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About this Guide:

This guide is about the skill build and item build while keeping cost in mind for Alleria to become a Ganker early and mid game and transition to a Carry during endgame team fights.

Since this the Guide is more on a Ganker Aleria, i will not suggest items that you will need to rice farm and expensive (>5k gold) to get like Guinsoo, Linken, Orchid, MKB, Buriza, Satanic etc.

Alleria has both a skill set of a Ganker (stun, nuke, chasing/slowing skill) and a Carry (a steroid ultimate plus an 'almost' physical immune skill)

This guide will also guide you to ensure a Perfect Shackle Shot.


In the valleys of Winterspring, deep within the verdant glades of the Forest of Trees, an elf with the power of the wind makes her home. She joined the Sentinel as a free agent shortly after the War of the Magi. Favored by the Goddess of Wind, Alleria received many blessings. Her arrows fly straight and true, piercing all enemies in a line. She can lace her arrow with wind and bind enemies together by creating ethereal shackles. Her footsteps are hastened by the currents of air. It is known that she can dispatch enemies at blinding speed by releasing a flurry of arrows. She is indeed a worthy enemy of the Scourge.

Pros and Cons

- High Str Gain at 2.5 gain per level (2nd highest among Int Heroes after Ogre Magi)
- Low BAT at 1.5 (2nd best among all heroes after Anti-mage)
- Long Range Nuke
- Good at mind games
- All Spells have low Cool Down (Focus Fire after Aghanim)

- Low starting Str 15/HP 435 (second lowest among all Heroes)
- Not the normal point and click Stun
- Nuke needs charging to deal max damage duh...
- Requires skill to use effectively
- Mana Intensive

Skill Build

1. ShackleShot
2. PowerShot
3. PowerShot
4. WindRun
5. PowerShot
6. ShackleShot
7. PowerShot
8. ShackleShot
9. ShackleShot
10. Focus Fire
11. Focus Fire
12. WindRun
13. WindRun
14. WindRun
15. Stats
16. Focus Fire
17+ Stats

Skill Build Justification:

1> Shackle shot at Level 1 for any first blood attempt or to counter first blood attempt.
2> Power shot at Level 3 for a early 200 damage nuke.
3> Focus Fire is taken only at lv10 and lv11 when the mana item and damage item is gotten.

Item Build

Core Item Build:

Magic Wand - 509
Phase Boots - 1500
Maelstrom - 3000
Aghanim Sceptre - 4200

Total Cost: 9209

Q> Why Phase Boots and not Power Treads?
A> Alleria needs Phase Boots to gank effectively and to land the Perfect Shackle Shot. Phase Boots also improve Focus Fire with its +24 damage.

Power Treads are taken mainly to improve the hp of the Hero with the +8 Str and +25 ASPD. However in this build, Alleria gets Magic Wand and a Point Booster(+200hp and 150 mana) solving her low hp problem early game, the +25 ASPD also wasted with Focus Fire.

Q> Why Maelstrom?
A> Maelstrom is the best damage item for Alleria. With 3000 gold, Maeslstrom provides +24 damage and 25% chance to deal 120 damage (average +30 damage per hit) to 4 enemies. Providing you average 24 + 4*30 = 144 damage per hit for 3000 gold.

Magical damage also scales greatly late game as the heroes armor increases greatly reducing physical attacks. With Aghanim all the chain lightning damage are not reduced as compared to straight physical damage.
Starting Item Build:

3x GG Branch, Magic Stick, 2x Tango, 1x Clarity - 589

Item Build Order:
Boots - 500
Magic Wand Recipe - 150 (Complete Magic Wand)
Point Booster - 1200
Blades of Attack - 450
Blades of Attack - 450 (Complete Phase Boots)
Mithril Hammer - 1600
Glove of Haste - 500
Maelstrom Recipe - 900 ( Complete Maelstrom)
Ogre Axe - 1000
Staff of Wizardry - 1000
Blade of Alacrity - 1000 (Complete Aghanim Sceptre)

1> The most expensive piece is the Mithril Hammer 1600g, so all those small pieces are easy to get and useful on its own. You do not need to rice farm for 20 minutes to get any of those.

2> Point Booster is taken early to make Alleria tankier and have more mana capacity to combo/spam her spells.

Why Not Item:

Why not any of These?

These items are expensive (>5k gold) and requires you to rice farm. This guide is more to the ganker build. You can get those if you like to afk farm for 20 minutes.
Optional Item:

Ah the positioning items. I am not really a fan of these items for Alleria, she is just too fragile with those items. Furthermore she already has two mobility skills in Phase Boots and Wind Run that can help to position herself.
Extended Item:

Shiva Guard - 4700

1> Just in case the game have not ended yet. THE Extended item to get is Shiva Guards. The +15 armor basically will double the EHP of Alleria againts physical attacks that is getting more powerful late game and you can't rely on Wind Run 100% of the time.

2> You will not have enough AOE damage for team fights and with the Artic Blast AOE slow, Alleria will have an easier time to hit the Perfect Shackle Shot/Double Shackle Shot when the opponents are slowed to a crawl.

3> The +30 Int is just icing on the cake which provide +30 damage that will be amplified by Focus Fire and the additional Mana/Mana Recovery will help Alleria spam her spells with Low Cool Down and High Mana Cost.

Game Play

Early Game:

1> This is when the laning phase happens.

2> Focus on last hitting and denying creeps. By Level 3 use Power Shot to hit only the opponent Hero with full damage, use fakes to trick the opponent thinking you will do a Power Shot to misguide him. Mix the Power Shots with Pot Shots and Fakes.

3> If you have problem hitting the enemy Hero with Power Shot focus on last hits but keep on the fake Power Shot/pot shots to play mind games with the opponent.

4> An unreduced Power Shot is the Best Nuke damage wise and cost wise early game if it hits.

5> You can aim for a firstblood if your lane partner has a good stun or nuke by using the perfect Shackle Shot.
Mid Game:

1> This is when most of the gank happens.

2> You are a ganker so go and gank some opponent heroes. Alleria is not a good solo Ganker but she is one of the best help Ganker with her mobility to initiate the stun. The recipe to a successful gank is determine on whether you can successfully land a perfect Shackle Shot.

3> After the Gank if the opponent Hero is dead or run away heal yourself or your ally with the charge from Urn, push the lane to pressure the opponent team.

Summary of Ganking with Perfect Shackle Shot:
1. Engage the opponent preferable with an ally
2. Activate Phase Boots to position yourself
3. Opponent/s will either nuke, stun, give some pot shots, run or ignore you?
4. Initiate by performing a Perfect Shackle Shot or Double Shackle Shot
5. Attack or Power Shot the enemy during the stun duration
6. After the stun duration, use Wind Run to Slow/Block/Chase
7. The Phase Boot has cooled down so repeat to no. 2 until the enemy is dead or run out of mana.
Late Game:

1> This is when most team fights happens.

2> Start and end teams fights with Power Shot. Power Shot has very long range, low cool down (9 seconds) and provides vision of the area the arrow passed through. The 2nd Power Shot can be use to finish of stragglers.

3> After Power Shot, aim for a at least a Perfect Shackle Shot or a Double Shackle Shot. Then Focus Fire on the opponent tankier Hero. Any time the opponent Focus on you, activate Wind Run.

4> After team fight, heal with the charge from the Urn then push the lane and Rax the tower with Focus Fire . With Aghanim Sceptre, Focus Fire has 15 seconds cool down.

Summary of Team Fights:
1. Start with Power Shot
2. Activate Artic Blast if you have Shiva's Guard
3. Aim for a Perfect Shackle Shot or Double Shackle Shot
4. Focus Fire on one of the enemy tankier Hero
5. Wind Run if you are been focus on or pull back if your hp are critical Low
6. Power Shot again to clear of any Straggler
7. Chase with Phase -> Perfect Shackle Shot if needed
How to perform a perfect Shackle Shot?

1> What i see in most Alleria, they like to use Shackle Shot with its max casting distance or use it like the Vengeful Spirit Stun hoping it will shackle onto something. This is the wrong way to use Shackle Shot.

2> In fact the perfect Shackle Shot is quite simple. Alleria just need to position yourself so that the opponent Hero is in front on something you can shackled.

3> This means that even if Alleria need to go as close as possible or even behind the the enemy hero and risk of being stun or nuked. I also call this type the Close Range Shackle Shot.

4> Sometimes its ok to wait for one to two seconds to get a higher chance of Shackle Shot rather than gambled for one that will surely miss.

5> Hightest priority for a Shackle Shot is to aim for a Tree Shackle (Easiest Shackle), then Hero Shackle(Double Shackle Shot). If the previous two option is not available only you aim for a Creep Shackle.

6> Alleria needs to be Mobile and Tanky enough to perform the Perfect Shackle Shot. The Item build in this Guide will provide Alleria the Mobility and the Tankiness to perform this Manouver.

7> Practice makes perfect. With enough practice, you will soon be doing Perfect Shackle Shot left and right.

8> Focus yourself and do whatever it takes to make a Perfect Shackle Shot everytime as this is the difference between a bad and good Alleria.
Lv25 Alleria

Thanks for your time for reading this Guide.

Alleria the Windrunner
Author: alech
Map Vers.: 6.67c

Perfect Shackle Shot

Perfect Shackle Shot

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