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1. intro
2. info and stats
3. skills
4. skill build
5. item build
6. strategy
7. friends and foes
8. replays
1. intro
rizzrak the goblin shredder is one of the four new heroes that came with 6.73. much like dragonus, he's been a little neglected for some reason, at least compared to legion and xin. this is a shame, because he's really powerful and fun as shit to play. the other guides out on him right now suck dick so i wrote this one, for pubs obviously since he's not even in the -cm pool yet. you're welcome
2. info and stats
-highly mobile
-good farmer
-effective at all stages of the game
-"omg do ur spells even have a cd"
-not as blatantly op as xin or legion

-mana intensive
-right-click varies from low to literally no
-shitty laning mid
-not as blatantly op as xin or legion

hero info

3. skills
whirling death

does 100/150/200/250 dmg in a 300 aoe of shredder's body. the damage is pure if it also cuts down trees. lowers affected enemies' base attribute by 15% for 7s. 70/80/90/100 mana, 8s cd.

timber chain

fires a hook in a chosen direction, pulling you to the first tree it hits. does 100/140/180/220 pure dmg to enemy units you come within 225 units of, during. destroys the tree. 800/1000/1200/1400 range, 60/70/80/90 mana, 4s cd. if you're stunned after firing, you won't be pulled. target a specific tree to approach and automatically fire into it.

reactive armor

gives you +1 armor and +1 hp regen each time you're attacked. magic attacks (searing arrows, etc.) do not count. each stack lasts 16s, with a max of 4/8/12/16.


places a 200 aoe saw blade at a chosen location from up to 1200 range. while it's set, enemy units who touch it take 50/75/100 dps and are slowed by 5% per 5% missing hp. does 100/140/180 dmg to enemy units it strikes when it's fired and when it's retracted. destroys trees. 125/150/175 mana + 20/25/30 mana/second, 8s cd. cd timer starts as soon as you cast. you cannot attack while the chakram's out. it cannot be retracted while you're stunned or silenced. automatically retracts if you move more than 2000 units away or run out of mana.
4. skill build
level 1 - timber chain
level 2 - reactive armor
level 3 - timber chain
level 4 - reactive armor/whirling death
level 5 - timber chain
level 6 - chakram
level 7 - timber chain
level 8 - reactive armor/whirling death
level 9 - reactive armor/whirling death
level 10 - whirling death/reactive armor
level 11 - chakram
level 12 - whirling death/reactive armor
level 13 - whirling death/reactive armor
level 14 - whirling death/reactive armor
level 15 - stats
level 16 - chakram
level 17+ - stats

the other guides recommend maxing whirling death over timber chain, which is fucking stupid, hence i'm writing this guide.

shredder has below average ms and starts out with fairly limited mana. chain has a hilariously short cooldown, does decent damage, and enables him to chase and escape, so the more mana you have available for it, the better. the longer reach per level is also really important.

death has a longer cooldown and is about as easy to avoid as chain at close range, whereas chain obviously has a chance at working over distances and can at least position you for a right-click or hero block. death does a little more damage at levels 2-4 if your target's near trees or is a strength hero, but otherwise does less damage.

you can take both, but should never split between them--that would give you about the same burst damage as maxing one, at a higher mana cost--so if you want to take both, sacrifice armor. you'll generally want at least 1 point in armor though, at level 2. 4 stacks should cover any harass you take while going for a lasthit.

generally, if you're soloing a dual and think they're likely to make a go on you, max armor before death, and when you hit 6 you'll have plenty of mana for chakram and chains if you want to try for a double kill. if you're dualing, particularly vs. a solo, max death before armor for quick, easy killing with your lanemate. you could also consider skipping the one level of armor, but i generally like to have it anyway.

if you or your teammates are idiots and you have to go mid, you might consider taking death over chains, but shredder shouldn't mid (no trees).
5. item build
starting items

take the following if you're going jango, as i often do on heroes with below average ms, though shredder admittedly needs more ms the least of this group, and the attack speed goes wasted. but besides his early-mid mana concerns shredder is pretty item independent anyway, and jango gives hp and mana + the aura for your team.

otherwise go something like:
x2 x1-4

obviously you may have to buy a chick, in which case wing it


arcanes are self-explanatory, but if your team's already got a few pairs or if you're doing well and expect your bloodstone to come quickly, you could go straight from BoS to bloodstone and then upgrade to BoT, which are core on every hero except furion by a certain point in the game. bloodstone completely solves shredder's mana problems. the extra hitpoints + hp regen are also very useful and go well with reactive armor. i already talked about jango, and wand is always good.


the first group is things that help your team--shredder farms way better than his own needs demand, so there's no reason not to help out with some of the more expensive items every team likes to have. the second group is items that make shredder himself stronger/harder to kill. i guess radi could go in either category, but even though it complements shredder's chasing power, tankiness, and inability to attack while ulting, he's not a carry and radi is a luxury on him.
6. strategy
early game

ideally you'll lane short so you have access to lots of trees and room to chase. you'll also preferably solo, for a few reasons:
-shredder's mobility and low-cd spells make him a competent killer from the beginning, and even more so with the extra levels
-his spells themselves don't do all that much damage individually, and their effectiveness at exploding people peaks early
-he can easily survive vs. a dual lane
-he doesn't need that much farm, so it's not a problem if his last-hitting is limited (and he can quickly catch up on farm with ult + whirling death spam)

soloing a side lane:
do your last-hitting thing for a few levels. if you're against another solo, try driving him off, especially if he's melee. if you're against a dual, you'll probably have to play more defensively, but unless they're going to kill you the moment you poke your head in, you can spam chain to last hit + harass like you would with e.g. powershot or something. soften up your opponents and go for a kill or double kill at 6, if you can.

in a dual lane:
you should play very aggressively vs. a solo. how you handle an opposing dual lane obviously depends on who your lane-mate is, and who you're facing. one thing to keep in mind is, if you're going for a killing timber chain and sense that either your target or his partner is about to stun you, wait and take the stun before chaining, so it's not interrupted. note: when pulling, you can afford to use timber chain to finish off the more valuable of the non-golem creeps if you're bad at last-hitting or if your lane opponents come to take them.

mid game

kill noobs. from fog, place chakram right behind an enemy hero, just touching them, then immediately chain in over them in their path of retreat. you can cast whirling death mid-chain, as soon as you're near enough your opponent and at least one tree (if they're by one). be sure to retract your chakram just before they're out of its aoe, when they start to run away, so you get them with the retract damage (you can also put them between yourself and the blade to hit them with it on its return). then right click them once or twice and repeat some variation of your combo until they're dead. obviously this is all much easier with ally help.

when playing shredder, the only terrain you should see is trees. you should be looking ahead for trees whenever you're chasing, escaping, or even just traveling. when chasing, don't chain too far ahead of your opponent or you risk giving him a chance to change direction.

during an escape, chain over cliffs to get away, or buy time by chaining into areas that are inaccessible without destroying trees, like the area behind the ancients from the right side of the river. from there you can clear a path with your other two spells and run away, or chain over to a tree on the other side of the river, or just teleport out.

other notable trees include those around the base cliffs, the jungle cliffs, the gap between the sentinel ancients and secret shop path, and the gap between the scourge mid and secret shop, as well as the lone tiny tree in the water by roshan. remember to target a specific tree rather than a direction, so your hero will approach it first if you're not near enough.

shredder is absurdly good at clearing waves of creeps (gather them around you, cover with chakram, cast whirling death, collect chakram), and at tanking towers and roshan.

also be sure to use chakram for vision, such as of roshan or of the enemy barracks during a push.

late game

you're not doing as much damage anymore, comparatively. your main role now is slowing down enemies for your allies, using chakram and whatever items you may have farmed (and keeping on them with timber chain to do it). the 15% base attribute reduction part of whirling death is by this point very effective at weakening carries.
7. friends and foes

heroes who can help set up a good chakram:

heroes who especially benefit from a good chakram:

shredder can for obvious reasons benefit from an ally furion's sprout.


chakram fucks post-lifebreak huskar, and furion's sprout is useless against shredder (use death or ult if you plan to run rather than fight, since you'll need timber for your escape).

shredder can be 90% effective without a single right-click or footstep, so he's less crippled by non-silencing disables than most other heroes. because reactive armor only applies to physical attacks, nukers and orbwalkers may give him trouble. obviously silencer, doom, and to a lesser extent any other hero with a silence can really fuck up his combo. in addition to his silence, bs's rupture can be a big pain in the ass, but reactive armor does help a little with sitting it out. it doesn't take a whole lot to work out which of your enemies shredder's most effective against, and which he's likely to have problems with. build items accordingly.
8. replays
i'll put a replay here eventually

Rizzrak the Goblin Shredder
Author: ultqq
Map Vers.: 6.73c


owning noobs with robot tarzan

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