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Rigwarl, the Bristleback
Version 6.69c

Click HERE for Bristleback's skills and stats







*If enemy heroes are mostly skill-based heroes and not battle-type heroes, then buy first Hood of Defiance, rather than buying Vanguard first.


Final Build:

*If money is still abundant, then complete butterfly, but only after all items at number 5) are bought. Also, buy first Plate Mail then Mystic Staff when you're now attempting to complete Shiva's Guard.


Early Killing Or Ganking Mode (Preffered Mode):

Endurance mode (Best when enemy lane heroes are both range and aggressive):


Please be reminded that this an alternative Defensive Build guide, hence I would only write tips with regards to the said build. This build of bristleback is based my own actual experience and criticism.

*Early Kill Combo:
Req: If Sentinel(bottom lane), If Scourge(top lane); ally laner stunner; enemy laners <or= 2; level 2+
1) Approach enemy hero with lower HP or without escape-skills
2) Quill Spray! (attack if possible)
3) Nasal Goo! (attack if possible)
3) Ally Stuns the enemy (attack if possible)
4) Quill Spray! (attack if possible)
5) Quill Spray! (attack if possible)
6) Nasal Goo! (attack if possible)
7) Quill Spray! (attack if possible)

*Defensive Maneuvers:
1) Practice mouse maneuverability to become quickly responsive from certain enemy attacks or skills.
2) Always face opposite of the incoming threat (Tower Attacks, Hero Attacks, Hero Skills)
3) Use Nasal Goo to a stunner-hero enemy or the nearest enemy hero when they surprised you with a gangbang, while at the same time use quill spray and let them suffer the stacking-damage of your quills while running away + boosts movement speed (due to warpath).

*Frontliner/Bait Hero (When most allies are pushing same lane)
Try to always advance a little more further in front of your allies when pushing to also scout possible upcoming threats. If planning on a gangbang however, go push more than across the river, and set your allies to immediately aid you when enemies tried to take you, the bait. Just make sure your allies are not that too far away, otherwise you might really end up being an unfortunate fishing bait.

*Nasal Goo FURY
In some moments, you might want to unleash your sticky Nasal Goo to enemy heroes to increase their casting time (channeling time). It's a pretty effective skill. Imagine Sand King's epicenter casting time increased to 3 seconds or more.

I might UPDATE this soon if I managed to recall some more tricks. XD Good luck and have fun playing!

Rigwarl the Bristleback
Author: Ph_DOTAce
Map Vers.: 6.69c

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Date Posted: 11/10/10
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