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I'm currently editing my guide and its format. Thank you!

I wrote this guide in Garena PH DotA forums. If you want to see it, click this.

Credit goes to the original author of the pic. I don't own it.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Pros and Cons
III. Basic Hero Information
IV. Item build
V. Skill build
VI. Proper Execution of Skills
VII. Roles
VIII. Allies and Foes: Who are they?
IX. Video Tutorials
X. Replays
XI. Final Words
XII. Credits
Future content:
Dodging Spells
and more

I. Introduction

Raijin Thunderkeg, in my opinion, is IceFrog's most excellent hero he has ever made. He can fit almost every role in the game. With lightning-fast attacks from his signature move, Ball Lightning, enemies receive an overcharged attack from the Storm Spirit with intimidating damage. His most important skill, Electric Vortex, allows him to pull his foes towards him, which brings them closer to their doom. While it is good to note that he is an excellent hero, his dependance towards mana and INT-increasing items pull players down, as they are required to farm in a fast pace in order to keep up with the ganking phases during mid game.

II. Pros and Cons

[+]Good solo laner
[+]Fits any role in the game
[+]Spammable nuke
[+]A hero fit for the avarage player

[-]Mana management is a must
[-]Reduced attack range
[-]Only one disable skill
[-]He hungers for mana

II. Picking Storm Spirit
Most people, especially in -cm games, tend to pick their favorite heroes without analyzing the situation which is a bad mistake. Knowing the right time to pick Storm puts you into an advantage.

  • There is no hero in your line-up that is flexible enough to gank and roam

  • There are carries in the opposing team who are most likely to farm during mid game.

  • You have your best allies with you

  • You have decent mana management

  • There are no carries in your line up.

  • You have good last hitting skills. It guarantees the death of your lane opponent's early game phase.

Justification: Storm Spirit is a semi-carry. Meaning, if he gets his most important items before the late game phase, Storm's team has the potential to win. A word of advice: Storm cannot fight AGI heroes at Late Game. Ensure that the game ends in mid game phase.

When NOT to pick Raijin
There are lots of disablers in the opposing team. Watch out for Bloodseeker!* (Why did I not mention Doom Bringer?)
-While Lucifer is a powerful hero and the counter to almost everyone in the heroes list, he is powerless without his signature skill, Doom. Even a regular, non-professional Raijin player can kill Doom Bringer in a matter of seconds. Bloodseeker, however, is an exception. Because of Blood Rage, he can silence Raijin during early game. It also serves as a spammable skill against Raijin.

III. Basic Hero Information

Affiliation: Sentinel
Attack Animation: 0.5 / 0.3
Damage: 45 - 55
Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.51
Armor: 5.1
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 295
Missile Speed: 1100
Attack Range: 480
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

IV. Item Build[/COLOR]

In the early game phase, these items would definitely suit Raijin. Like I said in the previous post, Bottle is not that good for Raijin. You don't necessarily need to spam Remnant just to get Overload. That is a common mistake.

If there are spammers like Bloodseeker as your lane opponent, replace one GG branch with Magic Stick.

Tip for using Clarity Potion: double click it when you're going to use it!


These are your core items. Two Null Talismans will compensate for your ganks, with your INT treads to support it. Magic Wand allows you to replenish a considerable amount of HP and mana. Tango and Clarity are your first aid kits. Don't forget that!

Q: Arcane boots or Power Treads?
A: Power Treads
Q: Why?

Arcane boots allow you to regenerate 135 mana, while Power Treads allow you to regenerate your HP and Mana over time. Arcane boots cannot compensate for the great mana loss that you experience when you gank.

Q: What if there are annoying heroes like Magina or Lion?
A: Arcane boots

Arcane boots, while it does not allow you to regenerate Mana over time, it allows you however to gain a 135 Mana boost. This comes handy when you run out of mana.


Tier 1 is suitable when you're facing a line-up that has lots of disables (Rylai, Sven, Venge). Disablers can shut down Raijin's ganking prowess and make him useless in late game if he continues to keep on dying. You don't necessarily have to rush BKB in mid-game.


Tier 2 is my favorite set. As a Storm Spirit player, I do not feel comfortable without Orchid Malevolence. Not only does it provide an enormous amount of damage, it also gives INT and a disable. You can render Mirana or Nevermore useless in mid game if you quickly get Orchid. With this item, you can keep on ganking without problems. You can get this if there's only 1 or 2disables in the enemy's side.


By mid-game, you should already have Hex. Rushing Hex is the best option you have, since it is the best item for ganking. It would render your opponents useless, even Bloodseeker.


If you're planning to use Arcane Boots, get these set of items. They provide good mana and HP regeneration and INT. This skill build is advised to players who are going for farming. Check Set 2 on Skill Build.

Tip: If there are lots of disablers on the opposing side, go for Linken's Sphere. But if you're planning on ganking with Tier 4, build Scythe of Vyse instead of Perseverance.


When the late game phase comes, you will definitely need these items.

Q. Why replace Power Treads/Arcane Boots with Boots of Travel?

The Late Game phase shifts the players' attention on pushing. Boots of Travel is important for Raijin in this phase because if gives him a wider mobility, especially if the ganks are too far from your reach. Also, your items alone are enough, so there is no need for Power Treads or Arcane Boots


Why would you need Skadi? You don't need Slow, you already have Overload. Besides, farming for Skadi would take you a long time to build it.

Desolator doesn't give you anything useful.


You already have Ball Lightning. What more do you want?

You're not Mortred.

Raijin may be a thundergod but that doesn't mean this makes him more powerful.


Bloodstone isn't really that useless. If you always get the kills, get this one. More charges means faster mana regeneration, lesser gold loss, respawn time is reduced, and it has the ability called Bloodpact. Bloodpact restores 400 + 30 per charge HP to allied units in 1675 range, and Bloodstone loses a third (0.333) of its charges (rounded down)

Who says Dagon is useless on Raijin? It's a totally fun item because it gives you burst damage and INT. Not recommended on high-level gaming.

Necronomicon! Because of Electric Vortex, there are a lot of things you can do besides the usual combo. Pair this baby with Guinsoo and your opponent is sure to go down. (You need some decent microing skills, though)

If you feel like you're jelly, get this one.

Sometimes, an instant mana recovery is better.

V. Skill Build
Let's move on to Storm's skill build.

Set 1
This is the best skill set for Storm Spirit.

Lv 1. Remnant
Lv 2. Overload
Lv 3. Vortex
Lv 4. Vortex
Lv 5. Vortex
Lv 6. Ball Lightning
Lv 7. Vortex
Lv 8. Remnant
Lv 9. Remnant
Lv 10. Remnant
Lv 11. Ball Lightning
Lv 12. Overload
Lv 13. Overload
Lv 14. Overload
Lv 15. Stats
Lv 16. Ball Lightning
Lv 17. Stats

Set 2
If you're not oriented to ganking and roaming but dedicated to farming, get this skill build.

Lv 1. Remnant
Lv 2. Overload
Lv 3. Remnant
Lv 4. Remnant
Lv 5. Overload
Lv 6. Ball Lightning
Lv 7. Remnant
Lv 8. Overload
Lv 9. Overload
Lv 10. Vortex
Lv 11. Ball Lightning
Lv 12. Vortex
Lv 13. Vortex
Lv 14. Vortex
Lv 15. Stats
Lv 16. Ball Lightning
Lv 17. Stats

Keep in mind that since you are farming, always keep a Clarity potion with you. Do not spam Remnant. The reason you're going to max it up along with Overload is because both skills deal heavy magic damage. Remnant costs 100 mana per cast. Learn to conserve your mana. I advise you to use Tier 4 of the Item Build.

VI. Proper Execution of Skills

In order to use Storm Spirit at his fullest potential, you first must learn how to properly use his skills. If you don't you'll be flamed as hard as a Mirana who can't use Elune's Arrow correctly or an Earthshaker who fails to use Fissure.

To gank or kill with Raijin, simply press Ball Lightning on your opponent. When he is finally beside the enemy hero, right click him or use the hotkey Attack (A) because Raijin tends to switch targets after he rolls. Next, use Electric Vortex, then use the hotkey Attack. The common mistake of Storm Spirit users is that they tend to go Vortex-Remnant-Overload. The Overload as the result of using Vortex is overshadowed by using Remnant. Because of that, they lose a bonus magical damage. After using Overload from Vortex, use Remnant, then Attack him. Repeat process.

If Raijin has an item, lets say, Orchid, go Ball Lightning-Overload-Orchid-Vortex-Overload-Remnant-Overload. Repeat process. The same goes for Guinsoo.

VII. Roles

Raijin's roles are Ganker, Support, and Semi-Carry. What makes him a great support is due to his skill Electric Vortex which is a pseudo hook-shackle skill. His role as a ganker is due to his ultimate, Ball Lightning. As a ganker, he is the Initiator due to his Ball Lightning-Vortex combo. Raijin can carry the game although being a full-time carry is not advised. Having him carry the whole team is just as bad as prolonging the game until it lasts up to Late Game because this is when AGI heroes become an unstoppable force.

VIII. Allies and Foes: Who are they?


The Vengeful Spirit-Storm Spirit pair is a powerhouse combo in pubs. Make her and Raijin do all the ganks and it's an assured win for the team.

The Panda pair. Who doesn't love them? A ganking and roaming Panda-Storm is too good to be ignored.

Raijin's bestfriend. She kicks ass in solo. And with a partner, it's an overkill gank.

He's a good ally if you're going for Set 2 on the Skill Build. A great lane partner!

She provides mana regeneration and a good set of skills that can disable an enemy. Rylai is a good lane and gank partner at the same time.


This hero is gay. Totally gay. If your opponent is a decent Lion user, he'll spam Impale-Mana drain on you, forcing you to either go back to the base or buy Clarity Potion. Don't let him get the better of you.

Tip: Go for Tier 1 items, Set 1 skills

Best friend, worst enemy. The usual Captain's Mode combo. I'm sick of it. You can't dodge their disables forever.

Tip: Go for Tier 1 items, Set 1 skills

He's gayer than Lion. And annoying as hell. With Sange and Yasha no longer considered as orb effect, his gayness just went up to over 9000. NEVER PICK STORM SPIRIT WHEN HE'S YOUR ENEMY.

He's gay too. But you can fight him. If there's a Bloodseeker in the enemy, you can still pick Raijin.

Tip: Go for Tier 1 items, Set 2 skills

He's not much of a threat, but his signature skill is. Just get Linken's and you'll be fine.

Astral Imprisonment is a serious threat. Be careful when laning against him.

Again, best friend, worst enemy. If he cast Mana Leak on you, DO NOT USE BALL LIGHTNING. You'll still be affected by Mana Leak. How evil can this old man get?

Anub'arak and Strygwyr are a nightmare to your mana pool. If it weren't for his Mana Burn, he wouldn't be in this list. You'll be forced to buy Clarity Potions if he keeps on using Mana Burn on you.

Nortrom can shut down your early game prowess. If he's your lane opponent, change lanes immediately. Don't ask why, just do it.

IX. Video Tutorials

X. Replays
Coming soon!

XI. Final Words

Overall, Raijin is a very good hero because of his flexibility in roles. The only drawbacks are his hunger for mana and the big number of heroes who can counter him. Despite these, he's still a fun hero play with.

XII. Credits for the Heroes and Icons and the Statistics
sonson619 for his insights on Mana boots
Dream Weaver for his insights on Mana boots and Power Treads, and on Allies and Foes
LostFlip for his advices on Allies and Foes
IceFrog for this great custom map game.
And you for reading my guide!

Raijin Thunderkeg the Storm Spirit
Author: The Berserker
Map Vers.: 6.72b

A Detailed Guide to Storm Spirit

Return of Bloodstone?

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