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"That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die."
I. Introduction

Welcome to my second guide here, this time the victim is Necronomicon, one of the most useful and underrated items in Dota. Before I start, this will be a concise guide, and I will try to keep it as short as possible. This guide was not aimed for beginners (although it will be helpful nonetheless), it was written for experienced players who don't really use or have never used Necronomicon. For those who know how to play the majority of the heroes in Dota and are experienced with micro-managing their hero's skills (mainly disables) with those of the Necronomicon Summons.

The contents of the guide itself will be majorly based on its spawns, facts/stats, and short points/rules about the item and the summoned units themselves. I used this style of guide writing to give awareness of what each unit does. I'm not a professional guide writer, but my last guide "The Beasts Obey Me" seemed to help get an understanding of Rexxar to some of you. This guide has the same goal. Make sure to read my other guide (which will be soon updated), and use in conjunction with this guide.


So you finally farmed $1250 and bought the recipe, there you have a summoning book but are wondering what it's good for. Necronomicon is a very unique item in that it levels up as you level up. It's potentially a "tier 4" item (as they used to be called) that you can get at level 10. This, along with the fact that its ingredients are useful and easy to farm, make it the perfect item for a specific array of heroes. Although it gives nice stat bonuses, its power comes from its summons, which in the right hands, can be devastating.
II. Necronomicon Stats
Item Info

1000g + 450g + 1250g = 2700g
+15 Intelligence
+8 Strength
Demonic Summoning

Minion's Facts

- Summoning your spawns has a 80s cooldown.
- All Necronomicon Summons are Level 5 and have a 40% spell damage resistance.
- A Warrior's Last Will passive ability deals Pure damage to the unit who kills it.
- Respective to your level of Necronomicon, your summons have a sight range of 1300, 1400 and 1500
- Necronomicon Warrior Level 3 has a True Sight of 1000

Minion's Stats

Necronomicon Level 1
~Warrior Level 1 Stats:
Damage21 (normal)
Armor6 (heavy)
Movement Speed330
25mp Feedback
400dmg Last Will
~Archer Level 1 Stats:
Damage31 (piercing)
Armor6 (heavy)
Movement Speed330
125mp Mana Burn
3% +AS and +MS Endurance Aura

III. Necrotalk

The combined attack of both of your summons is very powerful, perfect for quickly getting rid of wards. Especially in matches when your team has heroes who can go invisible (enemy team will most likely buy Sentry Wards), it's always a good idea to send your minions in the forest to destroy enemy wards. Doing this will not only affect your opposition's vision, but will make them waste money getting more wards.

Some heroes are better suited for counter-warding than others. In the case of Rexxar for example, your Hawk can see higher ground which combined with your Warrior's True Sight, gives you an advantage over invisible wards. Remember that your Archer can attack higher ground as long as you have vision of that area.

The Skills

Feedback (Warrior)

Your warrior is the spawn who will make the best use of your hero's disable. How? Through Feedback. This spawn has a .75s BAT, which is very fast. The longer you can keep your target disabled, the better. Although it only burns 25mp at Level 1, you will find that it's more than enough when bundled with Mana Burn. (Note: Feedback makes a really freaking cool sound on every hit. Every single wack gives satisfaction)

Last Will (Warrior)

Unless the opponent has AoE damage, this is probably the most obscure and hardest skill in the Necronomicon's arsenal. Its advantage is that it deals pure damage which makes it very effective. Spell Reduction won't affect this damage.

Mana Burn (Archer)

Aggh, the classic Mana Burn. An Archer's Mana Burn deals damage equal to 60% of the amount of mana burned. This combined with Mana Break, make up the core use of Necronomicon-rendering your opponent's casting abilities useless.

Endurance Aura (Archer)

There's not much to say about Endurance Aura other than it will make you move very fast at Level 3. This is particularly useful in the end of clashes when heroes tend to flee. It has a 900 AoE

Scanning the Enemy

There's one thing that you have to do before casting Necronomicon. This is scanning your enemies. Make sure you check how much mana your target has in their mana pool before engaging. This is where your knowledge on heroes and their skills will come in handy. Let's say you and your partner are facing Zeus and Rigwarl. You should know that Zeus's Ultimate takes a good amount of mana to cast. His normal skills are average in terms of depleting his mana pool. On the other hand, Rigwarl's skills take very little mana to cast. Now, from this you can conclude that it's best for your Necrospawns to engage Zeus because his skills require more mana to cast. This mentality however, does not always apply. There's no guide on how to know, you just need to observe, take a look at who you're facing, know their skills (and their relative mana costs) and determine who it's best to skill-cripple.

Feedback & Manaburn: The Math

This is based on 3 seconds of disabling (which is pretty much average for most Level 1 stunning/immobilizing Ultimates) and two instances of Mana Burn.

Level 1 Necronomicon
Mana Burn (-250mp) + 4 Feedback hits (-100mp) = 350mp burned
Level 2 Necronomicon
Mana Burn (-350mp) + 4 Feedback hits (-200mp) = 550mp burned
Level 3 Necronomicon
Mana Burn (-450mp) + 4 Feedback hits (-300mp) = 750mp burned

This is considering you only hit the target 4 times with your Warrior. The amount of mana depleted can easily ruin your target's skill combos.


That's right. Don't be afraid to use Necronomicon every time you face enemy heroes. You bought a 5200g item for a reason, to abuse the hell out of it. Your spawns are more than just creeps. They're up there with Illusions on some cases. They could turn the tide on a battle, whether it's because your enemy tried to flee by going Invisible or simply by running away by means of sheer speed (your Endurance Aura would balance things out). As mentioned before, Necronomicon has an 80 second cooldown, this is short enough to be able to be used on most battles and long enough to where it won't deplete your mana pool even if used as often as possible.

Incorporating Necronomicon in your Combo

1) Cast your disabling/slowing spell (ignore this step if your means of disabling/slowing is a passive)
3) Summon Necronomicons immediately after.
4) Control-Group yourself with the two Necronomicons

5) Order your entire group to attack your target
6) Hit TAB once to select the Ranged Necronomicon.

7) With your Ranged Necronomicon selected, cast Mana Burn on your target using the hot-key [R]
7b) Immediately after Mana Burn, shift-command your group to attack your target again.
8) Cast your second (situational) nuke
9) Based on preference, proceed to either own or pwn your target.
10) Cast your Ranged Necronomicon's Mana Burn again as soon as its cooldown is refreshed.

Notes: If your opponent goes invisible (Wind Walk, Permanent Invisibility...), no worries. Your melee Necronomicon comes bundled with True Sight

IV. Necrobook Users
Note: The following section was made to bring to light the best or most efficient way that a hero synergizes with Necronomicon and its summons. Remember that Necronomicon makes for a great item to any of these heroes and the following is not the only reason why Necronomicon should be bought for them.

Innate Users


As you may already now *cough* my other guide *cough*, Rexxar is in my opinion the best Necronomicon user in Dota. He benefits from its raw stats, helps the spawns attack even faster, gives them room to attack with the Ultimate and aids by slowing down with the pig. Not to mention the scouting and revealing skills you'll have with your Eagle and True Sight combined. Necrobook on Rexxar is just like my wedding band on my ring finger. Feel free to look at my guide on Beast Master

Bane Elemental

There is only one hero who might just as well make the same amount of use of Necronomicon, and it's Atropos. If you thought 3 seconds was enough mana breaking, his 5 second (6 with Scepter!) ultimate is no joke. This is probably the easiest to use in conjunction with Necrobook because of sleep, you have time to cast your minions and position yourself before fully engaging.


Omni is another good user of Necrobook. He is unusual in that he doesn't have an immobilizing disable but his constant, indefinite slow can mean just as much. If you get Necrobook on him, your spawns have an extra purpose. They serve as targets for your Purification, consider them beacons for incoming bombs. He also benefits perfectly from Necronomicon's stats.


Panda is the ultimate army generator. He benefits greatly from the item stats and wreaks havok when he splits. This is probably the hardest user of Necronomicon seeing as you have to control your splits, images and Necrospawns, as well as their abilities.


Chen is another excellent support user because of Penitence. The Necrospawns benefit from the potential Centaur and other members of your army.

Nerubian Assassin

Nerubian Assassin is exactly what the name indicates, an assassin. He is adept at single handedly getting rid of enemies from the map. His surprise is burst damage, and what better than Necronomicon to aid. This adds to his Mana Burn theme and prevents enemies from fleeing by going invisible.

Prospective & Fun Users

The Sprout + Spawn combo can be deadly if your enemy doesn't have means of escape. With precise positioning, you can spawn your minions inside the Sprout, leaving 4+ seconds of whacking.

Especially in team clashes, Upheaval's slow allows for infinite Necrospawn whacking and more revealing time (enemies stay within AoE longer because of slow) with True Sight.

Shadow Shaman
+ +
Shadow Shaman is a lesser version of Bane's Fiend's Grip combo, without having to use your Ultimate. Voodoo and Shackle for a deadly Necro combo.

+ + +
Lycan is the lord of Damage and minion assistance. His skills combined will easily double the usefulness and power of your Necro spawns.

+ +
Pudge is a very interesting user. The INT gain gets rid of mana problems and the minions can serve as a substitute to Aghanim's Scepter as a core item. The fun thing that some people don't know or wouldn't think about (or maybe it was just me) is that casting your Necronomicons won't interrupt Dismember. You get a 3 second disable and slow which is win:win. Necronomicon on Pudge is a very rare combo, but it's definitely effective. I can see why other items could be better on most occasions though.

With some mucus spamming, Rigwarl can be nasty (no pun intended) when coupled with Necrospawns. Slow enemy to a crawl while your minions take advantage of your target's degrading armor.

Naga Siren
Slithice makes yet another interesting Necrobook user solely based on her 5 second disable. And her role of ganking early/mid game.

Faceless Void
I realize this is almost to the point of ridiculousness, but I've tried it and Chronosphere works wonders thanks to your minions being immune to the time-stop. The importance or statistical use of Necronomicon on Void is debatable though.

V. Conclusion
This concludes my mini reference-guide on Necronomicon. The flexibility of this item is so immense that it would almost "synergize" with every hero. It simply can't be a waste, no matter what hero you get. I hope this helped you at least a bit, and if you have any comments, suggestions or criticism towards the content of my guide, feel free to message me. All feedback is welcome.

VI. Changelog
- Guide written
- Guide published
- Added a new section: "Incorporating Necronomicon In Your Combo"
- Aesthetically reworked guide
- Added more heroes to the Users section

Misc guide
Author: Ramodkk
Map Vers.: 6.72c


Necrobook: A Mini Guide by Voltzy

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