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dark_phoenix96's Guide to Barathrum the Spiritbreaker

Alt-Tab Mini Guide

Skill Build:
Level 1: Charge of Darkness(1)
Level 2: Empowering Haste(1)
Level 3: Greater Bash(1)
Level 4: Empowering Haste(2)
Level 5: Greater Bash(2)
Level 6: Nether Strike(1)
Level 7: Charge of Darkness(2)
Level 8: Charge of Darkness(3)
Level 9: Charge of Darkness(4)
Level 10: Greater Bash(3)
Level 11: Nether Strike(2)
Level 12: Greater Bash(4)
Level 13: Empowering Haste(3)
Level 14: Empowering Haste(4)
Level 15: Stats(1)
Level 16: Nether Strike(3)
Level 17-25: Stats(2-10)

Starting Items:




- Charge when your teammates expect a gank.
- Do not kill-steal; otherwise, it'll affect your teamwork.
- Farm as fast as possible.
- Kill lone heroes all by yourself whenever possible.
- Finish the game within 60 minutes.

Table of Contents:

I. Guide Introduction~~~~Back to Table of Contents

This is my other guide (next to my Lina Guide "Click me baby,One more time"). Take note that this guide doesn't show you on how to play Barathrum the professional way, this guide just shows some knowledge on how I play Barathrum personally. Barathrum is one of my favorite heroes since he can easily kill a lone hero easily, which makes him one of the best hero picks in DOTA. This guide is strictly for PUBS, not in competitive games. Oh and no offending comments; I'll will ignore such rude and offending comments in this guide. Now were about to start discussing the important points of this hero. Don't forget to rate and comment in my guide, ok? Well then, let's begin...

II. Hero Introduction and Story~~~~Back to Table of Contents

True to his name, the Spiritbreaker is excellent at crushing the fight out of an enemy target. His skills are focused on disabling and killing a single enemy hero, making him much more effective in ambushes and one on one situations than large team battles. The Spiritbreaker generally opens with a Charge of Darkness, which allows him to charge from any point on the map towards the target, increasing in speed as he approaches his target. Upon arrival, he delivers a crushing stun, giving him time to follow up with his other active ability: Netherstrike. Netherstrike is a short range teleporting attack, which knocks the target back and deals massive damage. The Spiritbreaker's two passive skills supplement this combo. Empowering Haste is a aura which significantly boosts the movement speed of the Spiritbreaker and nearby allies, as well as providing him with a damage bonus based on his movement speed. Greater Bash is partly what makes the Spiritbreaker so feared by lone enemies. Upon connecting a Greater Bash, the Spiritbreaker deals extra damage and knocks the target back, stunning and disabling them completely. With Charge of Darkness, Greater Bash, and Netherstrike, hapless targets of the Spiritbreaker's attention are often dead before they can so much as lift a finger in retaliation.

III. Pros and Cons~~~~Back to Table of Contents

(+)One of the most feared carries in the game.
(+)Has one of the best ganking skills thanks to his Charge of Darkness.
(+)Can last hit easily thanks to his excellent last-hitting animation.
(+)High movement speed from his Empowering Haste in which chasing a hero is a piece of cake.
(+)Lone heroes are pure food, especially enemies like Nevermore, Sniper and Drow Ranger.
(+)Powerful Perma-basher, which makes him really fearsome.
(+)All he needs is high damage and attack speed.
(+)The rest are for you to state them.

IV. When(not) to pick Barathrum~~~~Back to Table of Contents

Pick Barathrum if:

1). The enemy team has a lot of squishy carries.
2). The enemy team has no or less disables.
3). Your team has a lot of gankers or disablers.
4). You're a skilled farmer.
5). You're lucky.

Don't Pick Barathrum if:

1). The enemy team has a lot of disables.
2). Your team has a lot of carries.
3). Your team doesn't have a lot of gankers or disablers.
3). The enemy team has a lot of spellcasters or nukers.
4). You're not in a mood to play Barathrum.

V. Skills and its Usage~~~~Back to Table of Contents

I really don't want to copy all the information and the statistics of his skills. If you want to see it, click here.

Charge of Darkness

Barathrum fixes his sight on an enemy and starts charging through all objects. Any unit that comes into contact during the charge triggers a greater bash proc. Upon leaving the shadows, Barathrum shocks his opponent into an immobile state for some time. Charge is interrupted if disabled.

- Barathrum will run through units and trees.
- Allies of Barathrum (and himself) will see an animation over the head of the target.
- Any unit you pass through (300 AoE) will proc a Greater Bash of your current level (nothing will happen if you didn't skill it)
- The charge stops if you click anywhere, or if you are disabled.
- Barathrum gains shared vision of the target for the duration.
- If the target dies, the charge is transferred to the nearest valid target.

This is your main ganking tool. It's very useful since it gives sight of the enemy which gives your teammates an element of surprise to the target and you can reach your target within seconds. Use this when your team needs you to gank an enemy hero, when the enemy hero is alone or when you need to escape when you're ganked. However, the charge has a fairly long cooldown so better buy a TP as another escape mechanism; having a TP is important when it comes to escaping a gank after you gank someone alone. Be careful in using it if there are disablers (Lion, Rhasta and Atropos come to mind) because they can disable your charge which makes your gank ruined; also, be careful in using it too when they're are no other enemy heroes in the map except for one enemy hero because sometimes a clever team will try to lure you out so they can kill you. Just because your using Barathrum doesn't mean you can kill any enemy easily with your Charge of Darkness. Use it wisely. And don't get cocky in using it because it will lead you to recklessness. Your lone ganks with your Charge are better when you or your supports buy observer wards and placed them in different specific areas. If you want to know where to place wards, click here.

Here, I'll show you an example on why lone ganks are easier when you're placing observer wards in specific areas like this one:

I've placed an observer ward in the place where my enemy Furion is farming (a gap near a farming site). After placing an observer ward in that specific area, I waited until he teleported there.

Furion then teleported there to farm and I charged him. Since he's alone, killing him will be easy as pie.

Now that I caught him into my trap because of my observer ward in that area, he's about to die by my own hands.

Dead Prophet's dead.

VI. Skill Builds and Item Builds~~~~Back to Table of Contents

Skill Build

Level 1: Charge of Darkness(1)
Level 2: Empowering Haste(1)
Level 3: Greater Bash(1)
Level 4: Empowering Haste(2)
Level 5: Greater Bash(2)
Level 6: Nether Strike(1)
Level 7: Charge of Darkness(2)
Level 8: Charge of Darkness(3)
Level 9: Charge of Darkness(4)
Level 10: Greater Bash(3)
Level 11: Nether Strike(2)
Level 12: Greater Bash(4)
Level 13: Empowering Haste(3)
Level 14: Empowering Haste(4)
Level 15: Stats(1)
Level 16: Nether Strike(3)
Level 17-25: Stats(2-10)

This is the most balanced skill build for Barathrum. Always get Charge of Darkness first to ensure a first blood or to prevent a first blood then level up Greater Bash and Empowering Haste to level 2 when you reach level 5 so you'll be flexible in both ganking, chasing and farming; then level up your ultimate when you reach level 6 of course. After that, maximize your Charge of Darkness and your Greater Bash first before Empowering Haste since Empowering Haste at level 2 should be enough to make your Greater Bash deal a lot of damage to your enemies. After maximizing your two skills, maximize your Empowering Haste and your ultimate then maximize your stats.

Item Build

These are the basic starting items. We need to buy two branches for some stats; two Gauntlets of Ogre Strength for some extra damage and to upgrade one Gauntlet into a Bracer and into an Ancient Janggo of Endurance (I'll explain this in the Core); we need some consumables like a Tango and a Salve to recover some health from received damage.

VII. Game Strategy~~~~Back to Table of Contents

Early Game your not as effective as you look right now since we need items for you to kill any enemy easily. Remember, you're a late gamer so you're effective in late game. Buy your items and pick a lane. Pick only top or bottom lane, don't pick the middle lane and leave it for your teammates to handle. If the lane is hard because of heavy lane controllers, better call for a lane switch or gank and make them pay late game. Last hit creeps as much as possible. When you reach level 4, level 5 or level 6, your teammates will expect a gank so participate in early ganks as much as possible with your Charge of Darkness and try not to get reckless with it.

Here's an example of an early game gank:

In this screenshot, me (upper right corner) and my comrade Lich (upper corner) ganked Balanar in the bottom lane. Before this happened, he took heavy damage from Lich's Chain Frost and he was able to survive it (Note: I wasn't able to show a screenshot of it because an error occurred while I uploaded that screenshot in my album). He's now in critical HP after taking too much damage from it and he's trying to run away from us, but to no avail since I already charged him before and he's about to die by our hands.

With the gained vision from my Charge, Lich was able to land a Frost Nova on him and it killed him.

VIII. Hero Synergy and Counters~~~~Back to Table of Contents

These are the best allies for you.


They hold down the enemy in place while you start hitting them and send them back to their fountain. They are frenemies. Homies on our side, homo on the other side.


They ensure your security and safety. Since your a carry, someone needs to look after you.

DPS Amplifiers:

Your going to love them since they amplify your DPS. Who doesn't love them?

Special Mentions:

He's your free MoM because his Battle Trance improves your DPS. This is better once you have an MoM though. He also appreciates your disables since he has no disable whatsoever (except for his bash but that doesn't count since it's a passive skill).

Disabler? Check.
Slower? Check.
DPS Amplifier that improves your AS, bash damage and MS? Check.

N'aix is one of Barathrum's best allies. What N'aix can do is he'll hide inside you using his Infest then you charge an enemy hero and when you reach your target, N'aix will come out from you and you can gank your target hero together with him. Aside from that, Open Wounds keeps the enemy from running away and its lifesteal can help you recover your HP quickly.

Every carries' "Dream Come True" Hero. Free stun, teleport, more MS and AS. Oooooohhh!! YOU LOVE HIM A LOT!

IX. Conclusion~~~~Back to Table of Contents

Barathrum in my opinion is one of the best carries in DOTA. Since he can kill any hero easily. Well, that's everything I can give you so let your enemies feel the Moo of Fury!

X. Replays~~~~Back to Table of Contents

XI. Credits~~~~Back to Table of Contents

First, I would like to thank you for reading my guide.

Second, I would like to thank Lycan for the feedback and for publishing my guide.

Third, I would like to thank RiotApe, NinjaMovesPro and UnsereRettung for commenting first in my second guide and for helping me improve my guide.

Fourth, I would like to thank Icefrog for the game.

Fifth, I would like to thank the Guide Makers for giving me the chance to make my own guide.

And sixth, I would like to thank the Heldarion for his Warding Guide.

XII. Channel Log~~~~Back to Table of Contents

04/27/12 - Finished Chapter I, II, III, IV, and V.

04/28/12 - Finished Chapter VI and VII.

04/29/12 - Finished Chapter VIII, IX, X, XI and XII.

04/30/12 - Added text links to the guide.

05/01/12 - Added an item in the Item Builds and an enemy hero in the Hero Synergy and Counters.

05/02/12 - Guide now published and I edited the guide from Lycan's feedback.

05/04/12 - Some small minor changes in the Item Builds.

05/08/12 - Added BKB as one of the core items of Barathrum and Vanguard as an optional item.

05/22/12 - Added a magic wand to the core items and some tabs to the guide.

05/25/12 - Created an Alt-Tab Mini Guide for this guide.

06/03/12 - I put sample pictures in my guide.

06/10/12 - Added 3 replays of Barathrum.

06/12/12 - Changed some formats of the guide.

07/21/12 - Added a note to the guide for those people who are lowering the rating of my guide without leaving any comments.

08/14/12 - Added Necronomicon in the Luxury Items and added King Leoric in the Counters Section.

08/15/12 - Added another final set in the Item Builds Section.

12/03/12 - Updated the guide for 6.76c.

Barathrum the Spiritbreaker
Author: dark_phoenix96
Map Vers.: 6.77c

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