speed is actually better than the effects of a Sacred Relic and Two Hyper Stones. On top of that, you are magic immune, you have more than enough hit points to take a beating, your 17% life steal should be mentioned, and your new and improved movement speed is very bad news for your enemy, who has their movement speed reduced by 28% from your aura. This build works very well, but it is only a better choice than your standard items when your team lacks a carry or a tank. Always get Armlet first. It is worth noting that Purist is capable of soloing Roshan at level 12 with these items and your standard basic core, assuming the use of your purification spell.

When your team consists of Tidehunter, Mortred, Omniknight, Dark Seer and Slardar (probably due to a mutual learning disability) you should no doubt buy this item. Omniknight is a good Vlad's carrier because he is already managing auras, he is naturally tough to kill, and the mana regeneration is very nice for him. Generally, if your team has two or more heroes that deal damage through melee auto-attacking, you should probably get this in place of another extended core item.

You might find yourself in a game where the enemy team is out-pushing your team. Or you might be teleporting so often that Scrolls are becoming a major expense. Or maybe all your towers are destroyed and scrolls are now only good for returning home. If this happens, trade your Treads on for some Boots of Travel. These are the ultimate form of transportation. You can teleport to your creeps now, instead of just buildings. The 95 bonus movement speed is never bad, either, and youíll never buy another scroll in your life... for the rest of the game. About half of this itemís price is due to the fact that by buying them, you now have one item that fills two critical inventory spots; movement speed and teleportation. In other words, this item effectively gives you an additional slot in your inventory.

Having so many defensive abilities, Purist is a natural carrier of this item. Try combining with Eulís Scepter. Poor Gondar wonít be very happy when he is spotted, disabled and gang beat.

5. Luxury Items
Luxury items are the items you should consider purchasing if you have been having a great game and have enough gold after selecting one or two extended core items

I donít feel as though a discussion is necessary for any of these luxuries, although I may choose to include one in the future. These are all good choices and I really canít see anybody disagreeing with any of those above. Your reasoning for choosing any of these items would be because they are just good late game items on most heroes. These specific items compliment Omniknightís main role as a supporter, with Radiance being the luxury of choice if you decide to take the Armlet/ Mask of Madness combo. Remember that those items not yet listed will be addressed later on in the items section.

6. Unorthodox Items
New things are being observed all the time. Listed here are some of those things. Note that the word unorthodox does not mean Ďbadí. It means that their effectiveness is debatable. They could work, but they are risky choices.

This list is meant to look strange. Donít feel as though youíre missing something if you donít see how most of these items would be effective. The above list is meant for anybody looking for an Avant-Garde play style. If you have found any of these items to be especially effective in pubs, organized teams, or even competitive play, please share your experiences. However, I ask you not to share bad experiences or any reasoning why never to take any of these items, for they are listed as Unorthodox, and so the general consensus is that they are dubious at best.

In-Depth Analysis:

Donít get the wrong idea here. I think Black King bar is one of the best items in the game, and can make a huge difference on almost any hero. But of all the heroes that make use of Black King Bar, Omniknight is among those who are less effective with it. The only real reason you would get one is to apply magic immunity to yourself and your carry. But you're not going to be a primary target in a team fight. Black King Bar remains a strong item, but you will likely have a better yield from spending your gold on something you donít already have. This item would belong in the extended core section of my guide if you were to choose to use it.

Linkenís can be obtained for the same reason you would normally buy Linken's: to block Laguna Blade, or other related nukes. Note that since Purist is support, he is not a primary target, and thus he is not a likely target of such spells. You should always urge your team's carry to buy this item, though! It blocks Purge, which means Repel Magic cannot be countered! This item would belong in the extended core section of my guide if you were to choose to use it.

Khadgarís (and Defiance) clearly arenít as good on Omniknight as they are on a typical Hood carrier. But as a supportive spell caster, Omniknight would indeed be able to get the Pipe Buff up by using his magic immunity to get right into the fight. Khadgarís makes a big difference in team fights. But youíre already magic immune... This item would belong in the extended core section of my guide if you were to choose to use it.

Maybe you want to do some DPSing with Omniknight. Not recommended in most cases. But Sange and Yasha gives you so much for so little. You can give this a try for yourself. The movement speed and the Maim is what I guess would be the primary attraction for some Omniknight players, but they would really be missing out on Omniknightís real strengths if they went for this. This Item would belong in the luxury Section of my guide if you were to choose to use it.

This item gives life steal, damage and armor. It also gives you a minion. You canít say that a Troll Warlord or a Satyr Trickster wonít be handy in most situations. However, even though the item is cheap and easy to farm, the bonuses it provides donít go a long way towards improving Puristís ability to fulfil his support role. This item would belong in the extended core section of my guide if you were to choose to use it.

This item has been a special hit lately. Iíve seen this on Ogre Magi, Broodmothers, even Omniknights! The idea here is that purge is broken, and so Purist will take advantage of that. Use at your own risk. Purge is the only good thing about this item, because the rest of the cost comes from the +22 agility, which means little on Purist. This item would belong in the extended core section of my guide if you were to choose to use it.

Dagon's provides a powerful nuke to the holder. The thing is that nukes lose their effectiveness as the game progresses. As such, Dagon's is most effective when rushed. This would mean skipping basic core. Since the stat boost from this item is fairly poor, rushing it would mean having less than 1000 hp at level 10, and as low as 600 mana to utilize both Dagon's and all other spells. What's more, Purist isn't known for his last hitting ability. That would be the downside. The upside would be that you've got Dagon's. This item is a risky one to go for. It would replace basic core completely (including Boots of Speed) if you were to go for it.

Well, we can imagine situations where this would work to some degree. Invisibility will always be a big thing in DotA. But on Omniknight? Blink Dagger costs almost half as much, and itís actually better for getting into the action. Give this a try in a pub. Youíll probably get laughed at, but it could work. This item would belong in the extended core section of my guide if you were to choose to use it.

Eye of Skadi does its job, no matter who buys it. Let's face it, this item is like a permanent Crystal Nova slow. The thing is that this item is among the hardest (if not THE hardest) item in the game to farm up, and Purist isn't exactly a mad farmer. Aiming for this item is either unrealistic, or impractical in high level play. However, this item in conjunction with your Degen Aura is like trying to get away from Bristleback. Maybe worse. It also gives you mad stat boosts. So this is pretty much the item Purist dreams of having, but knows he'll never get in an important match.

Letís be mature here. Divine rapier gives you +250 damage, but you risk giving the enemy carry +250 damage if you die. However, Purist is hard to kill. All four of his skills help him live longer. If you took the Armlet/Madness combo, and have had a good game with a plentiful farm, and want to impale somebody with your Hammer, you canít pass up considering this item. I personally would never consider this item. The only reason it is listed under ĎUnorthodoxí and not Rejected is because it gives you +250 damage for 6200g, making it not only the deadliest item to possess, but also the most cost effective damage boost in the game. This item would belong in the Luxury section of my guide if you were to choose to use it.

7. The Arcane Ring
This item gets its own section. I do NOT recommend buying an Arcane Ring on Purist. I have included extensive math and arguments to support my opinion. Please be sure to have read all of it before you post in disagreement.

The Arcane Ring costs a total of 1700g. It provides its wearer with +300 mana, +3 armor, and an active ability that replenishes 135 mana in a 600 AoE, centered on the user. This active ability costs 25 mana and has a 30 second cooldown.
Aside from its colossal mana boost, this item gives you an active. This active (at best) provides Purist with approximately 3.67 mana regeneration per second (4.5 mana/sec for allies). This bonus mana is not a part of your base mana regen. Purchasing an Arcane Ring gives you nothing except 300 mana and this active. The carved in stone value of 3.67 is very good earlier on, but it becomes useless later in the game. If you want to spend your entire mid game ganking with your teammates, this item would be magnificent. But you won't be doing that.

In a typical game with Omni, the player's build would look like this:

-Starts with eaters, TP scroll and GG branches
-Farms boots of speed, Ring of Protection (4 minutes)
-Purchases Energy Booster (9 minutes)
-Completes Arcane Ring (11 minutes)
-Gets BoT (18 minutes)

At the 18-20 minute mark, this player will now have 390 movement speed, free scrolls, 300 bonus mana and the active. This gives you absolutely no health and no damage. Only some mana.

At around level 13-14, a Eul's Scepter of Divinity will provide superior mana regen. To illustrate this, I have included some math in the following spoiler.
Assuming level 14 and around 5000g:

My build (Treads, Null, Wand, Eul's)
61 Intelligence = 2.45 mana regeneration
2.45 mana regeneration + 125% = 5.5125 mana/second
Mana Pool: 793

Popular Pub build (Boots of Travel, Arcane Ring) + ~600g
40 Intelligence = 1.6 mana regeneration
1.6 mana regeneration + 3.67 (Ring) = 5.28 mana/second
Mana Pool: 846

Not only does my build provide better mana regen, but it also gives superior stats and damage. What's more, Arcane Omni's base regen is 1.6. This is the only value that gets multiplied by things like void stones. I also want to mention that I haven't even factored in the Magic Wand, and that I did that calculation assuming Strength Treads. I don't think much more needs to be said here. Arcane Ring is not as good as it's made out to be.

What's more, since you'll obtain an Arcane Ring around level 10-11, this item will be effective for about 6 minutes. After that, Eul's will give better mana (the ONLY thing Arcane Ring is good for) and you'll cry every time you get torn to shreds like paper. If your allies can't benefit from it as well, you're way better off getting Treads, Null and Wand.

Even before level 14, Treads, Null and Wand gives plenty of mana. I guarantee that as long as you use your skills properly, you won't feel mana constrained.

Purist needs to get right into the action for his aura to take effect. He needs to be there to auto attack. He needs to put himself in danger to be effective. Your heal will only do so much You will need natural bulkiness as well. Arcane Ring limits that. I feel that if anyone should carry the Ring, it should be a character like Abaddon (a naturally unkillable target) or Azgalor (for obvious reasons).

Unlike the previously mentioned characters, Purist actually functions effectively in late game. Buying Arcane Ring takes away from your late game. If you really feel you need an Arcane Ring, or just aren't convinced by my calculations, I recommend you have somebody else on your team buy the Ring. 90% of the time, Purist won't need any more mana than that which my build provides.

8. Rejected Items
These are items that I would recommend you never get on Purist. You will notice that most of these items are of the kind that give increased DPS. Any recipes not previously mentioned will be listed here.


Honestly, this is my favourite DPS item. But it goes to waste on most strength heroes, and especially Omniknight. The itemís usefulness is relative to attack speed. Purist lacks that.

Butterfly is the most popular pub Luxury. Itís so powerful that itís even acceptable on strength carries. But Omniknight doesnít want this item. Heís too busy casting his spells to care about 30% evasion, or to make use of the DPS boosts this item provides.

Donít expect Omniknight to get very high crits.

Would you get this item on Tiny?

Omniknight doesnít have a very high damage output when it comes to auto attacking. Therefore 35% of that isnít very high either.

Yeah, Images may be cool to have. But paying 5000g exclusively for images isnít very cool at all.

Itís his lack of DPS potential that prevents this great item from making it into Puristís Luxury list.

Would you get this item on Tiny?

Reduced armor can be deadly on characters like Slardar. So leave this item for characters like Slardar.

This item is so good that itís almost worth it on Omniknight. But you will definitely have other teammates that want this item. So let them carry it.

This item gets trashed a lot. Iím actually a fan of the vanguard in many cases. But this is not one of those cases. You need mana early on, and this item encourages you to be reckless. What's more, the damage block conflicts with your ultimate. Spend your gold on something you donít already have.

It doesnít affect your ultimate. The stats are nice, but other items are nicer.

I have recently come to realize how effective this item can be. But getting this at a decent time on Purist would limit his mana pool.

This new item is a really great addition to the game. I have a very high opinion for this item. But since only one can be charged per kill, this item should be reserved for the ganking heroes without their own heal (Lich, Nessaj etc.)

Itís a good item that needs to be seen more often. But Purist has no use for the agility bonus. Consider leaving it as a Stout Shield instead.

F: Style of Play
This section will hopefully give you an understanding of what Purist should be doing in a game. I am assuming a higher level of co-ordination and skill among allies and enemies, and so these guidelines might have a lesser effect in pubs.

1. An Omniscient View of DotA
This section sums up Puristís strengths and weaknesses

Omniknight Pros
- Good growths
- Good armor
- High attack damage
- Extremely powerful hero in early game
- Excellent ultimate
- Can make carry magic immune
- Fairly item independent, save for mana issues
- Huge contributor to team fights
- Presence is felt in laning phase
- Is capable of ganking
- Not usually a priority target in team fights

Omniknight Cons
- Terrible animations and movement speed
- Low attack DPS
- Cannot jungle effectively (in comparison to typical junglers)
- Lacks a disable
- Repel is countered by Diffusal
- Nuke only works under circumstances
- Melee Hero
- Needs to do some serious investing in mana pool to be effective
And last but not least:
- Needs to do some serious investing in mana pool to be effective

In pubs: Moderate
In Competitive Play: Unlikely Pick, Likely Ban

2. Your Job as a Supporter
Purist already has the skills to provide his team with more backup than a single hero normally can. In fact, between his four skills he is more of a supporter than almost any other hero can offer even with items. The main factor that balances him out is his lack of mana. Instead of rushing an item like Mekanism, he is forced to build up his mana pool first. So really, the same thing Iíve been saying throughout this guide stands to reason. You need to turn your bad mana pool into a good one. After youíve accomplished that, you can build on your arsenal of spells and abilities. Your teammates should expect you to prevent them from dying to smaller ganks, allow them to be more aggressive, and to give them the edge they need to dominate team battles (through proper use of Repel, Guardian Angel and Purification, which is outlined later on). Your team should not expect you to farm up a storm, keep them alive no matter what, get kills left and right, or deal massive amounts of physical DPS.

3. Laning
At the start of the game, Purist should be either babysitting the team's carry in the rune lane, or soloing the defensive lane. The reasoning behind lane choice when babysitting is that the carry will most likely want easy access to the rune. As for soloing, Purist is not going to be rune spotting nor using a bottle, and since his Repel Magic will only last 5 seconds at this point, he needs to be near to his tower at all times so he can escape to safety in case a gank occurs. If you're soloing, donít expect too many last hits. If you're babysitting, don't expect any last hits at all. If your team comes to gank your laning opponents, don't hesitate to tank a tower for them. Otherwise play defensively and mind your own business. Once you hit level 5 or 6, however, you are quite powerful, and so you can begin some harassing with your nuke (and your allies' own contributions). However, remember that you are feared because of your nuke. Therefore no mana = no laning presence. Be careful when your mana is really low. Do not ever use your last cast to 'send them back to their base'. Mindgame them with it, but don't use it unless you can kill or will be killed. You'll have to take my word this one time. Contained within are a few babysitting techniques and pointers:
Babysitting with Omniknight involves running in the enemy's direction rambo style whenever the creeps get low. This will put your enemies at risk of eating a Purification, and so will take their attention away from your ally. Said ally will then proceed to last hit. If you play a babysitting game versus ranged lane opponents, consider purchasing a stout shield. Special mention goes to Purist's effectiveness when babysitting Lone Druid. In this case, spirit bear can do the rambo maneuvers, keeping Purist away from the damage. Now, being a melee hero, there are obviously some laning opponents that Omniknight won't be of much threat to. In fact, some heroes will completely shut you down. Bad laning opponents include mana drainers, like Silencer, Nerubian assassin, Lion, and Antimage (although Magina might not be interested in eating a full force Purification). Other laning opponents worth noting include Orb Walkers such as Viper and Drow. You are no threat to them if you cannot catch up to them. These opponents will severely nullify your laning abilities, and it may be wise to swap lanes with another ally if this occurs. If you do babysit Lone Druid, however, things might change.

4. Post-Laning
When you hit level 7, you will most likely be among the most powerful heroes on the map (especially if you soloed). This is because your Purification skill will be at its prime effectiveness at this point. So head over to the side shop and buy a scroll. You should now start drifting from lane to lane. Make sure you let your original lane partner know you are leaving them. This part of the game is so freestyle; there arenít a lot of guidelines to follow. As Omniknight, you will usually want to be doing one of three things at this point. You could either start pushing a lane, in hopes of getting a tower or forcing a team fight, you could try to organize a gank, or you could disappear into the forest and start farming some neutrals. Given you likely havenít completed your basic core at level 7, you arenít usually capable of effectively jungling yet. So stick to your realistic options. Namely, the other two mentioned things to do. Maybe youíre not like me. Maybe youíve managed to farm up your core and a Vladimirís Offering somehow. Bottom line is, one of those three things is generally what you should be focusing on at this point. Here are some pointers to keep in mind during midgame:
-Donít spend too much time away from a lane. You will fall behind in experience. If you need to get somewhere, do it quickly so as to minimize the time you spend not doing something productive (also known as scrolls)

-Make sure you keep an eye out for last hit opportunities in lane, and on neutrals

-If you are pushing the top or bottom lanes solo, be sure to hug the outside of the lane at all times. This makes spotting ganks easier, and really just keeps you safer overall

-If you find yourself pushing mid alone, get out of there as fast as you can

-Donít be afraid to use Purification to get multiple last hits. All good players use low CD nukes to get a bunch of last hits at once. Just don't do it too often, else your mana pool will get too low. You'll need some of it in case you get in trouble

-If you have a chance to kill steal, think about who can make better use of the gold before robbing your ally of the prize. If itís an item independent character like Raigor or Crixalis, you should probably take it (unless they are still working towards a crucial item, such as a blink dagger). If itís your teamís agility carry, like Luna or Gondar, it makes more sense for them to take the kill. Be a team player instead of a team badass

5. Farming
Even as a support hero, Omniknight needs to maintain a decent income to keep up with the enemy teamís progression. If he falls behind in his farm, he might find himself unable to properly supply his team with the resources they are depending on him to provide, despite his item independance. Although Purist is not an innately effective farmer, he gains the ability to jungle fairly well around levels 12 to 14. This is where your mana begins to become slightly superfluous due to extended core items, allowing you to cast your spells more liberally. Don't farm ancients. They are not only too tough, but they are also for your team's carry. Here are some cases where you can farm even with low mana:
- Necronomicon: The summonable units this item provides can tank the damage for you while it doesnít cost you a thing
- Vladimirís Aura: If you opt to take this item, farming should be no problem at all
- Armlet of Mordiggian: again, this is an item that will allow you to jungle

Complete Analysis of Puristís Farming Techniques:
Of the three situations above, my guide suggests that the first one is the most probable. Even then, Necronomicon is a less popular item, which is unfortunate, but true. The real farming item for Purist is Eul's Scepter, due to its massive Mana regeneration. As far as regular neutral creeping goes, Eul's allows you to use purification at every other camp you visit, although you should actually be using the spell any time your hit points are 400 or so below their maximum, and you have two or more creeps with decent hp left. Any other situation would be wasting your mana. Note that the banshee, wolf, gnoll and kobold camp spawns are nearly one hit KOíd by level 4 purification. This makes for a speedy farm if you encounter these camps frequently. With practice, you will find that Purification is more effective to use at some camps than others. For Example, the Wildkin and Satyr camps arenít very good to use a purification on, as some creeps are so weak that it is overkill, and other creeps are so powerful that the nuke isnít as nice. If you already have one or two items from the extended core list and are farming for luxuries, you are likely strong enough to take on the ancient camps, which are much more time effective to farm. If you chose an item like Force Staff or Dagonís, sadly you wonít farm as effectively as an Omniknight with Necronomicon or Eulís. Itís a price to pay for those items. Remember not to get too focused on neutraling. Although itís a very effective and safe way to farm, keep in mind that you arenít fighting the bad (or good) guys when you neutral. If your team needs your help in a lane, get over there ASAP. Leave even if you just need to whack the creep one more time to kill it. A second might make a difference, and you can always go back for that last hit later. Your teammates will harp on you if you are too slow to react.

6. Team Fights
This is your time to shine. Puristís greatest contributions to any game are the abilities he has to offer in a team fight. With proper use of his skills, you can turn any team into a great fighting force when a team battle occurs. If your team is already competent in this department, then consider it overkill. Note that overkill is good in this case. (continued in spoiler)
With a well timed ultimate, you can prevent the death of one or several teammates, keeping them in the brawl for longer than they would be otherwise. With a well placed Repel, your teamís carry will have a blast ripping apart various opponents. With a single Purification, you can realistically be contributing something like 1440 hit points to the battle with a single spell. (360 heal, 3 foes hit by the AoE). The best part is that this spell has a 12 seconds cooldown. You might get to use it twice! Finally, if you get a front row seat in the battle, your aura is now taking effect. Trust me when I say that this makes a difference. A 28% movement speed reduction is better than an Eye of Skadi, and itís in an AoE. This means that when your enemies want to relocate in a crucial situation, they now take more than 33% longer to do so. You canít always use your aura to its fullest effect, though, so donít go out of your way just to have enemies affected by it. I havenít even mentioned your items yet. If you went with Necronomicon, get those minions out nice and early, and send them to go attack the enemy support hero. Dazzle will hate these guys. If no support exists or is taking part, you should decide who is most strategic to target. Remember that nukers arenít a good target, because they have finished their job as soon as all their spells have been cast. Burning leftover mana wonít do much. If you went with Blink Dagger, you should use its ability at your own discretion. Blink in on a fleeing enemy and slow them with your aura. Blink in where no ally is and land a devastating Purification. Use your imagination. Force staff goes similarly. Eulís and Dagonís should be saved until there is a scenario where they will clearly have a great effect. Mekanism should be used as soon as either somebody is about to die, or you can heal your team for around 700 or so hp all together. Make sure to throw down its effect early, but not too early. Use it before your first Purification heal is needed.

7. Using Your Skills to Their Fullest Potential
In a very intense game where your role makes a very big difference, you might get yourself into the frame of mind that you need to do everything perfectly. Donít. This will cause you to miss a good opportunity in favour of one that might not even happen later on. This happens a lot to my team mates, and I feel the issue is worth addressing in guides. And so I have dedicated an entire section of my guide solely to recognizing the right time and manner to use Puristís skills.

This is your nuke, and your heal. Note that this is a nuke and a heal. You canít pay half price for just one of these. Therefore every time you cast this spell, you are paying mana for a nuke, and for a heal. So make sure you get your manaís worth.

-If you want to heal your lane partner, ask them to stand next to either a bunch of low creeps, or to run up to an enemy hero. This way, when you heal them, you are also de-healing (or damaging) an enemy, possibly getting a bunch of creep kills with it.

-If you have a chance to kill somebody with your nuke, try (if possible) to cast it on somebody low. Example: You and Crixalis go in to gank. Crixalis Burrowstrikes. Enemy is low, and you can kill. You are at full, but Crix isnít. Cast it on Crix, not yourself. You get your manaís worth this way. Think about efficiency when using this skill.

-Your Purification spell becomes more effective when you purchase the following items: Necronomicon, Blink Dagger, Eulís Scepter and Force Staff. These items all make landing purification as a nuke much easier.

-In team fights, you will obviously want to hit as many opponents with the nuke as you can. If your allies include team fight monsters such as Raigor, Magnataur, Dark Seer, or Enigma, you should save your Nuke for when the enemy is all bunched up... Or when an important ally desperately needs a heal. This way, you can hit as many as all of your opponents with an AoE Laguna Blade. This would be the pinnacle of Omniknight effectiveness and sophistication.

-Youíve probably seen videos where a team is chasing a low health Stealth Assassin. All of a sudden, somebody randomly nukes an empty area and gets the kill. Omniknight is capable of this. If you are in this situation and you think it will work, my experience suggests taking the chance. You have built Purist so he has sufficient mana, and he can afford to take the chance with his 12 second CD. Usually, the reasoning is Ďwhy not?í

Repel Magic
This spell is single target, and has a straight forward effect. However, there are ways to use it more effectively than usual.

-A team fight is about to break out. You have Repel level 4, and youíre going to use it on your teamís Skeleton King carry. You might think that it makes sense to use it right before heís about to get hit by a spell. WRONG. Itís best to use it about 10 seconds before that. This way, in case he dies to attacks, you can use it on somebody else 10 seconds later. Even if he doesnít die, you can always recast. Itís 20 seconds long, and has a 20 second CD. This mini-strategy is especially important when the enemy has countered you with Diffusal. In this case, cast it WAY earlier, so they might dispel it when it only has about 3 seconds left. Then immediately recast. This way, they waste their purge, and your spell functions normally. In the special case of the Skeleton King carry, even if he dies, you can then proceed to recasting it on him when he resurrects.

-On the other hand, in early game, if you get ganked, you naturally want to throw on Repel ASAP. This is safe, but not the best way to go. Try practicing your timing. Throw on your repel AFTER Sven has thrown his storm bolt, so that the bolt goes off, but it doesnít hurt you. Not only will you waste his mana, but your 5 second repel will go a longer way in terms of its duration being effective. Note that Omniís cast time is a factor, so avoiding nukes with this spell is tougher than avoiding a spell with a Blink or a Sandstorm.

-The combination of Repel and a Scroll of Teleportation can often save you from a death. Repel will prevent most disables, allowing for an uninterrupted teleport out of even the most dire of situations. Click HERE for BKB's complete effect list. If you really need to survive, you can also use your ultimate in this scenario for a near guaranteed teleport.

Degen Aura
This skill is awesome. You can tell Purist to auto-attack an enemy, and he will be able to chase them down without any micro at all. However, when combined with good Micro, this skill is even better.

-If you have any background with playing Viper, Drow, Enchantress, Harbinger etc. You will have no problem doing this. Omniknightís attack animation is long, but itís also long after he hits. This means that there is a lot of wasted time when you are auto attacking. Try microing Purist so that as soon as he lands a hit, he is immediately moving right after. You will have an easier time keeping up with the enemy. If you are confused by this concept, read this article on Orb Walking HERE.

-Go watch the opening scene of the DotA video Tactical Exuberance on this website. Notice how the inferno is microed in a way that hampers Nevermoreís movement. If you are performing a two man gank on a single enemy, you can try doing this yourself. Omniknightís aura slows opponents. This makes it harder for them to get away, but also to get around. While you are preventing your enemy from moving in a straight line, your ally can hit them more often, since he doesnít have to catch up to the fleeing opponent anymore. This can result in more DPS than you and your melee ally both chasing down the fleeing opponent. Practice body blocking with Purist. Heís good at it. Note that Body Blocking is also a good way to land a Purification.

Guardian Angel
This is your ultimate spell. This ultimate spell ultimately spells disaster for your opponents. Using this spell to its fullest effect actually isnít as tough as your imagination might be guessing right now.

-In general, Physical DPS during a fight doesnít fluctuate a lot. Mortred doesnít do burst damage, she deals constant damage throughout the duration of her time in the fight. Therefore using this spell doesnít take as much skill as using a Khadgarís Pipe (the magic damage counterpart to this spell). In a fight, your team will endure a certain amount of Physical DPS. Most of it will be dealt during the middle of the fight, when all your enemies are in place. Since your main goal is to prevent as much damage as possible with this spell, you will most likely want to use it during this point in a fight. Even if all of your teammates are healthy with 80% HP or more, you should use your Ultimate pretty much as soon as all the enemy PDPS heroes are set up.

-It may be flashier to use this spell right when youíre at the brink of death, but if you had used it earlier when you were taking all that damage, youíll end up with more hit points.

-This is simple, but important. Use Repel, then use Guardian angel. If you do it the other way around, Repel Magic will remove Guardian Angel prematurely.

-If you want to save an ally from dying, you should heal them before you use your ultimate. If you ult and then heal, they may die to a single spell. Healing first will yield survival more often than the other way.

G: Replays
I am currently in the process of obtaining/ creating a good one for the community to watch.

Table of Contents

H: Contacts & Credits
Contact Me: Private Message: JLC
Garena: JLC91

Special Thanks to:
-Val, for answering all 9,037 (or so) of my guide-writing questions
-Lycan, for a heavy amount of feedback on day two
-PlayDota, for maintaining an incredible community

Table of Contents

I: Guide Changelog
12/31/2009: resolved to write this guide
01/01/2010: gathered resources; began constructing guide via microsoft word
01/03/2010: document is completed; began editing and formatting
01/04/2010: posted guide on
01/04/2010: heavy cosmetic modifications occur, including spoilers and pictures
01/05/2010: more heavy cosmetics; colours, anchors, tables etc
01/08/2010: Style of Play section was worked and improved; some minor typos corrected
01/10/2010: more typos, a few information improvements
01/11/2010: many updates, a few info bugs fixed, changed skill build from pictures to words as of popular request, removed more spoilers, and added in the Arcane Ring Item Section
01/12/2010: editing spoilers removed, guide starts to look nice after hours of editing, moved Skadi from rejected to unorthodox
01/15/2010: updated to 6.66, fixed some questionable grammar

To-Do list:
-Get descriptive pictures up
-Post some good replays

-Can BBCode justify text?
-How hard is it to navigate through my guide?
-Can spoilers be centered?

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Purist Thunderwrath the Omniknight
Author: JLC
Map Vers.: 6.66

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