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Crixalis the Sand King
~HERO's Story
A guardian of the ancient Nerubian Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub, Crixalis fled to the deserts of Kalimdor in an attempt to escape the genocide of the Lich King. The harsh climate transformed this warrior into a master of the earth, able to tear the skin off his foes with vicious sand storms. Those unfortunate to succumb to his potent toxins are condemned to violently burst apart in a cloud of noxious fumes. Sensing his growing power, the Lich King sought out Crixalis and, unable to sway him, slew him in battle. Summoned to aid the Undead Scourge, the heart of the Sentinel quivers each time the ground trembles beneath them.
~HERO's Introduction
Many people uses Sand King with BKB. Actually BKB is not needed if you follow my guide's strategy. I hope that my guide would make you all change your minds about Sand King.
~HERO's Info & Stats
[+] 1. Great AOE damage with Epicenter
[+] 2. Can become invisible with Sand Storm and use Burrowsrike to run away
[+] 3. Not very Items Dependant

[-] 1. Epicenter needs great timing and positioning
[-] 2. Possibly targeted by all enemy heroes before you initiate

For complete skill description and statistics, click below:
~The Guide
Skill Build

Lvl 1 - Burrowstrike
Lvl 2 - Caustic Finale
Lvl 3 - Burrowstrike
Lvl 4 - Caustic Finale
Lvl 5 - Sandstorm
Lvl 6 - Epicenter
Lvl 7 - Burrowstrike
Lvl 8 - Caustic Finale
Lvl 9 - Burrowstrike
Lvl 10 - Sandstorm
Lvl 11 - Epicenter
Lvl 12 - Sand Storm
Lvl 13 - Caustic Finale
Lvl 14 - Sand Strom
Lvl 15 - Stats
Lvl 16 - Epicenter
Lvl 17+ - Stats

So, it is very obvious that Burrowstrike needs to be maxed first. This is to minimize the manacost of Burrowstrike so that you can Burrowstrike more. Besides that, Sand Storm needs to be maxed next so that you can avoid being hit by enemies because you can become invisible. Caustic Finale is better to be maxed later because at that time, your damage would be greater and the Caustic Finale will create an ease in farming. Obviously, the Epicenter needs to be maxed whenever it can to make it easier in pwning someone.
Item Build

Vladmir's Offering

Power Treads

Kelen's Dagger

Vladmir's Offering seems logical. It gives mana regen, lifesteal, armor, so why not buy it...... Buying power treads is also very obvious. It grants movement speed. Further more, you can change your treads in different conditions.But why Kelen's Dagger? There's a strategy of using Epicenter + Blink + Burrowstrike. It will be shown below.


Assault Cuirass

Aghanim Scepter

Boots of Travel

I think that everything in the Late Game Item Build is quite obvious. Assault Cuirass, however, grants you Attack Speed aura and Armor aura. It also gives out negative Armor aura that minus others armor by 5. Aghanim Scepter grants mana and hp. I recommend Sand King to buy Orge Axe and Staff of Wizardy for Aghanim Scepter. Throw your treads and buy a BoT (Boots of Travel)



Black King Bar (I dont recommend if you're going to follow my guide's strategy. Choose it only if there're too many nukers)

Heart of Tarrasque

Battle Fury is for farming so if you got problems with last hitting, buy a Battlefury. Black King Bar is not recommended if you're going to follow my guide's strategy. But still, yo can buy it if there're nukers.Heart of Tarrasque (HoT) is a great item because it grants 2% of max life regen but it will be disabled if an enemy hero attacks you.


Khadgar's Pipe of Insight

Linken's Sphere

Blade Mail

Pipe of Insight gives 30% magic resistance so it's god to buy it if there're nukers in the eemies' team. Linken's Sphere works the same like Pipe of Inisght but it's better because it grants hp and mp regen and also blocks off a spell. Blade Mail should be bought if there's a big fat Ursa Warrior or an Axe in the enemies' team.
Early Game

Try to get as many last hits as you can: It is very obvious that every DotA player should know how to perform last hit and get as many last hits as they can. When you get more last hits, you'll have more gold.

Lane with your team mates that have healing or stun skills: f you do this, it would be safer to lane.

Try to prevent allies from dying: You got a stun skill...... Try using it if you're allies are being chased.

Mid Game

Score more kills: In the mid game, you should already have Kelen's Dagger and your ultimate. Firstly, use Epicenter at a place where only enemy can reach you if they blink two times. When the Epicenter is channeling, press Shift + Kelen's Dagger and press it at a place where it's nearer to your enemies. Then after the Epicenter finished channeling, Sand King blink there and you need to be fast and use your Burrowstrike towards your enemies. This way, you don't need a Black King Bar to use Epicenter.

Try teaming with someone that has got stun when you're trying to score a kill: This way, it will be more secured that the enemy wil not survive and die!!

Gang Bang!: At the mid-late game time, most Team Clash take place. You, as a stunner and also AOE damage dealer, must participate in Clashes.

Late Game

End the game: Usually in the late game, it's your team that is owning or your enemies' team that is owning. So faster end the game and you all can enjoy another DotA match.
Please try my strategy and give comments. I think that Sand King should be played this way. You shouldn't have wasted your money buying BKB just to perfect your Epicenter.
Thanks to Ramomar in showing me how to make a guide template.
Thanks to The Bloody Massacre for sharing some information with me.
And thank you all for watching my guide.

Crixalis the Sand King
Author: ericywl
Map Vers.: 6.68c

The Sand King

Rock your enemy off their balance

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