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+Good lane control
+Can be played very aggressive to win lanes
+One of the best semi carrys in the game
+Imba spells
+ Nevermore's flexibility
+ Can solo lane, dual lane, trilane

-Starts with very low hp
-Nevermore is very delicate
-Isn't late game carry
-Can be beat mid with a lot of hero's mid now
-Is the most targeted hero on the map when

Nevermore's first ability -

Shadowraze -
Gives the Shadow Fiend the power to desecrate regions in front of him at varying distances.

Ability - Active
Basically nevermore has 3 razes "Z,X,C"
The "Z" raze is the short distance or so called the combat raze.The range of the "Z" raze is 200 units in front of the Shadow Fiend.

The "X" raze is a half distance raze and what I mean by that is the raze doesn't go that far.In face the raze is only 250 units longer than the "Z" raze the actual distance of the raze is 450 units in front of the Shadow Fiend.

The "C" raze has the longest distance - 700 units in front of the Shadow Fiend.
But for me is the deadliest do to the fact that almost nobody that is running away from Shadow Fiend can't be killed by it if they are far ahead do to the raze distance..

The "Z,X,C" razes need 75 mana in order to cast the spell and the razes do 75 damage on first level.
Second level - they need again 75 mana, but do 150 damage.
Third level razes - need 75 mana,but do 225 damage.
Fourth level razes - need 75 mana,but do 300 damage.

So basically a level 5 Nevermore could kill you with 3 razes, well it depends on how you upgraded the spells.

Nevermore's second ability -

Necromastery -
Gives the nevermore 2 souls when killed a unit.A full maxed necromastery gives +60 damage.

Ability - Passive

A level one necromastery gives you +16 damage but that is the limit.
Level two necromastery gives you +30 damage and that is the limit.
Level three necromastery gives you +46 damage and that is the limit.
Level four necromaster gives you +60 damage of course that is the max limit like I said earlier " Gives the nevermore 2 souls when killed a unit.A full maxed necromastery gives +60 damage."

When Necromastery is maxed you can then use you ultimate but we will talk about that a little bit later.

Nevermore's third ability -

Presence of the Dark Lord -
Ability - Passive

Basically the effect of this spell is to reduce armor.
Level one POTDL - reduces 2 armor.
Level two POTDL - reduces 3 armor.
Level three POTDL - reduces 4 armor.
Level five POTDL - reduces 5 armor.
This spell is great for team battles or just laning,because of reducing armor ^^.

Nevermore's ultimate -

Requiem of Souls -
Ability - Active
A level one ROS - Does 80 damage for each line, 15% reduction.Has 120 seconds cooldown time.The area of effect is 1375 units.ROS has a 120 mana cost.
A level two ROS - Does 120 damage for each line, 20% reduction.Has 110 seconds cooldown time.Costs 175 mana.The area of effect is 1425 units.
A level three ROS - Does 160 damage for each line, 25% reduction .Has 100 seconds cooldown time.The area of effect is 1475 units slightly longer than a level two ROS.
Costs 200 mana.
Have you noticed that with each level nevermore's ultimate has a lower cooldown time but has a larger mana cost.
Nevermore's ultimate requires his second ability Necromastery to be maxed due to the fact that his ultimate needs souls which is equal to = more souls more damage and slow.
The good thing about nevermore ultimate is that is slows the enemy units so basically you can ulti,raze 3 times and hit them enough times as needed to kill them.It is a great combo if you have maxed his third ability POTDL,because when the spell reduces the enemy's armor the ultimate does a higher base damage.Or you could say without one of the spells either they don't do as much damage or cannot use your ultimate in two words - THEY STACK.


Nevermore needs damage and movement speed.
The recommended item build is Boots of Travel or Power Treads,Dagger,Bkb or manta depends on the enemy picks.Also a satanic or desolater great item choices because satanic gives you damage and gives you regen, desolater gives you buff damage and REDUCES ARMOR BY 6 so think what that will do when it combines with your passive spell POTDL.A lothar's edge would be nice gives you the more chance to survive after team battles.And a butterfly/ethernal blade.
There are other item choices but everything depends on the enemy picks.You can play nevermore a couple of ways -
Tanky carry - which will require items such as vanguard,mkb,desolater,bkb,diffusal,assault.
Carry - Sange and yasha,Manta style,dagger,bkb,satanic,butterfly.Those type of items make nevermore really fast his movement speed and attack speed increase by a lot and can help you win teambattles when your tank is tanking I guess.Those items give you the speed to catch up to any hero if they try to run.

Early game items -
Should start with 2 healing slaves,2 slippers of agility,and two ironwood branches.Then upgrade those ironwood branches to a magic stick.Then at some point buy boots of speed and a bottle so you can stay in lane and gave effectively.

Mid game items -
Power treads or boots of travel are suggested,dagger so you can catch up to your enemies,maybe a yasha for the movement speed and then with those items you should farm up enough for your late game items which I wrote about earlier ^^.

Nevermore's ability build -
You should start upgrading these spells by this order.
First level -Necromastery
Level two - Shadowrazes
Level three - Shadowrazes
Level four - Necromastery
Level five - Shadowrazes
Level Six - Necromastery
Level seven - Shadowrazes
level eight - Necromastery
Level nine - Requiem of Souls
Level ten - Presence of the Dark Lord
Level eleven - Requiem of Souls
Level twelve - Presence of the Dark Lord
Level thirteen - Stats
Level fourteen - Presence of the Dark Lord
Level fifteen - Stats
Level sixteen - Requiem of souls
Level seventeen - Presence of the Dark Lord
Level 18+ - Stats

You could try other ability builds but this works best.

Nevermore works really good with some hero's.

With enigma,sand king,dark seer,shaker,wisp and other heros,but these are the main hero's which he can do epic ultimate combos with.

Oh I forgot to mention this while it's still early game and you are in your lane try to be aggressive,but not that aggressive that it will have you killed but as much as you keep the opponent constantly healing and try to get your teammates to gank middle for you so you can get some early kills which will lead to your bottle,boots or whatever you want to buy.And don't forget that nevermore is a agility hero so get items for speed ^
And that is about it ^^

Nevermore the Shadow Fiend
Author: Campinz
Map Vers.: 6,72f

Nevermore's guide to success

Nevermore guide

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