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Important Note: Read Please

I am a Filipino and i just wanted to say, English is not my Native language, So the biggest courtesy that could pointed out in this guide is pointing out wrong grammar and wrong spelling that i wrote in this guide

Oh and i almost forgot:
Im Proud to be Filipino!

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First, I want to thank you first for:

WoDotA for the awesome videos!!!
Hannesx for the awesome paper model of roofie and his album of paper model!!
Der_Teufel for letting me borrow his awesome replay
jirachi_2000 also for letting me borrow his awesome replay

PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1 for the "whosyourdaddy" picture depicting rooftrellen's dad was a tower
IdOnTcArE_n00B for the strecthed picture of roofie in the intro

Ramomar for letting me use this template
IceFrog for developing the game

Thanks also for those who commented on my guide:
- mitke
- cairnebloodhoof
- Grubi
- Wandang
- laikzasve
- morning
- Abdulink

- laikzasve
- PilosopoT

- arisinhell
- Masterja

- sHiaO.Ricky
- Darmas
- ultimat3
- War_Master
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- PyroFrog
- The][nquisitor
- Bravoleader
- zkon012
- Potran
- dk14sin14

And the most special that i have to thank for:


This will happen when you follow this guide:


1. Story
2. Introduction
3. Info and Stats
4. Skill Usage
5. Skill Build
[6. Item Build
7. Strategy
~7b. HERO'S Key Points
8. Hero Synergy
9. Hero's Strategy
10. Conclusion
11. Replays
12. Credits

Skill Build
Level 1 - Nature's Guise
Level 2 - Leech Seed
Level 3 -
Leech Seed
Level 4 - Living Armor
Level 5 -
Leech Seed
Level 6 - Overgrowth
Level 7 -
Leech Seed
Level 8 - Living Armor
Level 9 - Living Armor
Level 10 - Living Armor
Level 11 - Overgrowth
Level 12 - Nature's Guise
Level 13 - Nature's Guise
Level 14 - Nature's Guise
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 -
Level 17+ - Stats

Early Item Build

Core Build

Luxury Build

Finished Build

- Item builds are varied depending on your role in the game
- Early game:
75%Farm, 25%Gank
- Mid game:
50%Farm, 50%Gank
- Late game:
25%Farm, 75%Gank
- Spam leech seed when ganking
- Use Nature's guise when an ally is dying
- Casts overgrowth as much as possible at ganks and fight
- Dont forget to use items when ganking
- Tank yourself and casts nature's guise when you're dying

-Here's the result when you follow my guide

once a stupid tree, a boy named roofie joined the sentinel to battle against the scourge. OK, now how come roofie joined the sentinels and WHY did he join?, It's because of his stupidity (Like I said earlier), his dad forced him to go to the sentinel school and learn everything what his dad learned there. Now, 1 year later, after learning his new skill, leech seed, and of course, some improvements, he finally knows why he is the most stupidest tree in the world (Sorry world tree!), now, you want to know?, then click the spoiler below to find out....

It's because he thinks that his Dad is a friggin' tower

That background story is just a joke!, here's the real one...

A treant of immense age and wisdom, Rooftrellen was merely a sapling during the invasion of the Burning Legion. Having grown powerful over thousands of years, Rooftrellen has lent his considerable might to the Sentinel cause. An omnipresent force in the forest, he is capable using his power over the forest to hide his allies. Rooftrellen is aided by the forest itself, providing him with a thick living armor of vines and entangling nearby foes in a deadly embrace, allowing Rooftrellen to pound his victims to dust with his massive gnarled limbs.
Rooftrellen was one of the heroes, whose build is always, or sometimes, refresher orb. The reason for this is, to refresh out the cooldown of 160 sec.CD ulti, but now it's even better, thanks to Icefrog, all of the roof players in the world is more favored of him now due to low cooldown of his ulti, as well as his new second skill, and the newly formed former-active skill becomes aura in game.
Rooftrellen was Buffed/Nerfed Many times. Here's the history:
-Casting Nature's Guise on an allied unit (or other spells) will no longer take you out if you have it on you
-Attack range changed from 100 to 128
-Eyes in the Forest replaced Forest sentinel
-Living Armor regeneration from 1/2/3/4 to 2/3/4/5
- Armor reduced by 1
- Nature's Guise now gives the unit a 10% movement speed bonus
- Nature's Guise keeps the target invisible for up to 1 second after leaving the proximity of a tree, except during the initial cast
- Nature's Guise cooldown increased from 3 seconds to 10/8/6/4 seconds
- Overgrowth Rebalanced
- Living Armor Reworked, changed to aura
- Forest sentinel replaced Leech seed
The Treant Protector's main focus is helping allies and absorbing damage, although his Overgrowth spell is one of the most powerful offensive abilities in the game. Rooftrellen has an aura for both for him and his allies to give armor and hit point regeneration to very high levels with Living Armor, and if that isn't enough to keep them safe he can turn them invisible with Nature's Guise. As long as they remain near a tree, they will remain hidden. Leech Seed gives Rooftrellen to support allies with heal while damaging and slowing the enemy, making him a supportive tanker. Although most of his abilities are defensive in nature, the Treant Protector's offensive power should not be underestimated. Using Overgrowth he can entangle all enemies in a large area around him, dealing lots of damage and stopping their movement for several seconds. In addition, the Treant Protector is no slouch in combat himself, with a powerful physical attack and near unstoppable constitution. Much like nature itself, this hero should not be underestimated.
[+] No more wards that it's hard to control, Just heal and damage skill
[+] Provides free invisibility to anyone
[+] Ultimate provides 3 sec disable with high damage per second
[+] He is one of the highest base damage (59-67) in DotA, so he can last hit easily
[+] High Strength (3.4) gives him a high damage and Additional health
[+] Overall (6.4) stats gives him a big advantage as a Caster, DPSer, and Tanker
[+] Dont underestimate his supportiveness rather than DPSing and Tanking

[-] He is melee hero, but it does ever matter if he is hard to harass?
[-] Low base armor (1.1), but it does ever matter if he can tank?
[-] High spell's manacost, but it does ever matter if you buy the right items?
[-] He has only three cons (Dont include this one)

For complete stats, click below:
Treant Protector - DotA Hero Details

Nature's Guise
Rooftrellen will blend out a unit's appearance in the forest. Grants an ally an invisibility when near tree for 15/30/45/60 seconds. Grants also additional 10% MS .
[+] Provides anyone with free invisbility
[+] This gives you the role to support
[+] Low cooldown (10/8/6/4)
[+] Low manacost (90/80/70/60)
[+] Large AoE tree search, gives you the chance to juke them easily
[+] Escape skill
[+] Long duration (15/30/45/60)
[+] You can cast spells while in Nature's guise (Only you)

[-] Must be near tree to provide invisibility

Leech Seed
Rooftrellen will plant out a leech seed to an enemy, dealing 30/45/60/75 DPS for 4 seconds. Nearby allies will also be healed for the same amount as it does. Last 3 seconds. Also slows the enemy down by 24%.
[+] Nuke with AoE heal
[+] Everyone near the leeched will be healed for the same amount
[+] Large AoE for healing (500 AoE)
[+] Low cooldown (18/16/14/12)
[+] Slows the enemy, provides you to chase

[-] Allies still need to get nearby to be healed
[-] Large manacost (110/120/130/140)

Living Armor
Rooftrellen's presence grants all allied heroes and nearby structures with a 2/3/4/5 HP regeneration aura and 1/2/3/4 bonus armor. Global range during day but 900 range during night for heroes. Structures in 900 range during both day and night.
[+] Free armor aura
[+] Free regeneration aura
[+] Affects Buildings
[+] Global range during day
[+] Large AoE for night and buildings

[-] Must be near buildings to affect it from this aura
[-] Non-global range during night

Rooftrellen will summon overgrowing branches that disables caught enemies for 3 seconds and damages them 70/100/130 per second. Works on magic immune units.
[+] Disables enemies
[+] Prevents them from using spells
[+] Works wonder on magic immune
[+] Large AoE (725 AoE)
[+] Low cooldown (100/95/90), unlike before this version which had 160 seconds cd!
[+] Large overall damage per second (210/300/390 Damage)
[+] Average manacost (150/175/200 seconds)

[-] An unit affected by this and become magic immune will be free from overgrowth

Recommended skill build
Level 1 - Nature's Guise

Level 2 -Living Armor
Level 3 - Leech Seed
Level 4 - Leech Seed
Level 5 - Leech Seed
Level 6 - Overgrowth
Level 7 - Leech Seed
Level 8 - Living Armor
Level 9 - Living Armor
Level 10 - Living Armor
Level 11 - Overgrowth
Level 12 - Nature's Guise
Level 13 - Nature's Guise
Level 14 - Nature's Guise
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Overgrowth
Level 17+ - Stats

Note: Build may be varied due to gamplay, but for players who still dont know how to play roofie, I recommened you to take the skill build above
Justification for Level 1-6 (Early game)
About Nature's Guise, we only take a level of it, so we can avoid ganks, first blood, chasers. Take note we have to max first the leech seed so we can easily finish of an enemy or heal someone who needs heal, Also note on it can be spammable 2 or 3 times when maxed. And of course (Obviously) Take Overgrowth when it's possible.

Justification for Level 7-11 (Mid game)
This is the part where you have to max leech seed (Want to know the reason? see It in early game). After we maxed out the Leech Seed, We have Maxed up the Living Armor up to Level 9 so we can even add support. Well sir, why dont we take Nature's Guise since when maxed, we have big advantage from the long duration of it, well it's because we dont actually need the long duration, just at least 15 seconds to prevents kills from your enemies. So now, just level up Overgrowth at Level 11.

Justification for Level 12-16 (Late game)
Now if i were you, i would take the stats instead, but it's not recommended anyway, so just max up the Nature's guise till' Level 14 then also max up Overgrowth. Make sure the Nature's Guise gives it's usefulness, that means you have to spam it when possible.

Justification for Level 17-25 (End game)
Just max up the stats, or if you leveled up the stats first, then max up the nature's guise in Level 23-25 if you want to.




Charge hunter

Warder and rune whorer

Original cheap build




DPSer and Chaser


Hybrid DPSer

Supreme Caster




DPSer and Chaser


Hybrid DPSer

Supreme Caster



(Answer these questions, if you said yes, then you can get it)

Aegis: ----------------Do i need to tank?
Linken: ---------------Is there a Doombringer or a one-kill nuker like lina and lion?
Pipe: -------------------Do i want to support?
Hood: ------------------Do they always nuke me?
Veil: ---------------------Do we always nuke?
BKB: --------------------Do they always nuke me?
Janggo:--------------- Do i want to support?
Blademail: ----------Do they have pure DPSer on the enemy team?
MoM: --------------------Do i want to be a DPSer wannabe?
Ghost scepter:
----Do they have hadcore DPSer on the enemy team?
Dust: ---------------------Do they have invisibility on the enemy team?
TP:------------------------- Dont have a BoT?
Refresher--------------Am I a caster?
MKB------------------------Do someone blur themselves make my attacks miss?
Arcane Boots---------Do i need mana in early abd mid game to spam?
Guinsoo-------------------Do i need an another disable?
Dagger--------------------Do i need to chase better?
Gem-------------------------Do i tank? If so then is there an invi on the other team?
Bottle-----------------------Going to spam leech seed?
Sobi mask---------------Going to spam leech seed?
Soul ring------------------Going to junggle?
Necromicon-------------Are you a caster?
Eul-----------------------------Do you support?
Force staff---------------Do you want to blink anyone?
Orchid-----------------------Are you a DPSer?
Chicken--------------------Need pizza delivery in 30 minutes?
Crow--------------------------Need pizza delivery in 15 minutes?
Urn------------------------------Are you a supporter?



Poor man's shield: -----Get vanguard instead
SnY:------------------------------- You already had slow spell with you, you dont need this
Aghanim: ---------------------Decreases cooldown from 100/95/90 seconds to 50 seconds, yeah right, epic lol, i just have to say this is facepalm. You know who will throw this at next version
Dagon: --------------------------Sometimes, People just cant get competitive in public
Skadi: ----------------------------Too expensive, and it will skip your core and luxury
Battlefury:-------------------- Your not a farmer anymore
Midas; ---------------------------Reasons are same as above
Lothars: ------------------------Two invi in one?, That's just pathetic
Mekansm:-------------------- Two free heals in one? That's just even pathetic
Bloodstone:----------------- Two regen in one? THATS THE WORST PHRASE EVER



DPSer and Chaser


Hybrid DPSer

Supreme Caster


Useful Gameplay walkthrough

Early Game

Frequently Asked Questions
- What lane do i choose?
Dual lane, but how about soloing?, well if your'e the carry, then go on. Note that Rooftrellen can take any role in game.

- What do i do when i harrased?
You can tank, you have high strength gain, you have also high base strength, enemies supposed to be frustrated due to clickability and high health, so you can resist the harass no matter what.

- No mana?
Dont go back! Whatever you do dont go back to the fountain if you have only low mana, instead, just wait, you're not much a spell spammer, but remember when you gank, fill your mana so you can gank with ease.

- Do Rooftrellen can junggle?
Yes, but i recommend you to take lane rather than junggle, But, if you have two carries, then let your carry take solo in a dual lane while you jungle, just remember to make use of mana and mana regeneration like spamming leech seed to neutrals,

Mid Game

Frequently Asked Questions
- What item do i take now? what do i do now?
It depends on you, here i help you to deal with it:
A. No initiator? = Take Tankers build
B. No support, but you still need to gank? = Take Hybrid build
C. No hardcore carry or just a single ganker? = Take DPS build

- what do i do now?

- We have no carry, what to do?
It's your job now to be a carry if there's no one...... Just take the DPS and chasers build

- How do i kill?
First, (When you have armlet, then activate it) Both of you (Teammate) approach the enemy then casts leech seed. Let the ganker do the job, or in Plan B, Do your job by whacking. Fleeing enemy?, Casts overgrowth then whack him to death

- Do i have a combo?
Yes. Refer above. Period.

Late Game

Frequently Asked Questions
- What items do i take now?
Depends on what you take. For example, you take DPS build, then take DPS build, Well how about tanker?, Then of course take the tanker's build. Just remember dont jump to other builds like this, "you take DPS build in mid game, but in late game you take tanker", Thats just wrong. Unless you're trying to take counter-measures.

- Do i still suport?
Yes. It's because of your skills. Make sure you use skills no matter what.

- Do i carry?
Depends on the game, If there's no carry (Like i said earlier), then take the DPS and chasers build, then in late game continue build it until the game is finished

- What time does an average public game ends?
About 30-45 Minutes, If it's 60 minutes, then it's an Epic game of madness.

- How about competitive?
About 60 Minutes and above (I forgot)

Most Unknown and Useful tips and tricks for roofie

1. Spell dodge using Nature's guise

- Many players in DotA can't still realize that they can make dodge spells using nature's guise

- Here's the trick, when the enemy is prepare to throw the spell at anyone, be sure you know who will be the target of the spell

- Predict enemies movements as an advantage in enemies spell casting

- When the enemy releases the spell projectile, quickly cast nature's guise at the target and viola!, instant spell dodge

2:16 - 2:35
to instantly watch the spell dodge

2. Leech seed as a counter gank

- Here's the trick, When the enemy chases you and you still have mana for leech seed, quickly use leech seed at the chaser and whack him out, Now you have already regained 300 health while the enemy loses 300 health, if he's fleeing, casts ultimate and whack him again to death.

- Same as above, when there are many heroes attacking you casts quickly leech seed to the glass cannon and quickly casts overgrowth QUICKLY, as fast as you can before they can kill you.

2. Armlet and Pipe as a Damage Absorber

- Did you know pipe and armlet can absorb magic/physical damage in no time?

-Here's the trick, when you have armlet and it's already deactivated, wait for the enemy to casts a spell, more like when releases his cast point, or, wait for the spell projectile to travel to it's route to you, while the projectile is travelling, quickly activate armlet and viola!!

- Spell projectile's is just like venge's stun, sven's stun and leoric's stun projectiles

- Same goes in pipe

3. Manacost and cooldown when ganking

-Nature's guise
Cooldown: 10/8/6/4 =
Usablility: yes/yes/yes/yes
Manacost: 90/80/70/60 =Usablility:no/no/yes/yes
Problems: Really useful at level 4 due to it's cooldown that can be casted many times to anyone. Also it's awesome manacost at level 4!

- Leech seed
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 =Usablility:no/no/no/yes
Manacost: 110/120/130/140 =Usablility:no/no/no/no
Problems: The useful till level 4 due to it's double use against enemies, Another problem is manacost, which is a bad thing to rooftrellen

- Overgrowth
Cooldown: 100/95/90 =Usablility: yes/yes/yes
Manacost: 150/175/200 =Usablility:yes/yes/yes
Problems: No problems and cons, casts this as much as possible.

Overall: So the only problem is leech seed which you must have good mana mnagement. Refer to Situational items for useful mana items if needed

4. Overgrowth disability

- If there are teleporters channelers and blinkers like Nevermore, Furion, Akasha and Magina, then dont let them flee quickly

- Just casts overgrowth cause overgrowth shuts them down

- Note: Overgrowth disables blinks and teleports but not magic immunity and channeling spells

5. About jungling

-The worst thing about jungling is manacost

-Here's the trick, It's recommended to buy soul ring/sobi mask/ 3x Clarity/ Ring of basilius/ or Crow when jungling, dont buy tango, you can buy quelling blade, salve, observer ward and town portal.

- Spam leech seed

- ward at locations which is good for avoiding ganks

- You can neautral any creep

- Here are the exceptions for neutraling

Furlbogs (you can attack at lvl 5 or 7)

Mud golems (you can attack at lvl 5)

Black dragons, Dragonspawn and thunder lizards (You can attack at lvl 7 or 11)

Roshan (You can attack when possible, more like lvl 14)

6. Hotkey issues

- Try DotA Custom key generator

- Dont know how to place or use this?, here's some steps

*Close your Warcraft 3, if you have it running.
*Go to DotA Custom Keys Generator and select your preferred keys. To do so simply click on a skill and then on the key of your choice. (Instructions) (Mostly Q,W,E,R or Z,X,C,V)
*Click on Generate, then download the file "CustomKeys.txt", and place it in your WarCraft III root folder (usually, "C:Program FilesWarcraft III").
*Start WarCraft III -> Options -> Gameplay -> Enable "Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

- You are now good to go. Remember to update your file whenever a new version of DotA is released. To disable them, simply de-activate the "Custom Keyboard Shortcuts" option.

7b. HERO'S Key Points

Golden Rule # 1 :
Life Saver
Rooftrellen is a no exception for being a life saver to everyone. All of your spells grant supportive measures to save your allies. Use it often when they're dying.

Important notes:
- Use leech seed when someone is chasing a nearby dying ally
- Use Nature's guise when possible, but only when your dying ally is near tree
- For the sake of it, if both of it are in cooldown, then counter-gank him by using overgrowth to let your ally escape

Golden Rule # 2 : Item independent
Rooftrellen's true nature to himself is items, as well not only skills, but items. You had the highest base damage in DotA, Highest str gain, and of course you are one of everyone who has high HP as an advantage against harrassers. Note that roof's true kill comes to skills, but also comes to items.

Important notes:
- Remember it's about 50% Farm and 50% Gank
- You dont have to worry about harrassments, you're a tank!
- You dont also have to worry about last-hitting, you have a high base damage!
- Look for the item build section to look for item builds for rooftrellen

Golden Rule # 3 : Overgrowth use
Just like rupture which had 70 sec.CD, overgrowth has 100/95/90 sec.CD. use it as much as possible when it's not in cooldown. Just use it especially when there's a gank or you have to kill someone.

Important notes:
- Again, use it frequently and possible!
- When there's need to gank, then use it
- You can gank without this, but you have still to level it

Golden Rule #4 : Please use me!
Buy an armlet, you saw an enemy, you casts spell to it, you activate armlet, you whacked him to death...... 5 seconds later, you were killed by invoker's sunstrike!, it's all because you didn't deactivate you're armlet, note you have to activate/deactivate your items as much as possible in battles. here are some items that you have really to activate or use:

- Armlet-
- Mjollnir-

- Pipe-

- Satanic-

- Boots of travel-

- Mask of madness-

- Town portal scroll-

- Dust-

- Ghost scepter-

- Veil of discord-

- BKB-

- Janggo-

- Blademail-

- Shiva-

- Phase boots-

- Magic wand-

- Magic Stick-

Important notes:
- Just remember to use items as much as often
- Rooftrellen's reason to win in a battle is the use of items

Golden Rule #
5 : Rooftrellen's presence as Roof cover to allies
"Rootrellen's presence as Roof cover to allies". If you dont understand that quote, it means rooftrellens true nature lies also to tanking, you are one of the most wanted model due to har clickablity and also the size of the model. You just have to remember to use you're spells to tank youreself and you're allies.

Important notes:
- Always attract yourself to the enemies to attract them to attack you instead of spell casters
- You dont have to worry about dying, use your spells as an advantage
- Be careful of those gem carriers

How to counter some of these heroes:

-When he raises his hands, move randomly and quickly before a ship or a torrent comes out-It' easy to dodge the axes, just dodge it by moving to your sides-Use leech seed whenever you DPS against him-Tell your team to spread out
-Be communtative
-when someone is blocked by the fissure, use nature's guide on the ally
-When your dying ally is chased by purist, cast nature's guise on your ally and quickly tell your ally to move to the opposite way of where purist is going
-Alternatively, just block his way
-Whenever he uses ulti, tell everyone to wait until he is back to normal
-Whenever a dying ally is chased by this panda, use leech seed on panda and block his way
-When he uses storm bolt, use nature's guide to dodge it firmly-Use nature's guide to dying ally and block tiny before he start to avalanche/toss to kill-Same as rexxar
-Use overgrowth quickly while he is channeling with echo stomp
-Use nature's guide before he stuns you-Same as sven
-use overgrowth and then use nature's guise to yourself before he throw his potion to anyone
-Avoid ganking him unless you have an ally
-Tell your allies to stay away from him
-Let someone to get near the tree, and let davion stun that ally, after stunning, casts nature's guise-Buy pipe
-Casts leech seed whenever your against him
When you gank him, cast guise to yourself and go just in front of him, then casts overgrowth then whack him
-cast leech seed when he's fleeing no matter what
-When you have allies, tell them to destroy the egg with you before it came back to life
-if there are no allies, just casts nature's guise to yourself and casts leech seed when he is reborned back
-Whenever he buff himself with his ulti, stay away from him
-Tell someone to destroy his sigil just in case he is going to flee

You see now that Rooftrellen is one of the Heroes whose role is..... Anything, It could be Caster, Ganker, Tanker, Supporter, Carry, Anything is your role, that explains the Items you saw in this guide, You can do anything with him. With proper gamestyle, You can even Dominate the whole game all by yourself, but sometimes, all by your team, with you.
Requirements: Version is 1.24, Map is 6.72b

Requirements: Version is 1.26, Map is 6.72b

WoDotA for the awesome videos!!!
Der_Teufel for letting me borrow his awesome replay
also for letting me borrow his awesome replay
PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1 for the "whosyourdaddy" picture depicting rooftrellen's dad was a tower
IdOnTcArE_n00B for the strecthed picture of roofie in the intro
for letting me use this template
IceFrog for developing the game

Thanks also for those who commented on my guide:
- mitke
- cairnebloodhoof
- Grubi
- Wandang
- laikzasve
- morning
- Abdulink

- laikzasve
- PilosopoT

- arisinhell
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- sHiaO.Ricky
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- ultimat3
- War_Master
- ploikum
- PyroFrog
- The][nquisitor
- Bravoleader
- zkon012
- Potran
- dk14sin14

And the most special that i have to thank for:

Thank you for Reading this guide! Please vote if it's awesome!
- 5/14/11
Finished (Is it quick?)

Rooftrellen the Treant Protector
Author: Facebook
Map Vers.: 6.72

The New rooftrellen

Rooftrellen in 6.72

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