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(Updated to 6.64)

1. Introduction
2. Skill Set
3. Skill Build
4. Metamorphosis and Manta Style
5. Early Game
6. Middle Game
7. Late Game
8. Allies, Enemies and Rivals



The Soul Keeper. Late game tank, pusher, DPS. In fact, without any items or abilities, Terrorblade has the highest DPS of any hero at level 25. However, TB is initially extremely fragile as well as utterly useless, but its high growth in stats means it can easily become extremely powerful. It has one of the lowest base attack times, and the highest agility gain of any hero, hence lategame it will attack insanely fast.

In my opinion Terrorblade, or TB as commonly known, is the best carry hero. Why? It is the only ranged illusion hero (Yes, Terrorblade is melee, but in ALL major fights you will be using Metamorphosis). The other ranged hero capable of making illusions is Morphling. However Morphling’s Replicate cannot replicate itself (unless it has Manta Style) and its range is much lower than Terrorblade’s. In fact, with the exception of soul steal which, if you follow my guide correctly, you will not take anyway, all of TB’s abilities get better with better items. TB has always been regarded as one of the strongest late gamers, along with Spectre and Void. However, it has not seen much play since its movespeed nerf.

What Does Terrorblade Do?
I have played so many games. So so many games. Where someone randoms or picks TB. And plays so noobishly it makes so angry. Even experienced players, who have good creep stats, play TB the wrong way and wastes this hero. This is one reason why I have written the guide.
Terrorblade does not have a stun ( Well, sunder has a ministun, but this is usually insignificant). Does not have a slow. Has very poor ganking skills, and generally useless early to mid game. But the one thing it has is the attack command. And when set up, that is just about all you need.
So what is Terrorblade? It is a PURE CARRY HERO. Apart from if you want to mess about using a sunder dagon build, or in wtf mode and spam images to crash everyone’s computer. But for all other situations, it is to be played as the primary carry. If you have spectre or luna in your team too, they go gank. You farm. You are carry. They are backup carries and will fulfil this duty only if you die too much (or somehow they get godlike). If your team is owning and don’t really need your help you farm. And farm. And farm. If game is quite even you farm. And farm. And farm. If you are losing a little, and have some towers down, you still farm, coming out on certain occasions with metamorphosis and image to defend. If you have a suspicion all heroes are out to gank you, use images to scout and call your team mates. But yes, when you can do so safely, you farm. If your teammate is getting chased, and you can go help him but risk dying, you don’t go. And continue farm. I do admit playing Terrorblade is rather dull early game, and sometimes mid game, but when you go own from about 25 – 30 minutes onwards it will feel great.

With most heroes, there are one or sometimes two outstanding primary abilities that should be maxed early. With Terrorblade, however, there is no obvious candidate for such an ability. Soul Steal can at best help keep you in lane, but its channelling property makes it an easy target to stuns and focus fire. Images are too weak early game, and the cooldown of Metamorphosis is just too long to be spammed. So what do you max? Well, the answer is, for most of the time, the yellow point, i.e. the stats point.


Soul Steal

”Strangles the soul of a target enemy unit and extracts bits and pieces of it.”
Mana cost: 45
Cooldown: 12
Absorbs 20/40/60/80 HP per second for up to 8 seconds, or until unit moves out of 600 range or dies. Channelling.
Casting Range: 500.

Except in exceptional circumstances, this skill should NOT be taken. If it is, MAXIMUM of two levels can be taken early game. Level 3 and 4 of this skill should ALWAYS be learnt when Terrorblade is level 24 and 25.

Why would anyone learn soul steal?

Well. It should, in theory, make early game easier. But does it? To maximise the effect of soul steal, you need to stand stationary for 8 seconds. It is, after all, an eight second channelling spell. At level 4, say, you will drain 640 HP maximum. However this is only on creeps. On heroes they have magical reduction, together with the fact that they can run away. With a 500 cast range and 600 range effect, even before your first damage tick the enemy hero might have already moved out of range. Hence it is extremely unwise to use on heroes. Now, if you use it on creeps, any stun hero will most likely stun you. Or, at the very least, target you. So really you will not gain a significant amount of HP. Besides, in early game, Terrorblade is extremely fragile, and has only 400 – 600 HP. A few chain spells and you will be down. And as standing still for 8 seconds makes you an easy target, there is no way in normal circumstances you will channel for the whole duration. The other reason for not taking soul steal is that each point on soul steal costs you 2 stats points. Each stats point gives you 19 HP, 1 damage, 1% increased attack speed, and extra 13 mana. So + 8 all stats gives 152 HP, 8 damage, 8% increased attack speed, and 104 mana. Along with some minor HP and mana regeneration. And believe me, early game, each stat point counts.
The only real exception to not learning soul steal is if you go solo mid. As the middle lane is the safest from ganks and harass from ranged heroes, and that usually there will be only one enemy hero against you, soul steal is sometimes viable, and can keep you in lane longer, as well as allowing you to be aggressive at times. And in this lane, if you are good at positioning, it may also be viable to use soul steal on enemy heroes, just to scare them off as well as gain a little HP, and then you can last hit all the creeps.
But really, most of the time, you are better of soloing mid with metamorphosis and stats.
Message Summary: Do not learn soul steal
Conjure Image

“Creates a copy of Terrorblade which deals damage.”
Mana cost: 70/85/100/115
Cooldown: 16
Duration: 30

Images deal 25/35/45/55 % and take 300% damage.

This means Terrorblade’s images deal the most percentage damage for any non-ultimate illusion skill.

Conjure Image, Terrorblade’s best skill:

This skill is what makes Terrorblade Terrorblade. Images have the same HP, mana (though you don’t need mana) of the original. Images deal a percentage of base damage. They benefit from increased attack speed from agility stats only, so Hyperstone is quite useless for images. And any pure extra damage from items also has no effect. The also have evasion, but do not have HP regeneration from items. The only orb effect compatible with images is feedback, and this is only true in melee form. Bashes that occur are fake bashes. Critical strike can occur, but only the base damage is multiplied. Radiance works on each image, but it does not stack. Hence really, only stats items are of any use, as images can benefit from damage from stats and also HP, and also radiance.
As you will level quite a few levels of stats early game with one level of conjure image, you can almost spam this spell when you are about level 5. This can be used for decoys and tanks in lane or help you farm, or scout. Your base damage is not high, so an extra 10% damage for 15 more mana each level is just not worth it: It is not recommended to level this skill beyond level 1 until after you’re level 11.
Level 1 Conjure Image is most economical; images take same damage at all levels. Possibilities with images are endless if you have good micro, and at level 1 it is fairly spammable.


“Transforms Terrorblade into a powerful Demon with a 550 ranged attack.”
Mana cost: 125/115/107/100
Cooldown: 180/165/150/110
It also gives + 20 movement speed (not percent, otherwise it would be imba), + 1 base damage, extra 1/50/100/150 HP, as well as 3 HP regeneration per second instead of the standard 0.25. Note in this form the base attack time goes up slightly. (1.6 instead of 1.5)

Metamorphosis is perhaps the most important skill to use correctly:
Now, we come to the skill that makes Terrorblade so fearsome. Metamorphisis. Really, In my opinion, this is Terrorblade’s ultimate. In fact, in the original warcraft game, this is the Demon Hunter’s ultimate. Why? Well, simply because of the fact that ranged TB with ranged illusions is just so powerful. Melee images tend to get in the way of each other, but when they are all ranged they can attack together without losing any time running about. Other illusion heroes have a mechanism to get close to the enemy hero: Chao Knight has Blink Strike, Morphling waveform, PL has spirit lance and doppelwalk, siren has ensnare. However TB lacks these skills, so it can only chase down heroes with pure speed, along with the fact that metamorphosis gives TB and his illusions 550 range. While in melee form you are not at all useful, unable to give any chase, and illusions are unlikely to be simultaneously attacking the same target. But in metamorphosis, not only are you ranged, you also move slightly faster.
The Bonus HP and HP regeneration is also quite amazing early game: It is like an instant 150 HP heal at level 4 and another 180 over 60 seconds. This will greatly help you to stay in lane.
In ALL team battles, use metamorphosis. Never waste this spell, timing is critical for more important use.
Why use in teambattles? As it also gives 150 HP as well as range, and that is like another 9 strength. Do not underestimate the power of the extra HP, as your illusions will have it too. It also gives HP regeneration of 3 per second, but do not think this skill as a way to heal yourself. Its duration at level 4 is also quite long, and gives you only 50 seconds more to wait until you can use it again. This means you can be in ranged form more than half the time, but do not spam this: if it runs out and then the opposing team push, you will be at fault if this succeeds. The only time you may spam it is early game if you go solo mid. This skill can also be used while jungling to make it faster, but only if you know you will be farming until the next cooldown, as it will be used in fights. It is also extremely powerful when pushing towers.
Note that while you are in ranged form, your base attack time increases, so you actually attack slower while ranged. However, the decrease in attack time is insignificant, and it is more than compensated for by the fact that you are ranged.
Many people do not actually know how to use this spell in conjuction with manta style: 5 ranged TB is just imba. There is a whole section dedicated to manta style TB below.

“Sunder severs the soul from both Terrorblade and a target hero, then exchanges them, carrying part of the units' life forces. The percentage hit points of each unit are switched with the souls. Some hit points must remain on enemy heroes.”
Mana cost: 200/100/0
Cooldown: 200/120/60
Cast Range: 250

Allowed targets: Heroes, allied or enemy, including illusions. Ministun for both Terrorblade and target hero. Magic immune units will not change HP, but the hero which is not magic immune will still change HP.

A few tips on how to use sunder:
Terrorblade seems to be well known only for its ultimate. But really, a good Terrorblade is one that does not need to use sunder for every kill. In fact sunder is only really used in situations of 1 v 2 or 1 v 3, or in team battles when you are focused.
Anyone who goes on and on about how and when TB should use his ultimate is a noob: TB should be played in a way such that you don’t require it much, and definitely not to initiate with it.
Note that at level 3, Sunder costs no mana. So that should answer the question of: Which hero is most dangerous with low health and no mana?
Remember: Don’t use sunder until you have a few HP left. There is a cast delay, and the range of sunder is only 250. In team battles, it is recommended you use sunder at about 1/3 to 1/2 health, depending on the number of stuns an enemy team has and the likelihood of them focusing you. When to use it also depends on your items. If you have a full set of godlike items you can wait much more. Also, refrain from saving allies. You will usually die if you sunder allies. Except when you have BKB, perhaps, when even then saving sunder is probably better, as you are the carry. Note that Sunder also has a ministun: you can use it not only to swap life, but also to interrupt channeling spells at the same time!

In my mind, TB’s ultimate is metamorphosis, and this is really an ultimate when you use metamorphosis in conjunction with manta style. In fact, the recent change manta style has undergone immensely benefits TB: Yasha is always a good cheap item for TB to farm out, and ultimate orb is also a good item for TB. However it does mean my old way of playing TB via diffusal blade to manta style is now obsolete.

Attribute Bonus

And now the skill which is so often overlooked:

The ability that you should max.
As you will not be learning soul steal, you can get 5 levels of this spell early on, and this will immensely boost your early survivability. Imagine 5 Levels of this at Level 9 gives you an ultimate orb! Imagine an ulti orb on a level 9 TB. If you go radiance travel, you will find that you will be rather short of HP, so I recommend you max stats at level 19 before maxing conjure image, as you will be mainly using the illusion’s radiance damage.
This is the what you will learn early game, as you do not require excess levels of any other ability.

You can learn the skills in almost any order you like, as long as you satisfy the following constraints:
• Soul Steal is learnt last.
• Sunder level 2 and level 3 is obtained at Level 11 and Level 16
• Maximum of 1 Level of Conjure Image until Level 12.
• Metamorphosis is maxed out by Level 12
• At least 1 level of Conjure Image by Level 10

Normally early game, while in a dual lane/jungle it is skilled like:


and soloing mid like:

Either way, from level 11, the skill build should be:

A good TB player does not follow any particular skill build; Many times it depends on the situation, and also on personal preference. As long as you follow the constraints, you should be fine

My Skill Build
My Skill Build is such that I max stats even before conjure image as I will almost always go radiance. However, in more competitive games, I will mostly max conjure image first. The skill build is very flexible; you can pretty much learn what you want except for soul steal.

Exceptions: If you have Crystal Maiden in your team, it is acceptable to max out Conjure Image while jungling. Same if there is a KOTL to babysit you. But really KOTL should illuminate away while you jungle, buy your items, then ALT QQ. . Also if you are solo mid soul steal of two levels can be taken, but better if you can do without them. Really, the only time I use soul steal early game is when I misclicked.


Now that manta style is reworked, manta is now a must item for TB. It gives good stats, movement speed, attack speed, image creation. What more do you want? However, as ranged illusions are much better than normal illusions, the question arises whether you can use manta to create ranged TB. Manta style is different from conjure image and illusion rune, it dispels most effects on TB. This includes metamorphosis. So if you normally just use metamorphosis, then manta, you will have 3 melee TB. And metamorphosis in cooldown. Not a good idea. However, if you shift queue this, then you can get ranged TB with manta:

Holding down SHIFT, move TB to required location, and BEFORE TB reaches that location, press metamorphosis, then manta style. Holding down SHIFT all the way through.

It is easier if you know the shortcut key for metamorphosis and manta style. (default is T and numpad whatever slot manta is in). Note that this technique also works on Dragon Knight and Lycan and Keeper of the Light and Batrider. It is quite funny for KOTL actually.

If you have manta, make sure in every team fight you do this: get 3 TB all in ranged form with manta, and immediately after another one with conjure image. Note that if you ever see an illusion rune, you can use metamorphosis and then get the illusion rune. Those illusions will also be in ranged form, and will last 70 seconds!! More than your own metamorphosis! However you cannot use this in conjuction with manta as manta images only last 25 seconds, unless you are fighting near the rune spot, in which case you can get 7 ranged illusions!


Starting items:
Here are possible starting items in more detail:

Quelling Blade
Whether laning or jungling, this is always a must have item for Terrorblade. Makes it much easier for last hit and also faster jungling. Note that this item can be abused: In ranged form you will still have the melee bonus. But really, that is not that significant an abuse.

Circlets, Slippers and Wraith Bands
Stats items are the best choice for Terrorblade at any stage of the game, and early game cheap stats items come in the form of wraith bands. However, DO NOT buy the wraith band recipe at the very start. Ironwood branch for the extra stat is much more effective. If you go jungle, you will probably buy at least 3 of these. If you lane, depending on success, you will get 0 – 3 wraith bands.

Ironwood Branches
Cheap item, and you can stack a couple at the very start, and then sell off/just throw away later to free up inventory spaces.

Tangos/Clarity potions/Healing Salves
1 tango is usually enough. Before, with jungling, these are sometimes needed to clear tree paths. But now with Quelling Blade, this part is not needed. Hence just 1 tango is usually enough for the whole game, or sometimes maybe a healing salve. I do not recommend clarity potions. If you took stats with 1 level of image, mana should never be a problem. If you are not very good at laning and require more than 1 tango, go jungle.

Stout Shield/Poor man’s shield
These may be good for jungling, but I do not really approve. Blocking a few damage is not really any good, and it does not work on images. And you will tank with images. Hence these items are just a waste of money. An extra circlet/wraith band is much more effective. Only perhaps in clan wars is this considered. Though there was a replay of Kuroky getting this as a starter item for TB and completely failing.

Magic Stick/Magic Wand
These are very situational, depending on enemy heroes. You can get this if you face Zeus or BB in lane. But generally this item is seen more in clan wars. As you should be farming most of the time and avoiding being hit by spells, it is not recommended.

Boots of Speed
You will not need this any time soon. An extra wraith band for farming is usually preferable. Consider only when you have at least 2 or 3 wraith bands, or if you farm really well early game and you can buy a power treads straight away.

So, if you picked TB, I recommend these starting items(if you jungle) If you lane you will be 3 gold short. So get slippers instead of circlet. Or ask an ally to kindly donate a tango:

Recommended Starting Items:

If you are lucky enough to random TB:

But a different combination is also okay, a few more branches or slippers perhaps, but NOT the recipe. Please.
Do not buy chicken: with quelling blade you cannot afford chicken as well. Also, you are carry, so try to get teammates to get you one. Otherwise do not bother, at least not to start with.


Dual Lane

If you are in a dual lane, try go with a support hero if you can. Also try go to the “long lane”: it is safer as if the lane goes too far you can pull creeps. Your job is too last hit as many creeps as possible. Early kills is just wishful thinking normally, so don’t bother hit enemy heroes. It is usually the support hero’s job to do that, which is why Warlock is so imba as a laning support. Do not get killed. Even though this is the case for most heroes, it is even more so with TB. If an enemy hero kills you and also dies, it will cost you more as your items will take longer to farm. I am afraid laning well comes with experience, especially for a weak early game TB. Creep pull is probably the best option if you are against good ranged laners: Hit the nearest creep camp at the 14-16 or 44-46 second mark (sentinel) or 11-15 or 41-45 mark (scourge), then retreat to pull them onto your lane so that your creeps will help you go creeping. Last hit all creeps. If you want, you can send an illusion to do this: However this requires good micro. Even better, you can double up on creeps by attacking and then retreating at 53 second mark, then another wave of creeps will spawn while you aggro the current ones, so when you next pull at 15 second mark you will go kill two waves of creeps. {Note: for sentinel creep pulling is notoriously more difficult, and make sure you cut down the lone tree on the side of the lane. Also cut one of the trees behind the creep camp. This way you can pull more creeps, as well as allowing you faster jungling if you go jungle.} For more on this go read a creep camp guide. Once you reach level 5 in a dual lane, you can probably farm faster while jungling. But really depends on each game. But remember: Free farm is always better than jungle, unless you cannot last hit creeps as you are lazy.

Suicide Jungling

Suicide Jungling: If you go jungle, straight away, at level 1, expect to die. If people call you noob ignore them. They are noob for being ignorant of suicided jungling. Suiciding while jungling only loses you gold: it does not benefit the opposing team whatsoever. In fact they might laugh and expect you to be noob and don’t gank you while you jungle, all the better. When you are levels 1-5, if you are low on health, buy items near fountain until you have less than 50 gold, then go suicide. You will lose less than 50 gold, and will have a free trip back to the fountain. Otherwise walking all the way back is just too much time wasted: This way it is faster. Make sure you do buy items before you die though. You can always wait a few seconds before suiciding if you are a few gold short of a desired more expensive item. (Like Boots or Belt of giant strength) Once you are beyond level 6, do not die in the jungle. Walking back is better. Once you are about level 7, you will gain gold and experience much faster if you jungle, even if you are in a solo lane. Unless, of course, no one is in lane and you can free farm. In general, from about level 7 onwards you will either be jungling , free farming or pushing a tower. This way it ensures your HP is quite high all the time. If your HP ever gets quite low in lane, it is likely you will be quickly ganked, so it is best not to lane if there are heroes there. Fast jungling generally comes with experience. You can read some jungling guides. There are a few things to note when jungling:
1. The small blue satyrs can purge your images. Kill them first before you use conjure image.
2. You can stack and pull creeps with illusions.
3. When attacking a camp with centaur/ursa, do not get more than 3 images; the will stomp you. Just get your current image to tank, and create another when it is destroyed.
4. Use your Quelling blade to cut trees to move faster between camps.


No real difference from dual lane, except that you can max metamorphosis to spam it. You will level faster so it is only advisable to spam it if you are solo mid. Because you will be an average of two levels higher mid game, in certain situations you can level soul steal twice. Against heroes which have skills which are easier to use if you are stationary, don’t level soul steal. (VS Mirana, Pudge, Lina, Lesherac etc) If you can, do not level soul steal. Last hitting is your main aim. Unless you think you will do more damage than the enemy hero, do not target the enemy. If the opposing hero plays well, you will be mainly last hitting under towers and in ranged form. Last hitting under the first tower is easy, as you have quelling blade. For last hitting, usually it is better to move around rather than pressing stop and letting go as enemy heroes will target you if you stay still. You can learn sunder and survive with it, going aggressive with Sunder early game is risky: You might not get the kill (The enemy hero has 33% health remaining) and get yourself killed or back down to low HP. Early game sunder is for survival only, or in rare cases, ganking. Do no expect to take anyone out alone. In fact, if you jungle, you will not need to level sunder until level 10.



Power Treads
Power Treads is an amazing item for its price: gives movement speed, attack speed and a variable + 10 attribute. Normally for TB, I would keep it on strength treads throughout the whole game. You can change it to Agi while farming or in lategame, but early game I strongly recommend you put it on strength. Strength treads and lots of stats points gives you an amazing amount of HP early game, and it is usually quite difficult to kill you with one or two heroes. If you can farm 1500 before your first trip back to the fountain, you can skip the wraith bands and buy this straight away. Late game however you need to switch this to a travel.

Boots of Travel
Travel gives TB amazing mobility. It also allows extremely fast farm. However, it is much more expensive to farm, and provides no extra HP. But you will farm extremely fast with this item (much faster than treads), as well as help your team push much more effectively later on in the game. Travel also has amazing synergy with radiance: TP to a lane, conjure image, go woods, TP another lane, repeat. This is the recommended footwear for TB. However, if you had a difficult early game, treads and yasha is a better option. Either way, do NOT get phase.

Mid game items:

Good Items

Yasha is simply the next item you will farm after power treads. I strongly strongly think that after treads this is a must,or if you went radiance travel. Not only does it give agi stats, it also gives movespeed and attack speed. It also paves the way for manta style and sange and yasha.

If you can farm this extremely quickly, inside 20 and definitely 25 minutes, this is a viable alternative to manta style. It enables you illusions to creep extremely fast as well. Just send illusions to shift attack creep camps or creeps on lanes. However, it grants no survivability and your illusions do not benefit from the + 60 damage. But the main disadvantage is that Sacred Relic is difficult to farm out early game.
However, it does enable faster farm, and if you get this early you can farm all the items in the same time as if you skipped it, so giving you a free radiance. This, in effect, is Terrorblade’s Hand of Midas. If you do get Radiance, I recommend maxing stats before maxing conjure image, just 1 level of image is enough, so that you can spam images with radiance. They don’t benefit from the + damage from radiance anyway, so really conjure image is not worth levelling.

Manta Style
Manta Style, as mentioned, with TB’s metamorphosis, is his second ultimate. That is why I think it should be the first item that TB farms out, or the item after radiance.

Okay Items

Sange, Sange and Yasha
I do not recommend getting sange first; Yasha helps you creep much much faster. Personally, I do not think you should get S & Y at all. I know it is almost taken as a standard item for TB, but I believe S & Y is a pathetic orb effect. I know it stacks with skadi, but the strength bonus given is not that great, and the orb effect maim is pathetic compared to diffusal, and normally your allies will help you stun/slow enemy heroes.

Diffusal Blade
Back when manta consisted of diffusal blade and vitality booster, diffusal was for me the item to get instead of any yasha item. However, it can no longer upgrade to manta, so now I consider it an inferior item to yasha, but superior to sange and yasha.

Despite being a relatively cheap item, I think mid game stats are more effective on TB, and this should really be a late game item, when the critical is more significant. Normally Crystalys/Buriza is the last item I obtain after Manta/Butterfly/Heart/Skadi.

A rather fun orb effect in my opinion. However I think butterfly is simply better for the attack speed and evasion, rather than the lightning maelstrom/mjollnir

Bad Items

You do not have lifesteal, so armlet is not recommended. You may think that this can bring your HP down for sunder, but that is just a noob way to play TB

Your illusions do not benefit from damage block, as they will be doing the tanking while you jungle. Gives no stats. No damage. AVOID

Perseverance /Battlefury
You do not particularly need the HP/mana regeneration. You can farm fast enough without cleave. Illusions do not have cleave or the damage. And in team battles you will be in ranged form, so this item is a complete waste of money. Radiance is just so much better.

Hand of Midas
Why would anyone get Midas? To help them farm faster. And believe me, TB farms faster with a Yasha. If you really want gold, get Radiance.

Lifesteal items: Vladmir’s/MoM/HoD
Mid game, these items are just pathetic. TB is a DPS hero. Lifesteal has no use on illusions, and not much extra damage. Stats items just benefit TB much much more.

Fun Items

Lothar’s Edge
Lothars is not a bad item for its price for almost any hero. The main problem is that TB’s illusions are not any better with this item. But it can go in a “fun” build with dagon. Wind walk -> Sunder -> Dagon makes your TB into an NA, it is an expensive fun build that can take out one hero every 60 seconds while the main build can take out all 5 if you have some support or if you have amazing farm.

Purely for Sunder/Dagon. But really, unless you want some fun, it is not recommended. But when you do pull it off, it can be REALLY FUN. Apart from being fun, though, this build is definitely the inferior build.

Below are the two main builds, mix and match, especially with the boots, is fine normally. Generally, if you have a better game you go the first build to farm even faster. Otherwise the second build is more suitable. Note that I put these as mid game items: I assume you farm fast, and can obtain these through the mid game, and definitely have them by the start of the end game.
Ricing Mid Game Build

Standard Build

Playing Mid Game Terrorblade
During mid game, you should be farming as much as you can. Your illusions will also get stronger and may have the capability to farm by itself, so you can send it to weaker creep camps or onto lanes to obtain bonus gold. Note that if you have radiance, illusion farm will increase by at least 3 times, if you took my advice of only 1 level of conjure image, and if you keep spamming illusions.
Once you have one major item (Radiance, Manta or S & Y usually, though the last is not recommended), you can also participate in team push or gank. You and your images will create an enormous amount of DPS against towers, and if your allies can stun or slow a hero, once you focus it, it will more than likely die. Note that both in ganking and pushing, it is much much better if you are in ranged form, hence the importance of metamorphosis. Think carefully about your HP if you are considering using sunder: A well timed stun when you are in red health can see you unable to utilise your ultimate.
But generally, the aim of the mid game is to farm as fast as possible. In creeps, neutrals, towers or heroes; by any means necessary. Do not overextend yourself in chasing heroes: you lose time and you may die. Just carry on farming, or if you have radiance, send an image after the hero.
However, it is still important to play passive mid game:

Do not go near enemy heroes alone, do not attack heroes unless you are SURE you can kill them, just AVOID being hit by any spells. Harrassing them will cost you farm time and health, which in turn costs you more farm time.


Late Game items:

Good Items

Illusions benefit from the evasion and + 30 agility, and a further 30 damage and 30 attack speed for the real TB makes this a must have late game item, usually the item after manta style. It is THE DPS item for TB, or indeed any agility hero.

Manta Style
If you get some other item first, then manta style is still a must. I recommended it as early as possible to maximise its effect, though it is not bad as a late game item either. But it is simply a core item for TB, and any build (including dagon build) should have this item sooner rather than later.

Eye of Skadi
The ultimate stats item for the stats dependent hero. This can be obtained at any stage after Manta, but I recommend Butterfly first, and sometimes also HoT before this. Note that Skadi is like Quelling Blade in that it determines whether it is a range or melee item at pickup. If you want 2 orbs then you need to pick this up when you are in range form (Or drop an pickup when you are n range form).

Boots of Travel
Upgrade (or really, upgrade mobility and downgrade DPS) to travel late game if game goes on for extremely long if you went treads first. The TP mobility is priceless late game, and sacrificing the DPS is well worth it.

Okay Items

If you got maelstrom, upgrading this gives you a decent item. However, the recent changes has meant it is not as potent as before: your illusions do not benefit from the orb and it no longer gives agi stats. But if you have this and the butterfly you can create a lot of chain lightnings. More of a fun item, as if you already have butterfly it is better to get skadi or heart. Can be considered as the very last item instead of buriza.

A great DPS item, though the illusions only benefit from the critical. Improves your DPS significantly if you already have butterfly/manta.

Gives you and your illusions around 1000 more HP. Getting it earlier makes you a great tank. Depending on your team’s needs, you can get this earlier or later. The recent nerf has meant its uses are more limited, but nevertheless a good item.

Assault Cuirass
Main problem is that your illusions do not benefit. Best if another member of your team gets this item.

Possible as the last item, but otherwise getting it early is no real good, and it gives no DPS, and does not really help illusions. But with the heart nerf it is now probably preferred to heart.

Situational Items

Linken’s sphere
A good stats item, and useful spell blocker, but it is a bit too expensive in my mind. Only in certain situations perhaps, but in general, not that great an item as you do not really need the regeneration.

Monkey King Bar
A rather situational dependent item. Get this if a number of enemy heroes has evasion, as you will be getting this mainly for the true strike, as your illusions do not really benefit you. But really, a stats late game item is probably better, you will kill any hero no matter the evasion they have.

Black King Bar
Note that on activation, sunder will not change your HP. Hence it is not recommended. But if the opposing team is full of stun, it can be considered. Also you can use and sunder an ally to restore health to an ally, but I do not favour using sunder in this way.

Hood of Defiance/Pipe of Insight
Even if there are lots of enemy spellcasters, I do not think highly of this item: It gives no benefit to illusions. However, it may be that due to the immense amount of nuking, you may have to get this. Very situational, and if you can, do not get this. Better if a support gets this item.

Illusions do not benefit, and the fact that it provides no survivability and will drop on death makes this item a rather dodgy one. If you ever get it, please say it is because another hero like KOTL which bought it for you. Its not even fun on TB. Donating to Mortred makes it much more fun.

Normally an item someone facing TB will get. Gives no benefit to illusions, so unless you are losing badly or a PA with divine keeps killing you, avoid this.

Bad Items

Bad, bad item. No benefit for illusions. Bash for 1 second is not that significant for the investment.

Although this orb also means your illusions will deal more damage, it is not recommended as it gives no survivability and illusions do not really benefit much. Skadi does not stack with this. Get another hero to get this.

Kelen’s Dagger
If heroes like Enigma, ES, Tide, Magnus can dagger ulti, why can’t I? Because initiating with TB is just plain stupid.
Fun item. Otherwise no real use. But extremely funny on TB.

Below are just some of the possible builds, with items from 3rd slot onwards obtained in shown order.
Fast Farm & Push Build

Max Stats Build

DPS Build

Many other combinations or builds are possible: But it is best if you have Travel, Manta, Butterfly and Skadi first. The rest is up to you. For DPS get Buriza/MKB/Divine. For survivability get Heart or Satanic. For fountain get Cuirass. For fun….get anything you want.

Playing Late Game
Late game is when Terrorblade is strongest: All the skills you use are stronger, notable the images. You will probably be the team’s main DPS, and also possibly the team’s best tank. If you farm really well you can often push alone and kill all that stand in your way; Getting Ultra Kill and Rampage is not that difficult. If you died too many times, however, you will probably need to push with allies, but it is still probably the case that you are the single most influential hero in the field. Remember to use manta in conjunction with meta in every team fight. Once you have skadi and you focus a hero, it will pretty much die before getting out of your range especially if you get some support.

Also, Terrorblade is the most fearsome of pushers. Often if the enemy is concentrating in taking down your towers, you can often go take down theirs; It takes a whole team of them, while it takes one of you. And you even do it faster. Many times I have played against teams who underestimate the power of this one hero in pushing. While they are slowly pushing a 5v4 advantage, I have already taken down 1 lane. If they TP back, they must do so in numbers, or risk getting killed instantly. So TB has travel too, you pushing alone is pretty much equivalent to 5 of them pushing.

And if you do REALLY WELL
If your team is owning late game, you can actually kill the enemy fountain. Killing the fountain does not obtain anything for you at all, it only shows how dominant you are, and also that whenever their heroes spawn, the will have no mana regeneration and they have no place to heal. Plus the fact that if you stay in the area afterwards they will die on resurrection.
Killing the fountain requires you to have at least butterfly, manta, skadi, heart/satanic/cuirass and also allies to tank for you. LoA/Omni with refresher is best. If not, any other high HP/armour hero will do. You will also need the Manta/Meta combo. When the fountain starts hitting the real TB, you can summon illusion and the sunder the illusion when you are getting towards low health. In any case, by the second time you properly attack the fountain, you will probably be able to take it down. I have done this on numerous occasions, but usually this requires forward planning with teammates.

Best Allies
Laning Allies

We all love them. On condition that they only deny, and hit enemy heroes. And buy wards. And buy chicken. And buy you tango. And mostly importantly, heal you, not themselves. Dazzle can also save you for late sunders if you are stunned, and Necro can instantly finish any sundered hero.

Good Allies, also are the Worst Enemies: Disablers

All Disablers are bad enemies, these above are just particularly nasty disablers.
Also, a special mention for Necrolyte. Trying to Sunder? Try in hell.

Against Other Carry Heroes

All heroes have the potential to be carry heroes. All heroes. (However no other hero can kill the fountain as fast as you can) If you farm well enough, it will include Goblin Techies. It’s just that some heroes require 2 more major items than others to be effective carries, and that some heroes are faster at farming.
These heroes below are worth of mention and may rival you in late game; others if you farm well enough can usually be destroyed by your illusions. Alone :P.

Strength Carries

Here Dragon Knight poses the most problem, with it’s high HP and armour. After all, TB does rely on normal attacks. Best solution is not to focus it first, but sunder it if you can. Sven and Slardars AOE stun can cause you problems, but unless they have much better items than you it is unlikely they will be able to win a fight singlehandedly. Note that late late late game, however, Sven can tear everything apart. Buriza + Butterfly x 2 + Satanic + Hyper on Sven is insane, even your 4000 HP illusions die within a storm bolt stun due to his cleave.

Bash Carries

Bash heroes might be a pain if you are another carry hero, but for Terrorblade it is nothing. With illusions bash heroes are easily dealt with.

Agility Carries

None, and I do mean NONE, of the above heroes are any match for you if you farm well enough, even if they also farm well, and you definitely farm faster. Also in my experience TB is one of the best counters to Meepo. 4 ranged TB vs 4 meepo. I kill any of you, you all die. You have to kill the right one. I am also ranged, and if you do focus the correct one I sunder you.

Invisible Carries

Their stat gain are weak. If you farm well you illusion can kill them. But they will usually run, being the cowards that they are.

Illusion Carries

Your illusions are better than theirs (better CD against CK). Your stats are better than theirs. You farm way faster than they do. They only gank better. But you don’t go gank. You farm and own later on.

Intelligence Carries

They pose no real threat, as their DPS is no match for yours. Only early game they have the ability to own you, especially Enchantress if she decides to farm in your forest.

As a conclusion, we will look at the pros and cons

  1. High DPS
  2. Fast farmer
  3. Skills get better as game progresses
  4. Amazing ultimate, amazing 2 other skills
  5. Element of Surprise: There are very few good Terrorblade players.

  1. Fragile Early game
  2. No ganking capability
  3. At times boring to play
  4. VERY item dependent
  5. One skill totally useless


Why no sunder at level 6?
Skill build is flexible: you can take it at level 6. However, it has a long cooldown and you are very fragile early game, so attempts to use it may result in tears. It should be taken if you are soloing mid though.

Why no S&Y?
Although the attack speed of TB makes it very well suited for S&Y, in most situation the orb effect won’t help you out much, it is only with allies you will be able to easily take down heroes. And if you are looking to push Manta is a better choice: for a few hundred more gold you have a second ultimate, giving TB an early use in team battles and also more survivability and similar movement speed bonus. However, S&Y is not too bad a choice. Normally though, I will only get this if I have bad farm and can only slowly build up items.

Why not rush Skadi?
Skadi is a good item for TB, it gives a good slow. However, it does not give you movespeed, does not give you ability to make more illusions, and does not give you much damage. That is why usually it is better to go Manta then Butterfly, with Skadi considered a luxury. Also, if you can rush anything, rush radiance.


09/08/09: First posted.
11/20/09: This guide has been reposted and better changes are in progress.
11/21/09: Some changes made. Please recommend any others, especially to the layout. Replays will be available soon, for 6.64 (I need to go play some games...ha). Late game inventory recommends will be complied soon.
11/24/09: Further improvements made on design of guide.

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