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Personal Guide for Earthshaker

  1. Introduction
  2. Role and Playstyle
  3. Raigorīs Skills
  4. Skill Build
  5. Item Builds
  6. Allies
  7. Enemies


Hello to everyone, this is my second guide and since my first guide wasnt bad I want to make a second one but this time to one of the most played heroes in DotA, The Earthshaker. Now in this guide you will find a complete different skill build which is the main reason Im making this guide. This is my way of skill build and I want to share with you guys, maybe some of you already use it but since I only play pubs, i always see the same(sometimes even pathetic)skill build to ES. This is not a Pro Guide, I just want to share my point of view.
The main purpose of this guide is just to share a different way of skill build, the other information is just BASIC things about Shaker, so please no comments like "how simple this guide is 1/10"

Raigor Stonehoof


* Affiliation: Sentinel
* Damage: 46 - 56
* Armor: 2.7
* Movespeed: 300
* Attack Range: 128 (melee)
* Attack Animation: 0.467 /0.863
* Casting Animation: 0.69 / 0.5
* Base Attack Time: 1.7
* Missile Speed: Instant
* Sight Range: 1800 / 800

As everybody knows, heīs Strength but he totally depends on his skills, meaning that if he gets silenced, heīs nothing but a bitch. With 3 active skills, his stats are not good for him.
Average movespeed, average armor, his attacks are pretty slow but that doesnīt because he damages with magic(most of the times).


For some players Raigor is considered the best initiator, in my opinion heīs not best one, heīs a really good one because, unlike Tidehunter, Raigorīs ult canīt hit every hero UNLESS they all together, having 3 active spells and the passive spell depends in his active spells, he needs a lot of mana, his second main problem. He actually is able to stun for up to 6.25 sec(Im making this guide for those who didnīt realize it)


Carry: 3/5
Tank: 1/5
Babysitter: 0/5
Pusher: 4/5

As you can see here, heīs the initiator, and heīs no tank AT ALL, I once asked for a tank, and a noob player(Garena, of course) picked ES. With his massive magic damage he can semicarry and change the battle as soon as he enters, but remember DotA is a teamwork game, donīt wait until they killed all your team to get in the battle if you didnt initiate.

To pick or not to pick

  1. u need aoe stunner
  2. You like triple kills or ultrakills
  3. You see a meepo in the other team
  4. You see a Broodmother eating tower

  1. You see mana burners
  2. You see silencers
  3. your team has no carry or dpser


Fissure-(active, point target)

  • Damage type: magic
  • Crevasse lasts 8 seconds
  • AoE: 225
Enchant Totem-(active, instant)

  • Only increases base damage and that given by the primary attribute. Raw bonus damage is not increased.
  • Bonus damage from this skill does not stack with the Double Damage rune.
  • Lasts 14 seconds.
  • If you are going to attack a unit but then you cancel it you will loose the bonus damage even if you didnīt damage any unit.
Aftershock-(passive, N/A)

  • Damage type: magic
  • Using items does not trigger Aftershock.
  • The so underestimated skill, the reason Im making this guide.
Echo Slam-(active, instant)

  • Damage type: magic
  • Will not damage ethereal units
  • The initial damage will go through magic immunity, the additional damage will not.
  • The initial damage is dealt in an AoE of 500 around Earthshaker


4.E. Totem
6.Echo Slam
8.E. Totem
9.E. Totem
10.E. Totem
11.Echo Slam
16.Echo Slam

Skill Build explanation:

This is the main reason Im making this guide so please I need you to read carefully, Im trying to make this as simple as possible because my english is not that good.Lets do some math here:letīs think you are a lvl 7 ES, a regular player will max fissure first and will have 1 level of the other spells.

Now, you are facing a random hero alone and he will not do anything, start using all your spells.

Regular ES player:

Echo Slam dmg: 200
fissure dmg: 275
E. totem dmg: regular attack
Aftershock dmg: 75 (25 for each spell)

Total dmg: 550+1 regular attack

My guideīs skill build:

Echo Slam dmg: 200
Fissure dmg: 125
E. totem dmg: regular attack
Aftershock dmg: 345(115 for each spell)
Total dmg: 670+1 regular attack

See the difference? You maybe think:"naa, no big deal itīs not a lot, not worth it". Well now lets see the stun duration.

Regular ES player:

Echo Slam stun: 0
Fissure stun: 1.75
E. Totem stun: 0
Aftershock stun: 0.9(0.3 each spell)
Total stun: 2.65 sec

My guideīs skill build:

Echo Slam stun: 0
Fissure stun: 1
E. Totem stun: 0
Aftershock stun:4.5(1.5 each spell)
Total stun: 4.5 sec

Fissures stun wont count since aftershocks stun takes effect at the same time T^T

Now I hope you are not thinking like before at this point, but if you are not buying it, letīs compare the mana cost.

Regular ES player:

Echo Slam mp cost: 145
Fissure mp cost: 170
E. Totem mp cost: 50
Total mp cost: 365

My guideīs skill build

Echo slam mp cost: 145
Fissure mp cost: 125
E. Totem mp cost: 50
Total mp cost: 320

I really want to know if you guys got my point , if you still think like any other player in Garena, RGC or any other DotA platform, thereīs no point to keep reading because as i said it before, the point of this guide was to share my skill build. But as you already know, nothing is perfect, this will work in a close combat, this means you have to be close to land those 5.5 sec stun (300 aoe), besides, if you are going to use your fissure to kill a fleeing hero, you will make more damage and stun for a longer duration with the regular player skill build. Itīs up to you, either pick the 5.5 sec stun (where you and your allies can kill easily every hero trapped by the aftershock) or kill 1 fleeing hero.

Special Fact:

using E. Totem as a farming skill:
You can do this from lvl 5+. since it deals 75 in 300 aoe you can use it to kill various creeps with 50 mana, in lvl 7 itīs even easier remember to kill at least one creep with E. Totem aftershock and a second one with a regular attack.


Why should i skill totem instead of fissure first?

Well, many of you guys made this question so im trying to answer this.

  • It costs less mana(50mp, you may think its not big deal but you are ES, you need a lot of mana so if you can save mp do it).
  • Helps you last hit/farm/deny/kill/kill steal a LOT. most of heroes have low hp and low armor so do the math. =)
  • Its a 4x critical strike(maybe this is not really wow but its pretty useful).
  • When it comes to LONG RANGE game, its better fissure, stuns for a long duration and deals more damage.
  • 4Xcritical strike is not aoe unlike fissure.


Heīs a strength hero who depends on mana so what are you gonna get? mana items, good, now that we made that clear, letīs continue:

Starting Items:

  • 1 Tango
  • 2 Clarity Potions
  • 3 GG branches
  • 1 Salve


  • 1 Tango
  • 2 Clarity Potions
  • 1 Salve
  • 1 Recipe for Soul Ring


  • 2 Tango
  • 2 Clarity Potions
  • 2 Mantles

Item justification:

Get the first starting items if you see spellcasters in the other team so you can upgrade to a magic wand. The second one is maybe the best one because it gives you both mana and hp regen for a low cost and the sacrifice ability in cases you are out of mana. The third one is my favorite because i got a little trick which i want to share with you guys, time for some math:

Letīs say you have a lvl 1 ES with 208 mp, now add 6 int from the mantles that gives you 286 mp. Now you used your fissure twice (-250 mp) that leaves you 36 mp, go out of the enemy sight of range, drop your mantles, this will reduce your max mp to 208 and your current mp to 30 aprox. Now use 1 C. potion, if we dont count its own mana reg in 30 sec, you will have 130/208 mp, thats 65% of max mp, now pick those 2 mantles you dropped, that will add 78 mp to your max mp, the 65% of 286 is 185 aprox. this means you got 55 mana free! this maybe a little confusing but try it do the math and you will see the difference.

Check the difference here:
(sorry i donīt know how to make a good table)

Naked lvl 1 ES: 208 mp
lvl 1 ES +6 int: 286 mp
2 fissure used: -250 mp
mana left: 36 aprox.
mana reg with C.P:100 mp
final mana: 136 mp
final mana using my trick: 185 mp

The Boots

Arcane Boots:
Maybe the best boots for ES since he needs mana more than anything else. itīs my pick in every ES game.*ACCEPTED*

Phase Boots:
Not my choice, you donīt need them because you donīt need raw damage, the speed boost is nothing compared to blink.*REJECTED*

Power Treads:
If you like flexibility, maybe this is your choice, it gives you decent mana or some hp for survability, if you see an ally with AB, you can get this.*QUESTIONABLE*

Boots of Travel:
Really high cost, you can get this as a luxury item after you got all your core and you have some extra gold.*QUESTIONABLE*


If you can go like this:

and then get this:

Raigor needs dagger, everybody knows that, get it asap because your main problem is positioning, a good ES cant do anything if hes not in the middle of the battle alive. They wonīt let you get in.


Aghanimīs Scepter:

Since last changes, AS can be used by ES now, if you guys donīt understand how it works iīll tell you: each hero counts as 2 echo damages, that means thereīs and extra 140 damage for each hero.

Shivas Guard:

This will help you a lot against dpsers, the mana boost is great. It sinergyies really good with your spell combo(remember, aftershock wont be activated with items)


Get it if you find a dps/nuker hero(sf). giving you mana and hp, its a very common pick on ES.


Force Staff:
This item is really fun to play with, it works as a small blink to yourself and can be use to help allies scape or doom any enemy hero.

If you think thereīs any other situational item i should mention comment so i can place it here.


Black King Bar:

You are going to blink in the battle and stun as soon as possible trying to hit every hero near, no need to get avatar for that.

Lotharīs Edge:
Although lothars can be use to position ES, this item is rejected because it can be easily counter with dust or wards. The damage and bonus damage is wasted because you are going to cast asap and you only hit once in every combo.

Refresher Orb:

Since lasts changes, corpses now doesnt deal echo damage so itīs pretty useless.

Any kind of dps item and orb effect is rejected because he doesnīt attack and doesnīt need any orb effect. I once saw a video here and there was an ES with MoM, Battle Fury, Buriza and some other dps-nomana items raping every hero in the game. If you personally can do that in a normal no-AI, no noobs game please send me the replay.


Mana supporters:

He needs a lot of mana, a good mana partner will help you "spam" your stuns

Special cases:

consider it as a free blink.

He places them together , you ult.

Fatal Bonds+ES combo= team rape


Mana Burners:

Donīt let this guys aim you or you wonīt be able to use any spell.


Nothing you can do here.

Special cases:

Magic inmunity.

No damage at all(if fat).

Wait until he uses it, then blink in.

Easy food:

they so easy to kill but be careful, if you didnt kill them with your combo(maybe they are really fat or you screwed it) you are dead.


Hope you read it and understand my point of view, ES is one of the best initiators(not the best one), he can actually carry a game and a very fun hero to play with, i know a lot of you guys love ES and i hope you guys like this "guide"(not really a great guide, i just wanted to share my skill build) i really want you to try this in a pub game and see the difference.


Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker
Author: chulapi
Map Vers.: 6.69c

Personal Guide for Earthshaker

Permastun Skill Build

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