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Guide to Night Stalker - Balanar by HellFrog

ALT-TAB Mini Guide

Core Items:

Luxury Items:

Situational Items:

Skill Build:

Level 1- Void
Level 2- Hunter in the Night
Level 3- Void
Level 4- Hunter in the Night
Level 5- Void
Level 6- Hunter in the Night
Level 7- Void
Level 8- Hunter in the Night
Level 9- Darkness
Level 10- Crippling Fear
Level 11- Darkness
Level 12- Stat
Level 13- Crippling Fear
Level 14- Crippling Fear
Level 15- Stats
Level 16- Darkness
Level 17 - 25 Stats


3.Pros and Cons
5.Skills Explanation
6.Skill Build
7.Item Build:Core build
10. Strategy


Balanar is my favorite hero in Dota. I have played with him many times and have win most of the games with this hero. The hero's name say all about him. During the night, he become stronger increasing both attack and movement speed which gives him the advantage to turn the outcome of the game. other hero out there must avoid him at all cost during the early games.
I think Icefrog need to add this sound for balanar, when it becomes night : "My Night, My time"


Beware, you who wander the night. Each step you take leads you deeper in the hideous reign of the horrible ruler of the dark. Balanar, elite dreadlord who brought the total darkness of the Nether into this world, haunts these regions. Your heart will pump harder, your legs will shake, and your mind will cloud as the presence of the stalker hunts you in the dark. There's no chance to fight, no way to run, and no place to hide - darkness is everywhere! You can pray, you can cry, but the darkness won't be stopped - until you die.

Pros and Cons


+Good Base Strength
+Good starting Armor
+Good Attack speed during the night
+Good MS during the night
+Good Ganker

-Low movement speed during the day
-Low AS during the night



Health point: 582
Mana: 208
Base Damage: 57 - 61
Armor: 6
MS: 295

Skills Explanation:

This is balanar's most dangerous skill. It is mostly used when you want to gank a hero. What it does is it slow the movement speed of the enemy, has a ministun and a low mana cost. During the early game you will have mana problems and you can't use it frequently.

If cast at night, slows the target for 4 seconds. If cast at day, slows the target for 2 seconds. The casting range for all level is 525 and 8 seconds cool down

Level 1 - Deals 90 damage and 80 mana cost
Level 2 - Deals 160 damage and 90 mana cost
Level 3 - Deals 255 damage and 100 mana cost
Level 4 - Deals 335 damage and 110 mana cost

As we see during the early game, using this skill frequently will cause you to have mana problems. Because in the starting, he only has 208 mana, which means you can use it twice and run out of mana. I have saw many players using balanar, they just focus on using this skills which this can put them in danger.

Skill Build

Level 1- Void
Level 2- Hunter in the Night
Level 3- Void
Level 4- Hunter in the Night
Level 5- Crippling Fear
Level 6- Darkness
Level 7- Void
Level 8- Hunter in the Night
Level 9- Void
Level 10- Crippling Fear
Level 11- Hunter in the Night
Level 12- Darkness
Level 13- Crippling Fear
Level 14- Crippling Fear
Level 15- Stats
Level 16- Darkness
Level 17 - 25 Stats

Crippling fear is somehow useless. The 2 important skills for Night Stalker is Void and Hunter in the Night. Maxing out void and Hunter in the night means you are well prepared and ready to do some kills . One crippling fear can be used where there can be a help for escaping or for a kill.

Skill build depends on the situation. If the opposing team are ganking you or there are lots of burst damage players then crippling fear should be maxed out but if you want to own the first night then maxing void along with hunter in the night will help you to own the first night!!!!

After all skill builds depend on the situation of the game and cannot always be followed in every game!!!!

Items Build:Core Items

Building item depends on the situation of the game. Following same Item build cannot help you to follow a suitable role.

Basically when you start, you have 603 golds.

The starting items i usually buy at first are:

+ 2

So after buying these items have 78 golds left. Sobi mask is an item where it can solve mana problems for using void and later can be upgraded to . 2 healing salve can help to increase your HP and continue your farming instead of going all the way back to the fountain.


We go for power treads, which increase damage, MS and AS. It also increases your HP by 152.

This is really help at mid-late game. Because during the night your AS is increased therefore doing more damage and hence more stun. It stuns the hero for 1.4 seconds and has a 2 seconds cooldown. A 0.6 seconds difference. Void can help you out. Stun the enemy and gank them. First stun them and then use your void. Many players first use void then attack and stun them. Because after that the player will escape and your void is in cooldown mode. Stunning them first will help you to stun them twice. That is quiet alot.

This is a very good core item for balanar. Becasue it is first an upgrade to the ultimate lowering the cooldown and prolong the darkness. The other thing is that it will give you more visibility. You can void players while they are running and since your MS speed increases it will help you a lot. The player running never runs out of your vision while you are chasing. It gives good attributes. It gives 200 Hp + 190 more Hp and 150 Mana.

Item Build: Situational

Heart of Tarrasque: This is a situational item if you buy Armlet of Mordiggian, because when you activate it, it will reduces your Hp but doesn't kill you. HoT will balance your HP. One side loosing and on other side gaining HP. It also increase your HP + DPS.

Armlet of Mordiggian: This is a very amazing item for strength hero. When activate it increase your attack speed, damage and HP. This is how it is:

when you buy this item it gives you 9 damage. When activated, it gives 31 damage along with 25 additional damage ( 25 is actually increase in strength attribute, since you are a strength hero it gives 25 more damage)

25 strength increase also gives you an additional 475 Hp.

You cannot die from the 37 HP loss per second, nor from the health loss when deactivating

Black King Bar: If you are facing a lot of disablers or magic spells BKB is a good item to start with. If you are facing opponent like Lion, then BKB is a must, making it magic resistant.

Luxury Items


Assault Cuirass: If looking for armor and attack speed, this is a very good item. During night, the other hero will be . They need to avoid him.

Satanic:buy when it is lategame or when you are loosing your life quickly in teamfights. Lifesteal with the DPS you have will keep you alive for long time especially during the night.

Monkey king bar: this a good item for late game as it will have a ministun. During nights you stun the enemy mostly along with ur void

Buriza-do kyanon: in late game, it is also good give more DPS.



In this section I focus on how to play balanar when facing range/melee heros.

1) Facing melee hero

During the early game, balanar can get gank very easily because: 1) low mana pool and 2) slow MS during the day. Therefore, balanar need to stick to the tower. If your lane partner is a range hero and both your enemies are melee, there is not much treat, as you can do a little gank with your partner. Good Range lane partner can be Vengeful Spirit (Because of stun and most importantly the swap skill she has), Moon rider due to her burst damage from lucent beam. This is how it works: Void - Hit - Lucent Beam. Total Damage done is 165 damage with these skills at level one, enough to keep the enemy from farming. Having these skills at level 4 the damage done will be 635 (quiet alot), forcing the enemy from farming.

2) Facing Range hero

you better forget about killing them in early game if your partner is a melee hero. Because they can harass you , therefore stick to the tower so you don't get many hits from the hero. Becareful if opponent hero is Drow ranger, because she can silence you where you can't use your void and will force you to go back to fountain.

3) Farming

Farm during the day because during the day you can't hunt or chase down your enemy because of your MS and Mana pool in the early games. Therfore try to farm as much as possible. If on sentinel side, then take the top lane. If on scourge side, then take the bottom lane. The reason is you can do more farm due the tower are suited far from each side. In middle lane the Tower is near, but the top and bottom, they are far. If you take the middle lane, keep in mind always stick to the tower during the day. During the night you and your partner can start hunting and chase the enemy.

4) Farming in Jungles

After the having some of the core items, farming in the jungle can benefit you. During day farm in the jungle instead on the lane. If teammates need your help, you better go for help since you have some core items and you can do more damages.


Dota: for allowing me to write my guide
Funnyware: for help in items build and some for adding features
Me: for writing the guide
Reader: for voting for my guide and thanks for the comment given

I hope you like it. Please leave a comment so i can improve my guide

Balanar the Night Stalker
Author: hellfrog
Map Vers.: 6.68

Guide to Balanar

My Night My time

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