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Redefinder's guide to Eredar

Hey there. This is my first guide and it's about Eredar the Shadow Demon, imba ganker. I've been playing a lot on Garena lately and I can say that I'm quite experienced with him. I will try to teach you everything I know I've learned from my games. Read on to learn how to play him.

Table of Content

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"Long before the war of the Scourge and the Sentinel, an ancient demon named Eredar waged war on all creation. No champion of Light could match him, but he was betrayed and killed by his own underlings. However, the faintest sliver of his shadow survived; over the millenia Eredar regained a portion of his former being and grows stronger each day, even managing to retake his old appearance. Eredar's new form is not well suited to direct confrontation, but he knows a number of objurations and tricks to deal with his foes; his skills include banishment, poison, curses, and darker demonic arts."

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Pros & Cons

- Is a great early gamer, one of the best
- Has good first blood potential
- Has 2 spells that scale well into late game
- Has an escape/saving mechanism
- Can be good late game too, if played right
- Can be a dpser too, in some cases
- Can kill an enemy 1v1, without any help
- Great ganker/initiator

- Extremely fragile, dies easily when under attacks
- Needs to avoid getting focused in team fights to stay alive

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Skill Build

1. Shadow Poison
2. Disruption
3. Shadow Poison
4. Disruption
5. Shadow Poison
6. Demonic Purge
7. Shadow Poison
8. Disruption
9. Disruption
10. Soul Catcher
11. Demonic Purge
12. Soul Catcher
13. Soul Catcher
14. Soul Catcher
15. Stats
16. Demonic Purge
17-25. Stats

Justification: We get Shadow Poison early for harrasing and getting the maximum effectiveness of its damage. Disruption is get right after it to kill (Disruption + Shadow Poison). You don't need to level up Soul Catcher because the target will run away after you use (Soul Catch + Disrupt) on him anyway (you don't have anything to slow him with at this level). Demonic Purge is get as soon as possible to slow/damage the target while you and your illusion hit him and cast shadow poison.(Disruption + Demonic Purge + Shadow Poison).

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Skills explanation

LevelMana CostCooldownDurationEffect
1120252.5/5 secondsCreates 2 illusions that each deal 30% damage.
2120222.5/6 secondsCreates 2 illusions that each deal 40% damage.
3120192.5/7 secondsCreates 2 illusions that each deal 50% damage.
4120162.5/8 secondsCreates 2 illusions that each deal 60% damage.
- Illusions can be controlled.
- It's possible to cast this on yourself.

Justification: This is your main ganking/escaping/saving skill. It has a low cooldown at level 4 so you can even spam it. It's used for damaging enemies, dodging spells, getting close to an enemy, chasing and ganking. Every gank you make should start with this spell, following all your other spells. However, make sure you activate Shadow Poison before you cast this (if you have any stacks already), otherwise you might lose all your stacks if during the animation of the spell shadow poison activates itself. The great thing about it is that it scales well into lategame (the illusions get stronger as the enemy you're casting on it gets).

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Item Build

Starting Items

Core Items

Justification: MoI and CoN are get in the start to give you a little bit of every stat. Ancient tango of essifation will help you regain that hp you lost if you get harrased/hit by creeps and it will surely save you a trip to the fountain. Some people may think bottle is a better starting item to get for Shadow Demon because he needs a lot of mana but these can be good too.

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Mid game build

Justification: In mid game you should have done Orchid Malevolence. It gives you damage, attack speed, and mana regeneration and the best thing - the 25% damage amplification from this item synergies well with your Soul Catch.

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Final Build

Justification: Before the game ends this should be your item build. Lotars will help you a lot in 5v5 games as an extra escape mechanism (you will need disruption for saving your teammates as well). Desolator gives you high damage, thus combined with your Soul Catch + Malevolence damage amplification + illusions damage equals a guaranteed kill. Also, desolator ranged projectile fits your hero color. :P

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Situational Items

Justification: Before buying this ask yourself. Do the other team players have a lot of spells which target you? If yes then go ahead and buy it. If not then it's not really worth all that gold. By the time you get it you won't have any mana problems.

Justification: If you are in late game and have a lot of gold to spare buy it, otherwise just leave it. Yes, it helps you chase down enemies a lot easier than before, but it's too expensive and you can't have two orbs at the same time (desolator).

Justification: It's somewhat not a bad item for Shadow Demon and it can replace lotars, it's cheaper. Just note that you won't be able to blink your way out of a fight/gank on you (with lotars you can go invisible).

Justification: Once again said, not a bad item for him. The advantage is that you can ulty/disrupt someone in a really short time. Disadvantage is the high cooldown (300 sec), so you will only be able to use it a few times in the game. If you really want to buy it then do it as a replacement of Orchid Malevolence.

Justification: Getting this can be a good idea. It gives 15/21/24 int, 8/12/16 str and the ability - Demonic Summoning (Active). One of the demon has a feedback attack and last will and the other truesight. This is great if the other team has a hero that can evade you by going invi and you don't want to buy gem.

Justification: Synergies well with lotars and gives a big increcement in damage and lets you burn your enemies to an ash. Buy it, if you are raping the other team and have a lot of money to spare.

Justification: Neat item. You are able to kill an enemy 2x times faster with it and it can save you a few trips to the fountain in those situations when you are desperate for hp. Just remember not to activate it in a teamfight because with the damage amplification on you the other team will turn you into minced meat..

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Rejected Items

Justification: Although it would be nice to toughen yourself up a little, it's not worth the gold. This is because: Eredar dies easily without Vanguard, Eredar dies easily with Vanguard. You need to gank and kill your enemies fast, before they kill you.

Justification: Eredar doesn't have an ultimate upgrade yet. This is 100% useless..

Justification: You are not support.

Justification: You don't need to waste money on this. 25% is a small damage incease for your spells. Just think, your highest spell damage is Demonic Purge at level 3 - 400 damage. If you add 25% to that you get +100 damage which is not much as some heroes can take way more damage than you think. Desolator can do the job much better.

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Best Buddies/Food/Mortal Enemies

This guy is a big help in early game. He replenishes the one thing you need most to kill - mana. If someone from your team picks him, definitely go the same lane with him.

While this hero is around you won't even think of not casting a spell.

He's the type of guy you need most in ganks. His slow and magic damage amplification are perfect for you.

Overall, silencers, magic immunes are Eredar's worst nightmares. Mana replenishers are the best for him when in a lane and dpsers with no disables such as Troll Warlord, Traxex (early game) are easiest to kill. The roll of Eredar is to be effective early game as to not suck mid/late game. So do your best to gank the other team early game. If you fail on this, you fail the game. Kill or be killed!

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Strategy Part

1. Destroying towers the easy way!
Eredar's 1st skill has many uses, including the one I'm going to explain here. If you lack farming abillity or too many creeps/heroes are hitting the tower, you can make your chances of succeeding 3x times bigger! Simply cast Dustruption on yourself, wait 2.5 seconds and then two of your illusions will aid you. Note that you have to calculate the time it takes to appear from banishment. For example, if you cast it too late the tower may be destroyed by then, if it's too early you might fail destroying the tower. However at level 4 when Disruption has imba duration of 8 seconds this shouldn't be of much of a problem.

2. Farming Creeps
Didn't I say Eredar can farm good? Yes I did! His 3rd skill tells him he can do so. Stack two or three SPs and get ready to release them whenever a creep's hp turns red. Finish of the rest of the undead creeps with your normal attack. This process makes farming easier.

3. Pushing/Staying away from danger
Too many players from the other team pushing and you mustn't get too close? No problem. SD has more than enough range to counter the push. Fire it as much as you can while waiting for your teammates to come and help.

4. Dodging spells with disruption
I believe this is the part that makes it most fun to play Eredar. If you concentrate you can dodge most of the targeted spells (as well as non-targeted spells) the enemy throws at you. Here is a list of spells that are easy to dodge, they are slow and you can react fast enough to do it:

Note that this isn't the full list of spells you can dodge. I just did my best to find the slowest ones and show them as examples. Needless to say, the same thing goes for AoE spells.

5. Jungling
Although it's possible, I wouldn't recommend this strategy to anyone. Why? Because early game is when Eredar shines the most. Jungling with him would mean throwing that away and making him less useful mid/late game. Watch this video to see what he can do:

Note: Forgive me for putting a video here that has been already used in another guide. I just couldn't find another one, nor do have the time to make one.

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This is the place for replays. There are no replays at the moment because most of my replays are at my home computer, sadly my internet is down till June.
However, I will upload them ASAP as soon as I get my net back, don't worry, it won't be long. Meanwhile if you have any replays of you playing SD send me a link via PM, I will add it here and credit the owner.

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Final Word

Well this is the end, I hope you enjoyed my guide as much as I did writing and formatting. Thanks to all my Garena friends for encouraging me to make this guide. And a big thanks to whoever made this thread, it was of good use to me. For last I will ask you to give me your feedback so I can improve my guide. Thanks!

Redefinder a.k.a eQ.ShadowDemoN

Eredar the Shadow Demon
Author: Redefinder
Map Vers.: 6.72

A guide to Shadow Demon

Redefinder's guide to Eredar

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