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English is not my native language so pls excuse me for my awful grammer.I'm playing DotA for 3 years and Mr. Cent is still my favorite hero. Actually I do not play too often and I do not picked him more than a year cuz i didnt learn centour centour learned me DotA. Yes! I had no idea before i played centour it was about 3 years ago i was playing warcraft with my friends on them they said when is the next DotA match-up? Then i said wtf is DotA. They laughed and called me poor boy. Then they invited me to their match-up but i said "I dont know to play DotA"
and they said: "May its hard to learn but we think u can do it"
Suddenly my first game started i just looked to the taverns and said:
-I thinks the heros are expensive a bit i ll mass army.
Then they all laughed to me
I felt horrible then they said that i had to pick a hero I randomised and got Centour Warchief. I watched lanes for couple of minutes. I selected a lane and went there. I cut some creeps suddenly my friend said where is your items?I said:
-Items? Wtf is item?
Then they explained me what does item mean (I had worse English 3 years ago) I tried to find some items but couldnt at the end of the game I got 3 Boots of Speed and killed about 20 times. I told them to teach me but they didnt. So i tried tried and tried. After about a 70 games I understood how to play. Its a long story I m lazy boy and i ll finish my guide with a simple alt-tab(cuz I'm too lazy)

Skill Build
1-Hoof Stomp
2-Double Edge
3-Double Edge
4-Hoof Stomp
5-Double Edge
6-Great Fortitude
7-Double Edge
8-Hoof Stomp
9-Hoof Stomp
11-Great Fortitude
16-Great Fortitude

Comment:Firstly use Hoof Stomp to dont kill in a first lvl gank.Maximize Double Edge cuz u have lots of hp and a high regen (by the items) sacrifacing some hp would not be problem and makes u a anti carry (cuz nearly all of them have low hp)

Items: Starting-Buy a Salve , Tangos and maximize your str any way u want(even with branchs)
Core: Get a Boots of Speed as fast as u can if u had branchs at the starting convert them to Magic Wand.If u got gauntlets convert them to bracer(s).After that get a Ring Of Health, then complete it to Hood Of D.
After Hood u r nearly completed your item build for a Noob.Make your Boots Power Treads ( Or Phase To chasing or escaping)Then get a Vanguard (Or Hearth Of T. if u farmed well)After that if u still have gold get a radiance or Dagger to Make some fun over under leveled Mega-Noobs. This is not a Hero Guide at all. My main aim was giving u an inspiration. For detailed guide read this :
I read his guide its quite good but not for noobs at all.
And last of all always watch your positioning!!!

Bradwarden the Centaur Warchief
Author: memofosil
Map Vers.: Any

A Noobs Guide For Centour

Only For Noobs (REALLY)

Date Posted: 10/12/11
Last Comment:12/10/2011
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